pianobar is a free/open-source, console-based client for the personalized online radio Pandora.

pianobar screenshot


  • play and manage (create, add more music, delete, rename, ...) stations
  • rate songs and explain why they have been selected
  • upcoming songs/song history
  • customize keybindings and text output
  • remote control and eventcmd interface (send tracks to last.fm, for example)
  • proxy support for listeners outside the USA


There are community provided packages available for most Linux distributions (see your distribution’s package manager), Mac OS X (MacPorts or homebrew) and *BSD as well as a native Windows port.

The current pianobar release is 2014.09.28 (sha256, sign). More recent and experimental code is available at github and the local gitweb. Older releases are available in the attic.


Q:The audio output does not work as expected. What can I do?
A:pianobar uses libao and most problems are related to a broken libao configuration. Have a look at issue #167 for example.
Q:Can I donate money? Do you have a Flattr/Bitcoin/… account?
A:No, money is not necessary to continue working on pianobar. There are many other ways to support pianobar: Reporting bugs, creating cool stuff based on pianobar, blogging about it and the most important one: Keeping Pandora alive.

External projects


Scripts that interact with pianobar entirely through notification bubbles and hotkeys
pianobar.el (1, 2)
emacs interface for pianobar


Python/GTK desktop client
XBMC Pandora Radio script
Python script for XBMC (media center)
Pandora UNIX daemon, based on pianobar
Pandora Client for OS X

Standalone devices

Beagleboard-based radio device running pianobar
Pandora’s Box
Raspberry Pi-based standalone devices running pianobar