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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/crocoite/ b/crocoite/
index c76a267..d7401c0 100644
--- a/crocoite/
+++ b/crocoite/
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ from .logger import Logger
from .devtools import Process
from .behavior import Scroll, Behavior, ExtractLinks, ExtractLinksEvent, Crash, \
Screenshot, ScreenshotEvent, DomSnapshot, DomSnapshotEvent, mapOrIgnore
-from .controller import SinglePageController, EventHandler
+from .controller import SinglePageController, EventHandler, ControllerSettings
from .devtools import Crashed
with pkg_resources.resource_stream (__name__, os.path.join ('data', 'click.yaml')) as fd:
@@ -82,8 +82,10 @@ async def test_click_selectors (url, selector):
Make sure the CSS selector exists on an example url
logger = Logger ()
+ settings = ControllerSettings (idleTimeout=5, timeout=10)
# Some selectors are loaded dynamically and require scrolling
controller = SinglePageController (url=url, logger=logger,
+ settings=settings,
service=Process (),
behavior=[Scroll, partial(ClickTester, selector=selector)])
await ()