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-libpiano is a shared library to access the xmlrpc api at
+pianobar is a console client. It nearly does everything the flash
+client can do while it uses less resources and is (in my opinion) easier to
-pianobar will be a music player.
+Your can get recent versions of this software at
-This software is not yet complete and only implements essential functions to
-connect to pandora, authenticate, getting a station- and playlist and play the
-first song from the first station. Currently you need to be a developer to get
-this piece of code working... But the code is well-documented, I think.
+ or
-You might want to have a look at the api documentation. Currently only
-available in german, but this may change:
Are you Read this!
@@ -24,9 +17,13 @@ Are you Read this!
"Why are you doing this?" you might ask. This is my anwer: I love your service
(recommendations are much better than those from, audio quality is much
better, stationS that actually *learn* what I like, ...), but your flashplayer
-sucks! (25% CPU load and a browser window is too much for playing music) So I
-decided to write a free-to-use (even you could use it commercially!) library
-and player to access your service.
+is the worst thing I've ever seen (25% CPU load and a browser window are too
+much for playing music). So I decided to write a free-to-use (even you could
+use it commercially!) library and player to access your service.
+I know you have to pay your bills using ads on your website. At the moment this
+client is ad-free, but I would show text ads to support you. All I need is a
+api to retrieve those ads :)
By the way: It's useless to change the encryption/decryption key. It won't take
a week to get it working again, because the key is visible to every decompiler