tag name2018.10.30 (706cf22a98c62a2d9eaa944d11e6ebf37ee47754)
tag date2018-10-30 13:12:49 +0100
tagged byMichał Cichoń <>
tagged objectcommit cb6789b17f...
Release 2018.10.30
- Reintegrate upstream changes Upstream improvements: Release 2018.06.22 - Happy 10th birthday pianobar! - Add network timeouts and retries - Fix cross-thread memory access - Misc UI and documentation improvements Release 2017.08.30 - Support binding to specific network interface, see config option bind_to - New config option gain_mul softens effect of replay gain - Replaced deprecated ffmpeg and json-c functions, bumps ffmpeg/libav version requirement - Fix use-after-free - Minor improvements to code and documentation