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Author:Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

Jeffrey Walker


Jeffrey Walker is a well known face to millions of families in Australia and around the world. A veteran actor at the age of 14, Jeffrey was a mere seven years of age when he appeared in his first feature film, “Proof” with Hugo Weaving. From that time on Jeffrey has rarely been out of work!

Jeffrey’s volume of work includes many Australian children’s and adult series but it is through the series Ocean Girl that Jeffrey is seen in over 70 countries around the world. Jeffrey plays Brett Bates in the series, the youngest of the Bates family who befriend the mysterious Ocean Girl, Neri.

Jeffrey is soon to embark on the fourth series of Ocean Girl to be filmed in 1997. It seems Jeffrey and Brett have almost grown up together, “We are similar in some ways, we like to have fun no matter what and we both love adventures.” There has been no lack of excitement for Jeffrey in this role – riding jet skis and waverunners, scuba diving, boating and four wheel motorbiking are just some of the adventures Jeffrey has had on the series.

But when Jeffrey has a break between series he tends to get down to serious business. What other fourteen year old has a property portfolio! With some advice from his parents Jeffrey has invested his earnings wisely in property, shares, a car and a business.

Jeffrey also loves to play sports – swimming, bike riding, water skiing and knee boarding are just a few. His favourite band is the Beatles and licorice is his favourite food. “My friends at home treat me like anyone else but I do feel different – I’ve worked with adults for half my life and schools never been a big factor for me, I do most of it on film sets.”

Jeffrey has his sights firmly set on a long career in the film and television industry. “Acting itself will decide if I’m good enough to continue down that path”, he modestly states, “but I’ve also learnt a lot of the technical side of things and I’m interested in becoming a Director of Photography and possibly a Director or Producer”. To do that Jeffrey plans on studying at film school in Australia.

In the meantime Jeffrey dreams of working with Directors such as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. “It would be fun to work on a film such as ‘Indiana Jones’ or ‘Star Wars’”. And when he does hit Hollywood Jeffrey would very much like to work with stars like Robin Williams, Tom Hanks or Elisha Wood.

And though these may be dreams, there’s no doubting Jeffrey will give it his best shot. “If you’ve got a goal don’t let anyone stand in your way. Anyone can achieve something if they really want it”. Words of wisdom from a 14 year old who has already achieved more than some people would ever dare to dream of.