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Jeremy Angerson

Australian born Jeremy Angerson began his acting career quite unexpectedly whilst selling Clapper hats at the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix. At age 15 he was cast as the lovable street rogue, “Sparrow”, in the internationally acclaimed film “Sebastian and the Sparrow”.

Because of his heritage which includes an exotic mix of Sri Lankan, Javanese, Swiss, Irish, Italian and German, Jeremy has managed to perform roles that are suitably fitted to his heritage such as “Sparrow” a Vietnamese- Australian street kid. The combination of European and Asian ancestry also proved perfect for the role of “Kal” who comes from the “Planet of the Oceans” in the third series of Ocean Girl.

Jeremy was excited at the prospect of playing the character of Kal given the infinite possibilities such a role had to offer, “Kal is unquestionably alien, from his appearance to his rather peculiar habits. He knows nothing of what it means to be human and sees life very much like a child whose world is safe and full of adventure”.

Jeremy admits the role was a challenge, “The joys and innocence of childhood and the relationship with my 3 year old niece, Isabella, were perfect memories to draw from in establishing the wonderment that Kal experiences on the Opal Planet (Earth). Hopefully people will see what the passage of time and simply living does to a person, a child, who knows only trust and love and what this living of life can do to people if we don’t behave responsibly.”

Jeremy is committed to his work and ranks this as his favourite passion, second to doing absolutely nothing. “Nothing usually involves something” Jeremy says “my other hobbies include regular trips to the cinema, dangerous sports, hearty feasting and a preference toward Jazz and Soul music.”

Whilst filming the third series of Ocean Girl on the Great Barrier Reef Jeremy was astonished to find that a pod of dolphins had decided to join the cast and crew for a play. “These aquatic sages suddenly appeared, quizzically studied our appearance there, then disappeared to feast on a school of fish!” remarks Jeremy, “I was in the water at the time and was totally blown away”.

Jeremy’s other screen credits include roles in “Mission Impossible”, “Blue Heelers”, “Halifax F.P.”, “Neighbours” and most recently and coincidentally, “Flipper”.

Jeremy hopes to be working in America soon after he has completed other acting commitments.