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Author:Martin Requart

This is Neri

Neri has grown up on an island of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef together with her father who died as she was little. Neri can swim and dive at extraordinary speeds and deeps and is able to communicate with a humpback whale she calls Jali.

As she was a child, she fell from a high cliff into the ocean but the giant whale suddenly emerged from the deep to save her. Since this time Neri is able to communicate telepathically with the whale, and so she and Jali became friends forever.


Neri discovers that she’s from another world.

Since Neri’s father has “moved on”, she hasn’t any contact to other people up to her first encounter with Jason and Brett from ORCA. Later in the series, Neri turns out that she’s not from Earth but from a world called the “Planet Of Oceans”, that she has a sister, Mera, and about her father’s mission what was to warn the Earth people not to spoil and exploit their planet like his people have done before with their own world.

His mission was also to prepare the Earth for the big arrival, but Neri wasn’t aware of all this initially. Neri’s father called it “A mission of peace and wisdom to the Opal Planet” but because of the unplanned crash of the spacecraft that brought them to Earth and his early death he was never able to finish this mission. Neri has sworn to continue her father’s work and she has a strong will to do justice to the promise she gave him.

In season three she even prevented the total destruction of Earth and the “Ocean Planet” by reactivation of the “Synchronium”, a powerful device Neri’s people sent to Earth a long time ago. The rare abilities she possesses, Neri has inherited from her mother – the late queen Shalamorn – who was a ruler on “The Planet Of Oceans” and as it seems, it is Neri’s fate to become her successor one day.

But before she can assume her rightful place in this universe, Neri has to battle the evil Shersheba and her mentor Malakat, refectors from her home world, the Ocean Planet. At long last, Neri finds out who caused the crash of their spacecraft on Earth, about her royal descent and her task to lead the migration of the Ocean People to Earth. We’ve come full circle as Neri’s destiny comes to pass and she’s finally crowned to the future leader of her people to guide both Earth and Ocean People into a peaceful, better tomorrow.

Neri always tries to believe in the good things in the hearts of people and offers her help not only to her friends and family, which she loves more than anything else, but to everybody.


The most beautiful girl on Earth.

Marzena Godecki, who plays Neri, is not only a beautiful woman but also a very talented and impressive, young actress who realizes Neri’s role with a performance which is totally awesome. I admire Marzena (Neri) to no end, she is absolutely great.