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Author:Henrik Wickstrand

Season 1

Episode 1

Dianne Bates and her sons Jason and Brett comes to the underwater base ORCA for six months. They meet Winston Seth which is Dianne’s assistant. She is going to study whales. Brett finds the place cool, but Jason don’t like it. They also meet commander Lucas. At dinner Brett meets his new friends Zoe and Froggy (whose real name is Jake Reilly). Dianne, Winston, Jason and Brett go out with the boat to put a transmitter on the whale. A girl comes up of the ocean and stops Jason when is going to shoot the transmitter to the whale, so Dianne has to do it instead. Nobody believes Jason when he tells them about the mermaid.

Episode 2

Vanessa Lane comes new to ORCA and ends up in the same class as Jason (note: the teacher here is Doris Younane from “Heartbreak High”). Brett, Zoe and Froggy plays tricks on Vanessa and she gets back at Brett and leaves him in a broken boat out on the sea. A storm comes up, so they can’t search for him. He strands on Neri’s island and meets Neri, and tells Jason about her when he comes back.

Episode 3

Jason takes drivinglicense for the boat and gets out to sunk a net. The whale (Charlie) gets stuck in the net and Neri tries to save him but get also stuck. Jason saves her and later she shows them her island. They promise to keep her and the island as a secret.

Episode 4

Vanessa and Jason go out on a mission with the boat, but Neri warns Jason that an earthquake is coming, so they return. Commander Lucas gets angry, but the earthquake is for real and Damien and Lee get stuck in a room leaking water. Froggy pulls a trick with the computer (called HELEN which stands for Hydro Electronic Liaison Entity Nr 3000) to try to get them out.

Episode 5

It’s Brett’s birthday and he’s having a party. Dianne and commander Lucas tries to be friendly with each other and Brett imagines there’s something going on between them and does everything to stop it. Neri tells Jason the story of her life and have she communicates with Charlie.

Episode 6

Commander Lucas complains about Jason using the boat so much. Two men comes to build a recreationcenter on Neri’s island and Jason and Neri helps to scare them away. Jodie buys suncream with stolen money and gets caught by Vanessa who forces her to be her friend, and asks her to spy on Jason and Brett.

Episode 7

Charlie gets in a bad mood and Neri gets Jason to help finding out what’s the problem. They find a toxic dump. He gets an antidote for Neri. The company who dumped the toxic is also one of the biggest sponsors of Orca. Neri tells Jason she wants to visit his world, i.e. Orca.

Episode 8

Neri comes to visit ORCA. Jason steals a uniform from Vanessa and Froggy fakes an I.D. She thinks it’s nice and all the other stars wondering who she is. Damien gets a crush on Neri. Dianne and Winston wonders why Charlie is circling around ORCA and why there eventually is another creatures beside him.

Episode 9

Jason and Brett and the others are going on landpermission and Neri shows up and joins them. Damien invites her to the movies and Jason invites Lee and tags along. Neri gets scared and runs away and gets lost in town. Finally they all get back to ORCA and Jason and Lee gets a moment for themselves. Unfortunaly Lee’s father (commander Lucas) shows up in the wrong moment. Neri wonders what kissing is like and tries it on Damien.

Episode 10

The transmitter on Charlie breaks fown and Dianne goes out with the boat to fix it. She tries to call for Charlie with the recordings of Neri’s sound. Charlie comes but the Dianne’s oxygen is out, and she drops the new transmitter and faints under water. She gets rescued by Neri and that way both Dianne and Winston finds out about Neri. Neri helps them to fix the transmitter.

Episode 11

Neri comes to ORCA and meets Dianne who asks her to help with her research. Jason doesn’t like the way Dianne is treating Neri, like if she was an object, not a human beeing (which eventually goes for him too). They make commander Lucas get Neri a permanent ID (by telling some lies). Someone breaks into their lab to steal some of the whalerecordings.

Episode 12

Helen locates the man who stole the recordings. He works for UBRI (another oceancompany). UBRI (led by Dr Hellegren) wants to be the first to be able to talk to the whale, so they plan to capture Charlie in a bay surrounded by electric fences. Dianne finds out that Neri is psychic, i.e. can see things with her eyes blindfolded. UBRI takes Charlie to the trap with the stolen recordings of Neri’s song. Neri goes to the dance on ORCA but escapes after hearing Charlie’s call for help.

Episode 13

Charlie is trapped by UBRI and Neri tells her friends at ORCA about it, and they decide to rescue him. Finally Jason and Brett, with the help from Froggy, Vanessa and others, they can set the whale free, and Neri and Charlie decides to leave to not get caught again.