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Author:Henrik Wickstrand

Season Two

Episode 1

The new commander at ORCA, Commander Byrne arrives with her son Mick, who is a pain for all the others. Jason & Brett goes to Neri’s island and finds a silverpiece of jewellery in the shape of the island. Dr Hellegren from UBRI is searching for Charlie, but the helicopter crashes and he ends up in a lifeboat at sea. Neri tries to help him, but he captures her. With Charlie’s help she gets away. Sam Phillips (a sailor) arrives at ORCA.

Episode 2

Neri is back at ORCA and Dianne shows her the research she’s made. Brett gives her the silverpiece they found. Dianne has to make a map over the ocean for Commander Byrne and Sam will be driving the boat for her. Neri, Jason and Vanessa go looking for what’s on the map (the silverpiece is a map) and find some weird printing on a rock that even Helen can’t read. Eventually they find a hidden spacecraft on the oceanbottom.

Episode 3

Neri finds the entrance to the spacecraft and she and Jason swims in. They find a signaltransmitter that Froggy fixes and slowly the spacecraft is coming to life again. They also find a hexagon which is a 3D movie with a recording of Neri’s father. He tells her why they’re here and that she’s got a sister, Mera.

Episode 4

Mick tries to make Froggy change his grades. Sam is looking for minerals in the oceansurvey they’re making. Rocky’s sister Joanne goes out with Winston in the boat, but falls into the sea and gets rescued by Neri. She thinks Winston did it. When Neri’s near the boat the survey gets much better. Froggy and Helen finds an old newspapercut about Mera.

Episode 5

They find Mera (who’s called Jane Seaforth) at an institute for weird kids. Dr Hellegren also finds Mera and decides that she’s going to UBRI. Neri helps Dianne and Winston with the survey. Jason, Froggy and Vanessa talks to Mera and she promises to follow them if they prove she can trust them.

Episode 6

Froggy gets a fake ID for Mera. Mick invites Vanessa to the dance as a joke. Dr Hellegren tells Mera that she’s going to UBRI. Jason, Brett, Froggy and Zoe pick up Mera and when she sees Neri’s silverpiece (she has an exact copy herself) she goes with them. Finally Neri and Mera meet and Neri show Mera her island.

Episode 7

Mera doesn’t like living on the island and she’s beginning to wonder why she ever left. She gets scared by Charlie. Mick finds out that Vanessa is afraid of spiders and gives her a spider as birthday present and that causes a fire. Froggy finds out that Mick never has learned to read. Dianne is having a date with Sam which Jason and Brett don’t like.

Episode 8

Dr Hellegren send Forsyth and Liselle as spies to ORCA. Mera falls down of a cliff on the island and Neri hears her call for help and rescues her. Slowly Mera begins to like living on the island. Mick gets assigned to the boat by commander Byrne and they have trouble keeping him away from seeing Neri. Dianne asks Sam to help with the surveyresults and he finds titanium.

Episode 9

Dr Hellegren searchs through the islands but finds nothing. Mick eventuelly sees Neri and Mera on the screen but everyone says he’s seeing things. Liselle gets intrested in what he says. Dianne asks Sam to keep quiet about the titanium but Sam won’t promise anything.

Episode 10

Forsyth hides a transmitter on dr Bates’s boat so that UBRI can follow it. Commander Byrne assignes Froggy, Zoe, Joanne, Rocky and Kim to the boat. Divers from UBRI tries to catch Neri & Mera but Charlie saves them. This leads to that everyone on the boat finds out about them. Everyone except Mick promise to keep the secret.

Episode 11

Winston catches the transmitter from the spacecraft on his equipment and goes to Neri’s island to search for something. He meets two strange people. Mick falls into the water and gets rescued by Neri, and then he also promise to keep the secret. Neri helps him learning to read. Vanessa finds out who Liselle is. Dr Hellegren finds out that Neri & Mera is on ORCA. Forsyth puts so much pressure on Helen (the computer) so that she collapses and dies, but Froggy won’t believe it.

Episode 12

Neri escapes from ORCA to try to save Mera and Charlie, but Brett and Sam follow her to tell her she is wrong. Sam promise to keep quiet about the titanium, to try to win Dianne’s heart and to get along with Jason and Brett. Froggy finds Forsyth’s hidden transmitter to UBRI. Vanessa and Mick become friends. The two strangers wants to take Neri & Mera home to their planet.

Episode 13

Mera wants to go and Neri feels that she has to. Froggy succeeds in getting Helen alive again (a surprise for Commander Byrne). Helen tells them about Forsyth and commander Byrne arrests Forsyth and Liselle for spying. Neri, Mera, Dianne, Jason, Brett and Sam goes to the island to say goodbye. Mera leaves with the strangers but Neri stays. Dr Hellegren sees the spacecraft leaving and gives up.