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Author: Noreo, Germano Kern, Merijn van der Meer, Sonesay Phouthavong

Season Three

Episode 1

(by NOREO)

It’s been a year since Mera returned her home “Planet of Ocean” and Neri decided to stay. When Dianne,Jason and Brett are driven back to ORCA from their vacation, they find that UBRI is on board at ORCA. UBRI corporation has won the construction contract of the underwater station “ORCA city”. They’re planning to destroy a natural fish breeding ground to relocate and expand the construction site.

Dianne then immediately starts the environmental check at the construction site with Jason. Jason is accidentally trapped under the building material but luckily Charley finds him and Neri comes to rescue him.

Dianne accuses UBRI of building the foundations on the breeding ground at the hearing and the members of tribunal accept Dianne’s submission and instruct UBRI to stop. However UBRI secretly sets a sonic grenade on the breeding ground to kill all the fish and the person who planned it is Dr.Hellegren. The plan is interfered by Neri. Dr. Hellegren, who does not know yet that Neri is still around, threatens Jason and Brett not to interfere with him again.

Episode 2

(by Germano Kern)

Jason, Brett and Neri are on the island and Brett wants to find a way to get in the spacecraft, but they suddenly have to go because Neri tells them a storm is arriving.

On ORCA Jason has to follow a special course for future ORCA-City commanders, where he meets Sallyanne, who is his partner in this course. In the meantime Brett and Ben meet Cassandra a young American girl that is not at all happy to be on ORCA.

Cassandra, despite Brett warning her about the incoming storm, decides to go for a sail, but she is soon forced to take shelter from the storm on the nearest island (Neri’s).

Dr. Hellegren goes to the dry land to see his daughter Lena who tells him she wants to pass her holidays at home.

The next morning Neri finds an entrance to the spacecraft and calls her friends. While they are on the island trying to enter the spacecraft Cassandra sees Neri and hears everything they say. Neri discovers Cassandra’s presence just while she is leaving the island to return on ORCA and tell everybody what she has seen, but then as the sailboat’s boom hits her full in the face, she faints and when she wakes up she says she can’t remember anything of what happened in the last 24 hours… what a luck! But Jason wants Brett to become Cassandra’s friend in order to be able to prevent disasters in the case she gets her memory back.

Episode 3

(by NOREO)

Jason looks for a pump to suck up the water out of the space craft and he finds one owned by UBRI. At the night Jason and Brett sneak into UBRI’s storage and successfully take the pump back with them.

Cassandra plays a trick on Brett and he does back on her. Jason and Sallyanne blew their first simulation exercise. UBRI starts to locate Neri’s space craft. With Brett and Benny’s help Cassandra tries to wash her sister Morgan in the elevator in revenge for making her wash Morgan’s uniform again. But she accidentally washes her sister and the commander in the elevator.

Neri comes to ORCA to tell Jason and Brett that the pump sucked out all the water but Brett has to clean the floor as a punishment for their trick. Then Jason and Neri go down to the space craft. While Jason and Neri are trying to seal the spot leaking water Brett comes in and he slips down to the place that looks like a lab. Jason and Neri join him there and they find a boy in some sort of coffin but he is not dead…

Episode 4

(by Germano Kern)

In the spacecraft Neri accidentally finds a switch that lifts the coffin, goes to the boy and awakes him: he says his name is Kal.

Meanwhile Benny meets Larissa, a girl who is very interested in him… especially in his notes disk which she plans to use to cheat in the next day’s exam, but Benny doesn’t approve this incorrect behavior and doesn’t give away his disk.

Neri, Jason and Brett tell Kal where he is and what happened to his parents… but he seems not to be very surprised or sad.

Lena comes to UBRI to see his father, and this time he has to take her at home. Dr.Hellegren is not very happy on having his daughter at home, but Lena manages to convince him.

At the exam Larissa secretly steals Benny’s disk and slips it into her terminal; She is quickly caught and eliminated from the exams, but what is worse is that Benny has to say that he has lent her that disk, not to let her pass as a thief, and is also eliminated.

Kal is a very strange boy: he falls down a tall tree without hurting himself, seems not to know what fear is, and thinks that women are superior than men. Jason and Brett start to wonder what a weird society there must be on Neri’s planet and they decide not to tell anybody about Kal’s existence.

Episode 5

(by Merijn van der Meer and NOREO)

Neri tries to teach Kal about living in the island and he learns fast. However Neri is anxious about Kal is not learning any human emotions so she asks Jason to talk to Kal. Although Neri tells Kal not to leave the island while she’s gone for ORCA Kal follows Jason and he finds a boat which ORCA use to dive and climbs aboard. Because Brett, Cass and Benny get diving lessons as a punishment for the trick Brett planned to play on Cass but unfortunately her sister Morgan fell for.

Dr.Hellegren takes her daughter Lena to ORCA where she meets Jason and Brett. Brett tells her that her father and UBRI corporation are hated by every one because of their illegal activities which she doesn’t believe.

When they are in the water and Benny is told to return to the boat he sees Kal aboard who starts the motor which the others think Benny did and don’t believe him when he tells them that a strange young guy on board did.

Jason and Brett seem to know more about it and their mother wants to know what’s going on.

Episode 6

(by Merijn van der Meer)

To keep Kal away from ORCA Jason suggests Neri to show him the spaceship because he wants to see it. So when Jason and Brett are back to ORCA Neri shows him the ship, in fact it’s more that Kal knows which way he wants to go. They finally arrive at the workroom of his parents. There’s a screen and Neri goes to ORCA to get Jason and Brett.

In the meantime at ORCA base the bad news is that Winston is fired, because he can’t swim. Kellar from UBRI wants to replace him with a qualified for the job UBRI person. However Benny finds in the regulations that a non-qualified worker has the right to take lessons and to get qualified within an agreed period. They show the commander and Winston gets a week to practice. Just when Jason and Brett want to see Winston’s first lesson Neri picks them up.

In the workroom they see a sort of mask hanging in front of the screen. Neri puts it on and the screen lights up. A log of the journey is told by Kal’s mother. She speaks of a mission. The person who touches the crystal will have to fulfill the hard and dangerous mission. Neri takes the crystal and the mother explains about the mission … Neri’s father’s mission! So now Neri finds out that an instrument called “The Synchronium” had been dropped to earth and that the mission is to find the 9 parts and put them back together and then it would save the ocean. However in the hands of the wrong people it could lead to disaster. If the oceans would die then the earth would get out of his orbit and lead to chaos which would end in the destruction of the Ocean planet (Neri’s homeplanet) So Neri decides to take the mission. She asks for the help of Jason and Brett, which she gets.

Back at ORCA Winston has to do his swimming test. He made it because he thinks Neri’s closeby. Everybody’s happy but he still has to learn how to dive.

Jason and Brett think that they will have plenty of time to find the 9 parts thinking that no-one else is looking for the parts, but they would be surprised if they knew who was searching for them too … !!

Episode 7

(by Merijn van der Meer)

Kal wants to go to ORCA, but Neri forbids him, then later Neri has to go and Kal disobeys and does go to ORCA. He finds ORCA and it’s people very interesting. And then just when Brett has his diving exam he spots Kal and warns Jason. But it’s too late, Kal already joined the biorobics group and they see a lot of possibilities with his tremendous condition. Kal sneaks away and Jason takes him away just when he’s made a date with a girl on ORCA. While Jason doesn’t want to answer questions about Kal he also goes to the date of Kal.

Meanwhile Brett, Benny, Cass and Winston have their diving test. Neri tells Winston to believe in himself. In the water he first panics but seeing Neri comforts him and he passes the test. UBRI doesn’t like that since they wanted to replace Winston with one of their own people.

Lena, Dr Hellegren’s finds out about the whalesinging, but her father’s assistant tells her to keep her nose out of business which doesn’t concern her.

That night although Jason solved the “dateproblem”, he and Brett are still worried. Since his mother and Winston want to meet Kal the next time he’s on ORCA. On top of it comes that Neri reminded them about their promise to look for the 9 parts of the Synchronium.

Episode 8

(by Merijn van der Meer)

Kal slips to ORCA and Dianne (Jason’s mother) and Winston finally get to meet him. On her way up to ORCA Neri finds out that UBRI wants to blow up a part of the seabed and warns Dianne.

Dianne asks for a tribunal, but since it’s a new explosive, which wouldn’t harm the surroundings according to UBRI, they may continue the explosions.

Being on ORCA Kal plays a game in which Benny is the ORCA champion. Everyone thinks Benny will win, since it’s the first time Kal plays it. But Kal learns very quickly and everyone is amazed as he wins.

Jason and Brett start to locate the synchronium parts with the aid of HELEN, the computer. They locate one, but it’s Kal who is able to calculate the exact position. And he is right! Neri finds the first piece. That’s one step on the way in completing the Mission.

Episode 9

(by Merijn van der Meer)

When Neri takes the first part of the synchronium and holds it in the water the water becomes active.

While Brett tries to find more pieces with HELEN, UBRI locates one in the desert on the mainland. Then Brett also locates that one but only up to 15 km approximately and they again ask Kal. Only UBRI has already taken action and find a capsule with their metal detector.

Not knowing this Neri, Jason and Brett go to the mainland and go into the desert on camels. But it’s too late already, UBRI finds the second piece. So when the three arrive the piece is gone and they have to run when Kellar (Dr Hellegren’s assistant) spots them and chases them. Fortunately the car gets stuck and they can get away. Lena (Dr Hellegren’s daughter) asks Brett about her father but he doesn’t want to tell her anything.

Now Dr Hellegren also finds out that the mysterious object generates a tide in the water.

Episode 10

(by Merijn van der Meer)

To keep the piece safe Neri hides it in an underwater cave. Benny’s father want Benny to study harder so he will be a step in front of the others, but Benny wants to spend time with his friends investigating the report of a sunken Dutch ship loaded with treasures, which went down a few hundred years ago.

Neri asks Brett to look for the other parts and reminds him that other people are searching too.

Cass thinks she saw a person in the isle. Later she finds that person, it’s a runaway boy who run because else he and his parents would be send back to their country. Cass takes care of the boy and gives him food.

Brett and Benny take an expensive device and go diving, but at the end of their dive the instrument falls into the water and Benny goes back to get it, but he’s low on air and faints. Fortunately for him Charlie (the whale) sees him and warns Neri who comes to the rescue. In this way Benny finds out about Neri.

From surveillance tapes the commander finds out about the little intruder. Winston finds the boy incidently and confronts Cass with it, but then the boy panics and runs off … Right into the arms of the commander, who calls immigration to get him picked up.

Benny gets severely punished for the detector when they find out and his father is furious. However Benny decides to lie about the truth and keeps Neri’s existence a secret. But it’s not a secret anymore to another person. Lena learns about Neri from her father’s files when he’s away.

Episode 11

(by Merijn van der Meer)

Kal visits ORCA and sees a couple kissing and find that people of the opal planet have weird habits. He asks Neri what it means and she explains him what it is. She also explains about happy or sad feelings.

Cass is experiencing nightmares where she sees an island, fear, running away and then not remembering anything. Benny now visits the island with Jason when Brett comes after locating another piece of the Sync. in the ocean. UBRI also detects it and plans a search for the day after. Kal calculates the position again and Neri doesn’t want to wait another day and goes alone. On their way back Brett and Benny get stuck on the way to ORCA. But Neri upon her return brings them to ORCA as she didn’t find anything.

Some new guy on ORCA (Moose) bothers Brett and wants him to hand over the expensive device Brett got for his birthday. The next day Neri, Jason and Brett take a boat to search again. Neri dives and she now finds what’s she’s looking for. When she comes to the surface UBRI just arrives and they flee just in time. UBRI later sees that the capsule’s there but the part missing and they want to make a plan to get rid of those kids.

Back at ORCA Brett gets attacked by Moose when he doesn’t want to give his device to him. Kal feels loyal and helps Brett. Since Kal is really strong Moose gets scared and runs off. Now that Kal has experienced a feeling he wants to get to know every human feeling!

Episode 12

(by Merijn van der Meer)

Cass starts to remembering more and more about two other kids on the island. She thinks one of them resembles Brett. Lena overhears a conversation of her father and Kellar to get rid of the ORCA kids. They plan to make a broadcast of a falling star on a nearby island and set a trap for the kids. In commander training they have to fly a helicopter and Jason is uncomfortable and just can’t do it.

Kal longs for a thing to remember his parents and goes into the spaceship. He finds a sort of a music instrument and starts playing. Brett and Benny arrive on the island and hear from Neri where to find Kal. They also go into the ship and they see Kal crying. Brett explains Kal the meaning of crying.

Lena sneaks out of the house and goes to ORCA to warn Jason and Brett, but when she gets to speak Jason Brett is already on his way with Neri.

So he asks for the helicopter test again and Morgan (Cass’ older sister) has to go with him.

The plan from Dr Hellegren fails because Jason succeeds in warning Brett, who returns immediately thereafter. Kellar suspects an internal leak in the UBRI organization and finds Dr Hellegren’s daughter very suspicious. Jason and Brett are unaware of this.

Episode 13

(by Merijn van der Meer)

Mera tries to warn Neri telepathically that her mission is in danger and that there isn’t much time.

Neri then visits the new ORCA city site and warns Dianne after it since her intuition says there’s something really wrong.

Kellar has questioned almost everyone from UBRI and all seem loyal, so she suspects Lena, but Dr Hellegren doesn’t want her to question his daughter. So Kellar watches Lena’s activities at UBRI.

Jason finally tells Lena the story of Neri and now Lena will try to help him to locate the part at UBRI. In the meantime UBRI wants to speed up the work under water by increasing the amount of explosives.

Cass sees a shrink because of her dreams, but this shrink reports her story to Dr Hellegren. When back at ORCA Cass confronts Jason and Brett with the fact that she now knows that they are the two she saw on the island. Jason and Brett have no choice and they tell her about Neri and they all visit the island. Like Ben she’s now one of them.

Dianne’s request for a new tribunal is denied and UBRI even gets permission to increase the power of the explosives by a 150%.

Kellar plays a surveillance tape for Dr Hellegren and Lena from which it is clear that Lena spies on the Ocean Girl files. She gets trouble with her father and decides to leave.

Kal experiences fear when a new big explosion occurs when Neri’s in the water. Winston then thinks that the danger lies under the seaground and thinks that Neri could be right about a very big danger.

Episode 14

(by Sonesay Phouthavong)

Benny is trying to access H.E.L.E.N. for more information about any possible sitings of the synchronium pieces. However she is refusing to co-operate, even after Jason, Brett and Cass have tried.

Meanwhile at UBRI headquarters, Kellar informs DR Hellegren that they have located the piece and are beginning a search for it. On the way out of the room, Kellar asks Hellegren if he has had any further contact with Lena. Dr Hellegren stoically replies, “I have no daughter”.

Lena arrives at ORCA city and tells Jason and Brett that she has left home. They both agree to help her by asking Dianne to let Lena stay in the spare bunk in her room. Dianne reluctantly agrees, and then asks for Lena’s ID so she can clear it with the Commander. Upon seeing that Lena has UBRI credentials and is a Hellegren, Dianne says that she hopes the boys know what they’re doing.

Jason and Brett then take Lena to the island to meet Neri. Lena is showed the spaceship and is told of how the locator got smashed, making it difficult to find the synchronium. Lena says she would like to try to get information from H.E.L.E.N. When they get back to ORCA, Lena is pulling files from H.E.L.E.N. and Cass resents her being there. They finally find a landing point for the piece and call Kal in to show on the map where it landed.

Meanwhile Dianne is perplexed as to why the Seismic tremors are not registering. Winston suggest that they may be too deep below the sea floor for the sensors to pick up. Jason, Brett, Neri, Cass, Lena, and Benny go in search of the synchronium, but when they get there, the capsule is open and the piece is gone. Back at ORCA, Brett suggests a raid on UBRI headquarters to get the pieces back. They all agree and Neri says she will go too. Jason pulls Neri out of the room and explains to her that it is too dangerous for her to go in case Dr Hellegren sees her again, but Neri insists on going. Brett says OK, but tells Neri that they will go in two days time. Neri leaves and then Jason tells the others they go the next morning, without Neri.

The next day on the island, Kal says he wants to go with the others to UBRI, but Neri tells him he must stay and that she goes with Jason. Neri goes to ORCA to see Dianne, but finds out that Jason and the others had gone to UBRI earlier than she was told they would. Neri is angry about being deceived. Meanwhile, at UBRI, Dr Hellegren and Kellar are shown on a videotape the synchronium’s power to change the flow of water. The raid at UBRI goes as planned until they make their getaway with the synchronium pieces they took from the strong-room. While running from the guards, Lena trips and falls down. Benny then helps her up, and as he is trying to block the stairs with some containers, the synchronium that he is carrying slips out of his hands and tumbles down the stairs to the feet of Kellar. The gang get away, but with only one of the synchronium pieces.

Dianne’s and Winston’s suspicions about the fault lines ago unheeded, as they are told there is insufficient evidence for a tribunal hearing.

Kal’s jealously of Jason begins to surface more as Neri worries about Jason’s safety in the raid on UBRI.

Jason and Brett take the piece they recovered to Neri on the island. While Neri and Jason take the piece to the hiding pace, Brett is telling Kal about the raid, but Kal says he doesn’t want to hear about Jason. When Jason and Neri get back, they are splashing water at each other as Kal looks on, his jealousy becoming more intent.

Episode 15

(by Sonesay Phouthavong)

While diving, Neri is worried that the coral reef is not spawning. Kal feels left out when she doesn’t tell him what’s wrong. Jason and Dianne go diving to spot any changes in the sea floor that may help in providing evidence to stop the blasting. They don’t see anything visibly wrong, and Neri tells them about her fears of the coral not spawning. She calls it the “Dance of the Summer Moon”. So it is decided that Jason and Neri go to the reef to film it. They would then use the tape to convince the board and tribunal of the damage to the sealife and ocean.

Winston is expecting a visit from an old flame, Camilla and so is a bit wary about his looks. When she arrives, Winston gives Camilla a tour of ORCA. Meanwhile, Lena is not having much success with information from H.E.L.E.N.’s database. Kal asks Neri to watch him in competition for his final class, but she says that she has business with Dianne and Jason. Kal feels hurt, saying, “It’s always Jason”. Winston introduces Camilla to Dianne and Brett. Brett becomes suspicious of Camilla’s motives on ORCA when she asks him if he’d seen any mermaids on his adventures on ORCA, so he follows her around the complex. Camilla feigns illness so Winston will leave her alone. When he does, she sneaks off to a store room where she makes contact via with Dr Hellegren and explains to him that everything is going according to plan and that she will find out about any reference to the “Ocean Girl” in ORCA’s computers and from Dianne and Winston, not knowing that Brett is in the room with her until he stumbles out of hiding. Camilla quickly runs out and locks the door, stopping Brett from getting out.

Sally-Anne asks Jason to be his partner at a party in the rec room later that night. She then gets a bit annoyed when he doesn’t show up (that’s because he’s diving to film the coral reef spawning). Kal comes first in his gym class and rushes back to the island to tell Neri. Upon arriving he finds Neri and Jason sitting by a fire. Kal says its his and Neri’s island and tells Jason to leave. Neri admonishes Kal for his behaviour but invites him to go with her and Jason to film the coral, but Kal refuses to go.

Brett decides to climb along the air vents and manages to get out and warn Dianne and Winston. They catch Camilla trying to hack into the computer system and Winston asks her to leave ORCA.

At the filming of the coral reef, Neri is saddened that it does not spawn. While sitting on the beach Jason consoles her by putting an arm around her shoulders. Kal see this and runs back to their camp in rage. He then retreats to the spaceship, citing it as his own place and that he has no friends. Neri and Jason leave Kal alone at his request and as they come back to the surface a huge seismic tremor rocks the island and ORCA city…it is the fault line!

Episode 16

(by Sonesay Phouthavong)

After the last tremors, Dianne demands a tribunal hearing. Dr Hellegren and Kellar insist that the tremors and the faultline are not due to the blasting. Lena locates another piece of the synchronium on H.E.L.E.N. but they need Kal’s help in assessing a landing point. Neri says that Brett must go since Kal is still angry at her and Jason. Brett and Cass go to the spaceship, but Kal is reluctant to help. Cass explains to him the concept of jealously, but Kal does not grasp this. He finally does show them the landing point of the synchronium on a hand-held computer they brought with them.

Neri, Cass and Brett go in search of the synchronium which landed at a place called Deans Gully. The three come across a homestead and are invited in for refreshments. Here they befriend a blind girl, Patty. Patty points to a painting on the wall of the kitchen which shows Deans Gully.

Neri, Cass and Brett arrive at Deans Gully but find the capsule containing the synchronium empty. Dejected, they go back to the homestead, to say goodbye to Patty but they are surprised to see the piece of synchronium sitting on Patty’s dresser drawer. Patty is quick to tell them that she doesn’t let anyone touch it…ever. The three decide to stay overnight whilst they think of a way to ask for the synchronium.

Back at ORCA city, UBRI have been given permission to store radioactive waste in cannisters in the school section’s storerooms much to the dismay of Dianne. While Benny is catching up on some school work in the computer labs, another tremor hits. The cannisters break open causing a contamination scare. H.E.L.E.N., sensing no-one in there, begins to initiate shut down of the section. Sallyanne says that she saw Benny go in there and so she and Jason go to get him out just in time. While coming up in an elevator, Lena comes across her father. She threatens to go public with the hidden files she had seen in UBRI’s computers if he doesn’t leave her alone.

At the homestead, Neri shows Patty a gift that Patty had thought was lost with her eyesight. The gift of creation. Patty is frustrated that she cannot paint anymore, and so Neri shows her that she can create hand-made clay sculptures. Patty is grateful for this and gives Neri the synchronium in return. Neri says that she does not feel right about taking the synchronium from her. Patty reassures Neri saying, “It’s okay. You’ve given me something better.” Neri takes the piece to the hiding place and as she runs her hands over the smooth polished surface, she is thinking of Patty moulding her sculptures.

Episode 17

(by Sonesay Phouthavong)

Brett visits Kal on the spaceship and tries to explain friendship to him, but Kal refuses to understand. Dianne and Dr Hellegren argue over the validity of UBRI’s construction work in contributing to the widening gap in the sea floor. A tribunal hearing is called and as Dianne is speaking, a large tremor hits, wreaking havoc at ORCA. This new tremor causes Charlie to become beached on the sand bank near the island. Brett, Cass, Lena, Benny and Jason go to help. Kal comes out of the spaceship to find Neri is gone. He swims to ORCA to look for Jason and Cass, but does not find them. At the tribunal, it is ruled that UBRI stop the blasting yet be allowed to continue their construction work unimpeded. Unhappy with this decision, Dianne goes diving to look for more casual evidence.

The race to save Charlie continues as they wait for high tide to try to shift him. They construct a cover out of palm branches to protect Charlie from the harsh sun, but time is running out for him. Neri, distraught, says that they can’t wait until high tide to try. Benny suggests wedging a sling underneath Charlie and use a couple of wave-runners to shift him off without having to wait until high tide. Jason races back to ORCA to enlist the help of Winston. Winston explains to Neri that Charlie’s sense of guidance has been adversely affected by the tremors and if they succeed in moving him, he may just swim back to shore again. Neri says she won’t let this happen. They finally succeed in getting Charlie back to deep water as Neri leads him away.

Back at ORCA, Kal meets Sallyanne and they begin talking. When Jason and the others get back to ORCA, Sallyanne says goodbye to Kal and goes to talk to Jason. Again Kal feels abandoned so he just stays back.

Later on the island Kal is eating a coconut when Neri comes to ask if he has come back. Kal wants to know why he wasn’t asked to help Charlie. He then storms off, unsatisfied with the answer Neri had given him.

Kal is sitting on a sandbank surrounded by water, brooding. He gets up, runs and then dives into the water. A safe distance away, Kellar and some UBRI personnel have been photographing and filming Kal…

Episode 18

(by Sonesay Phouthavong)

Back at UBRI headquarters, Kellar shows Dr Hellegren the video of Kal. This of course fascinates Hellegren as he begins to devise a plan to catch Kal.

On the island, Kal agrees to come back if it is just himself and Neri. But the sound of a wave-runner disrupts his reverie. Jason asks Neri if Charlie is okay, but Kal tells him to leave and then stalks off to the spaceship. Neri admonishes Kal for his rudeness to Jason, giving him an ultimatum – be the old Kal or find another place to live. Kal chooses the latter option and leaves.

Brett tries to set Dianne up with Dave Hartley and tells Jason of his plans. Jason doesn’t want anything to do with it. Brett then asks Benny to help him write a love letter using Jason’s computer.

Kal returns to his sandbank to contemplate his situation, unaware that he is being watched. This time Dr Hellegren is also watching on board a boat. The sudden lurching sound of the motor being turned on and the boat speeding towards Kal startles him. Frightened, he runs to the water and dives, but is confronted by men with nets laying in wait and is captured and hauled on board the boat. Kal is taken back to the UBRI headquarters, his mind reeling. What had he got himself into?

Kal is locked up in isolation in a room with no windows, and a cold hard bench for a bed. The lights are left on and he is being filmed and monitored by Dr Hellegren. Kal refuses to talk or eat and is hostile towards his minders.

Neri worries about Kal not returning to the island. Meanwhile, Sallyanne accidentally receives the love letter, thinking that it is from Jason. He tells her that he did not write it and that he thinks of her as a “good buddy”, leaving her feeling hurt.

Neri, Jason and Brett search the island for Kal but to no avail. Kal’s already fragile state of mind becomes even more precarious. He has not eaten or slept for a couple of days. Dr Hellegren tempts him with oysters and finally Kal obliges. Hellegren’s plans for Kal are only just beginning to take shape.

Episode 19

(by Sonesay Phouthavong)

Neri again tries unsuccessfully to find Kal. Brett is also worried about him but Jason seems unperturbed by Kal’s disappearance, saying that its just an act; that he is wanting attention. Mera appears to Neri in her sleep warning her of new troubles saying that the danger is growing for both their worlds. She urges Neri to wake and begin.

Kal finally talks to Dr Hellegren. He asks for more food and a softer bed, among other things. He lets slip that he had a soft bed on the island. Dr Hellegren decides to indulge Kal’s greed in order to find out more about Kal and the island. Kal tells him about being to ORCA, about the power of the synchronium, how they find the pieces, how many pieces they have and about Neri.

Another piece of the synchronium is found by Lena, but the exact location cannot be determined. Lena asks H.E.L.E.N. to assess a probable landing point so they can search the general area for it. UBRI have also got a fix on its landing point and have gone after it too. Kellar and the UBRI team arrive after Neri, Jason, Brett, Lena, Cass and Benny but decide to follow them unnoticed until they recover the piece. Cass spots the capsule down the side of a cliff. Jason elects to go down for it using the rock climbing equipment they brought with them. Kellar and UBRI move in to get the piece. Brett seeing them coming warns Jason who tells the rest to get Neri away to safety. UBRI reach Jason, and Kellar threatens to cut the rope that is supporting Jason unless he gives her the piece. He begrudgingly obliges. When asked if they should take Jason back to Dr Hellegren, Kellar replies, “What do we need him for. We already have his strange, young friend”. Jason then realizes that UBRI have got Kal.

Dr Hellegren asks Kal where the recovered pieces of synchronium are, but is disappointed when Kal doesn’t know. Instead, he begins to plant seeds of doubt and mistrust in Kal’s mind about Neri and the ORCA kids. Hellegren offers Kal his “friendship” and in return asks for Kal’s help in finding and assembling the whole synchronium. Dr Hellegren promises Kal power over the island, over Neri and ultimately over the earth if they succeed in assembling the synchronium. The notion of master of the island appeals to Kal and so with a hand shake, he seals his agreement with Dr Hellegren.

Episode 20

(by Sonesay Phouthavong)

Dr Hellegren further indulges Kal’s greed by giving him various toys and computer games. He instills in Kal, that on this planet, men are leaders and women are followers when Kal says that he wants control over Neri. Dr Hellegren weighs up the possibilities that his influence over Kal has.

The ORCA gang and Neri decide on devising a plan to get Kal back. Cass and Brett volunteer to break into UBRI offices at ORCA by crawling through a series of air ducts. Unwittingly they trigger a security sensor, alerting Kellar to their presence, thinking that she had heard them. In their haste to get out, Brett loses his identification badge in one of the ducts. UBRI find the ID and Kellar is told by Hellegren to put it back, anticipating the kids will go back for it.

When they do go back for another attempt at breaking into the UBRI office, Dr Hellegren had planned for them to know about Kal’s whereabouts. In this way he could return Kal without raising suspicion, knowing that they would attempt to rescue him.

As a last means of preparing Kal for his task as informant, Dr Hellegren gives him a little test – one in which Kal has to lie about his capture. He is quick to grasp the concept.

The “rescue” goes according to plan and the gang get Kal back to the island. Whilst sitting around a campfire, Kal tells them of his terror at the hands of his captors. He has them all fooled.

Once alone, Kal sneaks out to see Dr Hellegren who is waiting for him on a boat. Kal says to Hellegren, “Soon it will be Neri who tells me where she is going”.

Episode 21

(by Sonesay Phouthavong)

Lena finds another piece of the synchronium. Mera appears to Neri in her sleep again, telling her to fulfill her quest before time runs out. The next morning, Kal is taken to ORCA city to assess a landing point for the new piece. He is hesitant in doing so, not wanting to give them an edge over UBRI. He says that this time, it is too hard for him – that he must think awhile. Kal excuses himself saying he will go swimming. Neri says that she will go too, but Kal is quick to insinuate that she doesn’t trust him. Neri says she does trust him and so lets him go by himself. Lena suggests directing more power to H.E.L.E.N. in order to locate the piece themselves. While doing so, another large quake hits, leaving ORCA city devastated. Cass, Lena, Benny and Brett are put on clean-up duty for accessing H.E.L.E.N. whilst during a crisis and without permission. Jason is rostered on stand-by duty, so it is left up to Neri to go in search of the synchronium herself.

Her trek takes her inland, in the desert. All that she takes with her is a water bottle, making it difficult to rehydrate herself. Neri comes across a dingo and offers it some water, but drops the bottle and runs for safety as it charges at her. Without the water, and with the harsh sun beating down on her, Neri collapses.

While lying there, a young Aboriginal girl, Lila, comes to Neri’s rescue and takes her to a water hole. Neri is grateful for this, but Lila says that Neri is a water-spirit like the one before who came out of the sky and crashed into the earth making a water hole. Neri dives and after a short search, finds the synchronium piece. Neri starts her way back, walking for what seemed to her like an eternity. She does finally get to the coast and is much relieved. She takes the piece to the hiding place, and exhausted, rests beside them.

Jason, Brett, Lean, Cass and Benny, worried for Neri’s safety go to the island and await her return. Seeing her surface, they quickly run to her aid.

Later that night as Kal and Neri were asleep on the island, a spaceship lands on the island. Three cloaked and hooded figures emerge from the craft and make their way towards Neri. One of them climbs the tree and removes her hood. Mera has returned to help Neri.

Episode 22

(by Sonesay Phouthavong)

Mera tells Neri of the danger inherent if they do not find the synchronium in time – a total destruction of, not just earth, but all worlds. Mera assures Neri that they will recover the synchronium together and make it work. Kal, standing in the background, looks on with contempt. Mera and Neri are told by the other two elders that they will return in a short time, whether the quest had been completed or not.

After being reunited with Brett and Jason, Mera tells them that they already possess the trigger for activating the synchronium – Charley’s whale song. Kal, hiding, in the trees hears this and steals away to tell Dr Hellegren at UBRI headquarters. Dr Hellegren is under increasing pressure from his financial backers to deliver the synchronium in working order and so greatly welcomes this news.

Mera is introduced to Lena, Cass and Benny, and is reunited with Dianne and Winston. Brett and Jason are surprised by her newfound maturity. Mera asks if there is another way of getting the synchronium back. Lena says that there is but it is impossible to do it. It is a key that hangs around her father’s neck on a chain. Cass still doesn’t trust Lena. Neri and Mera convince Lena to help them get the key while Dr Hellegren sleeps. Only Neri, Mera and Lena go, without the others knowledge. Kal is following them through the shrubbery, but is found out. He asks to go along and Neri agrees.

As Neri is about to remove the key from around Dr Hellegren’s neck, Kal deliberately pushes a vase off its pedestal waking up the doctor. Hellegren grabs Neri’s hand but she struggles free and they run.

The next morning on the island, Mera, Jason and Brett admonish Kal for his “clumsiness”, but Neri is quick to defend him. While Jason and Brett stay with Kal, Neri and Mera go to check on the synchronium. The sisters sit hand in hand and call upon Charley to sing.

Meanwhile, at UBRI headquarters, Dr Hellegren and Kellar are also testing the synchronium in their possession. As Charley’s whale-song is heard, the synchronium illuminates, much to the delight of Dr Hellegren and Kellar.

Episode 23

(by Sonesay Phouthavong)

Cass and Benny sneak into UBRI offices at ORCA City to try to find anything they can about the synchronium, at the insistence of Cass. They find out about an exchange that will occur between Dr Hellegren and a mining magnate, Mr Lee. The deal is: safe passage of Mr Lee’s cargo supplied by UBRI in exchange for the synchronium that is in Mr Lee’s possession. Cass, Benny and Lena go to Mr Lee’s office building in order to try to retrieve the synchronium. With a little ingenuity, they get in under the guise of caterers.

Brett returns to the island to ask Neri, Mera and Kal to help him search the spaceship once more for any clues they may have missed. Neri says she will join in the search after she has checked on the hidden synchronium. While the others are searching, Kal sneaks off to follow Neri. But before she gets to the hiding place, Charley warns her that Kal is following. He is admonished by Mera.

Benny searches one office, while Lena and Cass search another. The two girls see the synchronium piece sitting on a trolley alongside dozens of opals. While about to grab the synchronium, they are found out and start to run. The two are caught while Benny runs in another direction and escapes. Cass finally trusts Lena when she realizes that Lena’s loyalty lies with her friends and not her father, when Lena had a chance to get herself off the hook. Cass and Lena are left alone in the locked office when Benny breaks in and they all escape.

When they get back to ORCA, they tell Jason and Brett that the synchronium in Lee’s possession will be transferred to UBRI on the pier. They decide to try to recover the piece.

Episode 24

(by Sonesay Phouthavong)

Another large quake rocks ORCA City. The magnitude of the quake forces the Commander to ask for voluntary evacuation of ORCA City. Neri worries about this latest quake and reaffirms to Mera that the synchronium won’t go back to Dr Hellegren.

Sallyanne asks Lena for advice about Jason. She wants to know is Jason has a girlfriend. Lena says that she should just let him know how she feels about him.

The ORCA gang make plans to recover the synchronium piece from the exchange. They choose straws as to who will stow away on board the UBRI craft. Brett gets the dubious honor.

Jason and Morgan are diving to record any further damage to the reef near ORCA City. As they are doing so, Morgan accidentally places her hand on a poisonous stonefish, injecting her with a deadly venom. She goes into convulsions as Jason gets her back to ORCA. She is stretchered away to sickbay and lapses into a unconsciousness. Cass rushes to her sister’s bedside. Sallyanne reassures Jason that it wasn’t his fault. Grateful for her comforting words, he hugs her. She begins to tell him that she fancies him just as Neri appears in the aqua-duct. Jason leaves her.

On board the boat, Brett sabotages the ships engine so that it stalls. While the crew are checking it out, Brett grabs the synchronium. He is discovered and cornered. He throws the piece over boat and then jumps in after it. Neri and Mera are waiting underwater with an oxygen mask for Brett as they make good their getaway.

While Cass is sitting at Morgan’s bedside talking to her, she wakes up. Benny has the courage to tell his father that he should have more say in what he wants to do and hence earns his father’s respect and admiration.

Kellar blames Kal for not warning them about the planned raid. Kal defends himself, saying that he was being watched too closely by Neri and Mera. Dr Hellegren, growing impatient, tells Kal that the most important thing in his life is to find out where the synchronium pieces are hidden.

At the hiding place, Neri tells Mera that they must get all the pieces before time runs out. “Before this world ends?”, asks Mera. “Before everything ends”, Neri replies.

Episode 25

(by Sonesay Phouthavong)

Voluntary evacuation of ORCA city begins in a chaotic fashion. Dianne expresses her concern for Jason and Brett’s safety, asking them to return to the mainland, but the two are adamant on staying.

Neri’s concerns for the seas and the planet heightens her urgency to recover all the synchronium pieces. Kal asks to see where the other synchronium pieces are hidden and as Neri agrees, Mera angrily snaps at her saying that he doesn’t need to know.

Lena finds another piece of the synchronium on H.E.L.E.N. and Kal is brought in to assess a landing point. Kal then sneaks off to tell Dr Hellegren about the location of the new piece. Dr Hellegren and Kellar lock horns over the slowness of getting all the synchronium pieces. Back on the island, Mera begins to question Kal’s loyalty and trustworthiness when he is again absent.

Sallyanne confronts Jason about him avoiding her. Jason doesn’t know exactly what to make of this until Lena explains to him that Sallyanne “likes” him. She suggests telling Sallyanne about Neri and Mera.

Dianne decides to let Jason and Brett stay at ORCA during the evacuation.

Dr Hellegren tells Kellar to avoid any confrontation with the ORCA kids in her recovery of the latest synchronium piece. She says that it may not be possible. Dr Hellegren is angered by her petulance.

Neri, Jason, Brett, Cass, Benny, Lena and Mera’s search for the synchronium takes them to the heart of the jungle. Their only means of access, by river in an inflatable. The UBRI team find the capsule housing the synchronium, but no synchronium. Kellar decides to plant an explosive device in the capsule for the unsuspecting ORCA kids and then retreats. When Brett goes to open the capsule the timer counts down and they all run moments before it explodes. After regrouping, Neri looks up towards the trees and sees the synchronium nestled among the branches of a tree. They take it back with them to the island. Mera again expresses her disapproval of Kal’s absence, so Neri gives the piece to Jason and Brett to take to the hiding place while she and Mera search for Kal. Unbeknownst to Jason and Brett, Kal follows them to the hiding place. He quickly goes to Dr Hellegren to tell him about the location. Once having delivered the synchronium, Kal demands his part of the bargain as ruler of the island. Dr Hellegren brushes him off.

Back on the island, Neri and Mera are warned by Charley that UBRI have possession of the synchronium. Neri goes to tell Jason. Jason begins to tell Sallyanne about Neri, but she doesn’t believe him. Neri tells Jason and Brett that the synchronium works in sympathy with its operator saying, “If bad men use, it will make worse what is happening now. Destroy everything, not just this world everything”. A sudden chill of realization at what had just been said washes over Jason and Brett.

Episode 26

(by Sonesay Phouthavong)

Another large quake, this time registering over 9 on the richter scale, prompts an order for compulsory evacuation of all ORCA personnel under the age of 18.

Dr Hellegren begins to piece together the synchronium components at UBRI headquarters. Kal, looking on, is angered that Dr Hellegren has not kept his part of the bargain. After a heated confrontation with the Doctor, Kal is roughly escorted out of the room by two guards. Dr Hellegren lets Kal know he has no need for him anymore. Kal attempts to run away with one piece of the synchronium, but is stopped at the main gates, and taken back to his cell. Kal, locked up in a cell again, now realizes Dr Hellegren’s insincerity.

Brett, Cass, Lena, Neri, Benny and Mera think of a way of preventing UBRI from using the synchronium. They plan to snatch it before it boards the boat to go out to sea. They all agree on the plan, but need a boat themselves.

Jason and Sallyanne are on a boat out at sea when Sallyanne sees a massive humpback whale. Jason tells her that its Charley, but she sarcastically shrugs it off in disbelief at his insistence on the story. At that moment Neri surfaces and Sallyanne realizes it’s the truth.

The gang plan to sneak away to the pier during the evacuation so they won’t be missed and then if all goes to plan take the synchronium to Neri on the island. At the pier, the ORCA kids are spotted by Kellar, and are rounded up and tied. Dr Hellegren forcefully takes Lena aboard against her will, saying that he won’t have her as an enemy.

Kal cunningly escapes from his cell and races to the pier. He helps untie Jason and the others and expresses his shame at what he had done.

On board the boat out at sea, Dr Hellegren is about to activate to synchronium, when the sound of Neri’s voice makes him pause. Neri and Mera plead with Dr Hellegren to stop, warning him of the death and destruction he will cause if the synchronium were to enter the water by his hands. Lena tells him that Neri is telling the truth. But driven by the hunger for power he ignores them. He places his hands on the fully assembled synchronium sphere, which is now glowing red in response to the whale song. The skies ominously darken, the seas churn violently, the earth shudders and lightning crackles in the air. Neri again pleads with Hellegren, this time offering herself for him to study if he doesn’t put the synchronium in the water. Hellegren refuses. Lena pleads with him to stop, saying he will kill Neri and Mera. Hellegren looks to Kellar for affirmation and she says, “So what? We have the boy, Kal”. Lena, not knowing what else to do, jumps overboard into the water. She screams up to Hellegren, “Will you kill me father?”. All the while, Kal is desperately trying to reach them. Dr Hellegren moves to stop the winch from lowering the synchronium, but is pushed aside by Kellar. As the synchronium falls towards the water, Kal surfaces underneath it and stops it just in time. Together with Neri and Mera, the sphere is taken back to the island.

Dr Hellegren tells Kellar to give it up; that the game is over. He throws Lena a life buoy.

At the island the time has come to use the synchronium the way it was meant to be used. Neri and Mera successfully heal the oceans reversing the destruction caused.

Mera says goodbye to Dianne and Winston back at ORCA City after Jason and Brett explain about the synchronium. On board the spaceship, Kal says his goodbyes and is put in deep sleep for the journey home. Mera also bids Neri a teary farewell. Neri, Jason and Brett watch as the spaceship lifts off and leaves the earth in a flash of light, satisfied that all is right with the world once again.