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Author: Roxanne, Ashley

A Path Un-too Clear

Chapter 1

It’s two years after Shalamorn came back. Neri, Jason, Shersheba and Lana are 19. Brett, Cass, Alona, Benny, Froggie and Zoe. Froggie and Zoe are from the first two seasons and Benny and Lana are from the third season. Neri and Jason have been going together for two years and Brett and Cass have been together for a year and a half. The story takes place right before Neri gets word that she must go to the Ocean Planet and be crowned queen.

And so the tale begins…

When Brett walks on to the bridge he sees Jason looking over a couple of charts on a table.

“Hey Jase, have you seen Cass?”

“Brett in case you haven’t noticed, I’m working here. My job is not to keep track of your girlfriend.”

“Sorry I just wanted to know if you knew where she was.”

I know where she is Brett

“Where is she H.E.L.E.N ?”

Brett, what is “girlfriend”?

“Never mind H.E.L.E.N .” said Jason, probably avoiding a huge explanation. “Just tell us where she is.”

Cass is in the recreation room with Neri, Mera, Benny, Alona, Shersheba, Lana, Froggie and Zoe.

“Hey Jase check her circuits. Froggie and Zoe haven’t been on Orca in ages.Check again.”

“Brett’s right H.E.L.E.N. Froggie and Zoe aren’t here. Check again.”

Affirimative. They are in the rec room

“Visual H.E.L.E.N.”

Yes Jason

Suddenly a screen pops up showing video from the rec room.

“Hey!” exclaimed Brett. “It’s Froggie and Zoe!”

Told you so

“Sorry H.E.L.E.N. You were right. Hey Jase I’m going down there, you coming?”

“I’ll be down in a minute, I just have to finish up some things here.”

“Okay then.” said Brett, tearing out of the room.

Chapter 2

Brett burst through the doors of the rec room.

“Froggie, Zoe!” Brett crowed when he saw them.

“Brett!” said Zoe, running and throughing her arms around his neck. At this Cass had a none to approving look on her face.

“Hey Zoe. Froggie man.” He said giving Froggie a slap on the back. “How come you didn’t tell us you were coming?”

“We wanted to surprise you.”

“Anyways,” said Zoe butting in. “How did you find out we were here?”

“I was looking for Cass on the bridge and Jason was there. I asked him if he had seen Cass but H.E.L.E.N interupted and said that she was in here with Froggie, Zoe and everybody.”

“Is Jason coming, Brett?” asked Neri.

“Yea he’ll be here in a bit he had to finish up some work.”

Brett, Zoe and Froggie sat down.

“How have you guys been?”

“We’ve been okay. Froggie is installing a new H.E.L.E.N 6000 at the ORCA station near Florida.”

“Surprise, surprise. Froggie doing something with a computer.” said Jason. Suddenly appearing beside them.

“Jason!” said Zoe jumping up and hugging him.

“Hey zoe. Hey Froggie.” said Jason moving over to sit next to Neri, giving her a quick kiss before sitting down next to her.

“Hey Jase, how does it fell to be a living legend?” said Froggie smirking.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I went to work at the Florida based ORCA and I was talking to some of the kids there. I was saying how I came from the ORCA near the great barrier reef. I was talking about how H.E.L.E.N blew up when we were hiding Neri and Mera. All of them started staring at me. I was like, what? And they were all, you knew Neri, crowned Princess of the Ocean Planet and I was like yea, so? And they were like who else do you know there? So I said Neri, Mera, Brett, and Jason. And their eyes just about bugged out of their heads. They were all, you know Jason Bates? I was like yea so? I swear Jason you and Neri, and everybody here are like legends.”

“God knows why.” cracked Zoe.

“Anyways,” said Jason changing the subject, “what have you been doing Zoe? ”

“I just got my boat captians license and I almost have enough saved up to buy my own boat. Then I’m quitting ORCA.”

“For a while anyways.”

They spent the next hour catching up but nobody seemed to notice how quite Neri was.

Will Jason Bates please report to the bridge.

“That’s me.” said Jason standing up. Neri stood up and followed him into the hallway.

“Hey what’s up Neri, you didn’t say a word in there.”

“I have got word from my mother.”

“That’s great. You haven’t talked to here in a while.”

“Mother is sick. She will be okay, but can no longer watch over the Ocean Planet.”

“Neri what are you talking about?”

Neri stooped and turned to face Jason.

“It is time. I must go.”

Chapter 3

“You have to go, now.” Jason blurted out, not thinking of Neri feelings.

“I must. As Princess it is my duty.” Neri said, tears forming in her eyes.

“What about Mera. Can’t she go for you Neri.”

“Mera is too young. It must be me Jason.” Neri said the tears now rolling down her cheaks.

“I don’t want to lose you. You mean to much to me.” Jason said wipping the tears away with the gental swipe of his thumb.

“As you mean the ocean to me. But I must. It is my mother’s wishes.” Neri cried, then wrapping her arms around Jason’s waist and hugging him. Jason then incircled his arms around Neri not wanting to ever let her go.

Releasing her Jason asked.“When do you have to leave?”

“Tonight. The ship already awaits for me on the island.” Neri responded wipping the remainder of her tears away. But knew there would be more.

“Tonight. I would of thought we would have more time together. But tonight.” Jason said turning away from Neri.

“But Jason I was not going to tell you this. But, I am allowed to bring one person along with me.” Neri said putting her hand on his shoulder.

“Why weren’t you giong to tell me?”

“I was not sure if I should risk you coming to my world. Many of my people still follow Malikats ways. They may try to…” Neri said trailing off on the end.

“I know. I know. But thats a risk I’m willing to take, if it means we can be together.” Jason said taking Neri’s hand and holding it.

“I’m glad you say this. I was not sure if you would want to come.” Neri said tears again lineing her cheaks.

“Of course I want to come. Nothing can keep us apart. Not even the stars.” Jason said placing a gental kiss on her forehead.

Jason and Neri went back into the reckroom. Everyone was still there, including two others. Dianne and Winston.

“Jason I thought you were called to the Bridge.” said Dianne when she saw Jason and Neri come into the room.

“I was mom. But Neri kinda changed my plans.” Jason said confusing everyone.

“Can you elaberate on that statement a little more?” Winston said taking a seat next to Lana.

“Well Neri would you like to explain since this is your news.” Jason said not exacully sure how to explain to everyone that he was leaving Earth to go to the Ocean Planet to help Neri.

“Two nights ago I recieved word about mother. She has fallin ill. I must leave my home, here to fullfill my birthright. Until mother is well I will rule as Princess, I have been allowed to bring one person. I invited Jason, he has concented to go. But first I would like your permission mother before we leave tonight.” Neri said revealing her task.

“Tonight. Thats kind of soon Neri. But if you must leave us I can’t stop you and it’s what you have to do. But Jason you want to go as well. Isn’t that kind of dangerous. I know that Malikat is gone but he still has followers that despie the human race.” Dianne said expressing her concern and sadness.

“I know this mom. But I want to be with Neri. I’m willing to take my chances. Please say I can go. This is what I want to do.” said Jason walking towards his mother.

“I can’t stop you from doing what you want to do and if Neri was going I should of assumed you would want to go even if you weren’t invited.” Dianne said putting her hands on her hips then giving him a hug.

“I knew you would say yes. Thanks.” Jason whisphered in her ear while they hugged.