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Neri, Ocean Girl, has grown up in this small island spending most of time with her deceased father. In the second season she finds out that she came from another planet called Planet of Ocean with other people who have died when their space craft crashed into the island. She also finds out that she has a sister, Mera, and she might have survived from the crash as her father threw her out of the space craft in a capsule just before the crash. The Ocean Girl sisters finally meet in result of the search with ORCA kids’ help.

One day young Neri fell into a sea but she was rescued by a whale called Charley. Since then Neri and Charley have become able to communicate each other. It turned out to be one of her great gifts from her mother, a leader of Planet of Ocean. When her father died he told Neri about his mission which was to protect the ocean from destruction by people in Opal planet (Earth) and he wants her to accomplish it.

Neri is not a complicated person and she is always honest to everyone including herself. She cherishes familiy but she gives her gentleness not only to family but to anyone. She also has a strong will to accomplish her father’s mission. She certainly got something missing in many of us these days which therefore makes her very special and attracts us. (well at least me…)

Neri is played by Polish born, 18 year old Marzena Godecki. If you want to know about Marzena herself check out her biography.