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Author:Kristin Matherne

Season 1

Episode 1

Jason Bates, Brett Bates and Dianne Bates arrives on ORCA and Meets Dr. Seth Winston. Dr. Seth Winston shows them around. Jason Bates hates it there but Brett Bates loves it. They meet commander Lucas. Brett Bates meets his new friends Zoe and Froggy. Jason Bates meets Damien and Lee. Dr. Seth Winston teaches Jason Bates how to hit the whale with the transmitter. Dianne Bates wants to understand what the whale says. Jason Bates, Brett Bates, Dianne Bates and Dr. Seth Winston are on the boat, so they can put the tag on the whale. Since Jason Bates is the one that will the shooting it on the whale, he goes up front of the boat. The girl on the island hears the whale and goes to him. Back on the boat, Dianne Bates tells Jason Bates to shoot. He is about to when a girl pops out of the ocean, telling him not too. Jason Bates just stands there in shock while Dianne Bates yells at him to shoot. He still won’t, so Dianne Bates comes and takes it from him and shoots it at the whale. Dianne Bates then askes Jason Bates why he didn’t shoot. He tells her because the girl was in the way but nobody believes him. Back on ORCA, The transmitter works. Dianne Bates askes Jason Bates again why he didn’t shoot and again he tells her about the girl was in the way but she still don’t believe him. Jason Bates tells Brett Bates that he is going to find the girl even if he has to stay here forever.

Episode 2

Jason still tells Brett that he saw a girl in the ocean. Everyone on ORCA finds out that Jason seen a girl from Brett and they give him a hard time. They meet a new student Vannessa and is mean to everyone and nobody likes her. Brett , Froggy and Zoe plays a trick on her and she don’t like it. Vannessa finds Brett in a boat on the pontoon. She pushes the boat out to sea and Brett don’t know how to use it to get it back. While looking at the screen, Dianne and Winston sees another creature with the whale and wonders what it could be. The girl sees the transmitter on the whale but can’t remove it. The commander learns that Brett and the boat has gone missing. Brett is still in the boat and a storm comes. The storm drifts the boat to an island. So, Brett gets off and goes to look around the island for anyone but can’t find noone. He spotts some berries and eats them, then collapses. The girl comes back to her island and sees a boat. She spotts the boy and sees that he has eaten bad barries. She makes a mixture for him to drink so he will be okay. He drinks it and askes what is her name. She says Neri and then leaves him to rest. Everyone on ORCA is worried sick about Brett and wonders where he is. Back on the island, Neri sees a search boat coming so she goes get Brett. She tells him that she will bring him to his people for them not to come to island. She puts him on the boat and tells him that he can not tell anyone about her. She pushes the boat to sea and the search boat finds him and Winston puts Brett on the search boat. Brett says the name Neri but tells them nothing. Back on ORCA, Brett tells Jason that he has met the girl and her name is Neri. Jason tells him not to tell anyone until we can find her and show her to everyone.

Episode 3

Jason has been issued a boat license. Jason has go out on the boat to get rid of a net in the ocean. Neri sees that a fish is stuck in a net and runs to help him. Back on ORCA, Jason goes to get Brett to go with him in the boat. Jason tells him that since he got the license, they can get away and talk privately. They can even go search for the island. When they get to the net, Jason sees bubbles and goes down to see what it is. It is Neri that is caught in the net. Jason cuts her free and goes back to the boat and tells Brett. Neri appears and remembers Brett. They asks her if they can go and see the island. She tells them that she has to ask Charley first and she will meet them here tomorrow. Back on ORCA, Jason says that she won’t turn up, but Brett says she will. Jason wonders who Charley is. He thinks it is her boyfriend. Dianne hears them talking and askes them who this Charley is, but they don’t tell her anything. Jason and Brett goes to the spot where Neri says to. Neri show up and tells them that Charley says yes, She tells them to follow her. They are on the island and Neri leads them to where she lives. She tells them to swim. Brett gets out of the water and follows a tree frog. He ends up in quick sand and can’t get out. Jason and Neri are swimming and Jason wants to know how she can swim like that. Then, Neri sences something is wrong and says Brett. She says bad lands, her and Jasongoes to look for him and finds him. They pull him out and goes back to the lake to clean off. Jason askes about Charley and Neri show him the them. They can’t believe that he is a humback whale. Jason and Brett tells her that she don’t have to be alone anymore and that they will take her back to ORCA with more people. She tells them no, and makes them promise not to tell anyone. Jason makes Brett promise not to tell anyone.

Episode 4

Vannessa makes a fool of Damien which makes him mad so he runs off. Lee follows him to see if he is alright. Dianne wonders what that thing is that swims near Charley. Jason and Vannessa are diving together. Jason dives in first while Vannessa gets ready. Neri comes up and tells Jason that he has to go because a earthquake is coming. Lee find Damien in this little room playing his guitar. Jason tells the commander that a earthquake is coming but the commander don’t believe him. The commander doesn’t like Jason that much. a quake hit ORCA and trapps Damien and Lee in the room with rising water. Jason goes to see the commander and he askes Jason how he knew they’re going to have an quake. Helen shows the commander a picture of Damien and Lee trapped. A rescue team tries to get to them. Jason goes to get Froggy to hack into Helen to make Helen open the doors. Froggy does it and open the outer door, one more door to go. Helen won’t let Froggy open the last door. Damien uses his guitar to do the high freguences and the door opens. They get out Okay and Lee tells her dad that it was Damien who got them alive. Jason and Brett goes to the island to see if Neri is okay. They ask Neri how she knew about the quake and she says Charley told her. Jason and Brett goes back to ORCA wonders how can Neri and Charley communicate.

Episode 5

Dianne and the commander have an arguement. So, Winston askes th commander if they all can call a truce. The commander says that he will be nice to Dianne. Brett, Zoe and Froggy are talking about Brett’s mom getting remarried and he gets worried. Jason is on the island with Neri. He tells her about his mom which she wanted to know. He askes her about her father but she won’t tell him so he tells her about his father and starts crying. The commander tells Dianne that he is sorry and that maybe they can discuss it over tea and she says yes. Brett and Froggy are listening to them and Brett don’t like what he is hearing. Brett tells Jason that commander Lucas likes mom, but Jason says it can’t be because they hate each other. Brett tells him that it is true and he got sick when he heard it. Commander has pick Brett to go up on the bridge and he will explain how everything works and Brett don’t like that idea. Brett tells Zoe and Froggy that he is going to fix it so they never get marry. Bret tells Lucas all kinds of stuff about Dianne that he don’t like. Jason and Neri are swimming in the ocean when Charley tells her that a shark is coming. She pulls Jason out of the water and Jason wants to know how she knew about the shark. She tells him Charley and tell her that if she trusted him, he would like to know the story. She tells him that she will tell him everything she remembers. Jason and Neri sits by a campfire and she begins telling him what she remembers. She tells him about her father and how she can communicate with Charley. Jason wonders who Neri is where is she from. Dianne and the commander gets in another arguement. Dianne says she never wants to deal with him again, which makes Brett happy. Jason tells Brett everything that Neri told him. Jason tells Brett to keep his mouth shut because if anyone finds out about her now, she will be finished.

Episode 6

Jason is in trouble for using the boat so much, so he can’t use the boat for a week. Two men arrives on ORCA because they wants to find the perfect island to build a tourist resort on. They pick Neri’s island and Jason sees this so he offer to go with them. Jason tells Brett about it and Brett tells him that Neri’s is going to freak because she said no people. Jason just hopes that she will keep it cool because he can’t go warn her because he can’t use the boat. The two men and Jason arrives on the island and Neri see them. Jason gets away to talk to Neri. Jason says that he came with them to help her. Jason tells Neri why these people want to buy this island and Neri don’t like this. Jason can up with an idea to scare them off. Neri does all she can to scare these people off and it works. Neri tells Jason that maybe it is time for her to see his world. Jason tells her no that she should just stay here. Jason tells everyone back on ORCA that he must have sleeped walked. Jason tells Brett that Neri might have the island to her safe but they don’t know for how long.

Episode 7

Dianne and Winston picks up Neri on the screen again and Brett gets worried. Neri goes to Charley and he is sick because there is something in the ocean. Jason and Lee are working on something when it goes wrong. Jason then sees Neri outside and gets rid of Lee. Jason goes on the Pontoon to meet up with Neri. Neri tells him that Charley is sick and he must come. Jason finds out that Zenco put it down there. Jason goes back to ORCA and tells them that something is out there but they don’t believe him. Dianne grounds him. Jason gets Froggy and Lee to look on Helen to find what is down there. They find out that it is poison and gets an antidote. They go to the store room to get the stuff and Jason takes on so he can go help Neri while the others help the ocean. Jason is surprise that the stuff didn’t kill Neri. Neri goes to ORCA because Charley wanted her to thank them. She also tells Jason and Brett that she wants to see inside and Jason say Okay when he can work it out. Neri gets happy and goes to see. Commander Lucas tells Lee that the Zenco barrels was an accident but he is not mad.

Episode 8

Jason and Brett are with Neri on the island when Neri tells then that she wants to go ORCA tomorrow. Brett tells Jason that he will get Neri an ID card and for him to get her a uniform. So, Brett gets Froggy to make the card without him knowing why and Jason stills a uniform from Vannessa. Brett also makes a list of what they will show Neri while they and that she will get show bored and leave. Jason and Brett meets her on the Pontoon and she changes into her uniform and they show her around. Vannessa finds out that her new uniform is gone. Neri tells them that she wants to see where they live, so they so her everything in the cabin. Neri then wants to go where they eat, so they eventually brings her. That is when Damien meets her and starts to like her. Vannessa also sees her and wonders where she got the new uniform from, so she follows them out and askes them where she got the uniform. While Jason and Brett are explaining that she is a cleaning lady to Vannessa. Neri ends up in the elevator by herself. She gets off and runs into Damien. She tells hin that she needs water, so he show her the water fountain. He gives her a cup but she gets under the water instead. Winston and Dianne wants to know why the whale keeps going around ORCA like that. Jason and Brett are looking for Neri everywhere. Neri ends up in the science lab with Dianne. Neri then goes in the rec room where Vannessa follows her in. But, Jason and Brett gets her out to the pontoon. Neri tells them to hide the uniform for when she comes back.

Episode 9

Dianne and WInston sees the creature again with the whale. Jason tells Brett that Neri can’t keep showing up like that. Brett and Jason are at the elevator with the other kids when Neri comes in. Jason and Brett drag her away telling her that she can’t stay because they are going on shore today. But, they can’t turn back because the boat is here for them. So, they have to take her with them which makes Damien happy. Vannessa starts asking questions. Dianne and WInston notices that the little creature is not near the whale and they wonder where it went. They arrive on shore and Jason tells Brett that they will have to keep an eye on her. Damien askes Neri to the movies and she tells them that she don’t know what movies are and Damein and Lee can’t believe that. So, Neri and Damien goes to the movies and as does Jason, Brett and Lee. In the movies, Neri sees people kissing and screaming and gets scared and runs out followed by Jason and Brett. When they get out, they can’t find her nowhere. Neri sees a boy in trouble and goes to help him. He tells her that the bullies have stole his bracelet. Neri and the boy goes up to the bullies. Jason and Brett sees this. The boy pushes Neri overboard but she still gets the boy’s bracelet back. Jason and Brett help Neri out of the water and they get back on the boat to take them back to ORCA. Back on ORCA, Jason tells Neri that they will meet her on the island tomorrow. Neri then goes to the rec room with Damien. Dianne and Winston relizes that the little creature is talking to the whale. She askes Brett about kissing and he says it is gross and it is only for grown-ups. She goes up to Damien and kisses him and then leaves to go back to the island. Dianne tells Jason and Brett that they are getting new stuff so they will be able to hear the other creature the whale is talking too, this makes Jason upset. Jason tells Brett that they have to think of something so their mom don’t find out.

Episode 10

Dianne and Winston with the help of Froggy puts in the new stuff and gets Neri and Charley on the screen. They know that the two creatures are having a conversation together, Jason and Brett looks at them worried. Dianne wants to get up close to the whale so she can see what the other creature looks like. Dianne tells Brett and Jason that Jan Slater of head of the Bureau is coming to ORCA and Dianne will be able to show her everthing and Jason hates it. Dianne show Jan everything that they have been doing and Jason is there to. The screen goes off and Winston tells them that the transmitter isn’t responding anymore. Jan tells her if they don’t get it fix, they will have to shut her down. Dianne tells Jason and Winston that she is going to use the whale songs to attract him so she can get near him to fix the tag. Dianne, Jason, Winston and Brett are in the boat. Dianne and Jason dives overboard waiting for the whale. Winston and Brett sees that the whale is on his way. Dianne goes down while Jason comes up. Dianne drops the transmitter and runs at of air. Neri sences this and swims right towards them. Winston, Jason and Brett sees the other creature swimming right towards them on the screen. Neri pulls Dianne back to the boat where she and Winston gets a good look at her. Back at ORCA, Dianne is okay and she askes them what she saw. Jason tells her not to say anything and they leaves. Back on the island. Jason and Brett tells Neri about the transmitter. Neri tells them that she will fix it or they have to leave ORCA. Jason tells her no because everybody else will find out about her. Dianne tells Jason and Brett that first thing in the morning she wants them to bring Neri to ORCA. Dianne is almost out of a job because the tag is not fixed. Jan is about to leave ORCA when the tag is responding again, so the Bates family can stay on ORCA. Jason and Brett knows that it is Neri that fixed the tag.

Episode 11

Neri goes to ORCA where she meets Dianne on the pontoon. Dianne thanks her for the tag. Neri calls Dianne mother. Dianne askes her about Chaley. Dianne shows her the science lab. She tells her what she wants to learn about human and whales. Jason and Brett comes in and tells their mom that she was suppose to meet them up there. Dianne tells them that Neri has agreed to be studied. Jason tells Dianne to take it easy with Neri. Neri goes on the boat with Jason, Dianne and WInston. While Brett stays on ORCA, he hears someone messing in the science lab. Dianne and Winston finds out that Neri’s hearing is not normal than humans and she can hear 5x’s better. Jason tries to tell his mom to give Neri some slack. Brett comes in and tells Dianne that someone was messing in here but she tells him that nobody can get in. Then, Helen come on and tells all day pass holders has to leave ORCA. But, Dianne tells them that they have to find a way for Neri to stay the night. Jason says he has a way but they are going to have to lie. The commander lets her stay on board. Brett hears someone in the lab again. Brett tells Zoe and Froggy that he hears someone in there and Froggy tells them that they might be a way to find the person. Neri is doing more test and Jason hates it. Jason askes Neri what she likes about ORCA. She tells them family. Dianne, Jason and Neri are in the cabin eating and looking at the Bates family album. Froggy comes up of a way to find the person that has been in the lab, but they miss him. Jason and Brett talks to Neri about their mother and tries to make her understand. Brett, Zoe and Froggy tries to catch the person again but misses him a second time. They find some of the discs is missing of the whale sounds.

Episode 12

Jason teaches Neri what a dance is and how to dance. Everyone finds out that it was Billy that was in the lab and he left ORCA right after Brett chased him. It turns out that Billy works for UBRI which they are trying to catch the whale. Jason tells Neri that they should go to the island tomorrow to get away from Vannessa and to have a little fun. Then Dianne comes up to them and askes Neri if she can do more test for them tomorrow. Brett tells her no because they are going to the island but Neri tells her that she will do it, Jason gets mad. He tells Brett that she is changing, so Jason tells Brett that they will go to the island to see how things are and see how Charley is. UBRI puts up a trapp to catch Charley. Dianne and Winston are doing more test on Neri when the commander walks in, he wants Dianne and Winston to chaperone the dance. They tell him okay and he leaves. Wiston askes Neri is she will be attending the dance and she says she would like to but…Dianne tells her if she would do more test, that she will help her get ready for the dance. Neri tells her okay. Jason and Brett wishes that things were like they used to be with Neri. UBRI is looking for Charley. UBRI is using the sound waves to get the whale to come near them. Charley is heading right towards them. Dianne finds the perfect dress for Neri to wear to the dance. Neri hears Charley but ignores it. The commander goes to the lab and askes Helen to open all of Dianne’s files from day one. At the dance, Damien askes Jason if Neri is coming and Jason tells him that she will be here. Jason then askes Lee to dance. The commander sees the scan with the whale and the human. Helen then tells him the she is on board and shows him her picture. Back at the dance, Dianne walks in with Neri and Jason sees. Jason walks over to Neri and Can’t believe how she looks like a real girl. Jason then askes her to dance and she says yes. UBRI catches Charley in the net. While Neri is dancing with Jason, she hears Charley. Jason askes her what’s wrong and she tells him that she must go to charlie. Jason runs after her but it is too late, she is gone. On the island, Neri calls for Charley but no answer. Back on ORCA, Jason comes in and tells them that she is gone and she left the shoes. Jason tells his mother that they are going to the island tomorrow and she can’t go because everything was fine until she started all of the test. Jason and Brett are on the island, Neri tells them that she can’t hear him anymore. The commander tells Dianne that he knows about her and she has to tell him everything.

Episode 13

Dianne tells the boys that commander Lucas knows all about Neri. Dianne and the boys finds out where Charley is and Neri heads in the direction. Neri finds Charley but she can’t get him free because of the net, it is electric. The commander tells Dianne that she has 24 hours and he has to report the girl. Neri tells Jason and Brett about the net. Jason tells her that he has to think about this because they can’t get Charley with just them. On the way to ORCA, Jason tells Brett that they will get a team. At ORCA, Jason finds all the kids that he can to help them. The team is: Zoe, Froggy, Damien, Lee, Jodie, Jason and Brett. Jason tells them all about Neri and they can’t believe it. Vannessa comes out because she hears everything, they tell her not to tell but she don’t promise anything. When Vannessa leaves, they all promise to help. The gang gets to the elevator and Jason tells them that someone has took the starter code to the boat. When the elevator opens, Vannessa appears. She has the code and she tells them that if she don’t go that nobody goes. They all agreed to let her come. Out on the boat, everyone waits for Neri. She arrives and Jason tells her everyone is friends and that she goes and they will follow. Nobody can believe what they are seeing. They are now at UBRI headquarters. Brett and Vannessa are on one end of the net while Damien and Jodie are on the other. Jason, Lee, Froggy and Zoe goes inside UBRI headquarters. Froggy opens all of the locks. Zoe gets Hellegren and his partner to follow him which Lee and Jason locks them in something. Jason, Lee, Froggy and Zoe goes to where all the controls are. Froggy tells Billy that they are here to set the whale free and they don’t want any trouble. Billy shows Froggy the one to control the power to the net. When Froggy lifts the handle, Jason tells, them to cut the net. Charley gets out and swims with Neri. The commander gets mad at Lee for what she did. But she says she would do it again if she had too. She then convinces him not to turn Neri in and he tells Dianne. Winston, Dianne, Jason and Brett finds out that Neri is not human but they don’t care because she is still human. On the Island, Neri tells them that she has to go on Migration with Charley. Dianne don’t want to see her go but she knows that she has to go. Neri tells Winston and Dianne goodbye. She them tells Brett goodbye and she cries for the first time. She them turns to Jason and they kiss for the first time. She then goes out to Charley and tells them to watch for her. Brett askes if she will ever come back. Dianne says she will because what the truth is about her lays on this island somewhere, and when she wants to know the truth she will come back.