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Author:Kristin Matherne

Season two

Episode 1

Jason and Brett can’t wait to they see Neri again. Dianne tells them let’s hope we are still here for when she comes back. UBRI is still looking for Charlie again. Jason and Brett are worried that they might get kicked off of ORCA. They meet the new kids on ORCA, Rocky, Joanne and Kimberly. Vannessa, Zoe and Froggy are still on ORCA as well. Jason and Brett goes to Neri’s island to make sure everything is okay for when she does come home. While on the island, Brett finds this neckless in a flower that hardly ever opens. While in a helicopter, Hellegren gets engine trouble and goes down in the ocean and he opens a raft boat. While back on the island, Charlie tells Neri that someone is in trouble and she goes to see. She gets on the raft boat to give him some water. When he wakes up, he sees her and ties her hands up so she can’t get free. Winston, Dianne, Jason and Brett meets the new Commander, Commander Bryne, and her son, Mick. Mick, of course, has an attitude problem. Jason and Brett gets to stay on ORCA. The commander of ORCA send boats and captains to look for the helicopter. Hellegren questions Neri on how did she get there. Mick is already getting on everone’s nerves. Captain Phillips arrives on ORCA. Charlie hits the raft and Neri jumps overboard. Just then, Phillips sees Hellegren and rescues him. At ORCA, Phillips is talking to the commander that Hellegren said he saw a girl out there. Jason and Brett were listening and knows that it is Neri. They get Froggy to get waverunners for them. Hellegren goes back to UBRI and tells them that he saw a girl out there, but they don’t believe him. Jason and Brett welcomes home Neri. She tells them that the truth of her must be on the island somewhere and she wants to find that truth. Jason and Brett said they will help her.

Episode 2

Jason and Brett tells Vannessa and Froggy that Neri is coming on ORCA. Vannessal and Brett meet Neri up on the Pontoon. Dianne shows Neri what she has been doing. Hellgren sees something swimming with the Whale on a screen that he has been monitoring. Jason, Brett and Neri are on the island trying to search for clues. Brett shows Neri what he found in the flower. She says that it belongs to her father. Jason and Brett are back at ORCA, Jason sees the map and tells Brett that Neri’s island is the same shape as the neckless. They find out that Neri’s people was not shipped reck because they must have came from the sky. They also find out that Neri’s father have left her clues to follow. Jason and Vannessa goes to the island to find the next clue. Hellegren is bring a computer expert to UBRI to see what that creature is that swims with the whale. The next clue is look for an arrow where no whale sings. Neri tells them that it is bad lands. They get Helen to try and read what they find. Helen said she can read anything on earth except this. Jason says maybe whoever wrote it didn’t come from earth. Jason, Brett, Zoe and Neri are searching bad lands for the arrow but Zoe finds it and it points to the beach. They get down there and Neri tells them to dig because she sences it is all around. They start to dig, they get to a metal piece. Neri leaves them and goes into the ocean. She comes back and tellsl them that she goes all way out in the ocean. Jason tells Neri it is a space craft.

Episode 3

The gang is still on the island digging. Neri is in the water when she finds something. She goes back to island and tells Jason that she might have find a way in. Jason follows her. Jason and Neri goes in the space craft. The ship starts to fall apart. Then, Neri sees something, It is a device. Jason grabs it and they get out of there. They run it passed Helen. Mick is still not getting along with anyone. Froggy tells Jason and Brett that the object muyst fit in some sort of socket. They are in the craft, they find where it fits but it don’t work. The craft is about to fall and they get out. Back on the island, Brett askes them why it didn’t work. Jason tells him that he don’t know. The object in the craft starts to work. The commander has assigned Dianne a boat to get a closer look at Charley. Commander tells Dianne about Orca City. Neri goes to ORCA to see if they have found anything. Froggy gives Neri the object and she touches it. A picture of her father comes up and tells her that she has a sister named Mera that was also on the craft. Hellegren still is trying to find out what the creature is that is still swimming with the whale.

Episode 4

Jason, Brett, Froggy, Zoe and Vannessa are trying to think of a way to find Neri’s sister. Jason brings Neri the object and tells her that they will do everything they can to find Mera. Froggy looks on Helen for any information on Mera. The computer expert shows Hellegren a diagram of the whale and the creature. The computer expert shows Hellegren that the ceature is human. Hellegren then relizes that it is the girl he saw. Joanne and Winston are on the boat when Joanne falls over board. Neri comes and puts her on the boat and then leaves. Joanne wakes up and thinks it was Winston that saved her. Dianne is not getting along with Sam from the start. The gang finds a newpaper article on Mera. A fisherman find her in the ocean. Hellegren relizes that Neri can communicate with the whale. Jason, Brett and Vannessa goes to talk with the fisherman. They find out that she was taken to a white foster family. They go back to the island to tell Neri that they have information about Mera and they can start looking right away.

Episode 5

At sea in a small boat captured by Sam, Dianne and Winston find that Neri’s unique underwater abilities are a great help in their survey of the ocean floor. As the gang continues to search for Mera, their trail leads to a strange institute, which specializes in studing children with unusual intelligence capacities. By breathing the institute’s sophisticated security system, they reach their objective and come face-to-face with Mera. Ther girl, however, is withdrawn and dubious of the fantatic story they tell her. Only when Jason promises to bring her proof of her older sister’s existence does she agree to remain open-minded. The gang flees, however, when Hellegren makes a sudden, unexpected appearance. UBRI is a sponsor of the institute, an Hellegren, who is particular interested in Mera’s talent telepathic ability, selects her to be taken to UBRI for further study.

Episode 6

Mick askes Vannessa to the dance, at first she says no, but he eventually talks her into it. It turns out that Mick made a bet with some guys as to who will show up at the dance with the worst date. Vannessa tells Jason that she can’t go with them to get Mera because she has a date to the dance but she won’t tell them who. So, Jason, Brett, Joe and Froggy is the team that is going to go get Mera. Hellegren wants Mera to go spend time at UBRI to help him the research and he will help her with her powers. Kimberly and Joanne helps Vannessa get ready for the dance but she still won’t tell them who she is going with. Neri is helping Dianne with her research with Charlie. Jason and the gang gets to Mera. She tells them that UBRI wants her to go with them. They tell her know and why. Jason shows her Neri’s neckless and she puts her’s and Neri’s together. She then decides to go with them. Dianne, Winston, Sam and Neri are on the boat doing the research but Sam don’t know about Neri. Jason and them tries to get out and they are almost caught, But the get away. At the dance, Joanne and Kimberly finally see who Vannessa is with at the dance and can’t believe it. Vannessa also hears why Mick invited her to the dance and poors punch all over him. Neri is there and follows Vannessa. Neri tells Vannessa that she will always be her friend. The gang are back on ORCA with Mera and Neri meets her. Mera and Neri are back on the island. Neri shows her everything and she has a hard time keeping up. Neri also tells her about their father. Hellegren says he will find out why she left and who took her.

Episode 7

Sam calls Dianne and tells her when to meet him on the boat. Dianne tells Sam that Jason is coming too. Sam gets an attitude with Dianne about Jason and Jason gets on bad. Jason doesn’t like Sam that much. It is Vannessa’s birthday and she doesn’t want to make a big deal about it. Mera isn’t doing to good on the island. Neri shows her Chaley and Mera gets scared and goes back to the beach. Jason and Brett shows up to get Neri to help with the research. Neri tells them that Mera is not happy. Brett tells them that he will talk to her and Jason will pich him up when they are finished. Dianne, Jason, Sam and Winston are on the boat. They are trying to keep Sam from finding out about Neri. Back on the island, Mera tells Brett that she hate it on the island. Hellegren is trying to figure out why Mera went with the youngters. Joanne, Froggy, Kimberly, Zoe and Froggy are throwing Vannessa a surprise party when Mick. Everyone is surprise to see him but just then Vannessa comes in. She opens a present from Mick. It is a frog and everyone jumps back. They hit the barrels behind them and they are poison. They try to get out but the doors close and the room starts on fire. Everyone on the bridge sees this. Everyone is telling Mick to get the fire extinguisher but he can’t read to know which button to use. Vannessa then takes it from him and puts out the fire. They find the poison. Jason and Brett goes in the air duct to where they are and gets them out. Back on the bridge, they tell the commander that Mick wouldn’t use th fire extinguisher. Commander Bryne tells them that Mick can’t read and he gets upset. Dianne goes out with Sam and Jason doesn’t like the idea. Neri makes a dress for Mera just like hers. Neri tells her that she will be able to do the same stuff like her. Hellegren finds out that it was the ORCA kids that took Mera.

Episode 8

Hellegren sends Forsyth and Liselle to ORCA as spies. Neri teaches Mera what to look for on the island. Neri takes Mera to ORCA to get her some food and to talk to Dianne. Neri asks Dianne to talk to Mera for her. Jason, Brett, Dianne, Winston and Vannessa goes on the boat again. Forsyth and Liselle arrives on ORCA. On the boat, Jason tells Neri that he don’t like Sam. Then, Neri gets a visal of Mera in trouble on the Island. Neri goes to the Island and finds Mera hanging for a cliff, she climbs down and helps her up. Neri teaches Mera how to be friend to island. Neri also teaches her how to swim like her and to swim with Charley. Jason tells Sam that her don’t like him hanging around his mom and that he should just but out. Sam and Froggy finds Titanium on Dianne’s disc. Froggy wants to tell her but Sam says if he did he will die.

Episode 9

Jason, Dianne, Brett, Winston and Sam are on the boat again. Jason is still having a hard time with Sam. Hellegren has his people search all the island for the girl. While Neri is with Dianne, Mera is on the island alone. UBRI goes to the island to search and Mera tries to hide from them. When they are gone, Mera swims to get Neri in a rush and Jason and them hope everthing is okay. Mick goes down there while everyone is looking at Neri and Mera on the screen. He sees a girl on there and everyone pretends that he is crazy. Sam tries to get on Dianne’s good side. Mera tells Neri about the people on the island. Jason helps Sam on the boat. Sam tries to get Jason to like him but it don’t work. Froggy tells Dianne about Sam and the Titanium. Neri gets mad at Dianne because she thinks people are going to dig up the sea and Dianne gets mad at Sam. Liselle hears Mick talking about the girl he saw and saw he follows him and wants to be his friend. He tells her about the girls he saw. Dianne confronts Sam adn he explains. Dianne tells Sam that they are not going to tell anybody. Sam agrees not to tell anyone. Forsyth tells Hellegren what Liselle find out on ORCA. Hellgren tells Forsyth that they are going to follow the boat that the Bates family goes on everyday. Mera is starting to like it on the island.

Episode 10

Neri tells Mera about the Titanium. Hellegren gives Forsyth a transmitter to put on the Bates boat, for UBRI to follow them. Vannessa hears Mock tell Liselle about the girls. All of the other kids that don’t know about Neri goes on the boat with Dianne. Forsyth puts the transmitter on the boat. Neri teaches Neri how to talk to Charlie. Mera asks Neri is she can go with her to do the research and Neri says okay. Neri and Mera are below the deck. Jason, Brett, Winston, Vannessa and Dianne are watching the monitor of them. They see Neri and Mera being attacked by divers. They run up on deck to go down when Brett askes them if they turned off the monitor. Mick and the other kids runs below deck and sees the girls and the whale saves them. They then go up deck to see Neri and Mera come upon the boat when Dianne tells Sam that she will explan later and to just get out of here. Neri finds out that it was Mera who called Charley. Froggy finds the transmitter on the boat. Back on ORCA, Jason tells Joanne, Rocky, Kimberly and Mick about the girls. Everybody says that they won’t tell except Mick. Mera and Neri has to stay on ORCA for a while. Sam tells Dianne that he won’t tell anyone about the girls. Liselle hear some of the kids talking about Neri and Mera. She also hears them say that Mick knows about them and that he might tell. Liselle tells Forsyth that Mick knows where the girls are and that he is not good at keeping secrets. She says she will find out where they are.

Episode 11

Liselle tries to get information from Mick but is interrupted because he has to go to the bridge. Vannessa hears this and follows Liselle. Mick’s mother gives him a book for him to learn how to read it. Mick goes in a different room and tries to read it. Dianne and Winston finds something strange by Neri’s island and Winston decides to go look around. Some strange people searches Neri’s island. Vannessa follows Liselle and over hears her talking to Forsyth. She hears them talking about the girls. Mick gets mad because he can’t read and throws the book down. Neri comes in and picks it up. At first, he is mean to him. But when she tells him that she can’t read, he lightens up a bit. She then goes on and tells him that he has to believe he can, then he starts to read a little at a time. Vannessa tells Jason and the others that Liselle and Forsyth are spies for UBRI. They then goes to find Mick. The kids find Mick and ask him what side he is on. Mick then finds Liselle and tells her that he knows who she is working for and you can get lost. Forsyth is reckon Helen and Froggy is upset. Forsyth tells Hellegren that the girls has been on ORCA this whole time. Winstons meets two strange people on Neri’s island and not tell anyone.

Episode 12

When Mera finds herself in jeopardy, Neri is almost to reveal herself in order to save her sister. However, quick action by Brett and a subsequent threat to his life make Neri change her mind. Dianne appears Neri’s motives but extracts a promise from her never to do it again. Neri’s gesture, though, prompts Sam to pass up the fortune to be made from the tatanium reef and to keep it’s existence a secret rather than lat mining companies ruin the oceans that are the girl’s domain. Winston’s loyalty is proven when he reveals that the strangers with when he has been in contact are in fact emissaries from Neri and Mera home planet, who have come to take the girls home. However, the sisters have only 24 hours to make a decision. The craft for the return journey is conceald on Neri’s island, and if the girls wish to leave, they must get through the flotilla of UBRI boats waiting just outside ORCA in anticipation of just such a move. Escape would appear to be impossible.

Episode 13

Mera tells Neri of her desperate wish to return to her homeland, and Neri agrees. However, they still face the dilemma of how to elude the UBRI forces waiting for them outside, with the girls decision to return home, the gang, now including Mick, holds a counsil of war. They devise a scheme to outsmart UBRI that sends their enemies off on a high-speed, wild goose chase, allowing Neri and Mera, disquised as boys, to slip through the UBRI armada and make it to the island safety. When Froggy and Rocky restore Helen, Liselle and Forsyth are taken into custody. After emotional farwells on Nerisʼ island, the sisters disappear with the searchers in the fog-shrouded recue craft. The craft lifts off and flashes across the sky, revealing to Hellegren his quarry has fled and his obssession and quest for control were appearently futile. Back on island, as the Bates family sadly prepares to return to ORCA, a figure slips out from the mist. It is Neri, who has decided at the last moment that, while Mera should return to their people, She should remain to continue their father’s mission to watch over the seas as Ocean Girl.