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Author:Kristin Matherne

Season Three

Episode 1

Jason, Brett and Dianne are on a vacation when Winston calls telling Dianne to come back now. Jason, Brett and Dianne meets Winston back at ORCA. They find UBRI’s are onboard. UBRI are responsible for ORCA City. Dianne and Jason suit up and goes out into the sea. While Jason is under the sea, a metal thing falls onto him. He sees Charlie and Charlie calls for Neri. Neri comes right away and gets Jason free. Neri drags him to a cave and tells him about the big fish live. Then, Jason leaves and goes back to ORCA. Jason tells her that Neri is the one that saved him. Jason and Brett meet Neri on the island where she has my food for them. She asks Jason if he has talked to his mother about the ocean and says not yet. Back on ORCA, Brett meets Benny (who is just worried about is not getting into trouble). Jason, Brett, Winston and Dianne spots Dr. Hellegren onboard. UBRI is planting gernades all over the ocean floor. Neri sees this and picks up one, throws it back at them. UBRI has to move the foundation, so it doesn’t interfer with the breeding grounds. Jason and Brett are walking, talking about Neri and the gernade, when they meet up with Dr. Hellegren. Dr. Hellegren tells them to stay away from him and not to cause trouble. Jason and Brett tells Neri to be careful because the only reason they have gave up her her was because they think she went back to her home planet.

Episode 2

Brett, Jason and Neri are on the island. Brett wants to find a way to get in the space ship but Neri don’t want to. But, they go and Brett tries to dig it up. Then, Neri tells them that a storm is coming. Jason is taking a course at ORCA. Benny sees Cass fighting with her mother and sister. At lunch, Brett and Benny meets Cass. She tells them that she is taking a sailboat out. Brett tells her not to because a storm is coming but she don’t listen. A storm comes down and the wind knocks her sail loose. The wind drifts her to Neri’s island. Neri founds a way into the ship, so she goes to ORCA to tell Jason and Brett. Jason finds Neri a better way to get on and off of ORCA. Cass is still on the island and seaches it. She sees Jason and Brett arrive on the island with Neri there. Jason, Brett and Neri are talking, while Cass spies on them. Cass gets scared and gets a rope to tie the sail up with. Then, she gets out of there. Neri, jason and Brett find out that there is water down there, so they need a pump. Neri then tells them that someone has been here. They run onto the beach and see a ORCA sail boat, they know it is Cass. Neri goes in front of the boat and tells Cass to stop. She don’t and turns the boat around. She gets hit by the sail and falls into the water. Neri pulls her out and brings her to Jason and Brett that are in another boat. They see a search boat coming, so Neri leaves before someone sees her. Brett is freaking out because he thinks when Cass comes to, she is going to tell everyone about the island. Dr. Hellegren goes to visit his daughter, Lena, at a boarding school. She tries to convince her to let her go home. He said he will think about it. Jason and Brett are waiting while they examine Cass. They are called down and they find out how Cass is doing. They find out that Cass does not remember anything from when she left ORCA to now. Jason and Brett are now in their quarters. Brett is really excited that Cass does not remember but Jason is still a little worried. he tells Brett, what if when she remembers. She can get her memory back at anytime. Jason tells Brett that him and Cass are going to become real good friends. That way if she remembers, Brett can keep her from telling everyone.

Episode 3

Jason decides that they need a pump to get inside the space ship. He tells Neri that they get them back at ORCA. Jason finds a pump they will need but it belongs to UBRI. Cass and Brett are playing tricks on each other all day, one after another. Jason takes Brett away from Cass and Benny, he tells him that they are going to get a pump from UBRI. Jason and Brett sneaks in UBRI selection and steals a pump. They bring the pump to the island and it starts pumping. Jason and his partner Sallyanne had to take control on the brigde and Sallyanne blew it. Lena is still trying to get her father to let her come home, but her says no. Dr. Hellegren tells Lena he will see what he can do. Cass, Brett and Benny plays a trick on Morgon. They end up getting into trouble, they have to wrip down the floors. Neri goes to ORCA to tell Jason that the water is gone in the ship. He goes to tell Brett, But he is doing the floors. Jason tells him to meet them at the island. Jason and Neri goes in the ship. Brett eventually gets down there too. He falls through this hole and Neri sences it. Jason and Neri goes in after him. While down there, They found a person trapped in this ice thing. Brett goes back up to get a stick while Neri and Jason tries to open it. Brett comes back down but the stick don’t work. Neri pushes a button that opens it.

Episode 4

Brett goes back up to get a stick while Neri and Jason tries to open it. Brett comes back down but the stick don’t work. Neri pushes a button that opens it. There is a speaker in there the whole time teaching him stuff. Neri puts her fingers on his eyes to open them. He tells them that his name is Kal. Back at ORCA, Cass sees a girl staring at Benny. So she leaves and the girl comes up to Benny. It turns out the girl wants Benny to help him cheap for her. Neri tells Kal that his mother and father have passed and that him and Neri are the only ones left. Neri tells him that she will show him the opal planet. They gets out of the ship and are on the beach. Neri shows him around the island. Neri gives him food and explains what everything is. Neri is going to let Kal live on the Island but Jason doesn’t like it. Lena shows up at UBRI headquarters, so Dr. Hellegren brings her home. Jason and Breet agree not to say anything about Kal to their mom. Dr. Hellegren allows Lena to stay with him. In class, The girl steals a disc from Benny and gets caught. Benny says he is the one that is cheating, because he didn’t want the girl to get in trouble. Benny’s father is really upset with him. Jason and Brett goes to the Island to see Neri and Kal. They find Kal in a tree and then later Kal tells them that men should bow down to ladies. Jason and Brett thought it was really weid.

Episode 5

Jason and Brett are at the island. Brett can’t stand Cass anymore but Jason says he must keep it up. Neri warns Kal about Bad Lands. Lena wants to go to ORCA with her father and he lets her. Brett, Cass and Benny gets in trouble again. This time they have to take Diving classes. Neri has to save Kal from an alagator. Lena and Dr. Hellegren arrives on ORCA. Lena ends up in the Galor where she meets Jason, Brett, Bennny and Cass. She tells them who she is and Jason gets up and walks out. Brett tells Lena that her dad is not the favorite person around here and he leaves. She follows him on the elevator and demands to know why they dislike her father. Brett then goes on and tells her what her father does and how they captured a whale and was going to kill it. She tells him that she don’t believe him, He says he saw everything and then leaves. Neri asks Jason to teach Kal of feelings. Cass, Brett and Benny goes out on the boat for diving. While everybody is down in the ocean, Benny sees a guy start the boat up, but Neri comes to get him. Benny tells them, but they think he did it. They go back to ORCA, Benny is still trying to get them to believe him. Neri tells Kal is has to stay on the Island. In private, jason asks Brett what happened. Brett tells him that it was Kal. Dianne asks what this is all about.

Episode 6

Jason tells Neri to keep him on island. The commander has inform Dianne that Winston has to be let go because he can’t dive or swim. Dianna, Jason, Brett, cass and Benny are in the Galor trying to think of a way for Winston to keep his job. Benny points out that if Winston can learn to swim in a period of time, he can keep his job. Neri takes Kal back in the space ship. Mr. Hartley is teaching Winston how to swim. Neri goes to ORCA to get Jason and Brett. She tells them that she has found something strange in the ship. Jason, Brett and Neri are in the space ship looking at the thing. Kal says you have to put it on your head. So, Neri does so. Kal’s mother appears on the screen and talks about Kal. She then tells them there is a task to form. She tells them of the Synchronium. Kal’s mother tells them that they have to collect the nine pieces on Earth for nothing to die. Neri tells Jason and Brett to not tell their mother about the Synchronium. Neri goes to ORCA to help Winston to past his swimming test, but Kal shows up and Neri has to take him back. Dr. Hellegren is still looking for the space ship. Neri is mad at Kal for leaving the Island. Jason and Brett has agreed to help Neri find the Synchronium. Dr. Hellegren is also looking for the Synchronium.

Episode 7

Neri tells Kal about ORCA. Brett, Cass, Benny and WInston are getting ready to take the dive test. Neri goes to ORCA to see if the boys have started looking. They say they don’t know where to look but they will find something. Then, Dianne stops Neri and asks her if she can help Winston with the dive. Kal leaves the island and goes to ORCA. Kal enrolls in a fitness program, biorobics. Brett sees Kal in the elevator with Morgan. He goes right away to tell Jason and they head to the gym. Kal is top one on Morgan’s list. Neri and Winston are practicing when Neri gives him a special sign To Believe In Yourself. Jason and Brett finds Kal in the Galor with myreka. Kal and her have a date later. Lena finds a tape of whale sounds. Brett, Cass, Benny and Winston are at on the boat taking the diving test. Winston then goes and sees Neri down there. Jason is trying to guide Kal through his date with Myreka. Back on the boat, Winston past the test. Winston is to stay on ORCA. Dianne learns that Kal was on ORCA. She said next time he is here, she wants to see him. Neri is mad at Kal for leaving. She tries to explain to Kal about the people on ORCA.

Episode 8

Kal goes to ORCA. Jason and Brett sees Kal and takes him out of the galor. Jason tells Brett let’s bring him to mom. Dianne decides to run some test on Kal. Neri tells Dianne that they pu exposives on the ocean floor and everything will die. Neri knows something went wrong with the sea and now they need the Synchronium. They just don’t know where to look for them. Kal tells them that maybe someone would have saw it fall. Jason and Bret decided to look on public records on the falling. Neri and kal goes to ORCA to see if Jason and Brett have any clues. Kal identifies a piece of the Synchronium on Helen. Neri, Jason and Brett goes to look for the Synchronium while Kal goes to the gym and then back to the island. Benny plays a game against Kal and Kal wins. Neri and Brett goes down a long cliff to get the Synchronium. Jason, Brett and Neri finds the first Synchronium. Lena found all of the whale recordings on her father’s computer.

Episode 9

Brett tries to find the 2nd piece of the Synchronium. UBRI finds a piece of the Synchronium and so does Brett. Brett and Jason goes to the island to tell Neri and Kal points it out. UBRI finds the Synchronium in the desert. Lena goes to ORCA with her father. Lena wants to talk to Brett about her father but he leaves. Neri, Jason and Brett searches the desert on Camels. Kal is on ORCA and starts talking to Lena. Lena is escorted off of ORCA. Brett, Neri and Jason gets to the site and finds the Synchronium gone. They are then chased by UBRI, but gets away. Lena heads to UBRI. Lena hears her father talking about Neri. Jason, Neri and Brett knows UBRI is searching for the Synchronium.

Episode 10

Jason, Neri and Brett are on the island talking about finding to rest of the Synchronium. Neri decides to hide the Synchronium in the cave. Benny’s father is always pushing him to study more. Cass sees a guy running through the halls and follows him, but gets a way. She tells everyone and they think she is crazy. Benny tells Brett about a treasure ship. They decide to go looking for it. Cass us looking for the boy that she have saw. She finds him scared. Cass brings food to the boy and finds out about him. Benny checks out a scanner to find the treasure. The commander sees the boy on the camera. Benny and Brett don’t find any treasure. Lena goes to UBRI without her father knowing. Benny and Brett comes out of the water to the boat. Benny knocks the scanner into the water and goes to get it. Benny runs out of air. Neri goes and saves him and brings him back to Brett. Brett then introduces Benny to Neri. Neri goes back down and gets the scanner. They get back to ORCA with the crashed detector, Brett tells Benny about Neri and not to tell anyone. Brett also tells him about their big mission. Benny is in front of the commander and his father. They want to know what happened. Benny tells them a lie to keep Neri safe. Brett and Jason thanks Benny and tells him about her. Winston spots the boy, Cass found and they take him away. Lena is in her father’s office and she finds the picture of Neri on his files. Kellar goes into the office but Lena hides before she spots her.

Episode 11

Kal goes to ORCA and sees people kissing. He then goes back to island and asks Neri what it is. Neri teaches him about feelings. Cass is still having the bad dreams about an island. She tells her mother and sister about them. Benny asks Brett and Jason when they are taking him to Neri’s island. Jason tells Brett to take him and he will stay and look for more clues. Benny asks Brett if they can get lost and Bretts says no because he has a Satellite Navigation Aid thing that tells them where they are. The new guy hears him and says he wants one. Jason finds another clue on HELEN about the Synchronium. Benny and Brett are on the island with Neri and Kal. Brett tells Benny about the Synchronium and he agrees to help. Jason rushes to the island to tell them about the sighting. UBRI also finds another capsule. Kal points out where it is, it is under the sea, in deep water. Jason wants to wait but Neri says now. So, she goes alone. She tells Kal that he can go with Brett only part of the way and has to go back to island. The Zodiac won’t start, Brett and Benny asks Kal to push them back to ORCA. Kal says can’t and leaves. Neri comes up and tells them she couldn’t find it. Neri says she will push them back and Benny asks how she knew where they were. Neri tells him that Charlie told her. Moose goes to talk to Brett because he wants the Satellite Navigation Aid. He tells him he has until tomorrow or he is dead meat. Jason and Brett try to tell Kal that you suppose to help your friends. UBRI is planning on diving for the capsule. Neri goes to ORCA and tells Jason that when she went for the Synchronium, her head started hurting bad. Jason tells her it is too low down even for her. He tells her that she can not try it again. She says she has to but he will be on boat with rope and if anything goes wrong he can pull both back up. Jason agrees and wants to bring Brett in case of backup. Cass tellsd Brett and Benny about her dreams. Cass remembers that two other guys were with her. Brett and Benny tells her to forget about them. Then, Jason comes in and gets Brett. They are still blasting in the ocean. Jason, Brett and Neri are on the boat and Neri is fixing to dive down. UBRI are also looking for the capsule at the same time. Neri is still diving deep, Jason and Brett are getting worried because this is where the pain started hitting Neri. Jason really gets worried and is about to go after her when she comes up with the Syncronium. Just then, the spot a UBRI boat and they take off. Brett gets back to ORCA and tell Benny they find it. Moose finds Brett and he tells him that he is not getting it. But, Kal saves him and Benny. Jason learns of what happen and tells Brett he should have told him. Brett also tells Jason that Cas is remembering more and more about the island. Kellar tells Dr. Hellegren that the Synchronium was gone when they got there. She tells him that it is them ORCA kids that is taking them. Kellar suggest to get rid of them and Dr. Hellegren agrees. Lena was upstairs listen to everything that was being said. Kal tells Neri that he felt a feeling today.

Episode 12

Jason and Sallyanne are taking pilot lesson. Jason is having a hard time dealing with it. Cass, Benny and Brett are talking about her dreams again. Cass then tells Brett that one of the boys looks like him. Lena listens to her father and Kellar taking about getting rid of the ORCA kids. Jason freezes and don’t know what to do in the helicopter. Brett and Benny goes to see Kal in the space ship. Kal finds something in the ship that reminds him of them. Brett tells Jason that Kal is getting more feelings. UBRI plants a false report to get Jason and Brett to follow it. Brett goes after the Syncronium alone with Neri. Lena goes to ORCA to talk to Jason. She tells Jason of her father’s plans and tells them to stay away from the islan. At first he don’t believe her, but eventually he does and tells her that Brett is on his way there. He tells Morgan that he is ready to go out on the chopper. When they are out there, Jason takes control and goes pass Brett alot of time. Brett figures sometime is wrong and tells Neri let’s get out of here. Lena tells Jason that she knows about Neri. Kellar figures out that someone must have told them of the plan. Dr. Hellegren tells her to find out who. Jason and Brett goes to see Lena in the Galor. She wants to know all about ocean girl. Jason says later and they get her out of here. Kellar finds out that Lena was at ORCA.

Episode 13

Mera tells Neri that she has no time and needs to find the other pieces quick. They are still blasting in the ocean. Cass tells Brett and Benny that her mom is sending her to a strink because of all of the dream. Benny wants to tell Cass but Brett tells him no, they can’t. Then, Neri appears. Neri, Brett and Benny goes to see Dianne and Winston. Neri wants Dianne to stop the exposives before it is too late. Lena goes to ORCA with her father. Kellar tells Dr. Hellegren that Lena might be the spy. Jason tells Lena all about Neri because Jason wants her to spy for him. Jason tells Lena about the Synchronium. Jason wants Lena to find out where her father has one piece of the Synchronium, she said that she will try. Cass went to the shrink and told her about the dreams. Jason tells Neri that Lena agreed to help. Cass tells the shrink all about the island including the girl. Dr. Hellegren was listening the whole time. Lena goes on her father’s computer, but is caught by the camera. Back on ORCA, Jason tells Brett and Benny that he has told Lena about Neri. Brett thinks it was a stupid idea. Then, Cass joins them and tells them that she remembers about the island and the girl. She tells them that they better start talking or she will, so they tell her everything. Benny and Brett brings Cass to the island to meet Neri . Cass agrees to help them with the search and that she won’t tell. UBRI has put more force to the blasting. Dr. Hellegren tells Lena that he knows she has been helping someone else. Lena is leaving the house and is going somewhere else.

Episode 14

They are still blasting. They can’t find anymore clues. It is all code lock. Lena has gone to ORCA to get Jason and Brett’s help. She tells them what happen and that she don’t have anywhere to go. Jason and Brett get’s there mom to let her stay, even though their mom knows who they are. Jason and Brett takes Lena to meet Neri and Kal. Neri shows her the island and the space ship. Lena takes a shot at Helen and finds another sighting. Kal picks out the location. The are hiking to find a piece of the Synchronium. They have to hide when a UBRI truck comes. They are too late. UBRI already got to it first. The gang is back at UBRI talking about how to get them away from UBRI. They suggest that Lena can get them in with her code and Benny can do the locks. They all agree to go and so does Neri. Jason tells Neri that she can’t go because they will find out about her. Jason then takes her outside the cabin to talk some sence into her. She says she need to go because it is her mission and Jason tells her okay, that they will leave in two days. Neri says okay and leaves. Jason goes back in and tells the rest that they will go first thing in the morning. Neri goes to ORCA to see Dianne. Winston tells her that Jason and Brett have gone ashore today. Neri goes back to the island mad. She tells Kal that she is mad at Jason for lieing to her. At UBRI, they get in and Benny does all of the locks. Dr. Hellegren finds out what the Syncronium can do to the ocean. They come to this one lock that Benny can’t do because it is not in the system. Lena says her code will unlock the door but it may alert UBRI. She unlocks the door and they go in. Back on Island. Neri tells Kal they she is worried about Jason because he is in danger. Kal gets upset because she is worried about Jason but Neri tells him that she is worried about all of them. Back at UBRI, Jason has one piece of the Synchronium and Benny has the other. They are running away from UBRI because they are chasing them. The gang has to go up some stairs and when they do, Lena slips and is almost caught. Benny helps her up but not before he drops the Syncronium. They go through the gate and gets away. They are back at ORCA, Jason tells them that him and Brett are taking the Syncronium to Neri. In the elevator, Benny feels bad about loosing the other one. Lena tells him, it is not his fault, he saved her, but Cass blames it all on Lena. On ORCA, Cass, Lena and Benny are happy that they did it. On the island, Neri is mad at Jason for lieing to her. Jason says that he is sorry and he won’t do it again. She says she is not mad, her and Jason leaves to put the Syncronium in the cave. On the Island, Kal and Brett are talking because Kal is mad because he thinks Neri likes him more than Jason. Brett tells Kal that Jason and Neri are just friends. Jason and Neri comes and Brett goes to greet them. Kal won’t go and Brett tells him that he is jealous.

Episode 15

Jason and Dianne goes down to ORCA City to see if they have done any damage. Brett stays with Winston when a lady calls Winston. Camilla tells him that she is coming to ORCA for a few days. Neri comes up to see Jason and Dianne. She tells them that everything is dieing on the ocean floor. Dianne says she will dive out at night and film it. Winston has to leave and Brett tells the others that Winston’s girlfriend is coming for a visit. Lena is not having any luck with Helen. Camilla goes to the store room and calls Dr. Hellegren. It turns out that she is a spy for UBRI. Camilla is talking to Brett and she asks him if he has ever seen a mermaid. Dianne tells Neri that she won’t be able to go film the ocean today. Jason tells her that it is okay, he will go instead. Winston and Camilla are in the Galor talking when Brett stops and listens. He thinks something in up with Camilla. Camilla goes in the store room and calls Dr. Hellegren. Brett sneaks in and finds out what she is up too and locks him in. On the island, Jason is there with Neri. Kal comes up and tells Jason to leave. Neri gets mad and tells him that Jason is their friend and he is welcome. Brett climbs through the air duct to get out of the rooms. Sallyanne is out the party waiting for Jason to show up because she invited him to it. Brett tells WInston and Dianne about Camilla. Brett calls Dr.Hellegren to show Winston that Camilla is a spy. Neri and Jason are filming the Coronet Reef. Neri gets upset and leaves to go back to the island. Jason shows up and puts his arm around her to give her comfort. Kal sees all of this and gets upset. Brett tells Cass and Benny that Dr. Hellegren knows Neri is still on earth. Neri and Jason can’t find Kal. They go to the spaceship to look for him. He tells them to leave and they do. A rumbling has started and everybody knows now that Neri was right all along.

Episode 16

Helen finds about piece of the Synchronium. Neri tells Brett that he must go to Kal for help because he if mad at her and Jason. Brett and Cass goes to the spaceship to get Kal’s help. He won’t do it and Cass tells him he is just jealous. Brett makes him understand that this in important, So eventually he shows them where it has landed. Brett, Cass and Neri goes to look for the other piece of the Synchronium. Neri needs to be weted down. So, they go to a house with water. They meet these people that lives there. They stay and have lunch with them. UBRI stores lethal material in the school selection. Benny goes to school to work on the computer. Neri, Brett and Cass meeta girl over there that is blind, Neri likes her. They go to get the Synchronium but it is gone. They know that it wasn’t UBRI, but someone else. They find out that Patti has took it. Neri can’t find a way to get it from her. They are staying the night and will try to get it. Dr. Hellegren sees Lena at ORCA and knows that is where she is staying. She tells him if he don’t leave her alone, she will go public with all the hidden files she show at UBRI. Neri has a nice talk with Patti. Sallyanne sees Benny in the school selection. Benny has lost his card and some guys from UBRI let him in. They tell him that they will leave it open for him. Tremor is occuring and ORCA is rumbling. The poison spills all over on Gammar level where Benny is. Sallyanne tells them that Benny is down there. All of the doors close so now Benny can’t get out. Jason takes the daily code and him and Sallyanne goes down there to try and get Benny out. Morgan tells him not to because it is against all the rules. Jason commands Helen to open the door. It opens and Benny gets out of there. Patti gives Neri her piece of the Synchronium. Benny is just fine, Commander tells Jason and Sallyanne a job well done. Neri brings the Synchronium to the cave.

Episode 17

Brett is in the spaceship trying to talk Kal down and tries to get him to help with the pieces. Dianne tries to make Dr. Hellegren that all of the contruction work is linked to the Tremors. Dianne tries to stop the constuction work. They have a big exposive that beaches Charlie. Neri goes to ORCA and tells Brett that he has to come and help. He goes to get Jason but her says that he can’t go because he can’t leave his post. Jason tells him that he has to because their is noone else that can help because noone else knows about Neri and Charlie. Jason decides to go and help. He asks Sallyanne to cover for him and she wants to know where he is going. He tells her that he can’t tell her but she agrees to cover for him anyway. Everyone is on the island tring to help Charlie but they can’t move him. Neri tells them that they can’t wait because the sun is burning his eyes. Jason says they can handle must of the stuff until they can think of something to do. Kal finally comes out of the ship and goes to ORCA. The gang put a high tide mark because when it reaches there, they will be able to move him. While they are waiting, They try to keep him wet and keep the sun off of him. The commander bans the blasting. UBRI can proceed working on ORCA City with the exception of the blasting. Dianne tried to find some evidence to stop ORCA City. Commander goes to see how Sallyanne and Jason are coming along. Sallyanne tells the commander that Jason had to go to engineering. Neri tells Jason that it is no good. Jason then takes Neri to shore and she tells him that she can’t loose him. Jason tells her that they are doing everything that they can. Benny comes up to them and tells them that if they have something to put under him and they would be able to slide him off. Then Jason says yea, Zodiacs and then leaves telling them he will be right back. At ORCA, Sallyanne meets Kal and they start talking. He goes to ORCA and gets Winston. They arrive with two Zodiacs. They slide the sling under him, Jason and Winston pulls him in the Zodiac while the others push him. They get him off of the beach. Sallyanne and Kal are talking in the hall when Sallyanne sees Jason get off the elevator. She tells him what she told the commander. Sallyanne whats Jason to tell her where he was. He says maybe one day when he can. Kal is mad because Neri didn’t ask him to help with Charlie. Kal runs in the water and Kellar takes his picture. She finds out that he is a alien too.

Episode 18

Dr. Hellegren watches the video of Kal going into the water. He says it is a ocean boy. Neri convinces Kal to come back and live on island again. Jason comes to see how Charlie is doing. Kal gets mad and tells him to leave and then he runs off. Neri tells Jason sorry and Jason tell her to not let him get her down. Neri then goes to find Kal and tells him that this is her island and Jason can come if he wants. Neri tells Kal if he don’t start being the old Kal then he must leave this island. Kal leaves and says yes, new place. Brett thinks Dave likes his mom. Brett askes Benny to write a love not to his mom from Dave and Benny agrees. Brett uses Jason’s computer to write the love note. Benny tells Brett exactly what to write. UBRI catches Kal when he swims under water and takes he back to headquarters. At ORCA, Brett prints out the letter and then Neri walks in. She says she has to talk to mother. Brett hides the letter under some other papers and brings Neri to mother. Neri tells Dianne that she is worried because Kal have not yet turned up. Brett says it is nothing that he is just jealous and he will trun up. Dr. Hellegren keeps an eyes on Kal. Dr. Hellegren is going to try and become friends with Kal, so he would do anything that he askes. Dianna goes in to see Jason. She askes him what this is all about with Kal being Jealous. Jason tells her that it is nothing and he just wants attention. Jason picks up the stacks of paper on his desk and brings it to Sallyanne. She finds the love note that Brett wrote and thinks it is from Jason. Neri leaves ORCA to seach for Kal. Sallyanne runs in to Jason in the halls and askes him if he wants to have lunch. He says okay, i will meet you there. Sallyanne and Jason are having lunch when she brings up the letter. He says he has no idea what she is talking about and she shows him the letter. He reads it and says he has to go and takes off. He finds Brett and askes him where this came from. Brett askes where he got it from. He says he handed to Sallyanne with some cadet notes and she thinks I wrote it to her. Brett tells him that he will explan in the way to the island. he tells Jason that he told Neri they will help search for Kal. On the way out, Brett throughs the letter in the garbage but misses it. Then Dolores, a girl that Brett can’t stand, picks it up and thinks it is for her from Brett. Kall won’t talk to anyone at UBRI right now. Hellegren tries to become friends with Kal but it don’t work right away. Jason, Brett and Neri look all around the island but no sign. Jason says they have to go because they have some explaning to do. Jason goes to see Sallyanne in the gym. Jason tells her that they Letter was a mistake and tells her that it was one of Brett’s big idea. Jason tells Sallyanne that they are still good buddies. Sallyanne says yea and then leaves. She goes in the hall and starts crying. Bret goes in the elevator and Dolores gets in to mentioning the letter. Hellegren affords some food to Kal and finally Kal eats.

Episode 19

Neri still can’t find Kal. Brett tells Jason that they still can’t find Kal. Jason says that he is just trying to scare them. Brett tells everyone that he thinks something bad has happened to him. Lena also tells them that Helen has pick up on another sighting. Mera warns Neri of more danger. Neri tells Jason and Brett that Mera warned her about new danger and Brett thinks it has something to do with Kal. Kal finally talk to Hellegren. Kal wants more food and a better bed. Kal tells Hellegren about the island and how people wants to take it from him. Lena has found a piece of the Synchronium on Helen. Hellegren wants Kal to tell him more about the island. Helen finds the exact point where the Synchronium is. Jason and Brett goes to tell Neri while Cass and Benny gets the stuff together because it is on a cliff. Hellegren gets Kal a new bed and a game he requested. Hellegren asks Kal who wants to take the island from him. Kal tells him Neri and Jason. Kellar tells Hellegren that they have located another device. Hellegren tells her to take a team because he is busy. Hellegren tells Kal that he is his friend. Kal tells Hellegren about the Synchronium. Neri meats the gang on the beach and then they climb up th cliff. Kellar spots the kids on the cliff. She is going to let them do the hard work. Hellegren tells Kal that he has one piece of the Synchronium. The gang finds the Synchronium and Jason climbs down to get it. He is about to climb up when UBRI comes. Jason tells the others to get Neri out. Kellar comes to cliff and throws a rope down telling Jason to tie it on there. Jason tells her what if he won’t. She puts a knife on his rope and says I think you will. The others are running to the water and Neri dives in and gets away. Jason ties the rope on the capsule and UBRI pulls it up. The other gets on two of there bikes and Benny and Lena breaks the other two so they can’t follow them. Then they leave to go find Jason. At UBRI, they tell Hellegren that they have the other object. When they get there, Jason said he heard them talking and they said that they got Kal. Neri tells Jason and Brett that they must get Kal back. Hellgren finally convinces Kal to help him with the Synchronium.

Episode 20

They decide that they must save Kal themselves. They decide to search they offices on ORCA to find out a way to get Kal and know where they are keeping here. Kal agrees to help Hellegren to get the missing pieces of the Synchronium. On the island. Jason thinks it is his fault that they got Kal but Neri tells him it is not. Jason says they have to get him back. Cass and Benny goes through the air duct to go straight to UBRI cabins. They get close and hear them talking about Kal. Then the alarm alerts and Cass and Brett hurries up and gets out of there. On the way out, Brett looses his ID card and UBRI finds it. Kelar tells Hellegren that they Bates child where listening. Hellegren has come up with a plan for Kal’s friends to recue him without them knowing anything. Cass wants to go back in the air duct to find out more information but Jason says it will be too dangerous. Neri says then she will go and Jason tells her no. Cass and Brett will go instead. Hellegren tells Kal that he will be going back to the island and he must find where they hid the Synchronium Hellegren promises if he does this, Hellegren will help him get the island for himself. Hellegren tells Kal when he gets back to the island, he must lie to them. Cass and Brett goes back in the duct to spy on UBRI again but they don’t know it is a trap. Brett finds his ID card. They hear UBRI talking to each other about escorting Kal somewhere else. They decide to go to Stoney Mountain track where the truck is going through to bring Kal. Their plan is to grab Kal and take him out to sea. The gang puts a stick in the road to stop the truck. When the guards go to move it, Neri and Jason go to the back of the truck. Jason does the lock and gets Kal out. Neri and Kall jump in the water and leaves. Now they are all back on the island. Kal tells them some lies about what they did to him at ORCA. Kal meets Hellegren out on a boat. Hellegren tells Kal that he must find where all the four pieces at hided without Neri knowing about it.

Episode 21

Kal promises Neri that he will not leave the island again. Lena founds another sighting. Mera tells Neri that she must hurry to fulfill her quest. Kal tells them that he can’t seem to find the location and then he leaves. Kal tells Hellegren that they have found another piece. Hellegren tells Kal and Kellar to let the kids find it and then they will get it when they find out where they are all hidden. Lena is trying to locate more information on Helen. But, Benny don’t like it because they will get caught but Lena does it anyway. A bad shake hit ORCA and they find out it is because someone is using Helen that ain’t suppose too. They found out who was using Helen and gets in trouble. Brett tells Neri that they have to postponed the search for a least a day. Neri says they can’t wait. She says she will go alone then. Brett tells her she won’t be able to find it because all they know is that it landed in the outback somewhere. Neri says she has to try. Brett, Cass, Lena have to wash windows as their punishment. Neri is out in the desert and is getting hot. Neri falls in the desert. A girl comes and takes her to some water and food. Neri meets her family. They tell her about water spirits. Neri finds the Synchronium in the water and takes it with her. She says her goodbye to everone. While walking back, she gets weak and dizzy. On ORCA, Jason is worried about Neri and tells everyone that he is going to see if she got back to the island. Brett and everyone convinces Morgan to let them go and they leave. Neri puts the piece in the cave. Everybody is waiting for her on the island and is getting worried. Neri comes up and they see her. They go to help her because she is weak. Kal makes a fire and Benny gets some food. Everyone is back on ORCA, Jason feels bad about leaving Neri on the island and tells Brett that first light he is going back to the island. Mera arrives on the Island to hellp Neri.

Episode 22

They are having more quakes. Jason and Brett goes to Island to check up on Neri and Mera. Lena tells Benny and Cass that she couldn’t get near Helen. Benny suggest that they go to UBRI ofices and Look around but he was joking. Cass says that is a good idea. Cass comes up with a plan to get into the offices of UBRI, to listen to them. Mr. Lee tells Hellegren that he had found a starnge object in a capsule. Kal tries to get Brett to tell him where the hide ths pieces but Mera tells him that he can’t know. Cass, Bennya and lena plans on going to Lee’s headquarters to get the Synchronium before Hellegren gets it. Cass, Benny and Lena have snucked in Lee’s headquarters. They split up, Cass and Lena goes one way and Benny goes the other. Neri goes to check if the Sychronium is still safe while Kal follows her. Brett and Mera checks the ship for any more clues. Lena and Cass finds the Synchronium in Lee’s office. They see him coming and starts running with Benny. Benny gets away but Lena and Cass gets caught and is taken to Mr. Lee. Cass and Lena are left alone in the office. Benny still the keys. Cass finally relizes that Lena is on their side and tells her that she is sorry. Just then, Benny comes in and gets them out. They leave without the Synchronium. Neri tells Mera and Brett that Kal followed her but did not find the hiding place. Cass and Lena tells Jason and Brett what UBRI is planning to do to get the Synchronium from Lee. Jason tells them, we have to stop them before UBRI gets it.

Episode 23

Cass and Benny sneak into UBRI offices at ORCA City to try to find anything they can about the synchronium, at the insistence of Cass. They find out about an exchange that will occur between Dr Hellegren and a mining magnate, Mr Lee. The deal is; safe passage of Mr Lee’s cargo supplied by UBRI in exchange for the synchronium that is in Mr Lee’s possession. Cass, Benny and Lena go to Mr Lee’s office building in order to try to retrieve the synchronium. With a little ingenuity, they get in under the guise of caterers. Brett returns to the island to ask Neri, Mera and Kal to help him search the spaceship once more for any clues they may have missed. Neri says she will join in the search after she has checked on the hidden synchronium. While the others are searching, Kal sneaks off to follow Neri. But before she gets to the hiding place, Charley warns her that Kal is following. He is admonished by Mera. Benny searches one office, while Lena and Cass search another. The two girls see the synchronium piece sitting on a trolley alongside dozens of opals. While about to grab the synchronium, they are found out and start to run. The two are caught while Benny runs in another direction and escapes. Cass finally trusts Lena when she realises that Lena’s loyalty lies with her friends and not her father, when Lena had a chance to get herself off the hook. Cass and Lena are left alone in the locked office when Benny breaks in and they all escape. When they get back to ORCA, they tell Jason and Brett that the synchronium in Lee’s possession will be transferred to UBRI on the pier. They decide to try to recover the piece.

Episode 24

Another quake starts up again. They are evaculating ORCA in the next few days. Sallyanne talks to Lena about Jason. Sallyanne askes Lena if Jason has a girlfriend. She tells Lena that she likes him but haven’t said anything. Lena tells her that she should tell him how she feels. Jason is tellin the guys the plan. He says that when he gets on the boat, Neri will swim back he to get you guys to follow on the Zodiac. But all that changes when Morgan comes to tell him that he has to dive with her tomorrow. Cass gets mad and says that she wishes that she will die. Then, they decide that Brett will sneak on the boat instead. Brett sneaks on the boat. While diving, Morgan gets bit by a stonefish. Jason thinks it is all his fault at what happened to Morgan. Sallyanne tries to calm him down and tell him it isn’t his fault. It makes him feel a little better and then he leaves goes to leave. But Sallyanne calls him back and tells him how she feels. Jason then sees Neri in the water and tells Sallyanne that they will talk later. Then, leaves to go meet Neri. Neri swims in the water to catch up with the boat while Benny and Lena goes in the Zodiac, Mera will meet them. Cass and Jason talks about Morgan. Cass feels bad because of what she said to Morgan that day. Sallyanne comes to talk to Dianne about Jason and then she leaves. Brett cuts the motor to the boat. Lena gives Neri a oxygen for Brett to breathe under the water. Brett throws the Synchronium in the water and then jumps over board and Neri gives him the oxygen. The coast guard caught Lee and Kellar. Cass tells Morgan to wake up and she does. Benny tells his father that he don’t want to leave ORCA until he does. Benny can stay on ORCA. Neri and Mera brings the Synchronium to the cave. They have 6 pieces now and URBI has 2 pieces, There is still one more piece to find.

Episode 25

Everybody is evacuationing to the mainland. Dianne tells Jason and Brett that they have to go to the mainland but Jason and Brett don’t like the idea. Kal wants to go to the hiding place where they jid the Synchronium. Lena finds another sighting and Kal points out the location. It is in the jungle. Another Tremor occurs. They are getting worst. UBRI is trying to find the last piece too. Kal goes and tells Hellegren that he has find the last piece but they have to hurry because Neri knows too. Mera does not trust Kal. Lena talks to Jason about Sallyanne. Lena tells Jason that Sallyanne likes him. Lena tells him that Sallyanne is like the only person in their group that don’t know about Neri. jason tell Lena that they can not tell her but Lena convinces him to tell Sallyanne everything. The gang gets up early to go to the mainland to find the last Synchronium. The gang finds the capsule but when they open it, they find a bomb in it. They run and noone gets hurt. Neri sees the Synchronium in the tree and climbs up to get it. She throws it down to Jason. Neri gives the piece to Jason so he can put in in the cave. Kal follows Jason and now knows where they hid the pieces. Kal goes to UBRI and tells them. Dianne decides to let the boys stay on ORCA. Neri and Mera sees Kal come out of the water with the Synchronium and gives it to UBRI. Neri goes to the cave and they are all gone. Back on ORCA, Jason sits down with Sallyanne and tries to explan everything about Neri. But, she don’t believe him. She thinks he is making it all up and then gets up and leaves but not before telling him to drop dead. Neri comes in and tells Jason that Kal has done something bad. Neri tells Jason and Brett that they must get the Synchronium back. She tells them that if good people uses it, it would do good. But, if bad people uses it, it will do bad.

Episode 26

Hellegren has the Synchronium together. Kal tells Hellegren to get him the island before they put the pieces together. Kal gets mad at Hellegren. Neri and the guys have decided to wait until UBRI gets the Synchronium on the boat and them suprise them. Brett says that they will need and boat and it won’t be easy with all of the evaculations going on. Brett then says that maybe Jason can get one. Neri tells them that she will go to find Jason. Brett tells her that he is out on a boat with Sallyanne but Neri says she has to go anyway. While on the boat, They see charlie and Jason tries once more to get Sallyanne to believe him about Neri, But she don’t. Just then, Neri pops up and Sallyanne sees her. Just then Kal tries to escape with a part of the device but is caught. They evaculating everyone who is 17 and younger. Sallyanne, Jason and Neri goes back to ORCA and Jason tells everyone that Sallyanne is on the team. Jason tells them that he will be able to get a boat. Jason tells Neri that they are going to get the Synchronium to the island to her. The gang is evaculating but is going to leave in ones and twos, there is a boat waiting for them on the mainland. So, there leave ORCA. The gang sneaks on the boat but is caught and tied up except Lena, Her father takes her away. Neri sences something is wrong, so her and mera decide that they should stop them. Kal escapes UBRI and arrives on the boat. Everyone is mad at him but he unties them. Neri and Mera goes to the boat and try to get Hellegren to give it to her. Lena also tries to help Neri. He puts his hands on it and the whole world turns red. Hellegren puts the Synchronium over the water. Lena tells her father that he will kill Neri and Mera. Lena jumps in the water and askes her father if her would kill her. He tries to pull it back in so he can get Lena out. But, Kellar tells him not to because she has betrayed him. The Synchronium drops in the water and Kal catches it. Hellegren tells Kellar that it is over, he gives up. They get back to the Island where the others are. Neri and Mera takes the Synchronium in the ocean and heals it. Dianne finds out about it, but is not mad. She then tells Mera bye. Lena and her father have forgave each other. Jason, Brett, Neri and Mera are in the space ship. They are saying goodbye to Kal and Mera. Kal and Mera have left earth.