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Author:Kristin Matherne

Season Four

Episode 1

Jason and Brett are out on the boat when Jason sees a bright red light under the sea. Jason and Brett head to Neri’s island where he tries to tell Neri what he saw. Jason and Brett decide to stay on the island that night, but when they get back to ORCA the next morning, they found out that their mom has been offered the new commander position. Cass and Winston try to found out what is in the ocean. They pick up a red square on the ocean floor. Agent Shelby and Agent Elly gets assigned to go to eygpt. Winston and Jason goes out on the boat to find what is down there. Neri sees a light but when she gets closer to it, it stops. She wants to go back down but Jason said not without him. Brett and Cass goes to the commander’s room where they meet Louis, the new kid on ORCA. Jason and Winston takes the minifin out to follow Neri. They enter some kind of light but when Neri got close, it stopped. Neri then wanted them to follow her. Neri leads them right to a pyramid. Jason and Winston were stund to see it in the middle of the ocean. Cass and Brett (while watching it on the monitor) couldn’t believe their eyes.

Episode 2

They find out that tThey are still looking at the pyramid when Cass tells Jason to come in because Louis is going to tell his father where Jason is. Shelby and Hauser are in Egypt looking for any alien being. Jason and Winston gets back at ORCA and Louis’s father takes the disc that Neri is on. Jason, Winston, Brett and Cass are worried that they will find out about Neri. They find out that the disc was erased. Jason goes to the island and told Neri about the disc. Jason tells Neri of the pyramids. Neri goes to ORCA to find out about pyramids from HELEN. Dianne goes to interview for the commander position and finds her ex-husband the commander cheif of ORCA. Shersheba and Malakat are looking for the underwater passage way in the pyramid. Neri, Jason and Brett goes back to the pyramid but this time they find a way inside. They found a statue in the pyramid and it tells her of her quest. They go in this blue spirl where they get ported somewhere else. hey are in Egypt!!

Episode 3

They try to figure out how they got in Egypt. Winston and Cass tells Dianne about the pyramid. A guy takes Jason and Brett to Malakat and Shersheba. Jason starts to like Shasheba. Jason, Brett and Neri stays the night in Egypt. Jason, Brett and Neri does not like it there, so they decide to leave in the morning. Jason calls ORCA and tells Cass where they are and then cass calls Dianne in the minfin to tell her. Shersheba and Malakat finds out what Neri is. Jason, Brett and Neri sees PRAXIS there and wonders what is going on. So, they lisen to them and decides to leave on their own. PRAXIS catches them and then calls Dianne. PRAXIS says Jason and Brett can go but Neri has to stay. Jason doesn’t like that one bit. Paul tells Dianne who PRAXIS is. Jason, Brett and Neri takes off. Jason, Brett and Neri takes a ride with some people and gets away from PRAXIS.

Episode 4

Jason, Brett and Neri are still in Eygpt and can’t seen to find their way back to the pyramid. Agent Shelby and Hauser are trying to find Neri. Jason , Brett and Neri stays for a little while with the people they were riding with and Neri saves a little girl from drowning. A guy tells them stories about the pyramid. Paul tells Dianne that the kids are still in Egypt. Jason, Brett and Neri find the pyramid while Shersheba and Malakat spies on them. Malakat goes down to deal with Neri while Shersheba waits for praxis. Dianne tells Paul everything about Neri. Jason, Brett and Neri find the golden Ankh. They get away from Malakat by going in the blue swirling thing. They are in Australia.

Episode 5

Dianne, Winston and Cass tells Paul about Neri. Jason decides to go look around to find a way home. Winston is looking for the kids on the vidphone. Shelby and Hauser are ordered to go to ORCA. Jason meets a local boy to save them. The boy tells them that he can’t help them get out, so he leaves and tells them that he will be back. Cass and Winston finds out that they are in Australia. Praixs arrives on ORCA. They inspect ORCA all over. Agent Shelby meets Neri. Shelby askes Louis about Neri. Louis is helping Shelby find Neri. Shelbyand Hauser find out that the kids are in the outback. Dianne, winston and Cass find out that their are going to the outback and know why. The local boy meets them. Jason sees PRAXIS and He goes to get Brett and Neri. Paul is on his way to pick up the boys and Neri. Paul gets there in time and Jason and Brett sees him. Jakamarra tells Jason that he was helping them. Neri gives him the Ankh to keep safe.

Episode 6

Paul gives Jason and Brett a lecture on helping Neri and getting into trouble. Agent Shelby finds out that the boys and Neri are at ORCA. Cass spotts PRAXIS at ORCA and goes to tell the boys to get Neri out. The boys goes to see PRAXIS while Cass tries to get Neri out to see. Louis sees Neri and goes to tell PRAXIS. PRAXIS goes to the bridge to close all doors for nobody to get out. Neri is then locked in and can’t get out. Dianne then unlocks the doors and Neri is able to escape. Neri goes to the pyramid and the chamber comes back. It tells Neri that she is her mother and tells her of the mission. Jason and Brett takes a lie-detector test on Neri. Winston and Cass goes to Helen to try manage the detector but they do it. Jason and Brett lie and it says they are telling the truth, so they leave. Jason, Brett, Neri goes to Paul’s farm with him. Jason still hates his father after what he has done. Neri goes outside to talk to Jason. She tells him about her mother. Paul then has to leave to go take care of some business.

Episode 7

Neri is capture from the farm by PRAXIS. Jason and Brett are back at ORCA. Trying to think of how to get her back. Praix is holding Neri captive on a boat. Neri then contacts Charlie to help her. He bumps the boat and while in the confusion, she manages to jump over board. Louis tells Jason that it was his fault that Neri was caught. The gang at ORCA find out that Neri escape. Jason and Cass discovered that PRAXIS have put a bug in Jason’s watch and that is how they knew where they were. Jason and Brett goes to see Neri at the island. She tells them that she must return to the underwater pyramid and Jason knows how. PRAXIS spotts Jason out at sea and follows him but it is Neri that is putting the transmitter on Charlie. Jason, Brett and Neri goes back to the pyramid. The hologram comes back and tells her that she is the chosen one. PRAXIS discovers that they have been following Charlie. Neri finds out that she is a real princess.

Episode 8

Jason, Brett and Neri are back at the island. Neri tells them that she wish she was not a princess because everything changed. Shersheba and Malakat finds out about Charlie and now knows how to find Neri. Neri takes the bug off of Charlie and Brett throws it over board. Jason goes to the brigde and is shock to see Shersheba there. Shersheba asks Jason all kinds of stuff and Neri. She then was to leave on a boat but gets left behind on propose. Louis meets Shersheba. Dianne advises Jason to take Shersheba out on the boat. Jason is out on the boat with Shersheba, they go down in the water and Shersheba pretends to be drowning. Neri goes and brings her up and attacks her while Malakat gets on the front of the boat. Jason hurries and starts the boat to push Malakat off. Jason then pushes Shersheba off and they relise that they are from her planet and wonder what they want. Shersheba and Malakat find the red square on the ocean that indicates the pyramid.

Episode 9

Jason and Brett tells Dianne about Shersheba. Jason goes to the island to check up on Neri. Jason tells Neri that his dad wants him to go to the farm to look after some sheep. Jason says he is not going because he wants to stay close in case she needs help. Neri tells him that she will go with him because she would like to see the sheep. Jason and Neri are at the island trying to figure out what Shersheba and Malakat wants. They figure they better go back to the pyramid tomorrow. Jason, Brett, Cass and Winston tries to remove all of the images of Neri on board of ORCA. Louis finds out what they are doing and goes to tell PRAXIS. PRAXIS goes to Helen and finds faces on everybody at ORCA. Jason and Neri are inside the pyramid when Malakat and Shersheba comes out. Neri leads Jason inside the blue shirling to where the local boy is.

Episode 10

PRAXIS and the ocean people have a meeting together. The ocean people tells them about the golden ankh. Brett phones Shelby to tell him that Shersheba and Malakat are aliens too. Shelby and Hauser spotts neri and Jason up on a cliff. They go after them but Hauser almost falls and Neri saves her. That is when Shelby captures Neri and Shersheba and Malakat arrives. Paul also arrives in the helicopter and tells them to let the girl go. They tell PRAXIS that Shersheba and Malakat are aliens too. PRAXIS says they are wrong because their people have checked them out. The local boy throws the ankh at Jason. Neri tells Jason to go that they must not have the ankh. Jason hesitates at first because he does not want to leave Neri but then his dad tells him to lets go. Jason and Paul gets in the plane and takes off.

Episode 11

Neri is brought to PRAXIS headquarters. Jason decides to hid the ankh for Neri. Agent Hauser is worried about Neri. She keeps sneaking in water for her. Jason gets a personal call from Shersheba. She shows him that they got Neri but Neri is really at PRAXIS’s headquarters. Shersheba tells Jason that if he wants Neri alive, he must bring her the ankh. PRAXIS proforms a whole bunch of test on Neri and makes her sicker. When Jason and Brett brings the egg, they find Shersheba dressed up like Neri and that they don’t have Neri at all. Malakat finds out that the ankh is a fake. Agent Hauser brings Neri outside so she can get fresh air, But the guards go after her and she tries to escape but the guards catch her. Shersheba gets Louis and he shows her where the ankh is. Shersheba goes to get the ankh but when she moves it Jason sees it on the screen and knows somebody is taking it. Shersheba takes it back to Malakat.

Episode 12

Neri is dying at PRAXIS. Brett tries to convince Jason to go after shashebia to stop them from using the ankh. Shersheba is fixing to use the ankh when Jason and Brett gets there. They put the ankh in the slot and the hologram comes alive. She tells them that the steps are not yet complete. The gang finds out where PRAXIS is. They make a plan so they can get in and get Neri out. Water starts to fill PRAXIS headquarters. Hauser tries to take Neri out safely. Jason and Brett arrives with scuba and takes Neri out. On the way back to Orca, Jason cradles a weak and Dying Neri. He is telling to to hang in there.

Episode 13

Jason carries Neri into their quarters with Brett, Dianne and Paul behind them. Dianne tells Paul he better go to get a doctor. But Jason says it is too late, that she is gone. Shersheba and Malakat find what they are missing. Dianne tells Winston what has happened. Cass and Brett are talking about how unfair it is for Neri when Louis walks in. He sees Neri and runs off, can’t believe what he has done. Cass goes after him to see what’s wrong. He tells cass about his mom dying and how he didn’t mean this to happen to Neri. Cass promises that he can help next time. Dianne and Winston talks to the boys as to what to do next. Jason says he knows what to do. Agent Hauser lies to her boss about Neri. The boss tells them to forget about Neri. Agent Hauser says she will never be able to forget so she quits. Cass tells Louis that the boys have took Neri and that her can’t help. This makes him real mad, so he goes to tell Shelby but he don’t believe him. Jason and Brett takes Neri back to the pyramid. They brought her there because they are who sent her to them. They are saying goodbye and remembering the good old times that they had. They are interupted when Shersheba and Malakat comes in. They go to put the ankh in and a square thing comes up. Shersheba is about to put her hand on it when Jason takes Neri’s hand and puts it on there instead. That makes Neri come to life and Jason is so happy. Shersheba gets mad and throws the ankh to Neri and Breaks it. The pyramid it about to come down, so jason, Brett and Neri gets out of there. They watch from outside as the pyramid breaks down. Winston and Dianne are talking about Neri when Jason and Brett come in with Neri. Dianne is so happy to see her. Jason, Brett and Neri are at the Island. Jason and Brett are saying that this is the end and Neri won but Neri thinks they are still alive. Shersheba and malakat are riding off on Camels.

Episode 14

Neri is still looking for the pyramid. She meets Jason back on the island and he tells her to forget about the pyramid. Winston is climbing a high cliff up on the island to put a sallelite, to know if someone goes to the island. Winston gets bitten by a rattle snake and falls off the mountain. ORCA gets a red allert. They have lost all power. Neri and Brett goes to find a different color flower to save Winston. Neri finds the flower and brings it back to Winston and he gets all better. Cass tries to get Helen to communicate and it works. Jason tells Neri to forget about the pyramid. Mera finds out that there is no cure for the red virus on her planet. Cass sees that a signal is coming from deep space.

Episode 15

Jason, Brett and Neri goes to the farm because it is Jason’s Birthday. While going there, she sees a girl in a long white dress. Paul needs to leave for a while on business. Jason, Brett and Neri goes horse riding. They redid Helen. Neri meets the girl and she tells Neri that danger is coming. They are interupted by Jason, who came to see how she is doing. Emma tells Neri about the danger. They then hear a horse that is about to give birth. A lamp falls in the burn and starts a fire. Neri tells Emma to put it out, She hesitates at first but then succeeds. Jason and Brett goes to check on Neri, but she is gone. They then find her in the burn. Paul comes back for Jason’s party. Paul and his friend tells then the story about Emma. Everybody on Neri’s island goes against Mera.

Episode 16

Jason goes to the island and finds Neri worried. Jason tells her to come back to ORCA. Cass, Brett and Winston tries to explain to Helen what laughter and a secret is. Brett gives Neri her new ID card while she is on ORCA. Some ocean people goes after Neri under the sea. Jason and Brett spotts this and goes to help her. Some people gives Mera the ankh and tells her to take it to Neri. Neri tells Jason that the pyramid is returning.

Episode 17

Neri tells Jason that the pyramid is back and that it don’t feel good anymore. Jason goes back to ORCA to see what it is like. Helen tells them that it will be dangerous. Shersheba and Malakat knows Mera is going back to earth with the golden ankh. Louis is showing the new kid around ORCA. While jason, Brett and Neri are talking about Louis, Neri sees a bright light in the sky. She tells Jason that it is a space craft. So, Jason, Brett and Neri goes out to see who it is. They find Mera and she is being attacked by ocean people. But, they seem to get away. Back on the island, She tells them of the red virus and the golden ankh. Jason, Brett, Mera and Neri goes to the island to hid the ankh. PRAXIS has put a scanning device to keep track of the craft. The ocean people are back in the pyramid. PRAXIS is going to reopen the investigation.

Episode 18

Jason and Brett goes to the island and tells them about PRAXIS. Agent Shelby and Agent Hauser are partners again. Winston programs Helem with everything she should know about pyramids. Neri tells Mera all about their mother. Ilona, Hauser and Louis are talking about pyramids that Louis heard Winston told Helen. Hauser askes Helen about Pyramids. Helen tells them about the under water pyramid. Brett goes to warn Neri that PRAXIS knows about the pyramid.

Episode 19

Jason is ordered to take Agent Shelby to see the pyramid. Jason and Shelby goes out in the minifin to see the pyramid. When they are out there, they see some of the commandos. But, the commandos shoot them to make the minifin go down. It takes a while to get the minifin up and running again. Shersheba and the commandos search Neri’s island but didn’t find anything. Shersheba has a spy on ORCA.

Episode 20

Neri tells Jason and Brett that she must go to the pyramid. She thinks they can reach a agreement. Jason comes up with a plan. Jason and Brett goes to the pyramid to talk to Shersheba and Malakat. Jason tells them that Neri wants to talk to Malakat along and Jason will be there. If they do that, she will hand over the egg. But, Shersheba has to be in on the plan, too. So while Neri and Malakat are talking, Mera and Brett will hold Shersheba hostage. Cass and WInston found out that PRAXIS is going to destroy everything including everyone else. Hauser and Cass found out that Ilona’s cabin has used more water than any other cabin there. Ilona is sick of being a spy because she is being fine with the earth people. Neri meets with Malakat but it all don’t turn out good. They then take Mera hostage. Neri has to give them the ankh or Mera with die. Neri has to choose either the ankh or to save her sister.

Episode 21

Neri is still trying to choose. Mera is still being held hostage without any water. Brett and Paul have a talk with the president of the golden union to help them with their case. The attack on the pyramid had been supended for now. Ilona is caught by Agent Hauser. Hauser, Winston and Cass talks about Ilona being an alien spy. Mera finds a way through the pyramid. Shersheba puts the red virus in the ocean and poison Charlie, which upsets Neri.

Episode 22

Charlie is dying. Ilona tells the people at ORCA everything about the red virus and other stuff. Neri meets with Shersheba to ask why she is doing this. Shersheba tells her if she would have given her the ankh, none of this would have happened. Louis sees Neri and Jason, now he knows she is still alive. He goes to tell PRAXIS but they don’t believe him. Neri wants to take the ankh to Malakat, so that war could be stopped. Jason goes to the pyramid to talk to Shersheba and Malakat. Jason tells them that Neri will bring the ankh if they let Mera go and to stop the virus.

Episode 23

Brett, Cass and all of the kids are being sent to land. But, Brett and Cass stays behind because they know Jason and Neri are in trouble. Jason and Neri are going to be going to the pyramid even after Winston told them that PRAXIS will be launching the Nuclear Tropedo any time. Shelby and everyone else finds out that Ilona and her mother are aliens. Winston finds out the the commandos did not leave the pyramid. PRAXIS target the pyrmaid and is about to shoot fire. Neri is about to put the ankh in when Shersheba and Malakat comes in. The Tropedo is about to be lauched and Neri, jason and Mera gets out of there fast. Dianne tries to turn the countdown off but Helen won’t listen. But she does after a while and won’t tell them why. Shersheba puts the ankh in and turns it. Back at the island, Charlie is well and alive.

Episode 24

Malakat does not have a cure for the virus. Cass and Brett brings food to Ilona’s cabin. the pyramid has performed a cure for the virus. Shersheba cures the virus in the ocean. Neri tells Jason about the virus being cure. Neri finds out that the virus has return stronger and more powerful. Neri goes to the pyramid and gets caught but she escapes.

Episode 25

Jason takes a blood test from Charlie so Dianne can find out why he got well. The commandos are on ORCA. Shersheba captures Jason. Jason gives his mother the blood sample from Charlie. But, Dianne can’t get to the lab, so she tells Brett and Cass how to do everything, So they go instead. Shersheba is amost finguring out that Malakat does not care for her and that he want’s all the power. Shersheba and Ilona goes to the pyramid with the cure to get the red virus away. Shersheba goes back to her own planet to get help. Neri says she is the only on to destroy the pyramid. But, she has to do be inside of the pyramia when it happens.

Episode 26

Neri says goodbye to Mera. Agent Shelby and Hauser are walking when they spott Neri. They go to the top when Neri tells them to bring her to Jason and Mother. Neri tells everyone what she must do. They try to talk her out of it, but they can’t change her mind. Jason says he is going to go with her because she is not going to go alone. Shersheba finds Neri’s mother frozen on their planet. Louis tells everyone what Malakat is planning on doing to ORCA. Neri askes Helen about the Pyramid. She tells Neri of a room where she can get in the pyramid. Neri and Jason sneaks out. They fly to Eypt to get in. Neri tells Jason that this is where they say goodbye. Jason tells her that she is not going to go alone. The local boy tells them that he is right. That someone has to go with them. Neri and Jason are in the pyrmaid and sees Malakat. Neri and Jason goes to push it down to destroy the pyramid. Just before, Shalamorn appears with Shersheba, Ilona and Mera. Malakat is taken away. Brett, Cass, Paul, Dianne, Winston, Mera, Ilona and Jason are at the pyramid for Shalamorn to crown princess Neri. Back on the island, Neri, Jason, Brett, Mera and Shalamorn are discussing the future. Neri is to remain here on earth to get the two worlds together. Jason is happy with this and so is Charlie. Jason says he is real happy and they kiss.