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Undersea Warrior

Prologue: It’s ben 12 years since Neri has taken up the role of Princess of her peaple. Neri, Meri, Jason and Brett now live on Neri’s Home planet, the move wasn’t easy for the brothers, but they’v gotten used to it. Neri and Jason have married, and now have a 10 year old daughter. Ther daugther Dianne, named after the boy’s mother has the urges to explore and adventure as her mother did when she lived on earth. However, due to the changes, Neri dosn’t really like the idea of her daughter out exploreing, since she’s now and heir. Meanwhile, back on earth, events are un-folding. A younge man named Aurone, bearly in his 20’s is plotting his freedome. Lied to about what is really going on with what he was undergoing, he wish’s nothing more then to be allon. A new adventure is about to start, for both the daughter of Ocean Girl, and the Undersea Warrior.

Dianne stormed into her room, still furiouse. “I don’t see why I can’t go out allone!” Neri not far behind marched in. “I’v told you Dianne, your too important to risk your life, not just to me and daddy. Your and heir to a throne that will be of great importance.” Dianne was confused. Her mother always explored when she was little. She whanted to as well. “I whant to live like you did, go on adventures and have fun” said Dianne. “Look honey, I lived like that cause I had too” said Neri “it wasn’t an easy life, your a princess” Dianne staired at her mother with furiouse eyes “maby I’d be better of not being a princess at all.” “Maby I don’t whant to be a princess, maby I don’t whant to be your princess.” Neri felt the rage lift within her, she had just about had it with her daughter. “Maby I should drop you off on earth, make you live allon and fine out just how much you’d enjoy it!” screamed Neri. “It’d be great with out you, cause you wouldn’t be there!” screamed back Dianne. Neri was speechless, she simply turned arround and left the room, slamming the door shut. Dianne sat on her bed, still angry.

“You really should give her a break” said Meri.

“Not now Meri” awnserd Neri.

Meri simply let her walk away before returning to her dutys. Jason was waiting in ther room for Neri. “Another fight honey?” Neri toulk of her crown and sat on a seat not far from the bed. “Why dosn’t she understand, she can’t take risks like I did” said Neri "she needs to be carefull, she needs to learn responsibilitys, she needs—

“Neri, she just turned 10” Interupted Jason.

Neri sighed and got up to walk over to Jason. “It’s just so different from when I lived on the island and you lived on the ORCA” said Neri as she sat down next to him. She leaned into him as she always does as he said under his breath “things will be ok, I promise.”

Brett knocked, then walked in as they said come. “something weird’s going on at earth” said Brett “I was in contact with mom, untell some emergency signals cut through” Jason looked at him funny “what kind of emergency?” Brett looked at the paper, he wrote ast he listend “Something about the the Unders..War…Escaped…Important Infom…” Neri look’d between the brothers “must of ben static and in a hurry” she said.

Aurone ran as fast as he could. The Security from the lab wher onto him. As he ran down through the dessert, he felt weakness come through him. He needed water. He still ran as fast as he could. Some Security had doubled arround and cought up with him. They unsheathed ther night sticks and ran towards him. He started dodge the swinging and blocking them. He doged one in a way that made a guard hit another one and take him out. He quickly hit a clubing blow to another in the back of his head, taking him out. Ther wher 3 more, charging him in a row. He got on the side of one of the right and did a hard punch into his body, knocking him back into the other 3.

After the guards wher taken care of again, he continued his run. Finnaly he saw water. His gills needed it. He spun arround to see a jeep with more security. He quickly spun arround and ran for the beach.

“Run him down” said one of the men in the jeep to the driver.

The jeep kicked into high gear and speeded towards Aurone. He still kept running, but with little water in his gills and since he wasn’t exactly a small guy, he was slowing down. As he ran down the hill, he saw some kind of abandion mine shat or something with bords over it. It was his only chance, he knew cause of the hill the men wouldn’t see it. Aurone ran arround it and down the beach. The Jeep when flying down the hill. The men saw the hole, except the driver.

“Stop Stop Stop!” screamed the men, but it was too late. The front left wheel broke through the boreds and jamed the vehicle into the hole. It had a winch, but nothing to tie it on too.

Aurone looked arround and saw tht it worked. He turned again and ran for the ocean.

The men got out of the truck. “Let’s go after him” one shouted. “ther’s no point, he’s in his own inviorment now, no way we could get him.”

Aurone swame, his cloths weighed him down a little, he knew he would have to find something more easyer to swim in. He felt the relief of his gills filled with water as he swam farther out to sea.

Dianne crept sillently through the ermegency escape root. She rememberd a shuttle going to Earth to check up on the temple there. She kept muttering under her breath “I’ll show you mommy, I’ll show you I can be as adventuras as you and still be ok.” She finnaly got to the ship, it was set to take off in the mourning. She checked, verry little peaple, she could easily sneak in. She got onbored and found a hiding place, little did she know, she droped her neckless in under the controll panel. She stayed put then, ready for a new adventure.

“Incompetent, louzy fools!”

The Security Guards stood in a row taking the punishment from the Dr. Umurn. She was known to be one of the best scientists, and one of the shortest tempers.

“The Undersea Warrior project is my life’s goal, I’v whanted this, and you tell me he’s escaped with all the data?!” She screamed.

“Dr. if I may–”

“Shut up!”

She turned arround and looked at her other experments, she had worked on controlling other sealife, dolphins, sharks, squides and other sutch life. “I could of easily of goten this done back home, if only Malakat hadn’t ben so stubbern, I’d…” the Security started to look between each other. She looked back at them “GET OUT!”

The Security Guards left, leaving Dr. Umurn allon. She looked out her window. “I made you Aurone, and I will Destroy you.”

Dianne smiled as she heard them leave, she immidently left the temple and starte to swim. She wasn’t a princess anymore in her eyes. She was like her mother before she was given a crown. She swame all arround, looking at the different fish. She was having the time of her life. She swam all arround. As she neird a cave, she stoped. Out came a weird long fish with sharp teeth. She didn’t know what it was, but it didn’t look friendly. It started towards her trying to bite at her. She swam as fast as she could avoiding it. It finnaly left her allone, she relaxed, untell she was ingulfed in a shadow. She looked up and saw a large fish. She had heard about them, Sharks, one of the most dangerouse and feard fish on earth. she swam in one direction and kept going, then looked back to see it was tailing her. She swam faster, whent down a side of the riefe to avoide it. She wasn’t having fun anymore.

She swam upwords towards the surface. She saw the shark slowly coming into her her. Fear ingulfed Dianne, she whanted mommy, she whante daddy.

Suddenly the Shark turned arround and left. She felt confused, untell she turned arround. Ther was a giant creature. She didn’t know what it was. The fear was so much, she fainted. Little did she know, it was Neri’s old friend, Charley. He lifted her up with his giant snout and started to lead her to the island that was the home of Neri.

Brett and Meri wher searching all over. Dianne was no where to be found. “She better be hiding somewhere, before Neri die’s of a heartattack” said Brett. “Or worse” said Meri “the last time Neri and Dianne talked, they got into a huge fight.”

Meanwhile, Jason comforted Neri.

“It’ll be ok, I promise” Said Jason, although he was just like her on the inside, scared to death.

Tears rolled down Neri’s face “I was too hard on her, she ran away cause of me, it’s all my fault.” Jason wraped his arms arround her.

Shalamorn, Neri’s and Meri’s mother had talked to Jason and Brett allon earlyer. She had her Peaple doing a planet wide search. If anything happend to Dianne, this would be a dagger strait though Neri’s heart.

Dianne woke up from her dream world. All she rememberd was a giant creature before she fade to black. She looked arround, it was the middle of the day. She was someplace, ther was green tree’s behind her. She started to miss her home, she regreted getting into a fight with her mother. She rememberd back on the storys of her on earth, how she was hunted by scientists, how she made a friend with a large animal and—


It hit her, that was Charley. The Humbackwhale Charley saved her. She stood up and looked at the ocean. “Thank you Charley!” she screamed. She turned arround and thought “Could this be the island mommy lived at.” She turned arround and started walking into the forrest of the island.

Elsewhere on the Island, Aurone had made himself at home. He found some of Neri’s old cloths, the one’s she had on when she lived allone. He also found a needle she must of used. He conformed them into an outfit of his own choosing: a sleavless shirt, shorts that hang just over his knees, and somewhat of a kilt, he may be on an island and on the run, but he still had his own fashion of choice. He still wore his large boots had a weird some kind of glove straped arround his left arm, from his palm to his elbow. And a dogtag with the words “Project: Undersea Warrior”.

He had made some vines to hang in a way so his upper body would be half in the water facing up, while the rest of him was on land. he needed a steady balance of air and water.

Dianne ran through the forrest. She thought she might be able to find something of her mothers. As she ran she triped over something and landed hard.

Aurone felt something andpulled himself up. He saw a little girl. She instantly got scared and ran.

Aurone got himself situeated and started after her. Dianne ran for her life. She didn’t relise she was making the same mistake that her aunt Meri made. As she ran, she triped and stumbled. She grabed onto a branch on a nerby tree, hanging over jagid rocks below the cliff. She tried to pull herself up, but the branch snaped, she started fall down the cliff and—

Aurone had managed to grab her hand in time. He instantly pulled up to safty. She layed on the ground and started to cry. “I whant to go home” She weeped. Aurone turned his attention to her “who are you?”

“Ok, let me get this strait kid, your an alien princess, your mom used to live here, and you came her on your own?”

“Yes” She said “And my name is Dianna” They sat on the beach, she used a stick to do drawings in the sand. “what’s your name?” she asked. He mutterd out “Aurone.” She gigled “that’s a funny name” He gave her a serouse look. She stoped immidently.

“So why are you on this island?” She asked

He hesitated, but then told her “I’m on the run from some bad peaple, they lied to me, and gave me thes” pointed to his gills on his neck.

She got up, “can I stay here with you?” she asked. “no” he said as he got up and turned. “Why not not” she asked"

“I whant to be allon” he said as he walked into the forrest.

He had gotten some fruit and berrys for dinner, the sun was setting. As he was about to feast, Dianne came up wearing an outfit similer to his. “How do I look?” Aurone arched a brow “how’d you find that?” She turned slowly showing it off. “I found it under some rocks, I think it was my moms.”

“Please Mister Aurone–”

“Just Aurone”

“Please Aurone, I have no where else to go. I’m affraid to go out on my own”

Aurone ran his fingers through his long hair in frustraition. He debated in his head untell finnaly “Fine kid, you can stay”

She got up and cheered. “But I’m in charge, if I tell you not to do something you don’t, you only leave this island with me, you got it?”

“Yes Sir”

They started to each together. In his head though, Aurone was thinking “I know I’m gonna regret this.”

Dianna pulled herself up on the vines to the top of the tree, it was viseble that it was used by someone to sleep at. Aurone got himself in place with his vine like bed, his gills in the water and his mouth open to air. She looked down at him, “Can we go to the Ocean tomorrow?”

“Sure, a little swim never hurt anyone” he said.

“Great, I can’t wait to see Charley again, good night” She said as she laid down to sleep.

He started to relaxe and fall asleep, untell…“Who’s Charley?”

Prologue: 2 weeks have no passed since Aurone and Dianne have met. They’v grown used to each other and have started a steady way of living on the island. They’v gone to see Charley every other day and Dianne’s even mannaged to speak with him. Aurone, however, still remaines secretive and quiet, Dianne still wonders what his glove on his left hand is ment for. Dianne’s family back on ther home planet have started to fear the worst. Neri bearly speaks and is practicly in depression, Jason hasn’t ben himself and erupts easily, while Brett and Meri try and remain confident that Dianne’s fine, for everyone’s sake. Meanwhile, Dr. Umurn has hired some of the best Bounty Hunters she can find. She also has ben prepairing her other experements for feild use agains Aurone and any allys he might make. Old History’s are about to be revealed, fear’s will be ended, and destiny takes us forward another step.

Jason helped Neri out of ther bedroom. “Come on hun” said Jason “whatever it is, it’s importent.” Neri moved quitly and slowly, no emotion on her face at all. Jason walked at the same pace, he hoped this was importent, he wasn’t in the mood for small things. Shalamorn, Meri, and Brett came running down the hall, Meri with something in her hand. “We found this” She said as she offerd it to Jason. Jason toulk it in his hand, both of them expressed shock, it was Diannes necklesse. “Were’d you find it” Asked Neri. Brett looked between Shalomorn and Meri, then said “It was on a ship, we checked where it whent and…it whent to Earth the day it left, to check on the Pyramid.”

“She whent to earth” Neri said.

Jason looked Neri “she know’s how to swim, if they found her, she would taken care of.”

“Don’t worry” said Brett “we got a ship waiting, we’ll be dropped off back home, Meri and I will look” Jason put his hand on his shoulder “I’m counting on you” he said.

Meri walked over to Neri “I’ll find her, you have my word” Neri pulled in her sister and hugged her tight.

“You know, here’s an island, maby we should check it.”

2 men sat ther looking at a map. They sat on a ship searching the water, they’re names where Tom and Jake. “It’s scary isn’t it, that woman made a real life gill man” said Jake"

Tom replied “don’t worry, our job isn’t to worry about it, it’s to capture him, and hopefully, we don’t find him soon, cause we are getting paid by the day, plus when we capture him”

Both men laughed “we’ll check out the island tommorow or the next day.”

Dianne sat on the beach under the stars. She looked up wondering were her planet was in all them. She started to feel lonely. She was enjoying her self on the Island, and she had enjoyed Aurone’s secreteve and silent company. Aurone walked up from behind

“It’s not smart to be out here late you know” He said. She didn’t say anything, he looked up at the stars then looked back down at her “you miss your family don’t you?” Dianne noded and said “you don’t have any family do you, you seem like the kind of persion who wouldn’t whant any ether”

Aurone walked over to her side and kneeled down to her level. “Ther…was someone” he said “she was like a sister to me, even though we where both foster kids. But due to…weird events, I never saw her again.”

Dianne looked over at him “your lucky, when my parents find me, they’re gonna yell at me for running away, I got into a fight with mom before I left”

She started to cry, Aurone sighed, he wasn’t used to this kind of thing, but he figured he’d try and help her out. “Look Dianne” he said “I may not have had one whole family, but I do know this, if a mother and father care about ther child, they’re willing to forget about all the hardships and show that they care. Do you think your mother would find you and yell at you, showing how angry she is, or hold you, showing that she still cares?”

Dianne looked at him “you’v never ben this kind before” Aurone looked away “and I’m not most of the time, so don’t get used to it.” Dianne smiled, maby she could still get some emotion out of him, make him happy.

“It’s late” said Aurone “let’s head back for now”

Brett and Meri landed a rubber boat on the island, they had got a large boat that was in the ownership of Brett’s and Jason’s Mother’s, Dianne, it was anchored off shore. Brett and Meri walked onto the beach, both looking arround, remembering the old days. “Are we here to look for Dianne or do you whant to feel like you did when you where younge” Asked Brett.

Meri looked at him “you don’t think she might of made it here?”

Brett responded “well, what are the chances?”

Meri sighed then said “what if Dianne had inherited more from Neri then just her spirit, what if she met Charley, what if she found here way here, her mother’s old home.”

Brett looked arround “that could happen, alright, lets look”

They walked through the forrest of the island, Meri was ahead of Brett. Brett looked away as he walked, as he looked back and Meri, he shouted “look out!”

Meri slamed chin first into a large branch. Stumbled back and Brett came to her aid. “You alright?” he asked. She responded “yeah” Brett looked between Meri and the branch and laughed. “what’s so funny?” She asked. “That’s the exact same branch you hit your head on when you and I where walking and you had trouble getting used to the island” he said. She looked back at it and relised it was, then laughed “It is”

Brett looked arround “we know this island, let’s split up and look.” Meri noded and got up, both heading ther own direction. Brett walked through the bush’s and trees. He heard something. As he came arround a corner, he suddenly was in the path of a large younge man, wearing cloths made from the island. Aurone wasn’t sure who this stranger was, and wasn’t about to trust him. Brett walked up to him and said “who are y–”

With out warning, Aurone grabed Brett by the arm and slamed him into a tree back first. Brett screamed as he got slamed. He then lifted him up off the ground an flew him down with a large slam. As Brett hit the ground hard, Aurone stould over him, watching and waiting. Suddently, someone had jumpe onto his back and tried to put Aurone in somewhat of a headlock. Meri, with her arms around his throught, tried to give Brett and openint. Aurone reached pa nd grabed Meri by the hair.

With 1 hard tug, he sent her flying off of him and into the bush’s. He turned his attenchion to Meri. He started at her untell he got a good look at her face. Meri watched as he stoped. She found him familer, but she couldn’t remember. Aurone rememberd though, he though in his head “it’s her, it’s–”

He suddenly fell to the ground. Brett had found a large stick and slammed him in the back of the head. Aurone turned arround, he head acking from the hit. Brett got down ontop of him and tried to press the large stick onto his throught and hold him down. Aurone tried to fight it off.

“Stop it”

Everyone looked over and saw Dianne standing there. “Dianne! Stay Back”! Screamed Meri. “But that’s my friend Aurone” Brett and Meri looked at her with a weird look. “He’s ben protecting me” said Dianne.

Brett got up off Aurone and disposed of the stick. Meri walked over to dianne and hugged her. Dianne huged back “Aunt Meri…” she said.

Brett looked at Aurone holding his arm from the fight

Aurone mutterd out “Sorry”

“So Charley found you huh?” asked Meri

Brett and Meri sat in an opening with Dianne. Aurone sat leaning into a tree facing them. Dianne looked at them both “Aurone protected me as well, he’s a warrior”

“Is that his fantasy he plays?” Brett joked.

Aurone glaired at Brett “If I recall, you where being beaten like a rag doll earlyer by me, keep talking and we’ll continue”

Brett stayed silent, as Dianne asked “is anyone else with you?” Meri looked at her and said “nope it’s just us.”

Aurone leaned forward “your here allone?”

Brett and Meri looked at him, Meri saying “Yeah why?”

Aurone got onto his feet and looked through the tree’s. The rest got up and looked at him “What’s wrong” asked Diane. Aurone let out a “shh”. As they listend they heard “…we better find this guy fast, that Dr. Umurn was shouting her lungs out on the radio.”

Aurone turned arround and looked at them. “Get out of here” he said “they’re hired by Dr. Umurn, they’re after me.”

Dianne broke through them “you can’t go fight them, you might get cought” Aurone looked at the 3 of them “this is my problem, I need to face it.” Meri walked up to Aurone “you fight on this island, you’ll attract more danger, it meens more to us then I think you relise.” Aurone looked at her “I’m not gonna run” Dianne grabed Aurone by his hand “please…”

Aurone looked at the 3 of them “…what do you got in mind?” he asked. Meri looked arround “hide…there, Brett and I will through them off, Dianne you hide with him” Aurone sighed as he walked and layed down behind some thick heavy bush’s with Dianne. Meri and Brett heard them get closer. “Now what” whisperd Brett. Meri grabed onto Brett and tripped him, her falling ontop of him.

Jake and Tom walked through the forrest with cuffs, a net, and pepper spray, waiting for anything. The walked side by side, untell Tom looked right, and stoped them both.

Meri looked over at them from ontop of Brett. “Excuse me” she said “but we’re trying to be allone right now”. Jake and Tom looked between each other “oh…we’re, looking for a lost fugative, he wears a weird glove on his left arm, dog tag, his name is Aurone, seen him?”

Brett sat up a little, Meri, getting off of him. “this is our island, we come here and all the time, and don’t share it with anyone. And that includes you.” Jake looked at Tom “lets get out of here”

Meri and Brett watched them leave, Aurone and Dianne walked up behind them. “Bounty Hunters” said Aurone “Dr. Umurn really misses me”

Jason came running into the room with Neri and Shalamorn. “We’re getting something from Brett and Meri” All 3 of them hurried to the Communication’s room. “Jason, are you there?” said Brett through the signal. “We’re Here” said Jason.

“We found her” said Brett. Brett sighed with reliefe “where is she?” asked Jason? Brett chuckeld a few times then said “Your not gonna believe this, she’s on Neri’s old island.” Neri did something she hadn’t done in a long time, she smiled saying "Smart little girl.

“Something else though” Said Brett “she’s not allone, she’s been with someone named Aurone, and well…he’s like Neri and Meri, but he’s not one of them.” Jason asked “is he trust worthy?” Brett said “well…he’s being hunted by some woman named Dr. Umurn. You and Neri better get down here, things will make more sence, and come allone.”

Shalamorn interupted and said “they’re leaving right away”

Neri and Jason stould on the beach. Neri felt so much better for some reason, being back on her old island. Neri started walking towards the jungel, Jason looking out at the ocean before fallowing behind her. As Neri was just about to walk into the tree’s, she looked ahead and saw Dianna standing there. Jason saw them and stould still.

Neri slowly steped forward to Dianna. “Dianna…” she said as she slowly walked. Dianna started to cry, then ran straiting into Neri’s arms as tears rolled down her face “I’m sorry mommy, I’m sorry for everything.” Neri smiled as she also started to cry “I’m sorry too, I’m sorry”

Jason walked up. Dianna moved from Neri to Jason and hugged him. “I missed you daddy” she said. “I’v missed you to honey”

Jason and Neri smiled, untell the looked ahead and saw someone in the distance. This must of ben Aurone, standing there as Brett and Meri walked up to him. Dianna looked arround and saw him, then said “this is Aurone.”

Dr. Umurn stould over the giant pool with the fish inside. “How’s it coming?” She asked. Her assistent walked up and said “running great mame, pretty soon we could start work on having them work as at team.” “Exelent” she said. She left the pool area and whent into some of the labs.

“Any luck with Aurone yet?” she asked. The scientist looked at her, one said “not yet, some of the bounty hunters are just waiting and making money off of ther daily pay.”

“I see” she said “prepair the predatorial fish, when we find him, he’s had any allys helping them, they’ll make great test subjects for them.”

Aurone stould at his own fire on the beach, the rest of them had a fire started further down. He staired into the flames as his mind wonderd, untell he saw them approch. Neri and Meri had changed into outfits like the had when they lived allone on the island, while Jason and Brett changed into more earth like cloths.

“Thank you” said Jason “for taking care of her.” “I almost left her on the beach and hoped a low plane or a boat saw her” said Aurone “I whanted to be allone on this island, and have the world blocked away.”

Neri looked at him “but a part of you had to help her.”

Meri looked at his gills on his neck “how’d you get thoughs?”

Aurone resisted, but then decided to tell. “Since I was an orphan and failed to succed with any familys, and had no attachments with anyone, they talked me into undergoing a new surgery. I was to the step for humanity to move to the oceans forever. Humans would live underwater and breath under it, there by elemenating the oxygent problem, and fighting for land would decrease…that’s what they told me.”

He pulled off his dog tag from arround his neck and tossed it at Jason. Jason cought it and looked at it “Project: Undersea Warrior…Millitary?” he asked. Aurone’s eyes moved over to them “I know the hunting habbits of some of the most dangerouse fish on this planet. All Dr. Umurn talked about was how she couldn’t pull this off back at her home. Someday, she’ll pay, I promise you that.”

“What’s with the glove?” asked Neri

Aurone un-did it, and pulled it off, his palm to just below his elbow was coverd in 3rd degree burns. “What happend?” asked Brett. Aurone sighed as he looked at his arm, “a fire broke out in one of many homes I’v lived in. I tried to save something precouse to me, a large wooden cross, it had all my orrigenel family’s names carved into it. I didn’t save it and these burns re a constent reminder of my history.”

Meri’s mouth droped “Auron Cylabus”.

Neri, Jason, and Brett all looked between them. “I was wondering how long tell you remember Jane” Said Aurone. “Jane left this world when I found out the truth about my past”

“Wait a minute” said Jason “you 2 know each other?”

“We shaired a foster Family once” said Meri “and we where practicly brother and sister.” “And then you left and I was allone after that. After you left I practicly destoryed that family’s lifes for making you leave, I guess it’s fate, we’re more alike then ever now” said Aurone. He then got up and left,heading into the jungle.

All eyes turned on Meri. “We where at a fancy dinner” said Meri “I hadn’t had water on me in a while, I just needed it, so I dunk my head in a fountain. I told them I felt like I was suffocating, but they didn’t believe me and for making them look bad, I left.” Jason and Brett looked at each other. Neri asked “when was this?” Meri looked away at the ocean “7 months before I met all of you. We were so happy. I missed him for so long. I forgot about him after meeting you guys.”

Dianna walked up “I’m tired.” Neri smiled “cause it’s late hunny, lets head back for some sleep”

“What’re you doing?” Asked Brett.

“I still have lungs” said Aurone “I can hold my breath and use my gills in water for a good 12 hours, and vice versa with my gills seeled shut. I’m yet to work out sleep, so I need water and air at the same time.”

As Aurone got himself in his vines, Brett set up some blow up Mattresses. “Meri and I will sleep down here, you 3 can have up there.” said Brett. Jason and nodded, and him and Neri climbed up the tree where she sleeped, they watched and where impressed as Dianna climbed up.

As they layed down, Dianna asked “Mommy, I don’t know why you ever left this island.” Neri smiled and said “You know what, nether do I” They smiled, then layed down to rest, all 6 of them falling asleep.

Prologue: Neri and her family have now ben on the island for 5 days. Neri, Meri, Jason, and Brett are feeling as if they where younge, hidding on the island, no responcebilitys. Brett and Jason have gone to see ther mother a couple of times, Neri meanwhile has spent much of her time with Dianna and Charley. Meri and Aurone have slowly talked and cought up on things. While they live happily, Dr. Umurn has gone out herself to start searching for Aurone, on bored her large boat, with labs, nets, and cages, all for experements. She’s researched the area and found documents of past problems with a scientest named Hellegren, she couldn’t find what he was looking for specificly or what all happend, but she knows that some trouble came from the ORCA. She now has men waiting, and her controlled sealife has ben proven ready. The Moment of truth is about to come, Aurone, Dianna, Neri, Meri, Jason and Brett all have to face the enemy that stands before them, and no one can say who will come out standing and who will fall.

Aurone walked through the forrest. He couldn’t find anyone else. As he walked, he searched through the tree’s. It wasn’t normely this silent. As he walked, he looked everywhere, he whanted to call out, but due to the strange silence, he figured that wouldn’t be the best idea. He then head in the direction of one of the beachs.

As he walked out onto the sand. He heard a scream “GET BACK!” He looked down the beach and saw men with Brett, Jason, Meri, and Neri, all tied together, another hold Dianna. He wisperd “no…” then suddenly he fell down onto the sand hard.

As the large security men held him down, he tried to fight out. “Well well, Aurone, still a fighter I see” Aurone knew that voice. “Umurn!” he screamed. “Thank you so much Aurone” she said “for the new experements, I don’t need to make gills, I’ll just figure out how these girls do it.”

They then lifted up Aurone off the sand and held him up for Dr. Umurn. She walked saying “I no longer need you Aurone, you serve no other purpose in life, so I guess you don’t need life now.” She pulled his head back by his hair and opend his gills, forcing the water out of them. He fought hard to get out, but the water was leaving fast, he started to lose strength. He could bearly hear Dianna scream in the distance.

Aurone’s eyes flew open and he looked all arround. He saw the darkness of the night. He looked over and saw Meri and Brett sleeping not far from him. He then looked up and saw Neri’s hand hanging over the tree where she slept.

Aurone roled his eyes back as he sighed in reliefe. “A dream…” he said as his heart slowly stopped racing. Aurone got up and left them, he didn’t whant to sleep anymore. He walked out to the beach and saw that the sun was bearly coming up. It was gonna be day soon and Brett and Jason where gonna get them all on the ORCA. He sat ther deep in thought.

“So you and Aurone knew each other when you where little?” asked Dianna. Meri smiled “yep, he’s like a brother too me.” Brett inerupted “Speaking of Aurone, he’s ben weird today. And not in his usual sence.”

Jason looked arround, he was stering the mothers boat, all of them had changed into cloths more fitting for the ORCA. Dianna, Jason and Brett’s Mother, where waiting for them there. “Something’s wrong with him, I’ll talke to him” said Neri and she whent down too look for him in the cabbans. “I can’t wait to see my other grandmother in persion finnaly” Said Dianna. Jason smiled “She can’t wait to see you ether”

Neri walked into the room, Aurone sat there on the bed just stairing into nothing, holding a plastic bag with some documents he stole when he escaped. “What’s wrong” Asked Neri. Aurone looked over at her “why did you not leave?” he asked. Neri walked over and sat next to him. “you not whant me arround?” she asked. “It dosn’t make sence” He said “you’v ben hunted before, by scientests, by agents, even by some of your own peaple, yet you still stay here, and endanger yourself and your family.”

“We’re all here Aurone cause we all would risk it for the same reason.” Said Neri “we face the danger with you cause we’re told in our hearts, it’s what to do.” Aurone looked at her “but you had to risk your family in the proccess? Not to mencion your royalty.” “I may be Royalty” said Neri “But I was a creature of the ocean long before I had a crown, and my family would also risk it for you. You toulk care of Dianna for a long time, she looks too you for it. And your one of the best things to happend to Meri when she lived on this planet before she met me. We whant to help for all you’v done for us”

Aurone looked beyond her at Brett. “We’re just about at the ORCA” he said. “We’ll be there” said Neri. Neri got up and walked out. Aurone felt strange, he wasn’t sure if he’s found something he whants now. He got up and head up as well.

Dr. Umurn stould on her boat with binoculers, stairing at the top of the ORCA. “There you are Aurone” she said “I’v finnaly found you.” She watched as she saw his companions “so you’v made some friends, now nice and swe—” she looked closer “it can’t be, Shalamorns daughters?”

She looked harder “that must be Shalmorns grandaughter, she could be of some use to me as well.”

Dr. Umurn got onto the intercome and said “New plan, ther’s a child with them, 10 maby, I whant her captured as well, with Aurone.”

She heard some of the men go “got it” “Sure thing” “whatever you say”

She then looked back, they had gone under.

“So that’s how it works” said Brett, reading the papers Aurone had brought “she managed to combine salt water gills with fresh water gills, half and half. Geniuse” Aurone looked at him “I wouldn’t call her a Geniuse, more of obssessive and insane.”

Dianna, the older one, sat ther, watching him eat “you should really slow down on that jerky.” “give me a break” said Aurone “I’v had nothing but berrys, fruits, and fish on that island, I need this.” Jason laughed “you sound like Meri when she first whent there” Neri looked over at Dianna as she walked in “just what have you ben doing?” “It’s a secret mommy” said Dianna"

Aurone looked up “It’s quite” Meri looked at him “yeah well, peace and quite could do us some good”

“Wait…” said Jason “The ORCA wasn’t always THIS quit.” They all looked arround “I think we should leave a little early” sugested Aurone. “I think your right” said Brett. Brett handed over the papers to his mother “keep these hidden somplace safe” Dianna noded “you better now.”

They all left the room and walked down the halls, something wasn’t right, they where empty. It was only the mid afternoon. They continued untell Aurone stoped them. “Wait here” he said. He slowly walked down the hall, carefully. He walked up to a door with something infront of it. A pair of glasses. He kneeled down to them. Suddenly, the door behind him flung open. Aurone quickly got ont his feet and turned arround, out came a man with a large metal pipe.

With out warning the door with the glasses infront of them swung open and out came another man. He quickly wraped a chain arround Aurones neck. Aurone still managed to grap onto the led pipe and hold it from being used against him. “Get out now!” screamed Aurone.

Dianna tried to fight her way too him, but Jason help her back “We got to help him!” she screamed. “He can take care of himself, let’s go!” screamed Jason.

Jason lifed up Dianna and they all rane back.

Aurone head butted backwords, into the guys head holding the chain. He then forced himself back, slamming him into the metal wall. As the man armed with the metal pipe swung at him, Aurone grabed it and spun, pulling the man and slamming him into the other one. He quickly started running in the direction that Neri and the others whent.

As Aurone ran, someone came out and got in his way, wearing a cowboy hat and had a wipe. “Howdy” he said “nothen persionel, but I gotta subdue you, the lady’s orders.” Aurone glaired at him “I…hate…cowboys…” Suddenly, the man cracked his wipe at him. Aurone lifed his arm with the glove, making the whipe wrape arround it. With one hard tug, he pulled the cowboy off his feet. Quickly Aurone ran up to him and gave him a hard kick in the face, knocking him out. “with a passion” said Aurone.

“We can’t wait for much longer” said Brett. All of them where at the diving area. Suddenly, the door flung open, and in came Aurone. “You ok?” Asked Meri. “I’m ok, we better go now” They all didn’t bother changing, Brett and Jason got some diving tanks while the rest who could breath underwater jumped in.

They all swam away from the ORCA. As they swame, Dianna noticed something, ther was a someone out there with a diving tank, the size of a child. They seemed traped in seaweed or soemthing. She quickly turned away and started to swim to help her.

All of the stoped to relize Dianna’s gone. Aurone looked over and saw her swimming towards something. After he got a clear glance at what it was. He started after fast. He knew the trick.

Dianna bearly got to it, she just grabed onto the persion’s wrists as Aurone jerked her back. She suddenly saw what it really was. It was a giant life size version of a persion, but not real. Suddenly, a large net wraped arround Aurone and Dianna. Aurone fought hard to free them, but it pulled up high and fast.

Neri and Meri swam towards them to help, but Jason and Brett stoped them. In the Distance, sharks where swimming, they had weard machine’ on ther heads, they swam towards them.

All 4 of them swam down and got into somewhat of a corner. The Sharks then started to swim in a circle like path. It was obviouse, they where holding them into a corner.

Aurone and Dianna fought hard to free themselfs. Severl security guards held down Aurone, one simply held Dianna. Aurone stoped when he looked ahead. Dr. Umurn walked up “you pathetic seaworm.” Aurone staired strait at her with ragefull eyes. “Leave him allon!” screamed Dianna. Dr. Umurn lifted her hand slapped Dianna strait across the face, knocking her down to the ground. Aurone tried to fight out to help her. But was over powerd.

Dr. Umurn pointed to one of the bounty Hunters on the ship “you, take her down below and watch over her.” He delayed at first. “NOW!” she screamed. He came over and picked up Dianna, bringer her down to the lower cabans.

Dr. Umurn looked back at Aurone, “bring him to the bridge”.

Aurone was thrown into the bride, Dr. Umurn standing there. “Leave us allone” she said.

The guards shut the door behind them. Aurone got up. “Don’t try anything, or your friends will meet ther watery ened” she said "I have controlled sharks out there watching over them, now my dear Aurone, ther lifes are in your hands.

Aurone looked at her “what do you whant with me” Dr. Umurn smiled “to help make it more perfect, your gift I’v created, I plan to make more, it’s always smart to ahve a test subject to perfect it.” “you enjoy playing god don’t you” he said “of course I do, and I’ll play it so–” she haulted.

Dr. Umurn whent over and picked up a pitcher of whater, then pored it over her head. Aurone watched in confusion, untell “your one of Neri’s peaple.”

“So, you have Brains and brawns” said Dr. Umurn.

“How’d you get up down here?” Asked Aurone. Dr. Umurn turned arround “My real name, is Drumurn, I was a scientist back at our home planet, me and friend, name Malakat, whanted Shalamorn gone from the throne. We where working together, but Malakat learned what I really whanted…” Aurone mutterd out “the Undersea Warrior Project” “That idiot” said Drumurn “I could of made human warriors to guard the trone for us, but Malakat didn’t like the idea of human’s being like us more then ever. So he cut me off from everything and I had to restart here, on this worthless planet with pathetic humans.”

“But why humans, why us?” Asked Aurone. Drumurn walked up “because humans are always looking for a fight, we’re peacefull and friendly, but your different. Dosn’t matter now though, cause I plan to take the throne for myself, and continue my vast experements.”

Aurone glaired at her “no…” “yes” she said “the grandaugther is my ticket home, Shalamorne will gladly give up everything she’s alright. Neri and the rest will live here on earth, while I rule her peaple, that is if she’s still alive, wich is in your hands Aurone”

“Malakat was greedy, and power crazed” said Aurone “and he found you crazy? You must really of lost it sometime ago.” Drumurn whent over and picked up a clib bored with her paperwork on it, she suddenly slamed it over the head of Aurone, busting it in half. Aurone fell onto his back holding his head.

Dianna sat there as the bounty hunter watched over her. Suddenly he un-did a cover to an air vent. “Go through here, at the other end, is the machine controlling the animals out there.” Dianna was suprised “why’re you doing this” “I’m a bounty hunter” he said "my job it capture bad peaple. She told us Aurone’s dangerouse, but latly all I’v seen is him making friends with a family who’s in danger.

He toulk a fire hose out and gave it too her “carefully sneak in there, put it in the machine, and come back to turn it on” He said, then left , locking the door. She crept silently, she looked up and saw that ther was a vertical vamp going rigth, she could leave that way. She snuck down more untell finnaly gettin there, ther wasn’t much room, between the wall and the back of the large computer. She gently placed the hose in and started back. When she got back, she ran over and turned the hose on.

She heard commotion in the there, she quickly got back into the duct, and whent up that side duct up, it wasn’t an easy climbe, but she got up.

Neri looked in suprised, the sharks started to swimm differently, they all when there own directions, they then started to swim up, towards the boat.

“Dr. Umurn!” the radio screamed. She walked over and screamed on it “What!?” “The Kid ruend the computer, she put a hose in it and turned it on, she also escaped through the air ducts.” Drumurn looked at her radar, the sharks where all leaving. She heard a loud noise and spun arround. Aurone kicked the door out and quickly ran out. She screamed on the radio “Find the girl, Aurone’s escaped, find them NOW!”

Meanwhile, Neri, Meri, Jason, and Brett, all climbed up onto the ship. As Meri looked, a security guard nocked her down. “Hello cuty, be nice and I won’t let them take you” he said. Meri backed away, tell suddenly Brett knocked him out with his air tank. “Thanks” She said. “No Problem.”

Neri and Jason joined them as the heard some commosion up in the higher parts of the ship. Aurone came out, walking over guards as he toulk them out. He saw them from up high, untell “Freeze!”

Aurone looked over and saw Drumurn with a spear gun, aiming right at him. They all stould and staired. Neri senced something though, as Jason tried to go to help, she stoped him.

“You know” said Drumurn “the best part of a failed experement is destroying it. This is the end Aurone” Aurone stould ther ready anytime. Water shot strait up from the water not far from the boat. Drumurn looked back to see what it was. Aurone whisperd out “Charley…” then quickly grabed onto the rail.

With one hard jerk, the whole boat was pushed side ways as Charley pushed himself into it. Drumurn droped her Spear gun down below. Aurone quickly ran over. He grabed her by her cloths and lifted her strait up into the air. He then droped her over the side into the opening of a shark cage. Jason and Brett quickly shot the lid and locked it

Aurone rand down and grabed ahold of the spear gun. “I’v ben whanting this for a long time…” he said. “Congrats, you’v ashamed me” Drumurn said “I’m killed by a pathetic creature that has no one in this world.”

Aurone lifted up the spear gun ready to fire in her, untel Meri came running up. “Don’t do this Aurone” she pleaded. Aurone loked over at her “she put them through a nightmare, she lied to me, I still remember as if it was yesterday.” “And she’ll be punished” said Meri “I promise you she’ll pay, for everything, but this is not the way to do it.”

“Please don’t be bad like her Aurone.” Aurone looked over and saw Dianna standing there. Aurone aimed carefully, having a clear shot at Drumurn, the chucked the spear gun accross the ship and walked away. Jason left them and whent to the bridge. He toulk up the Speakers and said “Attenchion, I’v read the papers Aurone has stolen, Dr. Umurn has used illegal methods to get what she whants. Your Accomplesis, and we have the files hidden. If you leave now and leave Umurn to us, you won’t have to worry about being introuble with her.”

Guards and Scientists alike got onto the safty and emergency boats and all left. Brett walked over to Drumurn in the cage “I feel sorry for when the authoritys get you.” Aurone turned arround “Humans have nothing to do with this, she’s one of Neri’s peaple.”

They all turned to look at him. “Her real name’s Drumurn, she was working with Malakat and whanted to over throw your mother, but Malakat didn’t even like the idea of humans with gills.” Dianna walked up to the cage “I never knew we had such peaple in our species” “It’s worse then you think Dianna, she was gonna use to you get Shalamorn of the thrown and go home to take it for herself.”

Neri looked at Aurone, then staired at Drumurn “you whant to come home?” She asked “your coming, and when you get ther, you’ll be locked away fro the rest of your life, so you never harm another creature again.” They all left her in the dark, as they steered the boat back to the island.

Shalamorn and Drumurn staired at each other on the beach of Neri’s Island. Drumurns hands wher tied to each other. “I once thought of you as a close friend, but you would harm my family, I hope I never see you again after I lock you away” Said Shalamorn. Aurone walked up and clutched his hand arround his dog tag. With one hard tug, he brock the chain on his neck and slide it into her coat pocket. “To remember, it was your own creation that was your own un-doing” said Aurone. Drumurn was taken away by her peaple.

Neri, Jason, Brett, Meri, and Dianna all watched as Drumurn was taken onbord the ship, Shalamorn walked over to Aurone. “Are you sure you don’t whant to come with us?” She asked. Aurone shoulk his head “I’m just now enjoying myself living on this planet, I’m not ready for a different one.”

2 more of the Ocean Peaple walked up holding a long large box. “You’v done our family so much Aurone, we give you this…” said Shalamorn. Aurone opend up the box. He reached in and then pulled out a sheethed sword. He then un-sheeted it, revealing it’s glass like look. It was see through, crystel like. It also had kind of an aqautic like sound to it.

“A water crystal sword, it may look fancy, but it’s as strong as most metals.” explained Shalamorn “but it’s not invicibel, only use it unless you absolutly have to, and even then, use judgement from your heart. This is a sword for speciel warriors only, for instance, and Undersea Warrior?”

Aurone sheethed it and said “thank you, I hold it with honor, and I’ll use it wisly”

Shalamorn noded and walked towards her family, she walked up to Dianna, who was frowning. “What’s wrong” she asked. Dianna looked over at Aurone, then arround "I like this place, Aurone meens allot to me, I like back home and my peaple, but this is to much of a wonderfull life.

Neri and Meri kneeled down. “don’t worry, we got news that’ll cheer you up” said Meri. Dianna looked and asked “We’ll be coming back again?” Neri and Meri smiled. “Even Better” said Neri “We’re staying”

“Yeah so don’t wo…What?” said Jason

Neri and Meri looked at Jason and Brett “we decided this just a little while ago, nothings happening, mother and handel it all” said Neri. “It’s like a vacation” Said Meri “But if you whant, you can go back” Jason and Brett walked up to them. “I’m not leaving you allon with him, no way” said Jason. “I second you on that” said Brett. “And just what are you emplying?” asked Aurone as he walked up. Jason and Brett looked between each other and said “Nothing at all” “didn’t meen anything”

Aurone noded and said “We’re gonna be on this island for a while, and I’d hate for us to start off bad”

Brett looked at Meri “you had to stay” She simply laughed.

Shalamorn said “take care everyone, I’ll worry about our peaple, just enjoy yourselfs down here”

All 6 of them walked down the beach. “So now what” asked Dianna. “first” said Jason “we’re gonna make rules for you, bed time, when and when you cant’ leave the island.” “Rules?” said Dianna. “hey, don’t make me call back that ship and pick you up.”

“Make…” said Dianna “oh yeah, Aurone, I made this for you”

Aurone walked over and kneeled down to her level. Dianna pulled out a necklace from arround her neck that was under her cloths hidden. She then offerd to put it arround Aurones neck. “I made it on the ORCA, since your old necklase was filled with bad memories, I made you this one, with good memories, us” she said.

Aurone didn’t say anything, he wasn’t sure what to say, untell “thats…verry nice…thank you Dianna.” She then hung it arround his neck and with out warning, hugged him. Aurone wasn’t used to this, he slowly wraped his free hand arround her and huged back, his other hand still holding the sword.

“Your family now Aurone” said Dianna

Aurone got up and said “I wouldn’t go that far.”

Meri said “When we where kids Aurone, you where my brother no matter what, in all these years, nothings changed” “and That makes you Meri’s brother” said Brett “and Meri is Neri’s sister” “and I’m married to Neri” said Jason “Brett’s my brother, and Charley’s like a brother to Neri.” “We’re all connected Aurone” Said Neri “We’re all family”

Aurone was speechelss, this was new to him, too new. Dianna smiled and placed her hand in the middel of them, the Neri placed her hand ontop of hers, the Jason put his in, then Brett, and then Meri. All of them looked at Aurone waiting for him to do soemthing.

Aurone looked out at the ocean, then back at them and said “We’re all…one” then placed his hand on the top of them all.

The End