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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season two

Episode 6

HELEN:ORCA cadet group four, please logon. Blue team, please report to the helipad.

Froggy:There you are. Fake id for Mera.
Jason:Good one, Froggy.
Zoe:What about a uniform?
Jason:She’s about your size, zoe.
Zoe:Problem solved.
Jason:Let’s hope it’s that easy getting back into the institute.
Brett:This time I’m coming.
Jason:You can’t, Brett. We’ve got enough people already. It’ll make us too obvious.
Brett:Well, someone else can stay behind.
Jason:Like who? I’m the one that Mera spoke to. We need Froggy for the fence. And there’s no way Vanessa’ll give up her place.
Brett:You don’t know that. She might. The dance is tomorrow.
Zoe:Oh, come on, Brett. Who’d want to invite Vanessa?

Mick:I just wondered if you’d like to come to the dance with me.
Mick:Yeah, it’s time we buried the hatchet.
Mick:Well, because you and I, we’re the same in lots of ways. Of course, I’m not as bright as you. Nobody is. But I think we’re on the same wavelength. How about the dance?
Vanessa:You’re out of your mind.
Mick:Is that a no?
Vanessa:It’s a no.
Mick:Oh. That’s what I expected. I was getting my hopes up. You don’t know what it’s like. You wouldn’t have an idea.
Vanessa:An idea about what?
Mick:How it feels being me. The kid nobody likes. That always gets left out. You probably think I don’t care, but it’s because I put on a good act.
Vanessa:Mick, why are you telling me this?
Mick:You’re right. It’s not your problem. I just won’t go. There’d be heaps of guys wanting to take you out anyway, right?
Vanessa:Oh, well, you know, some. Quite a few really.
Mick:So I guess there’s no chance you’d change your mind? ’Cause I’d make sure you had a really good time, Vanessa, if you did come with me.
Vanessa:Well –
Mick:I’d be really proud to be seen with you.
Vanessa:All right.
Mick:Thanks, Vanessa.
Vanessa:Least it’ll give them something to talk about.
Mick:Yeah. I’ll see you later then.

Guy:She said yes?
Mick:Yeah, no problem. I just turned on the old charm. Give up, guys. You’re losers.
Giy:Who said so?
Mick:Oh, what? I’ll win hands down! Who’s going to show with a worse dog than Vanessa?

Jason:Will you tell these kids you’re definitely coming?
Jason:To the institute. To get Mera.
Vanessa:I suppose we have to go tomorrow.
Jason:Yeah, of course. So no one will miss us when the dance is on.
Vanessa:That’s just it. I’ve told somebody I’d go with them.
Zoe:To the dance? Who?
Vanessa:Never mind. Well, I’ll have to put them off then.
Brett:No. I mean, you can’t. It’d look suspicious.
Vanessa:I suppose it might.
Brett:Don’t worry. I’ll go.
Vanessa:All right.
Brett:You stay here and enjoy yourself.

Hellegren:You’ve been chosen for a special project. You’re a lucky girl, Jane. We’ve decided that you should come and spend some time at UBRI. You can assist us with our research. And in return, we’ll help you with special talents you’ve been given. A good bargain, yes?
Guy:Get your things together.
Hellegren:You will be collected tomorrow.
Liselle:You were so rude. You should be honoured.
Mera:I would rather stay.
Liselle:Nobody says no to Dr. Hellegren. So you might as well make the most of this because you’re going. Whether you like it or not.

Jason:Let’s hope this does the trick.
Neri:I try and try to think what she will be like.
Jason:By tonight – you should know.
Dianne:Are you sure she wants to come?
Jason:She said she would if she trusted us. And this time – she will.
Dianne:And you are helping her to leave without permission.
Brett:Mum, they won’t give her permission.
Winston:We cannot deny Mera the knowledge of her true nature and heritage.
Jason:C’mon. Now, we’ve really got to move.
Dianne:Ah-ah! Excuse me! (Kiss) Bye-bye. (Kiss) And you take care, all right?
Neri:You worry?
Dianne:No, no, no. I won’t worry. I’ll just work.

Kimberley:Tell us who, Vanessa.
Vanessa:You’ll find out soon enough. Are you sure you know what you’re doing?
Joanne:Relax, she’s great with hair.
Kimberley:I’m brilliant. You’ll look like a real knockout.
Joanne:Here we go, I think you should wear this one.
Vanessa:I thought this was your favourite dress.
Vanessa:Well, aren’t you going to wear it?
Joanne:I probably won’t be going.
Kimberley:Why not?
Joanne:No point. The only interesting male on ORCA won’t be there.

Dianne:You know how I’ve been worried about getting behind on the whale studies?
Dianne:Neri can help us kill two birds with one stone.
Neri:Kill birds? No!
Dianne:Oh, no, no, no. Come here. It’s just a saying. It means to get two things done at once. Listen, Charley will be with you when we’re out doing the boat survey, yes?
Dianne:Right. I want you to keep talking to him because when you’re close together, I can collect the sounds that you and Charley make for the whale dictionary.
Winston:Taking the recording equipment on board – risky, isn’t it?
Dianne:No. It’s just another gadget to Sam Phillips.
Winston:We have a problem.
Dianne:Are you thinking about the others? Right?
Neri:If they will bring Mera back.
Dianne:I’ll tell you what. They’ll do the best that they can.

Jason:Okay, let’s go.
Mera:They’re making me go. Today. Some place called – UBRI.
Mera:You know it?
Brett:You bet we do!
Jason:It’s a bad place, Mera. They use science for the wrong reasons. They tried to trap ch – a whale. They wanted to take him prisoner.
Brett:That’s probably what you’d be, too.
Jason:Leave with us now, Mera. Before it’s too late.
Zoe:We’ll take you to Neri.
Jason:You said if we brought proof. Well, here it is. Your sister’s. Just the same as yours.


Jason:They came from your father.
Mera:All right. I’ll come.

(Whale sounds)

Dianne:It works, doesn’t it?
Winston:It seems to, yes.
Dianne:Winston, it’s fantastic. We’re getting our map of the ocean floor and recording Charley’s chatter at the same time. All thanks to Neri.
Winston:Sam. Quick!
Sam:Just wondered how it was going.
Dianne:Oh, it’s great, thank you.
Sam:So, this is what all the fuss is about.
Dianne:Yeah, we’re making good progress.
Sam:Well, I’m impressed. I’ll admit it.
Dianne:Well, you’ve seen maps of the ocean floor before.
Sam:Sure, but not with this amount of detail and depth. I mean, look at these sideways elevations.
Sam:And we’re getting over some ground. I – that’s some gear.
Dianne:Oh well, you know, your gear’s only as good as those around you.
Sam:Sure. Well, you’re – you’re not just here for the decoration.
Dianne:I’m not here for decoration at all.
Sam:No. Well, I’ll – let you get on with it.
Winston:I knew it!
Winston:You have won a heart.
Dianne:Oh for heaven’s sake. Winston, stop it.

Mera:What is it?
Jason:They’re onto us.
Brett:What are we going to do?
Jason:Bluff our way through the main gate.
Mera:You can’t! You need a pass with a special code.
Jason:Well, there’s no other way. We’ll have to risk it. Come on. Just walk through as though we own the place.
Guard:Hey, you lot. Just where do you think you’re going?
Jason:Just for a walk.
Guard:And where’s your passes?
Zoe:It’s only a walk.
Brett:We’ve got permission.
Guard:You stay right there. Don’t move.
Froggy:This was a stupid idea, Jason. They’re going to kill us now.
Jason:Hey, look. Come on.
Gabriel:Absolutely not! Nobody leaves without an exit pass.
Guard:Hey, you! Stop!

Jason:Split up!
Brett:Froggy, Zoe come up here!
Hellegren:I want the girl.
Jason:Okay, come on.
Kellar:Over there! Something moved.
Brett:Wrong way, suckers! Hee ha!
Jason:This way.


Hellegren:Those children didn’t disappear into thin air. They’re around here somewhere. Back this way.
Froggy:We’ve gotta get out of here.
Zoe:What about Brett?
Brett:Looking for me?
Hellegren:Paul! I’m over here!

(train whistle)

Vanessa:Quite a crowd.
Mick:Yeah. You want a drink or something?
Vanessa:Oh, no thanks. I’m fine for now.
Mick:Might get one myself then.
Guy:Where is Mick? Did he bring her?
Guy:He sure did. Looks like we’re gonna have to cough up now, Steve.
Rocky:What’s this all about?
Guy:Oh, just a bet we had.
Rocky:What sort of bet?
Guy:It was ten credits to the guy who brought the biggest dog on ORCA.
Guy:And the next thing we know, Mick’s got Vanessa lined up.
Guy:I don’t know how he talked her into it.
Guy:But we didn’t even have a chance. I mean, in the nerd stakes, Vanessa is way out in front.
Kimberley:Did I see right? You actually came with Mick?
Joanne:Talk about the partner from hell.
Mick:So naturally when the air force wanted me to fly one of their b-52 stealth bombers I thought – hey! This would be a great opportunity, you know? A lot of fun and great power. But then I thought, hey, there’s always the –
Rocky:Only they’re concentrating on them too much and there’s this boulder coming and it squishes them.
Neri:Have you seen Jason?
Rocky:Jason Bates? No, sorry.
Rocky:Anyway, what happens –
Neri:I can’t find Jason anywhere, do you know if they’ve come back?
Vanessa:No, Neri, I don’t. But excuse me, won’t you? There’s something I have to do. Mick, there you are.
Mick:Yeah, here I am.
Vanessa:Oh, I lost you in the crowd.
Mick:Sorry, I got talking to the guys here.
Vanessa:That’s quite all right, Mick. Feel free to do what you like. It’s certainly not going to bother me.
Everybody:Ooooh. (Laughing)

Vanessa:How could I do it? Me, I’m supposed to be bright. How could I be so stupid? I don’t believe it. I let that moron use me.
Vanessa:I don’t believe I did it, Neri. I really thought he wanted to take me to the dance. As if he would. As if anybody would.
Neri:No, Vanessa. Not true.
Vanessa:It is. I don’t know why. I just scare people. I put them off. It’s as if they don’t think I need friends.
Neri:I am your friend, Vanessa. I am always your friend. And Mick – he is very wet.

Zoe:Brett was really good back there, wasn’t he? When he led them away from you and Mera.
Jason:Okay, he was.
Brett:So no more calling me a little creep, all right?
Jason:Fair enough. From now on, you’re a big creep. Won’t be long.
Mera:To where?
Jason:ORCA. And your sister. Mission accomplished.
Mera:My sister.



Dianne:Mera, we are so happy that you’re here. Ever since Neri heard of your existence, we’ve been looking forward to meeting you.
Jason:Oh, here. You’d better take this back, Neri.
Brett:The boat’s fuelled and ready to go.
Mera:We’re going to the island now?
Jason:Come on, Mera. Neri won’t be happy until she gets you home.
Dianne:It’s beautiful there. And you’ll be safe, I promise. Why don’t you go and see it.

Neri:My island.
Mera:But where do you live?
Neri:Here. All around. You’ll see.
Mera:Tell me about our family.
Neri:I can tell you about father. All the family I remember. He was strong. Good.
Mera:Where is he now?
Neri:Gone now. For always. But sometimes here – I can still feel him near. You will, too.
Mera:I don’t understand. Anything.
Neri:I will tell you. Slowly. But for now, just be happy – sister.


Forsyth:Well, I can’t understand how she got away.
Kellar:She had help.
Forsyth:Those other children –
Hellegren:There is something very odd about the whole business. Just as she was about to come with us.
Forsyth:So who – or what – changed her mind?
Hellegren:We will find out. And then we will get her back. No one slips through my fingers twice.

(Rumble of thunder) (crashing thunder) (music)