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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season two

Episode 13


Ocean people:It is vital that Neri and Mera make their decision.
Ocean people:Their people need them as soon as possible. And our fuel supply is already low. We can wait no longer.
Winston:I know. But you must under and that there are many things on earth that they hold very dear. They have a very difficult choice.
Ocean people:We must know by the rising of tomorrow’s sun.

Neri:It’s time for me to meet mother.

Neri:Mera and I have been given this gift and our people are in need of it. So it seems I must go.
Dianne:Well, I um… I think I knew all along that that was probably the choice you’d make.
Neri:My heart is torn. It hurts to think of leaving you forever. And Charley. Who will care for him when I am gone?
Winston:We’ll do our best, Neri.
Dianne:See? Winston will feed him.
Neri:There is also father’s mission. To watch over the sea. It would be ended and I will have failed him.
Jason:Then stay and finish it. I mean, do you these guys really need both of you?
Neri:I don’t think Mera can do it on her own. And I could not stay unless she willed it, too. Please don’t be angry. I have to go.

Brett:But I thought you liked it here.
Mera:I do, Brett. And I’ve learned to love the island as well, but… This is our chance to go to our our real home. Be with our own people. I want to take it while I can. Wouldn’t you?

Jason:It’s going to be weird, real weird, without you two around. But I guess me and Brett will just have to try and get used to it.
Brett:Yeah, it’s tough work giving mum ulcers and driving commanders crazy, that sort of thing. But hey, someone’s got to do it.
Mera:What about you, mother? What will you do?
Dianne:Oh, I think I’ll find a new field of work. Something more practical that will let us stay on ORCA.
Neri:But the book of Charley’s words? The dictionary?
Dianne:I’ll just have to forget it. I’d more or less decided to, anyway.
Dianne:Neri, even with your help, it was really just a pipe dream. I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to make contact with them.
Neri:You must not give up now. Mera, come here. You also. Sit with us. I only hope, but perhaps with both of us this can happen. Join hands. Think hard together. Mera, call to Charley.

(Whale sounds)

Neri:You hear him?
Brett:Yes! I can hear him!
Neri:Now, Mera, we must go further into his head. Further and further, until we are looking out through his eyes.
Dianne:I felt what he was singing about!
Winston:What is it? What happened?
Dianne:Enough to convince me we should continue our work. We might not make the breakthrough in our lifetime, Winston, but when it happens, it’ll be worth waiting for.

Mick:I think they should just try and make a swim for it.
Zoe:They’d never make it half way.
Kimberley:Those creeps will be monitoring the entire sea.
Jason:Settle down, okay? Now, I’ve got a plan. It’s kind of crazy, but the only way we are going to beat UBRI is to outwit them. Now, we need boats and drivers.
Sam:Why not leave that to me. I’m not trying to take over your show, Jason. I’m just trying to help.
Jason:All right. Froggy, are you sure HELEN can identify who wrecked her?
Froggy:If I can get her going.
Jason:Keep at it. It’s vital.
Vanessa:Just what sort of plan is this?
Jason:A plan that better work. Or Neri and Mera are done for.

Vanessa:Did you get it?
Zoe:But we’re being watched.
Kimberley:Good. That’s just what Jason wants. Go on.

Liselle:Something’s being planned, and I think it’s going to be tonight.
Hellegren:Then I want you to maintain a constant watch on the pontoon. If the girls attempt to leave, contact me straight away. Tell all our boats to be standing by. It appears they are about to make their move.

Dianne:Where on earth did these come from?
Zoe:Well, we “borrowed” then. Don’t ask.
Brett:All right! Now we’re starting to rock and roll.

Froggy:Forget it.
Rocky:You’re not giving up, are you?
Froggy:I’ve tried everything I know. There’s nothing else I can do. Come on. We’d better let the others know they can’t rely on HELEN for any help. I don’t believe it! She’s up!
Rocky:No doing much, though.
Froggy:Doesn’t matter. At least I can get her full functions back from here.

Jason:I just spotted Forsyth. He’s up on the pontoon, keeping watch.
Dianne:Did he see you?
Jason:Yeah, he had to. But it was so dark up there he couldn’t make out what I was getting.
Brett:Well, what about Liselle?
Jason:She’s still lurking around down the corridor. They’re keeping close tabs on us, all right.
Zoe:What kept you?
Mick:I don’t know how I let myself get talked into this.

Sam:Remember, the moment UBRI sees you, swing due west, give it all the throttle you’ve got, and that’ll take you out to the open sea.
Winston:Sam, there is an old tibetan saying: A cat becomes truly nervous when instructed how to swim.
Sam:What the heck does that mean?
Winston:It means I would be rather more confident if I was a better sailor. I don’t know why you chose me for this task.
Sam:We also have a saying at sea: Any port in a storm. Which means using the best of what’s available.
Vanessa:Winston. Your passengers are waiting.
Winston:Okay, I’m ready.
Sam:Go, go, go!

Liselle:Something’s definitely going on down there. People have been coming and going from the Bates cabin all night.
Forsyth:Any sign of the girls, though?
Liselle:No, they’re still inside.
Winston:All clear, come on! The boat is over here! Come on, girls!

Forsyth:They thought they’d fool us by not using Phillip’s boat. It’s an ORCA shark cat. Just Dr. Seth and the girls aboard.
Hellegren:Wait, I think we’ve picked them up. There!
Kellar:Lights on.
Hellegren:They’re making a run. Full power!

Winston:Oh my goodness! Hang on tight!

Hellegren:Call all other boats in the area to cut them off.
Kellar:Calling boat 3 and 5.
Guy:3, roger.
Guy:Boat 5, roger.

Froggy:I think I’ve finally reconnected everything right.
Rocky:So go on.
Froggy:But if I haven’t, I could blow her up to smithereens. This time forever.
Rocky:There’s only one way to find out. Look, if you’re not going to do it, I’ll…
Froggy:All right, I’ll do.
Rocky:Yes! Yes! We did it! Can you believe it? We did it! Congratulations!
HELEN:Hello, Froggy. I am fully operational. Would you like me to restore normal on-board power supplies?
Froggy:One section at a time, HELEN. We don’t want to overload you.

Jason:Full power’s coming back on.

Froggy:Could you not touch anything please?

Commander:He did this?
First:It’s amazing, ma’am. The whole system’s coming back on line.
Rocky:Not only that. She’s going to identify who messed her up. Isn’t she, Froggy?
Froggy:I hope so. She’s just running through her memory banks. Any luck, HELEN?
HELEN:Searching personnel files. Forsyth, Parker. ORCA identification number 009983.

Liselle:Has Dr. Hellegren caught them yet?
Forsyth:It’s only a matter of time now.
Liselle:Mr. Forsyth! It’s the Bates!
Dianne:Stay in the group. Hurry up, into the boat! Come on, quick! Into the boat.
Liselle:It’s them.
Forsyth:Hellegren! He’s chasing the wrong boat.

Commander:Stop right there, Mr. Forsyth!
Forsyth:Hands off me. What am I supposed to have done?
Commander:Let’s start with sabotage, shall we? Plus I believe there’s the matter of an unauthorised transmitter in your cabin. Then there’s false representation. Criminal damage. And I’m sure I’ll think of a few more things while you’re locked up in the brig. Take him away.
Forsyth:Let me go! You don’t understand! I have to get a message out!
Rocky:Hey, where’d Liselle go?

Liselle:What do you think you’re doing here?
Joanne:Making sure you don’t get inside your cabin.
Liselle:And do you think a soppy little thing like you is going to stand in my way?
Joanne:Yes, I do. Because the only way you’re getting past is over my dead body.
Kimberley:And mine.
Vanessa:Makes three. Still fancy your chances?
Joanne:Forget it, Liselle. You’re not calling anyone. UBRI are on their own.

Guy:Boat three here, having them on my screen.
Guy:Boat five, me too.
Hellegren:Get in front [?] force them to stop.

Ocean people:You are just in time. Come, we must hurry.
Ocean people:Farewells now, quickly.

Dianne:It really is goodbye. Come here. Safe journey, my darling. Take care. You have brought us so much joy. You come back soon if you can.
Brett:What a bummer. We could have had so much fun together.
Ocean people:There is no more time.
Jason:I never really told you this… What I’m trying to say is…
Neri:Shh. I did not ask to go.
Jason:Well then stay. We need you.

Hellegren:Hold it right there. Cut your engines! I repeat, cut your engines!
Winston:I’m afraid the jig is up.
UBRI:They’ve stopped, sir. We can board them.
Hellegren:Yes. Good.

Hellegren:Well, Dr. Seth, you gave us quite a run for our money. Now I will take charge of your passengers. I have been waiting for you young ladies for a long time. Now if you’ll accompany me.
Mick:Sure, but we don’t kiss on the first date.

Hellegren:Where are the girls?
Hellegren:Where are they going?
Winston:Home. Somewhere you will never reach them. Now, my dear sir, there is nothing for you do to but go home yourself. It’s over.

Sam:Time to go?
Brett:Guys… Guys! She stayed!

Neri:I will miss my sister. Mera wishes in her heart to return home. I know the day will come when I will see her again.
Jason:We really thought you’d gone too.
Neri:Your people will live in the seas. Maybe one day they even talk to Charley. I must stay to finish father’s work. Mera will take hope to our own people. She will be where she belongs. I belong here. My island, the ocean, and with you. Family. Charley!
Brett:Go for it.