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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 1

(cell phone)

Dianne:Dianne Bates…
Winston:Sorry to trouble you on your holidays but something’s come up.
Dianne:Sorry guys, vacation’s over.
Brett:Oh no!

Jason:I still don’t get it, mom. What’s the big hurry?
Dianne:All part of the new job, Jason.
Winston:Dianne, welcome back.
Dianne:Aah. Thanks, Winston.
Winston:How was the holiday boys?
Brett:Oh, about a week shorter than we expected.
Winston:I’m sorry about that, but this emergency came up. And he who would ride the mongoose must be quick to the saddle.
Dianne:What’s the story on these fishing grounds, Winston?
Winston:The construction company have changed the site, and now they propose to pave right over the reef. It’ll destroy the natural fish breeding grounds forever.
Dianne:Who are we dealing with?
Winston:I think you’d better be prepared for the worst.

Brett:Whoa, it’s them!
Brett:Those guys are in UBRI uniforms, what are they doing on board?
Winston:That’s what I was working around to telling you. The UBRI corporation won the construction contract.
Dianne:Why didn’t you tell me, Winston?
Winston:I didn’t want to bother you, it was your holiday.
Brett:They’re going to be building ORCA city?
Jason:Oh great, that’s all we need.
Brett:These are the guys who tried to kill Charley and capture Neri.
Winston:The ORCA authorities had no way of knowing that and their bid was legitimate, but they’re still answerable to the tribunal.
Dianne:And to me, Winston, and to me.

UBRI:Right, now let it down. Easy, easy.
Dianne:Okay, you can hold it right there. There’ll be no further equipment going out to the site until I give the all clear.
UBRI:Oh yeah? Who are you, sweetheart?
Dianne:I’m the new environmental officer, sweetheart, and when I say stop, you stop.
UBRI:All right.
Dianne:Suit up, Jase.

Dianne:Can you hear that, Jase?
Jason:Loud and clear. Pity I can’t answer back, eh, mom?
Dianne:Just stay close, this has a limited range. How’s your air?
Jason:Oh, enough. More than half.
Dianne:Good. Let’s see what we can find down there.

Dianne:Okay, Jase. Let’s check the breeding grounds. Far end of the reef.

Brett:Gee, things sure have changed while we were gone.
Winston:Yes, that’s life I suppose. We’re not so much a scientific research institute these days as a base camp for the building of ORCA city.
Brett:Yeah, I heard all our friends got transferred back to shore.
Winston:Yes, I’m afraid so.
Brett:Well I reckon that’s a real good reason to get out to the island fast as possible and check Neri’s okay.
Winston:Brett, Neri’s not in any danger as far as we know, but those breeding grounds are and your mother must work quickly if she’s to save them. A little patience and you’ll see Neri soon enough.

Dianne:Look, Jason. Aren’t they fabulous? I don’t get it, the foundations were meant to be deeper. If they build them up here, all this sea life may disappear.
Dianne:So, the dark and mysterious ORCA city, eh? Let’s take a look.

Dianne:You guys got communicators on?
Dianne:I’m doctor Bates. My son’s tank’s low. He needs to go back. I still have to collect some specimens. Can we swap buddies?
UBRI:Sure, doc. Larroo, go with her. I’ll go back to ORCA with the lad. You guys will be Okay? You okay, kid? No luck. How’s your air? Doctor Bates. Are you still in range? Anyone receiving, come in. Problems, buddy. I’ll have to get another tank. And some help fast. Hang in there.

UBRI:Quick, I need a tank and all the hands I can get. Hurry up. There’s a kid in trouble out there.

Dave:Make it snappy you guys. Every second counts.

Commander:Doctor Bates. You didn’t see the rescue party on your way back?
Dianne:What rescue party?
Commander:I’m afraid there’s been a report of an accident near the foundation.

Neri:Jason, you all right?
Jason:I was looking forward to see you again, Neri, but I didn’t know I was going to be this glad.
Jason:It’s a great cave.
Neri:But Jason, I do not expect to see you, there is still many days left.
Jason:Yeah, well we got dragged back early. Ah, they invited me to try out for the cadet course and mum’s been promoted to environmental officer.
Jason:It means she’ll be looking after the sea.
Neri:Then I must speak to her. The men get too close to where the big fish live. Where they… Make little fish.
Jason:Yeah, we know all about that, that’s why we’re down here. Hey, I better get moving. They’ll be looking for me.
Neri:You have enough breath.
Jason:Yeah. Just enough to get back to ORCA. We’ll see you on the island as soon as we can.
Neri:Take care in the ocean, Jason. Remember, you are not like me.
Jason:Neri, no one’s like you.

Dave:Sorry, no sign of him. Re-tank, fallas. We’re going out again.
Dianne:Well, I’m going with you.
Dave:Look, as dive supervisor I really don’t…
Dianne:This is my son we’re talking about and I’m going to find him.
UBRI:Someone’s coming up.
Dianne:Jason. Are you all right?
Jason:Yeah, mom. I’m fine.
Dave:You were supposed to be low on air. What have you been breathing?
Dianne:No time for questions now. Come on, Jason, let’s get you out of here.

Jason:Got it in one, mom.

Brett:Neri, It’s so good to see you.
Jason:Yeah, it sure is.
Neri:Come, I make feast to welcome you home.
Brett:Lookin’ good. That is new.
Neri:Jason. You talk to mother about home of the big fish?
Jason:Fair go, Neri, can’t we eat first?
Neri:No! It is important. It was my father’s mission to watch over ocean. Now he has passed, it is my mission. I cannot let them send the big fish away.
Brett:Chill out, Neri. You can’t afford to do anything crazy.
Jason:For once, Brett’s right. We promise mom and us will do everything we can to stop it.
Neri:You swear?

Brett:Hey. Is anyone sitting here?
Benny:The galley is for the use of all and seats may not be reserved.
Benny:ORCA handbook, rule 517F subsection A.
Brett:Oh. What are you doing?
Benny:Chemistry homework.
Brett:You must be keen.
Benny:My folks are. If you don’t finish this year top of the class I’m a dead man. Benny Malcovitch.
Brett:Brett Bates. You must be new on board?
Benny:Yeah. Mom and dad are both on the medical staff. I’m the reason they took the job.
Brett:Yeah, right.
Benny:No, really, plenty of time to study, no distractions they reckon.
Brett:Benny, meet Mr. Distraction.

Dianne:Take care of this stuff. I don’t want to front this tribunal without all the data.
Brett:Uh-oh. Major alert. Look, it’s him. UBRI’s top banana himself.
Dianne:He must be worried, to deal with it personally. Wish us luck, Brett.
Kellar:Our legal department is still very concerned, Dr. Hellegren. If we should lose this case.
Hellegren:Relax, Keller. Very shortly there will be no case to lose.
Hellegren:While this hearing is in progress there is going to be an accident out at those breeding grounds, involving a sonic grenade.
Kellar:What will that do?
Hellegren:Eliminate all the fish in the vicinity immediately. Once the fish are gone there is no longer any reason why we should not proceed as planned.

Dianne:Members of the tribunal. When we allow the sea bed to be degraded in the name of progress, we don’t know what we might be losing. There is, for instance, a species of shark whose liver promises a cure for cancer. There is also a type of seaweed which may produce the only known synthetic substitute for mother’s milk. If you recall, the very reason for the foundations were to be built deeper in the first place was to assure minimum damage for both the reef and marine life. Have we lost sight of ORCA’s original purpose, it’s vision for the future?
Hellegren:ORCA city is potentially the most significant engineering feat of this century. To reposition it’s foundations now, even a matter of metres, would cost millions and cause untold delay. Are we to sacrifice all this for the sake of a few fish?

UBRI:Follow me.
UBRI:Okay, that’s it. Activate the timer.

Commander:A decision has been reached. We cannot ignore the cost to the construction company. However, ORCA’s charter places highest priority on protection on the marine environment. Therefore, this tribunal accepts submission of Dr. Bates and instructs the UBRI corporation to move the foundations so as not to interfere with the breeding grounds.
Winston:Well done.

Kellar:Doctor, our accounts department has already –
Hellegren:It is of no concern. Very soon the problem will be solved.

UBRI:Sorry, Dr. Hellegren.

Brett:None of the divers were badly hurt they reckon. They just can’t figure out what happened.
Jason:Well, they dropped their grenade and Neri just gave it back to them.
Brett:That’s right.
Hellegren:I’ve been waiting for you two. Let me just give you a message you would be very wise to heed. You have both caused me a good deal of trouble in the past, but we are on ORCA permanently now and if you get in my way again, believe me, you will regret it.

Jason:You’re going to have to be extra careful, Neri. Those UBRI guys only gave up on you because they thing you’ve gone back to your own planet.
Brett:Yeah, and if they discover that you’re still here, we’re all in it up to our necks.

Brett:Sure great to see Neri again, wasn’t it? I still reckon that island’s got to be the greatest place on earth.
Jason:Yeah, and for Neri’s sake, let’s just hope it stays that way.