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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 12

Neri:I thought you were getting our breakfast, Kal.
Kal:You knew it was me?
Neri:Worm seeds don’t fall from vines.
Neri:For this, I am grateful.
Neri:I will teach you. My belly is empty, I am sad. You bring me food, my belly is full, I am happy. Here. Grateful.
Kal:I make you this? Grateful?
Kal:Then I am grateful, too. These human feelings are easy.

Sallyanne:Well, today’s the day.
Sallyanne:Our cadet group goes for its first pilot’s prac this morning.
Benny:What’s that?
Sallyanne:Oh, nothing much, Benny. Just, like, having to fly a helicopter.
Benny:You mean by yourself?
Brett:Nah, they take ’em out over the ocean, give ’em the controls and next thing you know – shark bait.
Benny:You’d never catch me doing that.
Sallyanne:Well, you have to, if you eventually want to get your pilot’s stripes.
Jason:Listen, I’m not hungry. I’ll see you guys later.

Brett:Hey, Cass, yo.
Benny:Where were you at breakfast this morning?
Cass:I… Another lousy night. Rotten dreams again.
Brett:Same as always, was it?
Cass:Yeah, the island, the girl, the other two kids. Hang on. You know, I just realized one of the kids looks kinda like you.
Brett:Me? Your dreams. Don’t think so. Benny, got things to do. See ya.
Cass:Yeah, well, thanks for inviting me along.

Dave:Keep in mind, you guys, you’ve done enough theoretical work to get you to this point. Now it’s a matter of staying calm and putting it into practice. Everyone waits their turn here. You’ll be doing the test with either Morgan or myself. Who’s first?
Morgan:Taylor, sir.
Sallyanne:Wish me luck.

Kal:Neri. You not well?
Neri:Why you ask that?
Kal:Your face. See no happy feelings there. Perhaps you eat bad fruit?
Neri:No, Kal. It’s just father’s mission makes me think of him sometimes. And I miss him.
Neri:I sorry that he is not here. I wish he had not had to pass so soon.
Kal:I do not understand. My parents have passed. I do not miss then. What makes you do so?
Neri:This. He gave to me and it makes me remember him.
Kal:This is very strange feeling.
Neri:One not to bother your head. Come, we eat. Race to nest.

Hellegren:Lena, you going somewhere?
Lena:I’m going to that local science exhibition, remember?
Hellegren:Oh, yes. Well, be back by lunch time.
Lena:What were you working on?
Hellegren:Nothing. Is there something wrong, Lena? You seem to be distracted lately.
Lena:Well, I have had a few things on my mind lately and I would like to talk to you about them. I don’t know how to…
Kellar:Kellar here, doctor.
Hellegren:Later, perhaps. Yes, Kellar?
Kellar:It’s about that small problem we have on ORCA. But I see you have your daughter with you.
Hellegren:She’s just leaving, aren’t you, Lena? Don’t be late back.
Lena:I won’t.
Hellegren:Very well, what is it?
Kellar:I really think we must deal with these children, doctor. Haven’t they caused us enough trouble? The whale, the alien girls, and now this?
Hellegren:I do not need reminding of this, Kellar.
Kellar:I have an idea, sir. But I would rather discuss it in private. May I come around?
Hellegren:Very well, but make it straight away. I want this matter concluded before my daughter returns.

Sallyanne:I did it. 360 turns and everything.
Dave:Who’s next, Morgan?
Morgan:Bates, sir.

Dave:Take the stick Jase. Come on, take the stick.
Jason:I… I can’t.
Jason:I can’t do it. I’m sorry.

Morgan:You wimped out? I don’t believe this. Even Taylor managed to get through.
Sallyanne:He can do it. I know he can.
Morgan:Yeah, well, I have my doubts and you know why, Bates? Because I don’t think you’ve got what it takes when it counts and if you can’t find that inside you, you’re not cut out for the cadets.
Dave:Morgan, take the next one out, will you?
Morgan:Yeah, but…
Dave:Okay, what happened out there?
Jason:I don’t know. This thing’s been bugging me ever since it came up.
Dave:Well, what is it? The height? The water?
Jason:No, I just don’t feel confident and if I muck it up, it’s not just me who goes down. I take everyone in the chopper with me. When it comes to the crunch, I just couldn’t do it.
Dave:Hey, we all have fears we can’t explain, Jase. Me, I can’t stand snakes. We just have to learn to overcome them.
Jason:Yeah, well, I’m not sure I can.
Dave:Look, I’ll make a deal with you. Whenever you feel ready to go up, I’ll take you out there and then. We’ll go out before you have a chance to change your mind. Fair enough?

Kellar:If we could get even one of these children on their own, away from the prying eyes and the protection of ORCA.
Hellegren:My thoughts precisely. We need some time undisturbed with them. Not only find out what they know about the alien device, but also to persuade them to give up the search.
Kellar:And if they refuse?
Hellegren:Then, perhaps, we will be forced to consider your more drastic options, if only to send a message that will dissuade the rest of them.
Kellar:I know of the perfect spot – close to ORCA, and yet isolated. But how to draw them there?
Hellegren:We will utilize the ORCA media.
Kellar:Can that be done?
Hellegren:It will be easy to plant a story that will attract their attention. Once this is done, we simply wait and they will walk right into our trap.

Neri:I must go to ORCA city today.
Neri:You do not ask to come, Kal?
Kal:I have other things in my head. Neri. You say this gives you remembering of your father?
Neri:Memories, yes. Why you ask?
Kal:I think my parents also gave me gift.
Neri:Where is it?
Kal:On ship. Somewhere. I wish to go and find.
Neri:Very well. But promise to be careful.

Neri:You are welcome but, I go now. I must look again for the damage to the seas.
Brett:So, where’s Kal?
Neri:He is in the ship.
Benny:The spaceship? What are we waiting for? Amazing, does it always sound like this?
Brett:No, stay right behind me and don’t touch anything. Kal. Neri said you were down here. Kal? You okay?
Kal:What’s this?
Brett:A tear.
Brett:Well, when something upsets people really badly, sometimes they cry.
Kal:I think this makes me cry. My parents give me. They passed. Here, on this ship. And I miss them.
Brett:Did Neri teach you how to feel this?
Kal:Just from somewhere. It hurts.

Jason:I’m not sure about this.
Brett:I thought you’d be rapt. Kal’s getting more feelings, isn’t he?
Jason:Yeah, but he developed this one when none of us were around.
Jason:Well, we’ve had some control up till now, but if he starts running around picking up human emotions by himself, who knows what he might latch onto.
Brett:He’ll be fine.
News:Good evening, and welcome to the community broadcast on ORCA satellite news.
Jason:Oh, turn it off.
news:And now, a mystery visitor from space leads our bulletin. Mainland scientists say they have uncovered evidence that an object of unknown origin crashed into earth on nearby stoke island some 18 years ago. Opinions range from a meteorite to space junk. A university research team will investigate.
Brett:The synchronium.
News:A spokesperson says unusual seismographic readings at memory bay might provide an answer. The team will arrive at stoke island tomorrow afternoon.

Brett:Wake up, wake up.
Jason:Get off.
Brett:Hurry up. You want that research team to beat us out to stoke island?
Jason:You heard what they said on the news. It could be anything. Besides, I’ve got training. I can’t go anywhere today, unless it was to try that chopper again.
Brett:Fine. No big deal. Neri’s coming around to see mum this morning. I’ll go with her. It’s not like we’re chicken or anything.

Hellegren:We wait.
Kellar:What if they don’t come?
Hellegren:They will.

Brett:Hey, look, you know stoke island?
Brett:Well, I’ll meet you about halfway there – the dugong strait.

Lena:Have you seen Jason or Brett? We have to talk.
Jason:Well, I’m kind of busy right now.
Lena:Well, it’s urgent.
Sallyanne:We’ve got a prac session in five minutes.
Lena:You’re in trouble, you and your brother. You have to listen to me.
Jason:Okay, you’ve got two minutes.
Sallyanne:Jason, the prac session.
Jason:Yeah, I’ll meet you there.

Lena:What do I have to do to make you believe me?
Jason:Well, you could come up with something better than a fairy tale, to start off with.
Lena:You saw the news bulletin. Stoke island.
Jason:News reports have nothing to do with your father.
Lena:He planted that story to get you there. He’s setting a trap.
Jason:And even if he was, why would you be here warning us?
Lena:Because I can’t just stand by and let you walk into it. I don’t want anyone to get hurt. Do you think it’s easy telling on my own father? Why would I do it if it wasn’t true?
Jason:Maybe you were just doing what he told you?
Lena:You’re right, why should you believe me? I’m not sure I believe it myself. A whale, a girl who lives in the sea…
Jason:What girl?
Lena:Well, I should say girls. There were two of them, right? Oh, look, all I know is what what I’ve found out from my father’s files and things I overheard. He thinks you have parts of some machine and he will do anything to get them.
Jason:Okay, if he was setting a trap, what would he do?
Lena:All I know is that you have to stay away from that island.
Jason:My brother’s already on his way there.
Lena:Stop him. Get a boat.
Jason:A boat isn’t going to get me there in time.

Brett:Is that it?
Neri:We go.

Dave:Chopper test? Now?
Dave:Jason, I can’t. I am in the middle of something vital.
Jason:Look, you said whenever I felt I can do it. Well, it’s now or never. Please.
Dave:Be right there, sir. Morgan, you’re qualified. You’re not really needed here at the moment, so you take him up.
Morgan:It’s a waste of time. He’s never going to do it.
Dave:Morgan, that’s an order.
Morgan:Yes, sir.

Brett:No sign of the team. We’ll head on in.
Hellegren:I can only see one of them, but that will do. Pass the word. Nobody move until the boat is on the beach.

Morgan:What are you doing?
Jason:Locking on a course for stoke island.
Jason:Because that’s where we’re heading.
Morgan:Not while I’m at the controls.
Jason:All right, give it to me.
Morgan:You sure now?
Jason:Do it. There, that’s my brother.
Morgan:So, this is a manoeuvring test, Bates, not a family reunion.
Kellar:We have company.
Brett:It’s from ORCA. Keep down.
Jason:Hang on.
Jason:Go back, go back.
Brett:Don’t ask me. Keep down, here they come again. It’s Jason. Something’s wrong. We’re out of here. Dive, Neri. Swim for it!
Morgan:Bates, you’re going to have a lot of answering to do.
Kellar:After him!
Hellegren:Stay where you are!
Kellar:We might still catch him.
Hellegren:And that ORCA helicopter will see every move. We have lost him.
Kellar:We must have been betrayed. Someone from inside has talked.
Hellegren:Find out who, Kellar.
Kellar:You have my word, doctor.

Dave:One more stunt like that and you’re out of the cadets instantly. Plus, you have to resit the test from the start.
Morgan:Yeah, and believe me, Bates, this time I’m going to make sure it’s hard.
Dave:Carry on, Morgan. I suppose, at least, you’ve proved to yourself you can do it. Sounds like an interesting piece of flying. Sorry I wasn’t there to see it.
Jason:Come on, we’ve got to go see someone.

Jason:You were right. If I hadn’t of stopped him, Brett would’ve walked right into it.
Lena:Well, since I told you about my father, maybe you should tell me more about this ocean girl?
Jason:Perhaps another time, maybe.
Lena:But I want to know. Did she really come from another world? What did she look like? How did you meet her?
Jason:Come on, we’ve got to get you back to the mainland.
Lena:I helped you.
Jason:Yeah, and now we’re doing you a favour. This place is crawling with UBRI. You want your father to know you were here?
Brett:The next shuttle leaves in five minutes.
Jason:Okay, let’s move it.
Lena:I’ll be fine from here. Thanks.
Jason:Thank you. I mean it, you really saved our necks.

Kal:No, no, not at all. You are completely certain it was Dr. Hellegren’s daughter you saw leaving ORCA station? Thank you. I appreciate your diligence.

Brett:Is Kal all right? He got pretty upset in the ship yesterday.
Neri:He was strange this morning. But he seems good again now.
Kal:Food is ready.
Jason:Well, he’s not exactly our biggest worry at the moment.
Brett:Like UBRI?
Jason:That was too close. If it hadn’t been for Lena… Well, at least you got away okay.
Brett:Can you imagine what Hellegren would do if he knew she’d told?
Jason:We’ve got enough problems of our own. We only have two pieces of the synchronium so far. But Hellegren wants them all and he wasn’t given up yet.
Brett:See you, Neri.