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Cassandra Clayborn

Actress:Brooke “Mikey” Anderson

The only thing Cassandra has on her mind in the beginning is to annoy Brett, who always retaliates in an appropriate manner. But sometimes she exaggerates her actions, and usually she will have to sweep the floor as a punishment then. But that doesn’t matter for the young American girl, as she is – exactly like Brett – always looking for fun and adventures. These qualities they have in common quickly lead them to mutual understanding and they become good friends.

At first Cass thinks it’s totally boring on ORCA. But when she gets to know Neri, she finally found an occupation: to help Neri in her exciting adventures. No one is able to hold her back in the search for the synchronium, and when it’s up to her and her friends to protect Neri from PRAXIS, she really is unstoppable.

There is one thing Cassandra does not like at all: her big sister Morgan, the cadets’ leader on ORCA. All the time Morgan tortures her with questions about what she was up to again, and she always finds an unpleasant job for her sister. Once when Cass was sentenced to clean the floor with Brett and Benny, Morgen sent the two boys away and had her sister do the whole work, until the floor was shining.

The two do not settle their differences until Morgan falls in a coma after being bitten by a stonefish. Cassandra sits besides her and holds her hand.