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Actors:Several humpback whales from the pacific ocean and roboters

Charley is a humpback whale and a friend of Neri. This is possible because Neri is – due to her extraterrestrial abilities – able to communicate with him. In a test conducted by Dianne they find out that Neri reacts on frequencies that are as high as 60000 Hz and they presume that this is the reason for her special abilities. But the true reason is that Neri has the “gift”.

Neri becomes acquainted with Charley when she is a little girl playing with a kite. She falls off a cliff into the sea. She screams for help, but her father does not hear her – in contrast to Charley.

In the adventures of the ORCA kids Charley often helps in risky situations. He frees Neri who gets captured in an attempt to help Dr. Hellegren on the rescue boat, because the doctor only has his scientific curiosity on his mind. He also calls Neri to help Mera when she fell off a cliff, when Jason got buried under a part of ORCA city’s construction and finally when Kal steals the synchronium pieces.

On the other hand he can count on his friends at ORCA and on Neri and Mera when he is in danger. The kids help him when he is captured by UBRI and when he runs ashore on an island caused by UBRI’s blastings.

Furthermore he plays a big role in the success of the ocean people’s missions, because he is the one who can activate the synchronium, and he carries in his blood the antidote against the virus that Malakat used to contaminate the oceans of his homeworld and Shersheba those of the Earth.