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Damien Arthur Geoffries

Actor:Guy Mallaby

Damien, one of the teenagers on ORCA, only appears during the first season. He is also known as “the underwater fool”, because he has no abilities worth mentioning except for the three chords he can play on his guitar.

He often retires to uninhabited parts of the station to play his music. There he is discovered by Lee once, and after having exchanged a few sentences, there is a seaquake and they find themselves locked up in the room which is slowly filling with water.

But Damien manages to pry the door open by playing on his guitar a chord of the appropriate frequency. Of course he has to demonstrate this to his friends later on. But this time not only the door opens, but the whole lighting of the room is sent to Nirwana.

Furthermore he is one of the kids to help Neri rescue Charley from UBRI’s clutches.