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Commander Jack Lucas

Actor:William McInnes

Commander Lucas is the station’s commander during the first season. He doesn’t like children very much, except for his daughter Lee. When she’s concerned, he immediatly goes to red alert. When Brett is missing in a storm, he cancels the rescue operation without compassion, because the safety of the well-trained rescue team is more important to him than that of a helpless ten-year-old boy. When he catches Jason with his daugther on the edge of kissing her, he goes almost mad.

When Brett gets suspicious that commander Lucas is after his mother, he plays a very nasty trick on him. He tells him a lot of things about her family, for example that she likes to eat garlic. So Lucas instructs the cook to put a special big portion of that in her meal…

Lucas’ relation to the kids doesn’t get better until he owes his daughter’s life to Damien.