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Author:Charley T

Neri goes to sea world

Chapter One

The Orca kids were going to get another shore leave. This time, it was a field trip to Sea World, so that the kids could learn more about the sea creatures from the trainers at Sea World during the shows. Neri was on board Orca. She asked Jason and Brett “where you going?” Jason replied “We’re going to Sea World.” Neri said “I go too.” Jason said “You won’t like it. it’s only the same things you see in the ocean every day, like fish, whales, and dolphins.” Neri smiled happily, “Then I go, too. it beautiful.” Jason said “But remember what happened before, when you were on land too long?” Brett interrupted. “But it’s Sea World, there’s a lot of water there. She’ll be safe, and she likes the sea creatures. She’ll have a great time. She’ll totally love it.” “Okay”, Jason said, “you can come, also.” A big happy smile came over Neri’s face. Brett whispered to Jason “We’re going to have a great time with Neri there.”

The Orca kids arrived at the park. Neri was very happy. They went to see Shamu, the killer whale. They were deciding where they wanted to sit. Neri wanted to sit close. That way, she would both be closer to the whale, and be able to see it better. But that was in the “splash zone” which Jason did not want to sit in. Jason explained to Neri what that was. But even though she wanted to sit there, the seats in that zone were all full of people. So, they had to sit up higher, back further, away from the splash zone, where they would not get splashed. This made Jason glad, because this is where Jason had wanted to sit, anyways. Neri walked in first, as far as she could go, and sat down on the bench. She could not go any further because there was a stranger sitting on one side of her, so Jason and Brett sat on the other side of Neri. They waited, and then the show began. The trainer told how whales communicate and that whales are thought to not be able to talk in any way that humans can. Neri turned to Jason, hand said “Whales talk, too. Charley talk to me everyday.” The stranger sitting next to Neri overheard this, then turned and looked at Neri like she was crazy. But Neri did not see this, since she was still facing Jason. Neri turned facing the front again, so that she could see the show. By this time, the stranger was also facing the front.

Neri was starting to feel weak. She and the Orca kids had to wait in a long line when they had entered the park, so now, she was feeling dry and weak. She was about to faint and die unless she got wet, but they were sitting too far away from the splash zone. She whispered to Jason and Brett, “I feel dry. I need water”, Just then, Shamu jumped the biggest jump that he ever did in his whole life. The water from the tank went over the top of the splash zone leaving everyone in the splash zone dry, and landed where Neri was sitting, completely soking Neri and everyone around her, including Jason and the stranger sitting next to her. Some people got very angry because they had been sitting away from the splash zone, so that they wouldn’t get wet, then ended up getting splashed anyways, while some other people sitting back there didn’t mind it. The stranger that was sitting next to Neri yelled down towads the stage “I’m going to sue. Just wait unil i get my lawyer. Then all of you that are running this place will be sorry.” Brett replied “Calm down. It’s only water. It’s not going to hurt you.” The stranger yelled at Brett, “Who do you think you are? You little squirt.” The trainer had replied, “Sorry, folks. I don’t know what happened. That wasn’t the command I gave him. Animals are so unpredictable. I hope everone realizes that animals are so unpredictable.” While all this commotion had been going on, a totlly soaked, compltely relieved and very happy Neri had told Shamu “Thank You” by comunicating with Shamu in a way that we humans do not understand, yet. Unknown to everyone else, Neri had told Shamu that she needed to get wet or else she would die, and she had asked Shamu to do that big jump and splash her, so that she would get wet and not die from being too dry. Neri had been ommunicating with Shamu ever since the show had started. Shamu was glad to co-operate with Neri since Neri was like him, an air-breathing mammal who needed to live in water to survive. Shamu pretty much was used to the old same routines that the trainers made him do for the show everyday, so he was able to do the same routines as usual, without paying much attention to them while talking to Neri, until he had done that really big high jump which was not part of the regular routine of the show.

Later, Neri, Jason, Brett, and the other orca kids went to see and pet the dolphins. Neri petted the dolphins too, and was hugging them also, in a loving hug. She sat down. Jason glanced 7at Neri and saw her face. He turned to Brett. “Something’s wrong”, he told Brett. “What do you mean?” Brett asked. “Well, like you said, Neri will have loads of fun here and really love it, right?” “Right” “Then how come she doesn’t look very happy? She even looks like she’s very sad.” “Maybe she needs to get wet more”. “No, it hasn’t been that long since we got splashed.” “Well, why don’t you just ask her, I can’t read her mind, you know.” Jason walked over to Neri and asked her what was wrong. “friends need help” she said. Jason remembered UBRI capturing Charley, and that UBRI would do it again, this time under Kellar’s orders,and he knew that Neri was going to ask him to rescue Charley again. “How does he need help?” Jason asked. Neri replied “He wants free again, to swim in ocean again.” “Okay”, Jason said. “We’ll help you free Charley again.” “Uh-Uh”, said Neri. “Not Charley”. Jason was now confused. “If not Charley, then who needs help”? he asked. Neri simply said “Shamu”. This totally shocked Jason and Brett as Jason stood open-mouthed in total complete shocked unbelieving surprise. He was at a loss for words for a few seconds. He finally managed to get out a surprised “What???!!!”, then stuttered a little. “W…W..We…We can’t just free Shamu”. he said. “Why not?” Neri asked. “He wants free, she said.” Jason replied. “He’s the parks star attraction. We can’t just take Sea World’s main star attraction!!!” Neri said “But he want to go. is bad he stay when he want free.” “But we just can’t”, Jason said. Neri replied “I promise father I watch over ocean. you promise you help free Shamu, too, you promise?” Neri looked so sad that Jason couldn’t help feeling sorry for her, which made Him felt guilty for not helping her, and he really liked Neri, and didn’t want to lose her as a friend. so he finally said “I promise”. Neri grinned a little happy grin, and said “Good. I be back in while”. Then Neri walked away, while Jason stayed there still in shock, not believing what had just happened, and he also couldn’t believe that he had actually just promised Neri that he would help her with such an impossible thing. Brett, also not believing what Jason had just did, asked “Do you know what you just did? You just promised Neri that we would help her free Shamu.” Jason replied “I know. I know.” as he sat there thinking, still in unblieving shock, while Brett went over and petted the dolphins some more.