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Author:Martin Requart

Character: Dr. Joseph Hellegren

Dr. Joseph Hellegren, chairman and executive of the UBRI institute, is also scientist but driven by questionable motives. But as questionable his motives may be, there’s no doubt that he knows his field. Besides that he’s a highly professional psychologist what, in combination with his intelligence and unscrupulous character, makes him so extraordinary dangerous. To get what he wants, Hellegren ignores laws as well as morals. He captured Jali, the whale, to enforce his “studies” on him. To get results he even risks Jali’s dead but Neri and her friends from ORCA can free him before Hellegren can cause him harm. Later he encounters with Neri face-to-face and as he finds out about her (and her sister Mera’s) special abilities and their alien origin, it is no question that he must trap them to have new objects to study in the name of science. As Hellegren finds out about the powerful alien device “Synchronium” and the giant powers resting in it he becomes obsessed with the idea to gain control over it to become ruler over the oceans and the entire planet. A head-to-head race between Hellegren and his opponents from ORCA begins to collect and complete the pieces first. At long last Hellegren wins but his plans of controlling the oceans goes terribly wrong… During this time, Lena Hellegren, his daughter, appears for the first time. But she leaves her father as she finds out what he’s working on and finds new friends on ORCA. She becomes aware of the danger Hellegren will ’cause so she helps her friends on ORCA to compose the “Synchronium” before her father can. Hellegren’s hate grows even more as he finds out that his daughter betrayed him. In the end he seems to realize what he did. Lena is able to forgive him so she returns to him. Hellegren has become tired and there’s hope that he will change his character to become a better man and serious scientist.