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Author:Martin Requart


Mera is Neri’s younger sister and has the same abilities she has. Mera and Neri have first met in season two where Neri turned out about Mera’s existance and started to search for her.

As Neri, Mera, their father and the other people from the “Planet Of Oceans” have traveled to the “Opal Planet” – that’s how Ocean People call Earth – years ago, a malfunction on their spacecraft has interrupted their journey close to its end. In range of Earth’s gravitational pull, the engines of the space cruiser breaked down and the crew was constrained to do a forced landing. Mera’s father realized the hopeless situation and so he brought Mera on board of an escape pod destination Earth in hope she would survive the crash this way. No one on board survived as the space cruiser finally crashed down in the southern hemisphere, just a few miles off the north-east Australian coast, on the shore of an island of the Great Barrier Reef. No one, except of Neri and her father. And Kal, a character introduced in season three.

Later we learn that the evil Malakat, an antagonist of Mera’s mother – the late Queen Shalamorn –, caused the dead of the pioneers.

Mera’s capsule made it to Earth also, but landed savely. Her father tried to find her all along but had no luck. Mera was found by a fisherman and growed up by various foster parents and later in an UBRI supported institution for especially talented kids ’cause people had reconized special abilities on her. Because nobody knew who she was or where she came from they called her Jane Seaforth.

After her escape from the institute with help of Jason, Brett and other kids from ORCA, Mera was finally reunited with her sister Neri all that years later. After becoming aware of her new identity, Mera followed her real destiny; helping her sister to protect the oceans as their father did before them. Together they are very strong and with their combined powers of light they can brave any danger. Mera is more carefully in trusting people than Neri is, maybe because of her longer contact with the outside world.

Mera loves her family on Earth but at the end of season two she decided to return to the “Ocean Planet” ’cause her own people needed her at home.

Mera returned to Earth in season three to help her sister to build the Synchronium. Together they prevented the plans of the UBRI institute, leaded by Dr. Hellegren.

To the end of Ocean Girl, an ongoing revolution – under lead of Princess Shersheba and her mentor Malakat – forced Mera to flee from the Ocean Planet to Earth, otherwise she would have been killed by her enemies. So Mera returned once again to stand by her sister in the most hardest days in her life but this time, the “chosen one” had to go alone…