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Author:Martin Requart

Dr. Winston Seth

Dr. Winston Seth, marine biologist, comes from India. He’s the communications and science consultant on ORCA. He’s an old friend of Dianne and assists her with her scientific research during her first months on ORCA. Later, when Dianne becomes Environmental Officer and then Commander of the platform, Winston continues his studies on his own but nevertheless makes some remarkable discoveries.

He’s one of the few people in the world who know the truth about Neri’s origin so Winston tries to avoid her discovery by the outside world, to keep her existance secret.

As UBRI starts with its massive reef blastings to build the fundamentals for ORCA CITY Dr. Seth finally gains scientific recognition. As discoverer of the now-called “Winston Seth Fault”, an up until that point unknown fault line in the continental shelfs under the ocean floor, which was activated by the UBRI institute’s reef blastings, he will remain unforgotten. Dr. Seth was the first person who took the idea of a big fault line in consideration to be responsible for the frequent quakes which shaked the reef during this time.

Winston has an impressive collection of sayings he’s using quite often. Most of them he just creates out of various situations… “When the moon vanishes, the forest falls silent.” That’s one of them… the most hardest of all.