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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season four

Episode 1

Brett:Boy, how far down did you get? I lost sight of you.
Jason:One eighty-eight five.
Brett:That’s deep! Some toy.
Jason:Bet you I can make 200.
Brett:You’re not going back under?
Jason:One more time.
Brett:Jase, I’m starving.
Jason:Tell me something new. Just keep your eye on the cable.
Brett:Just don’t do anything stupid.

Brett:Idiot. I told you not to go down again. What happened?
Jason:Let’s get out of here.

Jason:Neri. Hey, Neri.
Neri:Hello! I come!

Neri:Was not expecting you. Is good to see you.
Jason:Good to see you too. How are you settling in?
Neri:Oh, was good of you to build.
Jason:Yeah, not bad, eh? Just the thing for this kind of weather.
Brett:I don’t know, Jase. Feels a bit suss to me.
Jason:Gee, it’s setting in early this year.
Neri:You spoil me. I am used to the wet. But thank you for building me a good house.
Brett:Yeah, if it stands up.
Jason:It will. It’ll help keep your visitors dry anyway.
Brett:Just as well, too. Jase’s got water on the brain.
Jason:Hey, I wasn’t imagining that, okay?
Neri:Imagining what?
Jason:Neri, something really bizarre – scary happened out there.
Brett:On line.
Dianne:Brett, where are you?
Brett:Anyone else there?
Dianne:Only Winston.
Brett:Oh, okay. With Neri. We got caught in the storm.
Dianne:Great day you chose to try out that helmet.
Jason:Hi, mum. Might as well stay here now.
Dianne:As long as you’re back in the morning. Something pretty surprising’s turned up.
Brett:Oh? What?
Dianne:We’ll talk about it in the morning.
Brett:Hey, Winston. Check out the palace.
Winston:Hi, Neri. Congratulations. All the comforts of home.
Brett:See ya.

Dianne:I wonder what they’ll think of it.
Winston:Oh, they’ll be knocked out as Brett would say. You know, this is still holding me up. I am most perplexed.
Dianne:What, in the same area?
Winston:Everywhere else is re-charted. I can now account for every tectonic change under the ocean since the earthquakes. Except here. Right in our own backyard. I can’t get an image. It’s as though something’s interfering with the scan.

Jason:This incredible blinding light, right out of the blue. And then these shock waves. It was right out of control.
Brett:You were so far down. You must have been hallucinating.
Jason:This was no hallucination.
Neri:You said where?
Jason:Out over the mako abyss.
Jason:It’s the name they give one of the big trenches in the ocean. Way out beyond the reef.
Brett:Yeah, just about due east.
Jason:Why? Do you know something?
Neri:No, just know sometimes. Something out there feels different.
Jason:That was close, huh?
Brett:I told you.
Jason:What are you laughing at?

Brett:Of ORCA?
Dianne:Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?
Dianne:They sort of hinted that if if I did applied, I’d have a better than even chance of getting it.
Dianne:It’s just not my scene, striding about, issuing orders all day long.
Brett:You’ve been doing it to us for years.
Jason:And you are just about the most senior officer here.
Dianne:In the natural science field. That’s what’s just a little bit bit tempting. If they do want a scientist as a commander, then it suggests the focus of ORCA might swing back to its original purpose.
Brett:So, no more plans for an ORCA city?
Dianne:Oh, no. No more empire building. That’s been completely scrapped. Anyhow, I’m due at mainland headquarters tomorrow so I’ve got until then to decide.
Jason:Well, we’re right behind you. Either way. Right, Brett?
Brett:Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

Winston:Just here. The satellite isn’t getting anything back. The radar waves just seem to fizzle out.
Cass:Well, what frequencies have you tried?
Winston:All the standard ones.
Cass:It says here that waves in the gamma band can penetrate all known radar defence systems.
Winston:I thought you were studying part one this semester.
Cass:I like to peek ahead.
Winston:But what sort of defence system could there be down there? Defence against what?
Cass:I don’t know. But what have you got to lose?
Winston:Well, I suppose I could give it a try. Now, let me see…
Brett:Hey, Cass. Guess what’s happening with mum.
Cass:Shhh. He’s concentrating.
Winston:Transmitting. Now, the co-ordinates for the mako abyss.
Brett:Mako abyss.
Cass:Yeah. That’s where he can’t get a reading.
Winston:Not just yet. But look, look… Goodness gracious. A perfect square, deep in the ocean. Surely too symmetrical to be anything in nature.
Jason:That’s where the light was. That’s where it happened. I told you.

Richter:Agent Shelby.
Richter:You’ve read the brief?
Shelby:Yes, sir. Thoroughly, sir. I’ve given this a lot of thought.
Richter:Sit down.
Shelby:These radio signals…
Richter:We’ve been picking them up for some time. Here is the wave pattern intercepted by our 6-90t satellite. The signal is originating from outer space.
Richter:Exactly. And it’s in no known language or code. Targeting right here on Egypt.
Shelby:Yes, sir. Clearly an alien presence here.
Richter:This is absolutely top secret. For the last three weeks, someone or something in Egypt has been intercepting that signal and sending something back.
Shelby:No kidding.
Richter:Do you want the assignment?
Shelby:I’m your man, sir.
Richter:Good. Operation code name sphinx. Get packed. You leave tomorrow.
Richter:Your partner will be – agent Hauser.
Shelby:Elly Hauser?

Winston:It is what you call a magnetic anomaly – when the radar picks up an object of non-organic origin. And in the mako abyss – where you experienced these phenomena when diving.
Cass:It’s one heck of a coincidence.
Winston:I think we should take a closer look. A direct sonar sweep from the ocean surface.
Winston:No time like the present.

Winston:The sonar device. It’s almost reached 200 metres. Look. Our magnetic anomaly. Just down head.
Jason:Look! It’s happening again. Winston!

Jason:What did you see?
Neri:Light. Bright light.
Winston:Is that all?
Neri:It was beautiful.
Neri:But when I go near, it stop. Will go again.
Jason:Neri, you’re crazy. You’ve got to keep away from here.
Neri:No, I must go back.
Jason:No, Neri. All right, but you’re not going down without me.

Hauser:PRAXIS – top clearance.

Shelby:Agent Hauser.
Hauser:Agent Shelby.
Richter:I am aware that there have been certain tensions in the past.
Hauser:Yes, sir.
Richter:But I regard you both as being top of your field and it is just because you have different skills that I want you on this together. A lot of persistence will be needed as well as a maximum of subtlety and restraint. Remember, you may very well come face to face with extra-terrestrial biological entities.
Hauser:You really suspect an e.B.E. Presence?
Shelby:Well, something’s got to be intercepting those signals. I’ve done some preliminary calculations, sir, and I figure that according to the trajectories that our subject, or subjects, would have to be receiving the signal within one mile radius of here – just west of Alexandria.
Hauser:That’s odd. You took into account the changed ionospheric factors recorded in the past two months? Latest report from the meteorological office. Taking those figures on board, I think you’ll find the reception point is a one mile radius of here. Just out of Cairo. In fact, near the valley of the kings. Check out the figures.
Richter:You’re both on a secure flight to Egypt – in 90 minutes.

Malakat:What have you found?
Malakat:We must keep trying. Further upstream.
Shersheba:I’m tired. I’m hungry. How much longer?
Malakat:You must remember what we are seeking has been waiting for us for 5000 years. We must be patient, too.
Shersheba:But no more this evening. At dawn.

Cass:How do you know it’ll be open?
Brett:Cleaners. They’re doing the whole level. See. Far out.
Cass:Oh man! Hey, check out the kitchen. Looks more like an operating theatre.
Brett:Yeah! I’m really going to make myself at home.
Cass:Your mom hasn’t even said she wants the job yet. Wow, neat sound system. What’s in there?
Brett:What are you doing here?
Louis:What does it look like?
Cass:Have you got permission to be here?
Louis:Have you? I suppose you think you’ll be living here with your mother? I hear she is applying. Let me tell you, my friend, it will be me, not you.
Cass:Yeah? How do you figure that?
Louis:My father is first officer, is he not? So, of course, he will be promoted to commander. You will please leave now.
Brett:No, Louis. After you. Like, there’s one of you and there’s two of us.
Louis:Okay. But it’s I who shall be back.
Brett:Yeah, in your dreams.

Louis:Father, Brett Bates thinks his mother is going to get the commander job.
Danton:Not now, Louis. I’m busy.
Louis:But that’s probably where she’s gone. You did put in the application, didn’t you?
Danton:Yes, yes. Officer Bates. You’re late.
Jason:Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.
Danton:I notice that you’ve requisitioned the minifin this morning. Why is that?
Jason:Yeah, well, I need to re-check the electronic turbo…
Jason:For the maintenance report. Dr. Seth will be running the tests.
Danton:I see.
Dave:Everything in order, sir.
Danton:Fine. Come on, son.
Louis:Ask him! Go on!
Danton:I understand your mother has gone ashore for a few days.
Jason:Yes, sir. Mainland headquarters.
Danton:Fine. Carry on.
Jason:Down you go.
Jason:Better not forget the minifin log. Can you hit those two red buttons?
Winston:Oh, yes. Working.
Jason:Buckle up.
Winston:Now I know how a sardine feels.
Jason:Okay. Hold on.
Jason:[?] Brett?
Brett:Yeah, getting you [?] clear.
Jason:We're over the shelve, commencing to dive.
Brett:Good luck.
Jason:This is it guys. Making[?] right into the mako abyss.
Jason:Look. I can see Neri ahead. Where’s she going?

Brett:What’s happening? Do you copy? We’ve lost them.

Jason:I can’t get trim.
Winston:Oh my goodness.
Jason:It’s stopped.
Winston:Oh, no.
Jason:That’s okay. That’s the sound of our engines.
Winston:This is better.
Jason:She wants us to follow her.
Winston:Where to now, I wonder?

Malakat:Everything is in readiness at the river. Perhaps today will be the day.
Shersheba:Fortunate, isn’t is that, I’m such a good swimmer.

Jason:Winston, am I seeing things?

Brett:It’s a pyramid.