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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season four

Episode 4


Brett:Jason. Jason!
Jason:It’s okay. It’s just a donkey.
Brett:Any idea where we are exactly?
Jason:Well, I think the river’s that way. Or maybe that way.
Brett:Great. How’re we ever going to get home?
Neri:Way we came. The pyramid. We must find it again. Last night, I think we came from that way.
Jason:Are you sure?
Neri:We pass that lot of trees.
Jason:I thought it was that lot.
Brett:Then the pyramid should be over in that direction?
Jason:Unless it was that little clump over there.
Neri:I think it was… That way.
Brett:When in doubt, follow Neri.

Shersheba:Yes. More dead ends.
Malakat:We’ll try again after you’ve eaten.
Shersheba:No, we will not. It’s dark and cold down there and I’m not going to do it any more.
Malakat:But your–
Shersheba:No. That’s final.
Malakat:Naturally, I can’t force you to do anything you don’t want to. In any case, if we’re right about the girl Neri, perhaps she can find us a way into the pyramid.

Hauser:We’ve recovered the vehicle, sir, but there’s no sign of the girl or the two boys.
Richter:Keep looking. We’ve done a full analysis of the girl’s strand of hair. Here. The DNA is absolutely unlike anything seen before. There is no doubt that we are dealing with an entity which is not of this earth. I am upgrading operation sphinx as of today. The pursuit and detention of our female subject is now triple-o priority.


Brett:That pyramid’s 50 storeys high. We should be able to see it by now.
Neri:Maybe. I don’t know.

(music) (Grinding gears)

Egyptians:(shouting in foreign language)
Jason:Hi. I was wondering if you could help us. We’re kinda lost.
Guys:(Shouting in foreign language) Kind-a-lost.
Jason:We’re looking for this pyramid.
Guy:Ah, pyramid!
Guy:Plenny pyramid.
Guy:Too much pyramid.
Jason:Um… We’re looking for a particular pyramid. They call it the pyramid of mystery.
Guys:(Speaking in foreign language)
Jason:Yeah, that’s right. Do you know how to find it?
Guy:Yeah, that’s right.
Jason:You think you could show us the way to get there?
Guy:Pah! Girl talk now.
Neri:Please, we must find the pyramid of mystery.
Guy:The pleasure is all yours, s’il vous plait.

(Grinding gears)

Shelby:Yes, today! Not yesterday, not tomorrow, not when the full moon kisses the sphinx’s ear, but right now. Okay, the local police and military say they’ll stake out the airport and set up a grid search of the whole district. With any luck, we should have this wrapped up by the next ice age.
Hauser:There’s no sense in getting all steamed up about it. Things move slowly here.
Shelby:Where could they be? Where could they go? How can any idiot not recognize three kids dressed up like it’s Halloween?
Guys:(Shouting in foreign language)
Shelby:Seen three kids?
Guy:Tree kiss?
Shelby:Kids. Three kids. Children.
Guy:Children. Ah, kids. Nah, no kids. Nowhere.
Guy:We bachelors. Ha-ha-ha!
Shelby:Okay, on your way. Go on, buzz off.

Louis:I don’t understand.
Louis:Commander Bates. Almost the first thing she does in her new job is call off the search for Jason and Brett, right?
Louis:So, if they’re not lost, where are they?
Cass:Well, I guess they must both be safe.
Louis:Safe where?
Cass:Ah, I just remembered. I’ve got an ocean acoustics class.

Neri:This is way to pyramid?
Jason:That’s right, pyramid of mystery.
Guy:That’s right. Plenny pyramid.

Cass:Any news from Jason and Brett?
Dianne:Their father’s had a communication from PRAXIS to say that they’ll be on a flight home from Egypt tomorrow. He’ll meet them at the airport.

Jason:Where are we?
Guy:Our place.
Jason:I can’t see any pyramids.
Guy:Pah! Too much pyramid. First we eat. Rest. Watch some T.V. (Speaking foreign language)
Neri:You say you take us to pyramid.
Guy:Plenty time. Please.
Jason:Thanks for the ride and everything but we were thinking we might just keep moving.
Guy:You wait. (Speaking foreign language)
Jason:I don’t like this.
Neri:What is happening?
Brett:Never take a ride from a stranger.
Jason:That guy Malakat must have put the word out. Or maybe one of those agents. There might even be a reward.


Everyone:(shouting) (trilling)
Guy:Thank you very much. And now, you are honoured guest. Tonight we have special feast.
Jason:Thanks a lot but we really do have to keep moving.
Guy:Oh, no. Cannot allow. Many bad people look for you. Radio, t.V., say big reward. Police search. Is rude for Bedouin not to help friends. No, you stay. Safe from enemy.
Everyone:(Cheering and trilling)

Guy:There is a saying – “you not eat ’til it hurt. You not eat ’til you burst. You eat ’til you die.” Ha-ha!


Guy:This, er, pyramid you look for…
Neri:The pyramid of mystery. Yes. You can take us there?
Guy:Ah, mystery indeed. A place of many ancient stories. Scientists from all over come, pick-pick-pick with their shovels. Say, “pah! Bedouin tell big myth, big superstition.” Bedouin say, “no.” Bedouin say legend is true. More. Eat, eat.
Jason:What is this ancient legend, chief?
Guy:Long time ago, before great-great-great… Hundred generations?
Jason:A hundred generations ago?
Guy:Story says pyramid of mystery is road to heaven. A light come down from the sky but is not a jumbo jet.
Guy:Is star, but not a star. Inside is people but… Is not people. They take one scared Egyptian fellow, put him in the star and fly away. Gone many long time.
Brett:Then what happened.
Guy:Big sky ship come back. Egyptian fellow now very much old – white hair. He say to people, “I live many long time with sky people. Live like pish.”
Guy:Pish! Pish! Blub-blub-blub.
Jason:Fish? He was abducted by people who live like fish?
Guy:Too much underwater, eh. Like my beauty friend here. I think, eh, she is like pish too, mm?

Dianne:Well, what do you think?
Winston:This being an official document, I’m not sure one should be so selective with the truth.
Dianne:What? Like the truth that we’ve been hiding an extraterrestrial? Or that she and the boys somehow got zapped to Egypt?
Cass:Yeah, Winston. I mean, isn’t Neri more important than a few white lies?
Dianne:Oh, they’re not really lies. They’re just… A particular interpretation of the facts. Commander Bates.
Paul:Dianne? I’m at the airport. The boys and their friend weren’t on the plane.
Dianne:Well, there must have been some mix up.
Paul:First thing I did was ring PRAXIS to verify the flight details. Suddenly, they’re denying they know anything about anything.
Paul:And you know that when PRAXIS starts to deny everything, it means they’re onto something big. Usually something big that doesn’t come from this planet.

(Bells jingling)

Jason:Well, thanks for everything, chief.
Neri:Yes, thank you.
Guy:Oh, I forget. There is finish to the story of the pish people.
Guy:People come down in sky ship say one day this pyramid will decide the fate of the whole world.
Brett:The fate of the whole world, huh? That’s big.
Jason:Well, so long, chief.
Guy:Good luck, dudes.
Brett:See ya.

(Bells jingling)

Jason:Well, who’s for a swim?
Malakat:The well. Follow them. As soon as they’ve led you inside the pyramid, we’ll turn the girl over to PRAXIS.


Brett:Wait up[?], Jason.
Jason:Come on.
Neri:This way. Come, follow.

Jason:(Whispering) We must be the first people here in over 5,000 years.

Hauser:Yes, yes, you have something for us?
Malakat:Certain facts have come to my attention concerning the three youngsters.

Jason:It’s amazing, isn’t it?
Jason:It’s just like the statue in the underwater pyramid.

Shersheba:Yes, a way in. At the bottom of the well, there’s an underwater passage leading right into the centre of the pyramid.
Malakat:And the girl?
Shersheba:All three of them are in there.
Malakat:At last. And so easy.
Shersheba:Easy?! I’ve spent months diving through cold, dirty tunnels. All you had to do was get your facts straight.
Malakat:It’s worked out better this way.
Shersheba:What now?
Malakat:Wait up here until the PRAXIS people arrive. I’ll deal with Neri.

Paul:Right. You have some explaining to do.
Dianne:Paul, what I’m about to tell you must be kept strictly between you and me, do you understand?
Paul:Between you and me personally or in the professional sense?
Dianne:I’m telling you because you’re Jason and Brett’s father.
Paul:So let’s have it. You’re not going to tell me that this girl, this Neri, is actually from another planet?


Malakat:You have saved me a great deal of trouble. Thank you. But I’m afraid that artifact is the property of my organization.
Jason:Don’t, Neri.
Malakat:I’m an archaeologist. I’m authorized to be here. You are trespassing.

Hauser:Where is she?
Shersheba:Professor Malakat’s gone to bring her out.
Shelby:Out from where?
Shersheba:The well. At the bottom, there’s an underwater passage that leads inside the pyramid.
Hauser:That’s the only way in?
Shersheba:No other way has been discovered in 5,000 years.

Malakat:I have no wish to harm you but I must have the golden ankh. You have no idea how important it is. It has powers beyond your imagination, powers that are very dangerous in the hands of a young lady who doesn’t know how to harness them. It needs to be guarded by someone who understands. There’s no place to run to this time. At this moment, there are forces gathering back at the well who want to capture you and put you into a zoo. And I’m afraid they’re nowhere near as polite and as reasonable as I am.
Jason:Don’t do it, Neri. Whatever it is, it’s meant for you, nobody else.
Malakat:My patience is running thin. Give it to me!
Neri:Jason! Brett!


Shelby:Where are they? Where are they?


Jason:Hey, are you all right?
Brett:Yeah, yeah.


Brett:Australia. We’re back in Australia. Next time, I’m traveling by commercial airline.