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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season four

Episode 21

Jason:I thought you’d still be in the hut.
Neri:Sleep not come.
Jason:Thinking about Mera?
Neri:Answer not come.
Jason:It’s a hard decision to make.
Neri:If I give them the ankh, I can save sister.
Jason:But then Shersheba and Malakat will have control of the pyramid.
Neri:Yes. And many more people may die.
Jason:I wish I could help you, Neri. It’s a choice only you can make. For what it’s worth, I’ll support you whatever you decide.
Neri:You are a good friend.

Shersheba:I thought by now you’d be hungry. Please. I said hungry. You can eat all you like. But this has a price.
Malakat:Knowing how close you are to your sister, I’m sure you’d like to keep in touch. I thought perhaps a few words encouraging her to give up the ankh.
Shersheba:And then you can have this.
Mera:I’d rather die than see you have control of the pyramid.
Shersheba:You’ll change your mind. Unless, of course, you’re serious about dying.

HELEN:Stand by. Your audience with madame president of the global union will now commence.
President:Sit down, please. Good morning, commander.
Paul:Ma’am. This is my youngest son Brett. He insisted on joining me to help present our case.
President:I’m delighted to meet you, Brett. I have children of my own. It’s a good sign that our young people have such a committed involvement with current events. Don’t you think, commander?
Paul:Yes, I do, madame president.
President:After all, our decisions today determine their future world and they’re terrific, I’ve noticed at getting straight down to business. So why don’t we cut to the chase, Brett?
Brett:PRAXIS have installed powerful torpedoes on ORCA. The eco-system in the pacific ocean where we live is very delicate. If these torpedoes are fired, the marine life will be totally destroyed.
President:Yes, Brett, but my first priority is to protect human life.

Winston:I am most afraid she will endorse the attack.
Jason:Give us a break, Winston.
Winston:The zebra is not famous for its spots.
Cass:Come again?
Winston:Madam president is after all the person who granted PRAXIS their charter in the first place. PRAXIS that imprisoned Neri. PRAXIS that hired people like Jake and Richter. Why should she stop backing them now?
Dianne:Madam president may not know the truth about what happened to Neri. She may be a perfectly reasonable human being.
Cass:After all, she is a woman.

President:Since the discovery of this underwater pyramid, we have completely failed to make any contact at all with whoever or whatever is in there. We must be ready to defend ourselves.
Brett:What if they want peace?
Paul:They haven’t shown any aggression yet, ma’am.
President:On the contrary. They attacked PRAXIS agent Shelby on his approach to the pyramid.
Brett:No one was hurt.
President:Fortunately. But in any case, if their intentions were peaceful, don’t you think they would try to establish contact. No, we must assume a hostile purpose.
Brett:Neri doesn’t – didn’t have a hostile bone in her body.
Brett:Neri, PRAXIS captured her. Who died because of the way they treated her.
President:Oh yes, the alien girl. I see from these reports you’d befriended her. Weren’t you taking a tremendous risk?
Brett:Risk? No way. Neri was the gentlest person I ever met. All she wanted to do was see everybody live in harmony. The only thing that made her angry was when other people got destructive.
President:If she was everything you say, Brett, she must have been a remarkable creature.
Brett:Unbelievable, madam president.
President:I see PRAXIS believe these newcomers have the same origin as her.
Brett:That’s right. So why should they be treated any different.

Louis:Isn’t it beautiful?
Ilona:It looks very – powerful.
Louis:It’s the absolute latest. Those aliens haven’t a hope. It doesn’t actually hit its target. It explodes really close and blows the living daylights out of anything in range. Kaboom! And it’s all over for those freaks.
Richter:And not a moment too soon. Your gung-ho attitude may be useful in certain areas of field work, agent, but you’ll find a basic knowledge of physics will be more helpful here. These firing solutions are crucial. We must ensure a point of impact which will achieve maximum destruction of the pyramid.
Paul:Mr. Director. This is for you.
Brett:From the president of the global union. All preparations to launch an attack on the pyramid have been suspended until further notice.
Paul:That’s what it says.
Richter:We’ll see about this.

Shersheba:Malakat now wish to speak to you.
Malakat:Thirsty? Help yourself, please.
Mera:If it’s about contacting my sister, I haven’t changed my mind.
Malakat:There are no conditions. As a member of the royal family, I’d have thought you’d have a stronger sense of duty towards your people.
Shersheba:She’s definitely not princess material.
Malakat:You haven’t given much thought as to what will happen to our people of the ocean planet if the golden ankh is not handed over, have you, Mera? If I do not have the means to activate the pyramid, they will die.
Shersheba:All of them. Your friends, relatives, your mother’s subjects.
Malakat:The red virus will kill them all.

Neri:The only way my people can escape death is by leaving the ocean planet.
Brett:But if they invade earth under Malakat, all of humanity will be wiped out.
Neri:I must do as my mother wished. I must make the pyramids power mine and use the golden ankh.
Jason:How with them still inside?
Neri:I will find a way.
Brett:I know what you’re saying. Neri is the chosen one. If she runs a pyramid, who knows what it could do.
Jason:Yeah. If it has the power to melt the polar ice masses, just imagine its potential for good.
Neri:I will get the ankh. I must make it ready.
Jason:Okay, we’ll go to the farm and bring it back.

Mera:You can twist the facts all you like, you don’t fool me. You don’t have the best interests of our people at heart. You’re just a tyrant. If the virus hadn’t infected our planet, you’d be nobody with nobody to lead.
Malakat:That’s how stupid you are. You and your sister thinking things happen by chance. A great leader knows they don’t. The red virus didn’t just happen. It was created.
Malakat:Of course it was.
Shersheba:Who created it?
Malakat:I did.
Shersheba:You? How?
Malakat:It was originally a computer virus. I extended it across the technological boundaries and transmuted it into a biological agent.
Malakat:I knew setting it loose would bring on mass panic, perfectly paving the way for you and me to step in as saviors. Naturally, the people would be grateful and only too happy to support our aim of taking over the earth.
Mera:You destroy your own planet and you think you’re fit to rule. You’re disgusting.
Malakat:Not at all. It’s time the ocean people were strong again. Turn them away from your weak family dynasty, Mera. And now I think it’s time to appeal to your sister.
Malakat:Take her back to her cell!

Shersheba:You say you created the red virus. Prove it to me.
Malakat:Only I have seen this. Don’t worry, the seal is hard to break. Ah, no. You may admire my genius from a distance.
Shersheba:Don’t tell me what I may do. It is I who will rule on earth. No you.
Malakat:Whatever you say, highness.
Shersheba:You presume too much. I would never have agreed to poisoning the ocean planet.
Malakat:It is of no concern. Once I have started the pyramid, I will use its power to create an anti-viral agent and save the ocean planet.
Shersheba:And meanwhile our people suffer.
Malakat:It is necessary. Until we have achieved our goal.
Ilona:I have good news.
Ilona:The global union has placed an indefinite hold on the proposed attack on the pyramid. Do you understand that, highness?
Malakat:Nothing these creatures do can change anything now.
Ilona:Highness, is there anything else you would like me to find out? I don’t want to stay here any longer. I’m afraid I’ll be caught.
Malakat:Stay there and await instructions. She’s been seen.
Hauser:I think we’ve got some go talking to do.

Jason:So what was, uh, madame president like anyway?
Brett:Cool. As soon as I let her see I knew what I was talking about she was easy to handle.

Shelby:What are you kids doing here?
Brett:Spotting [?].
Shelby:Yeah. Well, I’m here to see your old man. Where is he?
Jason:He’s not here.
Shelby:Well, how come ORCA headquarters said this is where he was heading?
Jason:Well, when I say he’s not here, I mean he’s not here, he’s gone out riding past the west boundary.
Brett:Way over past those trees. He said he’d be out all day. If you want to reach him, you better move.
Shelby:What is it with you kids? Are you giving me the run-around?
Jason:No sir.
Shelby:Because I’ve just about had it up to here with you Bates. And I’m here to tell your old man we won’t be having any more interference with the global union. Director Richter is appealing the decision this very minute. You just tell your old man to keep his nose out of PRAXIS affairs.

Hauser:It’s just what I thought. Ilona is an alien spy.
Cass:That’s why you wanted to know about the water consumption.
Winston:I regret to say you’re way ahead of me.
Cass:I asked HELEN to run a check on the water usage of Ilona’s cabin.
Cass:Over 100% up on the average.
Hauser:You see, Ilona and her mother have to wet down all the time.
Winston:This is a most startling revelation, agent Hauser. But I’m not quite sure why you’re involving us.
Cass:It sounds like PRAXIS business.
Hauser:I need your corporation.
Winston:I don’t see how we can help.
Hauser:If Ilona’s taken to PRAXIS, she’ll be put through all kinds of experiments. Like your friend Neri. I’m afraid she might will end up the same way. Is that what you want?
Cass:Of course not.
Hauser:Then you’ll help. I want to understand these people, Dr. Seth, not destroy them.
Louis:Ilona, I’ve been looking for you everywhere. You wouldn’t believe the weapons coming on board now. They make the first lot look like toys. We’re really going to show these alien freaks. Come on.
Ilona:Not right now, Louis.
Louis:It’s up to you.
Winston:We’ll see what we can do.

Neri:Ankh is safe, until I take to pyramid.
Jason:But the hard bit is getting getting into the pyramid. There’s no way we’re going to risk you being captured too.

Shersheba:I don’t see any signs of Neri coming to her sister’s rescue of her own accord. And it doesn’t look as though Mera’s going to ask her sister for the ankh.
Malakat:Your gloomy chatter is beginning to annoy me.
Shersheba:I’ve had enough of your impertinence! It is I of the royal blood who will rule the ocean planet people on earth. You will never be anything more than my advisor. So stop your sneering and tell me our next move.
Malakat:Why ask me? You plan to reign over the whole earth. Prove your fit to. For once, solve the problem yourself.
Shersheba:So… I know now what a fool you think I am. But don’t be so smug, Malakat. One day I’ll surprise you.

(Whale calls)

Neri:Charlie. Shersheba! Charlie.
Jason:What’s he telling you?
Neri:He hurts inside.
Jason:You mean he’s upset?
Neri:No, pain, poison in here.
Neri:Yes. Where Shersheba was. I must go.
Jason:No, Neri, you can’t.
Neri:Let go of me.
Jason:No, Neri.
Jason:Listen. You don’t know what it is. If it’s hurting him, it’ll hurt you too.