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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season four

Episode 23


Jason:The virus is growing, Neri. We’ve been monitoring it on ORCA. It doubles in size every every eight hours.
Jason:Which means that at this rate, it’ll be all around the island in no time.
Neri:I will stop it. As soon as Malakat goes from the pyramid.
Jason:That’s if he keeps his promise.
Neri:He will. He wants the virus to stop too. And he knows only I can stop it with the golden ankh.
Jason:You’re missing Charley, aren’t you.

HELEN:Attention all non-essential personnel including all residents under 16 years of age, please assemble in reception for evacuation to the mainland.
Brett:Malakat and Shersheba have agreed to leave the pyramid.
Cass:They’re not the only ones leaving. We’re all being evacuated to the mainland.
Brett:Not me, no way.
Cass:Orders are orders.
Dianne:Absolutely right, Cass, and to be followed to the letter.
Brett:But, mum–
Dianne:There’s no way you’re staying on board. Not when ORCA’s become a nuclear launching pad.
Brett:I’d like it put on record that I seriously resent being called non-essential personnel.

Louis:What’s this?
Guy:Don’t touch it! It happens to be the warhead.
Shelby:What are you doing here? All the kids are being evacuated back to the mainland.
Louis:The shuttles are running all morning but I’d rather stay with you guys.
Shelby:Well, that’s impossible. This is a restricted area. Shuttles are that way.
Louis:Do I really have to?
Shelby:Don’t push it, kid. What’s the estimated countdown to the launch?
Guy:Difficult to say. We’re only halfway through the checks.
Shelby:Later today?
Guy:We’ll do our best.
Shelby:Do better. Let’s get this fish in the water.

Jason:To think something so small can unleash so much power. For good or evil, depending on who’s controlling it.
Neri:Yes, Malakat must never have it.
Jason:I’d better check with Brett. Everything set to go, Brett?
Brett:Guess what. We’re being evacuated to the mainland whether we like it or not.
Jason:What about the plan?
Brett:Winston’ll follow it through. Cass is briefing him now.
Cass:You have to constantly monitor the sonar sweep of the pyramid area, right.
Cass:Right, once you’ve established that the commandos have left the pyramid–
Winston:Confirm with Jason.
Brett:Yeah, he’s got it. It’s cool.
Jason:Well, have a nice trip to the mainland.
Brett:Sure. Good luck.
Jason:We’re all set. Ready when you are.

Dianne:Why aren’t you two packed and up there?
Cass:Oh, we’re just tying up a few loose ends.
Brett:You made an exception for Ilona.
Dianne:I had to. Agent Hauser insisted. She either keeps Ilona here as a secret or gives her away to PRAXIS command as an alien and we don’t want that.
Brett:You took her off the list.
Dianne:Enough. Up to reception now, both of you.
Winston:Don’t worry. I’ll make sure the loose ends are all neatly rounded off and spliced together. I’m very good at that.

Malakat:Nothing more to be done here. Time to go.
Shersheba:What do we do with her?
Malakat:We are leaving the pyramid as agreed, Mera. You can either come with us or wait behind for your sister. The choice is yours.
Mera:I will wait for my sister.
Malakat:As you wish. Proceed.
Shersheba:The final insult. Running away in defeat.
Malakat:We are not running away. We are merely honoring our end of the bargain, princess. Please greet your sister for us. May her efforts bring a speedy resolution to this most pressing of problems.


Jason:Yes, Winston?
Winston:They are leaving the pyramid. Absolutely no question.
Jason:Excellent. We’ll head out there.
Winston:Jason! Jason, wait one moment.
Winston:We’re given to understand PRAXIS may launch the nuclear torpedo at any time. It is far too dangerous for you to swim to the pyramid now.
Jason:Did you hear that? Winston thinks we should wait. Thanks for the warning, Winston. We’ll keep it in mind.
Neri:We must get to the pyramid before the weapons. Mera might be waiting there. We must get her away.

Shelby:These guys are taking forever.
Richter:Relax, agent. The torpedo will be ready in just over an hour.
Louis:Hi, I just came to say goodbye.
Shelby:Great. See you, Louis.
Louis:You’re sure you couldn’t pull some strings and get my name taken off the list?
Shelby:Forget it, kid.
Louis:But you’re PRAXIS. You could overrule commander Bates any time. Couldn’t you?
Richter:What makes you think so?
Louis:Agent Hauser made her take Ilona’s name off the list and she’s under the age limit.

Hauser:So the red virus is already ravaging your ocean planet and your people are convinced the only way to escape is by migrating to earth.
Ilona:But Malakat says the human race will fight us off. That if we wish to live here, we will have to make war with the earth people and turn them into slaves.
Ilona’s mother:If only more of us knew humans are not the warlike monsters Malakat says. If only they believed we could come to you in peace. In their hearts, our people don’t want war any more than you do.
Hauser:I understand.
Ilona:But I’m afraid the damage is done.
Richter:Agent Hauser, you and your friends remain where you are. Nobody move.

Richter:Take some men and escort them to the bridge. Agent Hauser not only concealed the fact the aliens are on board. She’s talked commander Bates into helping her in the cover up.
Louis:You wouldn’t have found out if it wasn’t for me.
Shelby:Kid, for the last time–
Richter:The young man has a point. It seems he knows as much or more than you about what’s going on round here.
Louis:Of course. I can move all over the base and find things out and nobody bothers me.
Richter:What kind of things?
Louis:Things like – what commander Bates is doing. Wouldn’t you like to know about that?
Richter:That could prove useful. It seems there’s more to commander Bates than meets the eye. You’d need your father’s permission.
Louis:That’s not a problem. I know he won’t mind.

HELEN:The last shuttle will be leaving from the pontoon in approximately five minutes.
Dave:Ho Minh
Ho Minh:Here.
Cass:Got any last minute bright ideas, now’s the time to use them. Better hurry. Get your name checked off the list.
Louis:Don’t need to. I’m not going.
Cass:What do you mean you’re not going? This is the last shuttle.
Louis:I’ve got permission to stay on board.
Cass:I don’t believe you. Hey, Dave, Louis Danton reckons he’s been allowed to stay on board.
Dave:No way. Louis, get to the turbo lift. Move it.
Louis:Uh, if you check the list, I think you’ll find my name is missing.
HELEN:The last shuttle will leave for the mainland in exactly two minutes. Attention, the last shuttle will leave in two minutes.

(voices) (music)

Winston:HELEN, the image is breaking up again. Are you sure your analysis is correct?
HELEN:Winston, are you suggesting I have a malfunction?
Winston:For once, I wish you had. Why on earth are you still here?
Brett:No time to explain, Winston.
Cass:Only you haven’t seen us, right?
Brett:What’s happening?
Winston:Well, I’ve been monitoring the departure of Malakat and Shersheba’s troops from the pyramid. But the image keeps breaking up and HELEN now informs me that they’re simply interferences causing shadings of light on the screen.
HELEN:The technical term for this phenomena is ghost images.
Brett:Ghost images?
Cass:Like it wasn’t Malakat’s guys leaving after all?
Winston:Just an electronic illusion.
Cass:We’ve been had.
Brett:We’ve got to get in touch with Jason.
Winston:I’ve already tried without success. I can only assume that, against my advice, they’re swimming towards the pyramid.

Shelby:You took no steps to inform me?
Hauser:I didn’t have time.
Richter:You had time to get the girl permission to stay on board.
Shelby:You know, you can be charged with treason for harboring aliens? They’ve already begun spreading dangerous propaganda. I suggest we get them back to headquarters as soon as possible.
Richter:Not necessarily. They could well prove far more valuable to us here as hostages. Take them below and hold them until further notice.
Dianne:Just a minute, Richter. This is a marine research facility, not a prison. I won’t have you treating our visitors like this.
Richter:I’m sorry, Ms. Bates, you are no longer in command. Is the torpedo ready?
Guy:Ready, sir.
Richter:Good. Then target the pyramid and prepare for countdown.
Richter:Take them below.
Guy:All personnel to action stations. Repeat, all personnel to action stations.

Neri:They have hurt you?
Mera:No, I’m all right.
Jason:You better hurry up. They’ve all gone.
Neri:Yes. Good. Malakat has kept his promise.
Jason:For once. Come on.

Guy:Warning. The torpedo is about to be launched. All crew are to remain in emergency positions.
Brett:The signal’s not getting through.
Cass:They must’ve reached the pyramid by now.
Winston:Maybe there’s some sort of shielding mechanism at work.
Brett:Jason, can you hear me? The nuclear torpedo is about to be launched, got that? The torpedo is about to be launched. Get away from the pyramid. Jason. Jason, can you hear me?
Guy:Warning. All crew are to remain in emergency positions. Attention all personnel. Final launch checks will now commence. Repeat. Final launch checks will now commence.

Shersheba:Stay right where you are.
Malakat:Seize them!
Jason:You lied!
Malakat:How foolish of you to expect otherwise.
Jason:But you left. It was monitored on ORCA.
Malakat:We appeared to leave.
Jason:I don’t get it.
Malakat:With such inferior technology, I don’t expect you to. Your friends were monitoring holographic images, not the real thing. We simply waited for your arrival and you did not disappoint us.

Richter:You’re locked onto the pyramid?
Guy:Fixed, sir.
Richter:Begin the countdown.
Guy:Prepare to launch torpedo. Zero minus five minutes and counting. Minus 4:55. Minus 4:50.

Shersheba:I’ve waited so long for this moment. My very own moment of truth. Your princess attends you.

(Alarm sounding)

Guy:Security alert. Our detectors say we are being targeted for attack by a nuclear weapon.
Malakat:Battle stations.
Shersheba:Don’t move.

Guy:Minus 4:05.
Dianne:I order you to stop this.
Richter:You’re in no position to order anything. I’m sure you’ll be more comfortable below.
Guy:Minus 3:55.
Richter:Try doing anything to obstruct the launch and you too will be held under guard.
Guy:Minus 3:45.

Shersheba:Attack or no attack, Malakat, I will not be denied.
Neri:Please, I must.
Malakat:Your highness, the pyramid structure may not be able to withstand the blast. We’ll take refuge deeper. Below – quickly!
Jason:Come on, Neri.
Neri:We must follow them.
Jason:No, Neri.
Neri:The ankh!
Jason:Do you want to get killed? The torpedo. Come on. We’re out of here.
Mera:That’s right. Come on.

Dianne:What are you two doing here?
Brett:We think Neri and Jason are in the pyramid.
Dianne:HELEN, can you abort the countdown?
HELEN:Negative. I have not been programmed to override PRAXIS firing protocols. I’m sorry, commander.
Guy:2:20. 2:15. 2:10.

Neri:I cannot just leave it.
Jason:Can’t be helped now, Neri. Come on.

Brett:You can do it if you try, HELEN. Please.
Winston:Yes, at least try. For all our sakes.
HELEN:I’m sorry. I am unable to override PRAXIS firing protocols.
Cass:Surely you’re not telling us that it’s beyond you, HELEN… That PRAXIS has a more sophisticated system than yours?
HELEN:I’m sorry.
Dianne:HELEN, listen to me. Commanding officer’s emergency override code 0-8-0. I order you to disregard the PRAXIS protocol.
HELEN:I’m still processing that command.

Guy:56, 55, 54, 53…


Brett:What’s the matter with you?

Guy:17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, ten seconds to launch. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
Shelby:Fire. It didn’t fire. What happened?


Cass:HELEN, you’re a genius. The best in the business.
Brett:Of course we all knew you could do it – or at least I did.
HELEN:Thank you, but I can’t take the credit.
Winston:Can’t take the credit? But you disarmed the torpedo. You obeyed commander Bates’ orders to the letter.
HELEN:I’m sorry, Winston. That’s incorrect.
Dianne:What do you mean incorrect? Did you or did you not override the PRAXIS firing protocol?
HELEN:Affirmative. But it was not in response to your order, commander.
Dianne:Then may one ask exactly what it was in response to?
HELEN:It was in response to instructions from a higher power.
Dianne:Higher power? What do you mean?
HELEN:I regret relevant data is not available at this time.

Shersheba:The power of the pyramid is mine.
Malakat:Ours, my princess.

Jason:Hey, it’s Charley!
Jason:I don’t get it. I mean – I thought he was dead.
Mera:I, too. We were wrong.
Jason:But the virus. He’s supposed to be dead.
Neri:He is alive.

(music) (Rumbling)

Jason:What was that? The torpedo?
Neri:No. They have started the pyramid.

(Whale sounds)

Malakat:I command you to begin the meltdown of the polar ice caps on the planet earth.