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Author:Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

Ocean Girl – Series Three

Short synopsis

Neri and the children from the underwater city of ORCA set out in search of an alien device capable – when assembled – of controlling the very movement of the oceans. But the dark forces of UBRI have also stumbled upon its existence … and the race is on. At stake is the Earth’s salvation – or its destruction.

Key cast list

Neri:Marzena Godecki
Jason Bates:David Hoflin
Brett Bates:Jeffrey Walker
Dianne Bates:Liz Burch
Winston:Alex Pinder
Mera:Lauren Hewett
Kal:Jeremy Angerson
Hellegren:Nicholas Bell
Cass:Brooke Anderson
Lena:Joelene Crnogorac
Kellar:Nadja Kostich
Morgan:Verity McIntyre

Crew list

Executive producer:
 Jonathan M. Shiff
Line producer:Gina Black
Director Eps 1-7, 14-:
 Mark DeFriest
Director Eps 8-13:
 Colin Budds
Writers:Peter Hepworth, Judith Colquhoun, Alison Nisselle, Carole Wilkinson, Lois Booton, Graham Hartley, Alison Nisselle, Michael Joshua
Editor:Andrew Scott
D.O.P.:Ron Hagen
Underwater D.O.P.:
 Ross Isaacs
Composers:The Music Department, Garry McDonald, Laurie Stone


Neri, a mysterious girl from the sea, discovers she is not human. In fact, she is the sole descendant of a doomed interplanetary expedition which came to earth to watch over Mankind’s move to colonise the oceans. With the assistance of her friends Jason and Brett Bates, two brothers from the futuristic underwater community known as ORCA, she enters the buried wreck of the space craft which brought her people there, only to find there was one other survivor of that expedition, a young man named Kal, who has survived all these years asleep inside a suspended animation chamber on board.

It is through Kal that Neri learns of a device sent ahead to Earth by their people many years ago in sections. When located and reassembled, this device has the power to change the movement of the tides and currents – to control the very oceans themselves.

Aware of the temptations such power could invoke if it fell into human hands, Neri sets out on a quest to recover the device. With the help of a small band of kids from ORCA, she starts to track it down piece by piece. But a sinister scientific organisation called UBRI have also stumbled onto its existence, and the two sides are pitted against each other in a battle for its possession, a battle in which no quarter can be asked or given.

And when human error results in fault lines appearing in the sea floor, the possession of the device becomes even more important, for it becomes the only means by which the oceans – and the earth itself – can be saved.

Neri and her little band finally defeat the formidable might of UBRI and use the device to heal the oceans. But Neri then elects to dispense with it. Such power is too dangerous a temptation to have around, and besides, humans must not rely on outside sources to save them from their own greed and stupidity. From now on, they must accept that the fate of the oceans, and the planet, are in their own hands.

The device goes, but Neri stays on to keep watch – as she always will – over the oceans.

Episode outlines

Episode 1

The Bates family are summoned from vacation back to ORCA where there’s a battle over the destruction of fish breeding grounds close to the new ORCA City construction site. Dianne, in her new role as Environmental Officer, discovers she is up against UBRI as the major developers. She and Jason examine the breeding grounds together, but when Jason meanders off to have a look at the foundation work, a heavy beam falls and pins him to the sea floor. He is rescued by Neri, who has been eagerly awaiting the Bates’ return. Brett and Jason go to the island for a reunion with Neri and Charley. Neri reminds them of the importance of the preservation of the breeding grounds.

Back on ORCA, as Brett forges a friendship with Benny, while Dianne and Jason battle Dr Hellegren in the ORCA tribunal – and win. UBRI must relocate the alignment of ORCA city.

Brett mentions he’d love to get back inside the spaceship one day, as Neri contemplates UBRI’s presence on ORCA. Will she continue to be safe?

Episode 2

Cass, a fiery young rebel, arrives on ORCA. She and Brett grate against each other in a series of practical jokes, and when Brett warns her not to take a sailing boat out in the strong winds, she disregards his advice. When a storm hits, Cass is caught out at sea, and steers her boat to Neri’s island. There, she catches a glimpse of Neri, and is fleeing back to ORCA in fright when she is hit by the boom on her sailboat. Benny’s father, Dr Lee advises Cass has amnesia, but could recover her memory at any time. It is up to Brett to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t give the game away!

Hellegren visits his daughter Lena at boarding school, where she tells him she is lonely and wants to stay with him. Jason begins his Cadet course and meets Sallyanne.

The storm exposes a grille in the sand under a fallen tree on Neri’s island, which she and the boys realise is an entrance to the crashed spaceship. Although the ship is filled with water, the boys vow to find a way to get the water out and get inside!

Episode 3

Jason and Brett borrow a pump from the UBRI offices, which they use to pump water out of the spaceship. Since the operation is going to take a while, Neri is left to keep watch.

On ORCA, Brett and Benny are becoming good friends and Cass starts to hang out with them. She and Brett begin daring each other to increasingly outrageous practical jokes, much to Benny’s dismay. He knows it will get them all in to trouble – and eventually it does. When a prank fails, they are all put on punishment detail under the supervision of Cass’ elder sister Morgan.

Jason and Sallyanne discover there is more to the Cadet course than meets the eye – namely more responsibility and a lot of hard work!

Dianne decides to put her whale research on the back-burner while Hellegren and UBRI occupy her attention in the construction of ORCA city.

Hellegren tries to convince his lonely daughter Lena to stay at boarding school. Kellar investigates impacts on the Earth’s surface, which she thinks may help pinpoint where any alien spaceships may have landed. The spaceship in question is finally cleared of water, and when the kids discover a hidden chamber they find a boy from Neri’s planet – Alive!

Episode 4

Neri, Jason and Brett bring Kal out of suspended animation to experience Earth for the first time. Kal has a wealth of theoretical knowledge but no practical experience, and Neri and the boys have their hands full trying to keep up with him.

On ORCA, Benny is accused of assisting Larissa to cheat in an exam. He admits to the crime he did not commit, and is punished. Unfortunately, this does not give him credence with the gorgeous Larissa, as was hoped.

Lena arrives – suitcase in hand – at the UBRI offices, and Hellegren agrees to let her stay with him at home for a while.

Back on the island, Kal wreaks havoc, disappearing and appearing again up a tree, chatting to various animals, and generally exploring the area in his own wide-eyed manner. Curiously, he seems somewhat emotionally detached, and receives information in a computer-like fashion. Heaven help the kids if he ever gets loose in the “real” world!

Episode 5

Kal is still showing extraordinary talent to get into trouble on the island. He begins to ask questions about the outside world. Neri is concerned by this, and thinks Kal is too loose a cannon to allow in to the human domain.

Brett, Cass and Benny push their pranks a little too far and end up being disciplined by the Commander. They have a choice between garbage chutes and a scuba dive course. The dive course is a unanimous choice, even with a hesitant Benny.

Kellar comes to Hellegren with some interesting results from her investigations. She has a found a pattern in the trajectories of the impact sites. Hellegren tells her to further her research. He takes Lena on board ORCA, where she meets Jason and Brett. At first they are friendly to her, but when they discover she is a Hellegren, their attitude instantly changes. When Lena presses Brett for answers, he tells her that her father is a liar and only dedicated to profit and power. Lena is troubled by his accusations.

Brett, Benny and Cass have their first sea dive. Whilst they are below, Kal can’t resist the temptation to climb aboard the boat and tinker around. Benny, surfacing from the dive, spots the back of a mysterious figure just before Neri pops up and beckons Kal into the water. When the diving crew get back to ORCA, Benny insists he did see someone out there, despite Morgan and Dave’s disbelief. As Benny continues to argue his case, the as-yet-uninformed Dianne overhears. The boys attempt to sneak in to their cabin unscathed, but are hauled up by a curious Dianne. A boy? In the middle of the ocean? Start talking guys!

Episode 6

In an effort to keep Kal’s attentions away from the outside world, Neri encourages him to explore the spaceship. She ventures down with him, and whilst there the two discover a large screen and headset. Neri quickly moves to ORCA to get Jason and Brett.

Kellar brings to the Commander’s attention the fact that Winston cannot swim or dive and is thus in breach of regulations. Kellar volunteers a UBRI replacement. It looks like Winston is facing the sack – until Benny finds an obscure ORCA by-law which says if Winston can learn to swim and dive in an agreed period of time, he can retain his job. With Neri’s help, Winston undergoes the swim test. Unbeknown to him, she spots Kal half way through the test and scoots him back to the island. Winston passes the test – on his own. Now there is the dive test to pass…

Lena questions her father as to his work, but Hellegren is evasive, doing nothing to dispel the seed of doubt that’s implanted in Lena’s mind.

On the spaceship, the screen and headset reveal a woman from the Planet of the Oceans: Kal’s mother, Kraya. Kraya speaks of a mission, entrusted to one person only – Neri’s father. Since he has passed, it is now taken by Neri to be her mission – to locate the nine pieces of the Synchronium which were sent to Earth 15-20 years ago. Neri dedicates herself to this quest – this Synchronium may one day be needed to restore harmony to the Earth’s oceans.

Episode 7

Neri asks how Jason and Brett have fared on their search for the device. The truth is, the boys haven’t even started, not having any idea how to go about it. Neri impresses upon them the importance of their help in her mission. The boys promise to do what they can.

It’s time for Winston’s dive test, and he is taking it with Brett, Benny and Cass. He asks for Neri’s moral support, but when there is an accident and Benny loses the scuba regulator, Neri signs to Winston to believe in himself, and Winston deals with the situation without her help. Winston emerges not only a hero but a qualified diver to boot!

Lena keeps trying to find out about Hellegren’s work. He mentions something in passing about a “mysterious girl and a whale”, but will not say any more. Lena needs to know exactly what her father does.

While all this is going on, Kal has found his way to ORCA, and in the space of 15 minutes has enrolled himself in a Bio-robics class and made a date with Myreka, a pretty girl with a menacing jealous boyfriend, Butch. Jason gives Kal a quick lesson in being so obnoxious that Myreka will never want to see him again. It works, and the two just manage to escape before Butch starts to realise what went on. Unfortunately, the Bio-robics class isn’t so easy, and Morgan is already on Jason’s back about the star pupil, Kal. Looks like they’ll have to put up with Kal’s occasional presence on ORCA after all. As long as he doesn’t slip up and give the whole game away.

Episode 8

Jason and Brett realise there’s not much they can do about Kal’s visits to ORCA, apart from making sure he does his Bio-robics class and then leaves immediately. But Kal always seems to be roaming the corridors, chatting to strangers, playing Multichesslo against reigning champion Benny – and winning, much to the surprise of the surrounding kids. Benny, whose curiosity about this “genius” visitor, is greatly roused.

Kal meets Dianne and Winston, who are interested in his odd disconnected quality. Neri discovers that UBRI are about to blast the sea floor with highly-charged explosives. She goes immediately to Dianne, who arranges a tribunal hearing – to no avail. UBRI are allowed to continue blasting. Neri has an instinctive feeling things are starting to go wrong with the ocean. She has a disturbing dream in which she receives a warning from her sister Mera about things to come, but upon wakening she finds no obvious problems with her idyllic island paradise.

Lena attempts to hack into Hellegren’s home computer files, where she is constantly met with an “Access Denied” screen. When she finally breaks through the security barrier, she finds a locked file on UBRI’s activities. Maybe there was something in what Brett said, after all…

The boys keep pushing HELEN to the limit, trying to find any sign of falling space objects that might be the Synchronium. When they find something they think could be a possibility, Kal appears to compute the information and pinpoint the landing site exactly. The boys are dubious of Kal’s ability, but it seems the closest they’re going to get to accuracy. A trek with Neri through rough bush scrub reveals Kal was indeed right. The kids bring the Synchronium piece back to the island and celebrate.

Episode 9

Jason is trying to balance his cadet duties with assisting Brett in sifting through a steady stream of possible reports issuing from HELEN that might point to location of the Synchronium pieces. It’s time-consuming and fruitless work. When Brett finds a possible location in Jason’s absence, and interrupts a training exercise on the Bridge to let him know, Jason is momentarily annoyed, but understands the urgency of the situation. Neri certainly isn’t letting up. When Kal again pinpoints the impact site, the kids arrange to head off.

At UBRI headquarters, Kellar informs Hellegren she has located a point of impact in red dirt territory. Hellegren tells her to investigate further and take an expedition out. He takes Lena to ORCA, where she seeks out Brett. She wants to talk to him about the accusations he made against her father. Brett doesn’t want to talk to her – he’s got more important things to do – but she finds a willing friend in Kal, who chats with her until Hellegren finds them and drags Lena away, unaware she’s chatting with an “Ocean Boy”.

The kids arrive on camel-back at the impact site, only to find they have been beaten to the punch by UBRI. A chase ensues. The kids escape, but UBRI have piece #2 of the Synchronium. Back at UBRI, Hellegren examines the piece and is convinced of its connection to the Ocean Girl, whilst on the island, Neri and the boys agree the battle for the Synchronium has begun. It’s them against UBRI.

Episode 10

The search for the Synchronium seems to be about the only thing on Neri’s mind. She urges the boys to speed up their search, and the three of them decide it would be safer to keep the pieces in Neri’s coral cave, where the only access is underwater. All agree there is no need for Kal to know just yet.

Lena breaks into the locked computer files at UBRI headquarters and discovers more about Neri and Charley.

Cass becomes embroiled in an ORCA mystery when she spots a young boy wandering the corridors at night. When she investigates further, she finds Rang, a refugee stow- away on ORCA. She forms a bond with Rang and supplies him with blanket and food in a rarely-used storeroom. Yet Cass knows it’s only a matter of time before the authorities discover him and send him back to his country.

Brett entices Benny on a “treasure hunt” to look for an old sunken ship. Armed with a state-of-the-art metal detector, whilst underwater Benny gets into trouble and is saved by Neri. An open-mouthed Benny demands to know who this stranger is. Brett sighs, and lets Benny in on the special secret. Once back on ORCA, Benny discovers he’s in big trouble for damaging the metal detector. He is ordered to face the tribunal. Should he tell them about Neri and get himself off the hook? Or should he face the punishment? Joining Benny at the tribunal will be Rang, who is discovered by the ORCA authorities. The tribunal decides to send Rang back to his country, much to Cass’ distress. Benny loyally holds out and takes the punishment, safe in the knowledge he is now part of an exclusive gang who share the best secret in the whole world!

Episode 11

Cass is having recurring dreams about her earlier forgotten visit to Neri’s island. When she tells a nervous Brett and Benny about her dreams, they feign to laugh it off. But when Cass leaves, the two know it’s only a matter of time before she realises the truth.

The kids find piece #3 of the Synchronium – located on the continental shelf in deep water. Neri struggles to retrieve the piece before they are intercepted by an arriving UBRI boat. However, Neri perseveres and retrieves the piece, leaving a vengeful Kellar in their wake.

Brett and Benny are abandoned on a zodiac mid-ocean by Kal, who seems to have no understanding of loyalty to others. Back on ORCA, Brett has some trouble with Moose, a bully who hassles him for his hi-tech Satellite Navigation Aid. Eventually, Brett refuses to cower to Moose, and it looks like he’s going to face a beating. At the last moment, Kal appears and stands up for his friend. Brett and Benny congratulate him – he’s discovered the feeling of loyalty! But Jason is wary – he hopes the change in Kal is for the better, as he seems to be coming more susceptible to human emotions.

Episode 12

Cass is starting to get annoyed that Brett and Benny keep leaving her out of their adventures off ORCA. The boys feel bad, but now it is more important to keep Neri a secret.

Hellegren and Kellar plot a way to “deal” with the ORCA kids, and devise a plan to lure them towards a private location. They manipulate the media so the kids think a Synchronium piece is on a nearby island beach. Lena overhears and makes one of the biggest decisions of her life – she goes to ORCA to warn the boys.

Jason is having his own problems, after baulking at a helicopter training flight. However, when Lena tells him of her father’s plan and given that Brett and Neri are on their way to the ambush, Jason forgets his fears and flies the chopper close enough to warn them.

Hellegren, unaware Lena has betrayed him, orders Kellar to find the traitor in UBRI’s midst!

Kal is beginning to feel more emotions. He finds himself crying in the spaceship, not really sure why, although he knows this is the place where his parents passed. Brett and Jason are increasingly worried that soon Kal’s emotions may not be so easy to control.

Episode 13

Neri still has the gut feeling something is going wrong with the ocean, and when she is again contacted by Mera through a dream, she becomes more convinced she is right. UBRI continue to blast the sea floor to accelerate their building program, even though Winston is getting irregular readings on his equipment.

Kellar confronts Hellegren with the theory that Lena is the UBRI traitor. Hellegren flatly refuses to believe this until Kellar comes to him with video footage of Lena hacking in to UBRI’s office computer files. Hellegren immediately disowns Lena and she leaves their home in tears.

Cass is taken to a hypnotherapist by her mother, to help with her strange dreams. Whilst under hypnosis, Cass remembers everything, and later demands to know why the boys had been keeping their ocean friend a secret, making her think she was crazy! She demands to meet Neri at once. The boys have no option but to let Cass in on the secret.

Hellegren, after listening to Cass’ hypnotherapy session, realises that Neri did not return to her planet as he had thought, but is still nearby on Earth after all.

An imperceptible tremor is seen to wobble a drink by Brett’s bed…

Episode 14

Cast out by Hellegren, Lena turns up on ORCA, and asks for the boys’ assistance. They urge Dianne to let Lena stay with them. She does, and a wide-eyed Lena is taken to the island to meet Neri and Kal. She is definitely part of the gang now! Not to Cass though, who believes you can never trust a Hellegren…

Lena uses her expertise with computers to locate piece #4 of the Synchronium, out in some sand dunes on the mainland. However, the gang realise upon arrival at the dunes that they have been beaten by UBRI yet again. An angry Brett suggests a raid on UBRI headquarters to retrieve the other pieces. The kids, minus an excluded Neri, raid the UBRI strongroom with Lena’s assistance. They escape with only one piece of the device.

Kal watches an angry Neri on the island. He interprets her anxiety at being left behind on the raid as a concern for Jason. When an apologetic Jason does turn up on the island, and Jason and Neri take piece #4 to the secret coral cave, Kal’s brow is furrowed with an unfamiliar and dark emotion – jealousy.

Episode 15

Neri is concerned by the failure of a coral reef to spawn in its usual time. She mentions her concerns to Dianne who thinks it may be just the physical evidence they need to convince the tribunal to stop UBRI blasting. Jason says he’ll take an underwater camera down with Neri to film the impact of UBRI blasting on marine life.

Winston is acting a little oddly, and Brett soon discovers an old flame of Winston’s – Camilla – is arriving on ORCA to research an article. Brett is suspicious of Camilla from the beginning, but Winston is over the moon with his attractive companion. When Brett reveals Camilla for what she is – a UBRI spy, Winston feels betrayed.

On the island, Neri’s worst fears have come true – the coral reef is devoid of life. When she breaks down, she is comforted by Jason. Kal sees this gesture and misinterprets it as a romantic embrace. He storms off in a jealous rage to the relative calmness of the spaceship.

Episode 16

Lena discovers the location for another piece of the Synchronium – out in the far Western Plains on the mainland.

When Neri tells Brett that Kal won’t come out of the spaceship, Brett goes down to see him. He finds a morose and tearful Kal sulking and confused about Neri and Jason, but still refusing to leave the ship.

Brett, Neri and Lena set off to find piece #5 of the Synchronium. Upon arrival at a dilapidated old farmhouse, the kids find a young blind girl, Patti, who lives there with Faye and Doug, her parents. They also see that Patti has inadvertently recovered the piece of the Synchronium. She is calmed by it, and holds on to it firmly. When Neri helps Patti become aware of herself and believe, for the first time since losing her sight, in her artistic abilities to create and achieve, Patti gives up her Synchronium piece to Neri. She doesn’t need it any more.

Hellegren meets Lena in a lift on ORCA and threatens to take her off the installation. Lena holds firm and says if she does that she will tell the ORCA authorities of UBRI’s secret business affairs. Hellegren is furious at and Lena wins the round, but both are shaken by the encounter.

Episode 17

Brett tries to talk to Kal with little success. Kal is convinced Neri should be only his friend and not Jason’s. He can’t understand his feelings.

As Dianne argues against UBRI blasting, a tremor hits, scrambling Charley’s directional senses and causing him to beach himself. A frantic Neri brings the kids together for a rescue operation. Even with the tremor as evidence, the tribunal rules against Dianne, and UBRI are allowed to continue blasting. Winston is brought in to assist the rescue squad. The gang manage to tow Charley off the sandbar and back in to the ocean, where Neri guides him to a safer depth.

A moody Kal, who has emerged from the spaceship only to find a deserted island and no sign of the gang on ORCA, contemplates life sitting on an isolated sandy cay. He is unaware that he being filmed by Kellar, who, after she sees him dive under water and disappear is now aware of the existence of an Ocean Boy.

Episode 18

Hellegren, excited by the prospect of an Ocean Boy, makes immediate plans for the boy’s capture. He has no concerns for the opening of the fault line or disturbances in marine life, which now greatly trouble Dianne and Winston.

When Dave makes a light-hearted friendly comment to Dianne, Brett misinterprets it as a romantic suggestion and enlists Benny’s help in the writing of an anonymous love letter, just to help Dave along. When the letter is picked up and taken the wrong way by almost everyone on ORCA except Dianne, Brett decides to discard the letter and let nature take its course.

When Jason arrives on the island, Kal rudely tells him to leave. Neri gives Kal a serve for his behaviour, and tells him if he doesn’t start respecting her friends, he can just leave! Kal does just that, and falls straight in to the hands of a waiting Hellegren. Kal is captured in a net and taken to UBRI headquarters. Here Hellegren begins to wear him down in an effort to turn his loyalties to their sinister ends.

Episode 19

Neri’s search for Kal continues to draw blanks. Jason starts to entertain the thought that perhaps something untoward may have happened to him. He’s right - at UBRI headquarters, Hellegren is working on a stubborn Kal, who won’t give anything away to this stranger.

UBRI locates piece #6 of the Synchronium about the same time as the kids. Kellar lets the gang scale cliffs and grab the piece before she swoops in on them and snatches it from a hapless Jason. Unfortunately, she lightly comments about their “alien friend”, making Jason aware of the worst news possible - Hellegren’s got Kal. Whilst the kids despair over Kal’s position, Kal himself is slowly succumbing to Hellegren’s psychological manipulation.

Episode 20

As the kids fret over what to do about Kal’s capture, Kal himself has turned and is becoming part of the UBRI organisation. Hellegren has appealed to all of Kal’s weak emotions, and enhanced all negativity toward Neri and Jason. Cass suggests they sneak through the air-conditioning ducts to discover UBRI’s plans. When they do so, they are discovered by Kellar and escape in the nick of time, with Cass dropping a brooch. Hellegren fools them to return and overhear carefully planted information. The kids think they’ve hit the jackpot, and intercept the UBRI van carrying Kal to another location. Upon arrival back at the island, Kal appears to be his cheerful old self, but when he slips away to visit a disguised Hellegren, we know Neri has a traitor in her own camp!

Episode 21

Neri has her last dream message from Mera, a warning that time is running out. Hellegren continues to manipulate Kal, as Kal secretly continues to betray Neri.

Lena finds piece #7 of the device on HELEN, and when the others are unable to go, Neri makes her own way to the outback Australian desert. When her water supply is extinguished it seems Neri can go no further. Hot and exhausted, she drops into the sand … only to be found by a young Aboriginal girl, Lilah. Lilah takes Neri to a waterhole where her brother Bobby and grandad Ernie are waiting. Neri drives into the waterhole and soon discovers the Synchronium beneath the crater-like lake.

Back on ORCA, Sallyanne and Jason are being pushed through rigorous training exercises, and Lena, Brett, Benny and Cass are being punished by a gleeful Morgan for unauthorised use of HELEN.

After thanking her new friends, Neri makes the draining journey back to the island where her ORCA friends wait for her. She then receives a very surprise visitor – her sister, Mera, come to help her quest.

Episode 22

Mera is reunited with her ORCA friends, who are surprised by her new maturity. She also meets the new kids on the block – Cass, Benny, Lena and Kal. Mera is suspicious of Kal but understands the confusion he has had with Earth behaviour. She and Neri survey the ocean floor, and Mera is shocked by the devastation of the environment. She had no idea it would be this bad. Mera has a confrontation with Dianne, and eludes that perhaps Dianne didn’t do everything she might have.

As the tremors get worse, the Commander discusses evacuation of the ORCA complex with Dave.

When Mera tells Neri that Charley is the trigger for the Synchronium, Kal overhears and informs Hellegren. Both parties test the theory using real whale song and recorded whale song respectively.

Acting on Lena’s information, the kid’s raid Hellegren’s home to obtain the key to the strongroom. When Kal is “accidentally” clumsy, Hellegren wakes up and captures them. Hellegren himself is seen to be a man under pressure from powerful forces.

Episode 23

As the tremors on ORCA get worse and more frequent, the Commander becomes more convinced that evacuation is the best alternative.

Cass is jealous of Mera and her authority over Brett. When Cass and Benny overhear Hellegren making plans with Yukio who has discovered a piece of the device, the two enlist Lena’s help to retrieve piece #8. Whilst at Yukio’s building, the girls run into trouble and are eventually saved by a brave Benny. They escape – but without the piece.

Neri asks for Dianne’s help to move a pod of dolphins whose breeding ground is above the fault line. Combining forces, they manage to save the dolphins – for the moment. But they are very aware that soon there may not be any marine life to worry about.

Episode 24

With seismic disruption now escalating, ORCA goes into full evacuation mode. Families start to gather their possessions. Hellegren starts to question whether UBRI blasting was responsible for this destruction after all, but has no time to ponder.

Cass fights with Morgan and is devastated when Morgan is injured by a stonefish while diving. She lies in the Infirmary in a critical condition. Cass keeps a bedside vigil and the two sisters are brought together.

The kids overhear Yukio’s plans to ship piece #8, and together sabotage the exchange with UBRI and grab the piece, right under Kellar’s nose!

Sallyanne is mooching around ORCA asking everyone about Jason and if he has a girlfriend. She is miserable and her crush is hurting more and more.

When Benny’s father wants him to evacuate and move to the mainland, Benny stands up to him and refuses to leave ORCA. The kids have a mission to complete. In the meantime, Kal is continuing to rendezvous with Hellegren.

Episode 25

World destruction is becoming an inevitability. Tsunami and earthquakes threaten every part of the globe. Dianne talks to Jason and Brett about evacuating but they refuse. They don’t want to leave her.

Mera begins to doubt Kal. She doesn’t trust him.

The kids are led to the final piece #9 in the jungle. Kellar , who has been there before them but was unable to find the device, plants an explosive device. It is discovered just in time and the kids are unhurt. Neri finds piece #9 in the jungle canopy. She takes it back to the coral cave and is followed for the first time by Kal.

Jason finally tells Sallyanne about Neri. Sallyanne is furious and doesn’t believe him. At least he could have come up with a better excuse than some alien mermaid girlfriend!

When Neri gets back to the island, she and Mera are warned by Charley of Kal’s betrayal, but it’s too late. With Charley’s help they see Kal handing over the Synchronium to Hellegren. They have been betrayed!

Episode 26

Kal has discovered all too late the insincerity of Hellegren. He tries to retrieve the Synchronium but is intercepted by the UBRI guards and locked away with his guilt. As the Earth’s very stability is threatened by seismic disruption, Hellegren plans to activate the Synchronium, becoming master of an enormous power to control the oceans. All non-essential personnel are ordered to evacuate ORCA and Jason and Brett say an emotional goodbye to Dianne and Winston. Free from adult eyes, the gang from ORCA gather together with Neri and Mera to plan a last ditch effort to recapture the Synchronium.

The kids confront Hellegren and Kellar at sea as they begin to operate the prized Synchronium, an action that will result in global destruction. When Neri and Mera are joined in the water by Lena, Hellegren must make a fateful decision. He cannot defy human nature – he cannot willingly destroy his own flesh and blood. But as Kellar seeks to intervene and activate the control panel, Kal suddenly appears and dives with it into the ocean, injuring himself in the process. Although Kal is recovered unconscious, UBRI have finally been defeated at the eleventh hour.

Neri and Mera activate the Synchronium and restore harmony to the Earth, healing the seas and closing the fault line. The Synchronium is placed inside the spacecraft with the recuperating Kal. The device will return to Neri’s planet. Neri comes to the decision that mankind will have to learn to control its own destiny.

Hellegren and Lena are reconciled. Sallyanne and Jason graduate Cadets. Sallyanne has come to accept Neri and no longer sees her as a rival, but like the others who know her, as a mysterious young girl whose mission will always be to keep watch over the oceans of her adopted world.