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Author:Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

Ocean Girl – Series Four

Short synopsis

Neri discovers an underwater pyramid, built long ago by voyagers from her own planet. But when her home planet falls to rebels Neri engages in a deadly struggle with a rival Princess for control of the mystical pyramid on Earth, which can save humanity or destroy it.


Neri, with her friends Jason and Brett from the underwater marine station called ORCA, make an amazing new discovery: a pyramid deep beneath the Pacific Ocean. Inside, the statue of a beautiful woman turns into a hologram instructs Neri to begin her journey. The three friends find themselves transported by a mystical “watergate” to the Pyramid of Mystery in the Nile Valley.

Around the same time there are some other curious arrivals in Egypt: Malakat, a professor if Egyptology with his assistant Shersheba, and Jake Shelby and Elly Hauser from the international alien tracking agency known as PRAXIS. Both groups show a disquieting interest in Neri and she and the boys manage to just evade them by reentering the “watergate”, but not before Neri has taken a golden Ankh from the Egyptian Pyramid.

This time the “watergate” transports them to a Crystal Cavern in the Outback, where they meet a new ally, an aboriginal boy called Jakamarra.

Neri gradually discovers that the “watergate” network was established on Earth by Ocean Planet Ancients as part of a colonisation plan which is soon to be put into effect; the hologram is a posthumous message from her mother, queen Shalamorn, and the Ankh is the key to the Underwater Pyramid, which Neri must activate.

But it is revealed that Malakat & Shersheba are themselves aliens from Neri’s home planet, fronting a rebel faction which wants to usurp power and invade Earth prematurely. They must harness the power of the Underwater Pyramid before Neri does. So they betray to the PRAXIS agents that Neri is an alien.

Neri’s attempts to use the Ankh are frustrated by competition from Malakat & Shersheba and pursuit by PRAXIS. The boys make every effort to protect her, aided by the rest of her ORCA “family” including the Bates boy’s hitherto estranged father Paul – and by Jakamarra. But PRAXIS capture her and incarcerate her as a specimen. Elly, sympathetic to her plight, comprises herself as an agent and allows the boys to rescue Neri. But by this time she is all but dead.

Jason and Brett get Neri back to the Underwater Pyramid just ahead of Malakat & Shersheba. The power of the Pyramid revives Neri, but Shersheba shatters the Ankh in fury, whereupon the Pyramid sinks back into the sea. Malakat and Shersheba disappear in defeat, PRAXIS abandon the case and Neri, back on her island, welcomes a return to peace.

But Malakat & Shersheba haven’t given up. Back on the Ocean Planet Malakat has let loose a deadly red virus in the seas, thus making emigration urgent and swelling the rebel numbers by promising an immediate occupation of Earth. Mera, Neri’s sister who has been acting as Regent, is defeated by the rebels and heads for Earth, followed closely by Malakat, Shersheba and the army of commandos.

The Rebel forces occupy the Underwater Pyramid, which has risen again in response to the destruction of Mera’s Ocean Planet power base. But they still need an Ankh to start it. Mera has bought another one with her which Neri and the boys hide.

Malakat, failing to capture Neri, takes Mera prisoner and holds her hostage against Ankh. But now his plans are defected by a bizarre act of Shersheba’s. To force their opponent’s hand, she releases the Red Virus in Earth, unaware that Malakat does not have an antidote.

To Neri’s anguish, Charley is infected with the virus and almost dies.

Aware of the new alien arrivals, PRAXIS return to ORCA, where – endorsed by Madame President of the Global Union – they plan a torpedo assault on the occupied Pyramid.

Malakat obtains the Ankh from Neri by trickery and – unable to stem the virus – puts his invasion plan into action. He starts the Pyramid, intending its power to melt down the ice caps and flood the world. And to ensure secrecy he annexes and seals off ORCA.

By now Shersheba, losing faith in Malakat’s megalomaniacal behaviour, has returned to the Ocean Planet.

Meanwhile Neri and her friends have discovered in Charley’s antibodies a cure for the Red Virus.

But it’s too late to stop Malakat. Neri knows she must penetrate the Pyramid, via the ’watergate’ from the Crystal Cavern, and give the order for the pyramid to self-destruct, even though she will be sacrificing herself. Jason won’t let her go without him.

Neri and Jason comfort Malakat in the Underwater Pyramid. Just as Neri is about to activate a self-destruct button a voice commands her to stop – it is her mother, Shalamorn, who has been liberated by Shersheba.

Mera and Neri embrace their mother in a warm reunion.

Malakat is exiled, and the oceans of the two worlds cured using the natural immunity found in Charley.

Neri is crowned Princess of her people. As Shalamorn predicts that one day both peoples will live together in peace and harmony, Neri is congratulated with a kiss from Jason.

Key Cast List

Neri:Marzena Godecki
Jason Bates:David Hoflin
Brett Bates:Jeffrey Walker
Mera:Lauren Hewett
Dianne Bates:Liz Burch
Winston:Alex Pinder
Shersheba:Tharini Mudaliar
Malakat:George Henare
Cass:Brooke Anderson
Louis:Damien Bodie

Crew List

Executive Producer:
 Jonathan M. Shiff
Director Eps 1-13:
 Mark DeFriest
Director Eps 14-26:
 Colin Budds
Story Editor:Keith Aberdein
Series Script Editor:
 Michael Joshua
Production Designer:
 Georgie Greenhill
D.O.P. Eps 1-13:
 Ron Hagen
D.O.P. Eps 14-26:
 Craig Barden

Episode Outlines

Episode 1

When testing a new deep water diving helmet in the Mako Abyss Jason is blinded by a strange and powerful light. Winston’s equipment registers an unusual magnetic anomaly. When he and Jason conduct sonar tests the bright light returns but stops when Neri arrives. An organisation dedicated to the search for extraterrestial life, PRAXIS despatches two young agents Jake Shelby and Elly Hauser to Egypt to identify radio signals being directed to outer space. Meanwhile in Egypt at the Pyramid of Mystery “Professor Malakat” and his young assistant Shersheba search for a hidden underwater entrance to the Pyramid. In ORCA’s new minifin submarine Jason and Winston join Neri at the Mako Abyss and discover a huge pyramid underwater.

Episode 2

With Neri able to calm the Pyramid’s protective force field, Jason and Winston record the structure on the minifin’s log. But their secret is nearly discovered when Louis sees Neri on Cass and Brett’s remote video monitor. Neri studies ancient Egyptian artwork and recognises the figure of an Egyptian woman. Jake and Elly arrive in Egypt to track the radio signals. When Jason and Brett follow Neri to the Underwater Pyramid Neri opens a giant entrance and togerther they explore its mysterious interior. When Neri triggers a device in the floor of the Central Chamber a shaft of water and light is revealed. Following Neri the boys leap and enter a swirling vortex. On emerging, they discover they are in an ancient pyramid and have to swim out via an underwater passageway. When Jason, Brett and Neri climb out of an ancient well they discover they are at the foot of the Pyramid of Mystery – they’re in Egypt. A surprised Dianne accepts the job as Commander of ORCA offered by her new superior, her ex-husband Paul.

Episode 3

The minifin is discovered empty and Dianne begins a search for the boys. In Egypt Malakat and Shersheba offer hospitality to Neri, Jason and Brett. However whilst Jason telephones Cass with news of their location Malakat and Shersheba speculate on the true identity of Neri indicating they have another agenda. Shersheba tries to befriend Jason to gain information on Neri. Dianne and Winston attempt to turn the children over to Jake and Elly, Neri, Jason and Brett must make a quick getaway and escape into the desert hiding amongst a nearby group of tourists boarding a bus.

Episode 4

Neri, Jason and Brett are awoken by a donkey in an Egyptian field and find themselves lost. They are befriended by two bedouins in a passing vehicle and taken to the bedouins campsite. Jake and Elly’s boss Richter confirms that analysis of Neri’s hair proves she is an alien and upgrades their search to locate her. When a young Bedouin girl falls into a nearby well Neri saves her and the bedouin chieftain insists the children dine as honoured dinner guests. Over dinner the cheiftain tells of the legend of an ancient Egyptian who travelled to a far away world to live with “fish people”. Neri, Jason and Brett return to the Pyramid of Mystery and enter via the well, however Malakat sees their return. Malakat instructs Shersheba to summon Jake and Elly whilst he pursues the children into the central chamber. On ORCA, Dianne begins to tell a stunned Paul that Neri is an alien. Neri, Jason and Brett discover a mysterious Golden Ankh but are confronted by Malakat who demands it to be handed over. Neri, Jason and Brett once again activate the watergate vortex to escape Malakat in the pyramid but are amazed when they arrive in a new destination – the Australian outback.

Episode 5

When Jason searches for help in the outback he stumbles upon Jakamarra, a local young Aboriginal guide. Jakamarra meets Neri and Brett and talks of a Dreamtime legent of the “Whale Woman”. Cass and Winston detect faint signals from Brett’s vidphone and realise they have returned to Australia. When Jake and Elly arrive to question Dianne on ORCA they are befriended by Louis who is only too keen to offer his sleuthing assistance. When Elly discovers HELEN tracking the vidphone signal in the outback Jake and Elly give chase. However having offered himself as a guide Jakamarra leads them astray whilst Neri, Jason and Brett are rescued by Paul in an ORC helicopoter. Before leaving Neri gives Jakamarra the Golden Ank for safe keeping.

Episode 6

Jake and Elly return to ORCA to question Jason and Brett. Cass must quickly hustle Neri from ORCA before she can be seen by Jake and Elly. But the girls are spotted by Louis. When Dianne secretly orders an evacuation drill Neri manages to escape. Returning to the Underwater pyramid Neri activates a statue which turns into a hologram of her mother Shalamorn. Fearful Neri runs away. On ORCA, Jason and Brett fool the PRAXIS lie detector with help from Winston, Cass and HELEN. Neri, Jason and Brett travel to Paul’s farm but it is revealed that Jake, Elly and PRAXIS operatives have followed them.

Episode 7

Escaping from the PRAXIS agents Brett hits a log with his waverunner and is thrown into the river. When Neri stays to assist she is captured. Escorted in a PRAXIS launch seaward she calls to Charley who bumps the launch enabling Neri to escape. Malakat and Shersheba arrive in Australia and move into luxury beach house where Shersheba instructs Malakat to begin searching for the underwater pyramid. A tracking device used by PRAXIS is discovered by the children and placed by Neri on Charley’s fluke. Jake and Elly are led a merry chase as they follow the signal. With Jason and Brett once again Neri activates the Shalamorn hologram and now learns that she is to be a leader of her people – she is a princess.

Episode 8

Whilst Jason and Brett tease Neri about being a princess, Neri is disturbed by the news. Malakat and Shersheba intercept a communication between Jake, Elly and Richter which they discuss Neri’s affinity with a whale. Shersheba surprises Jason by visiting ORCA. When she deliberately misses the last shuttle, she is invited to dinner by Dianne who insists Jason take her on a picnic to the coral reef. Whilst snorkelling near Charley, Shersheba feigns drowning and Neri races to rescue her. However, Malakat suddenly appears and both he and a revived Shersheba move to attack Neri and Jason. Jason steers the Shark Cat and throws them overboard but Neri now realises she was set upon by her own Ocean People. Using information gleaned from Louis, Shersheba advises Malakat of the magnetic anomaly and the location of the Underwater Pyramid is discovered by them.

Episode 9

Malakat and Shersheba are advised by Garron, the rebel leader, of progress in the rebellion on the Ocean Planet. Though distracted by the fun of rounding up goats on Paul’s farm, Neri tells Jason she must return to Shalamorn’s hologram to learn more of her mother’s wishes. On ORCA, Cass, Brett and Winston scan HELEN to erase images of Neri recorded on the computer’s security cameras, Louis spies them at work and informs Jake. But acting quickly and imaginatively Cass draws cartoon aliens on screen to conceal their efforts. In the Underwater Pyramid Shalamorn tells Jason and Neri of the rebel faction. Shersheba and Malakat arrive at the Pyramid and confront Neri. Shersheba stuns Jason in arm with a laser-like weapon. Quickly activating the watergate Neri and Jason flee and arrive at the Crystal Cavern where they are surprised to see Jakamarra waiting to greet them.

Episode 10

Jakamarra assures Neri that the Ankh is safely hidden and begins to lead her and Jason on a trek throughn the outback to retrieve it. At an outback campsite, the bond between Neri and Jakamarra deepens as Jakamarra explains the Dreamtime story of the Whale Woman which has disturbing parallels to Neri’s present dilemma. Malakat using an ancient formula triangulates the location of the Crystal Cavern between the two pyramids. he and Shersheba entertain Jake and Elly at the beach house, advising them of Neri’s location in the outback. Brett and Cass telephone Jake alleging Malakat and Shersheba are aliens. However, Malakat defeats Jake’s finger print test concealing their true identity. Brett and Cass break into the PRAXIS cabin on ORCA where Jake and Elly have stored their feild equipment. Cass begins to trace Jake and Elly’s communications. Armed with a high-tech image scanner Jake and Elly arrive at the campsite but are frustrated when the scanner jams. Elly’s conversation to Richter regarding uranium being the source of the jamming is overheard on ORCA and Paul sets off to resuce Neri and Jason. However, Malakat and Shersheba arrive in the outback to assist Jake and Elly and they close in on Neri a rocky escarpment. Elly falls and is saved bly Neri. Jakamarra grabs the Golden Ankh from Shersheba and throws it to Jason. Paul flies Jason and the Golden Ankh to freedom but Jason must watch helplessly as PRAXIS leads Neri away as their prisoner.

Episode 11

Neri is held prisoner in a bunker under the PRAXIS headquarters where she is questioned by an uncaring scientist, DR LAVICHE. Jason hides the golden Ankh by dropping it into a deep ocean trench marked by a tracking device. Brett and Cass with Winston’s help try vainly to discover Neri’s whereabouts using HELEN. Malakat and Shersheba capture images of Neri from a PRAXIS security camera and, pretending they hold Neri themselves, arrange to rendezvous at a mainland beach. When Jason and Brett arrive to surrender the Ankh they realise that it’s a set-up but Shersheba seizes the Ankh before they are able to discover that the boys have outsmarted them by surrendering a replica Ankh. Neri, now weakened by imprisonment and deprived of sunlight, is lead for a walk in the PRAXIS grounds by Elly. When Neri uses the last of her strength to escape over a fence, an alarm is sounded and Elly watches powerlessly as Neri is led back down to the bunker where she is placed on medical monitoring equipment. Shersheba sneaks on board ORCA at night and with Louis’ help accesses the position of the Golden ankh previously hidden by Jason. As Neri’s help deteriorates, Shersheba returns to Malakat holding the Ankh high.

Episode 12

Still a prisoner of PRAXIS, Neri’s condition deteriorates. Jason and Brett arrive at the Underwater Pyramid to stop Shersheba and Malakat using the Ankh, but all must flee when the Pyramid fills wikth powerful bursts of lightning. Paul and Jason are brought closer together when Paul produces a blueprint of the PRAXIS bunker. Paul drives Jason and Brett to PRAXIS headquarters. With the assistance of HELEN, Dianne, Winston and Cass they flood the bunker and the boys get in. Having been abandoned by Jake, Elly surrenders Neri to the boys. Malakat discovers the secret of how to prime the Ankh and tells Shersheba they must return to the Crystal Cavern in the Outback. Jason cradles a weak and dying Neri as they head homeward.

Episode 13

With Charley mournful, Jason returns Neri’s inert figure to the Underwater Pyramid. Cass must comfort Louis who recalls the death of his own mother and his childhood sense of loss. His grief is shortlived when he discovers he has been left out of the boys arrangements. Shersheba and Malakat arrive at the Crystal Cavern and prime the Ankh using the sunlit crystals. Jason sadly recalls the good times he and Neri have shared in past adventures. He and Brett are interrupted by Shersheba and Malakat’s return to the Underwater Pyramid. When Shersheba finally inserts the now charged Ankh the Pyramid powers up. But when Jason places the hand of Neri onto a touch plate a team of light falls upon Neri and revives her. She awakes confused but well again. The Pyramid senses countervailing commands and shakes with the threat of destruction. Jason, Brett and Neri flee leaving Shersheba and Malakat furious behind them. As the boys and Neri flee the Pyramid descneds into the ocean floor. A warm and happy reunion sees Dianne and Winston greet the recovered Neri. Back on Neri’s island the boys speculate Shersheba and Malakat must have perished. Neri is less sure and her suspicions are proved correct when the figures of Malakat and Shersheba are revealed back at the Egyption Pyramid of Mystery.

Episode 14

When Winston assists Cass, Brett and Jason in installing a satellite dish high on Neri’s island he is bitten by a snake and falls. While the others comfort Winston, Brett and Neri set off to find a natural cure growing on the other side of the island. Meanwhile a deadly red virus is infecting the seas of the Ocean Planet. Malakat and Shersheba have returned there, occupying rebel headquarters tunneled into a cliff, and – with Garron in attendance – are inciting the populace to rebel, promising an escape from the virus in the form of a massive invasion of Earth. In the Central Pyramid, the seat of established government, Neri’s sister Mera holds – due to the death of their mother Queen Shalamorn and in the abscence of Neri – the position of Regent. While scientists strive for the cure for the virus, she discusses the growing rebellion with her Council of Elders. They agree on the need to calm the population and plan a lawful and peaceful migration to Earth should it become necessary. On the Ocean Planet, Mera sets out alone for the far province of Thuron in the hope of arguing moderation and quelling the uprising. But Malakat and Shersheba are simultaneously dispatching some of their rebel Commandos to Thuron, with the purpose of fanning the flames of rebellion. On Earth, on Neri’s island, Brett and Neri return with a herb to heal Winston. When the kids return to ORCA and start up the satellite dish they intercept signals from space.

Episode 15

When Neri, Jason and Brett spend a weekend at Paul’s farm Neri encounters Emma, a shy and frightened young girl. When Shadow, a mare on the farm foals, Neri must rely on Emma for assistance. Emma responds to Neri’s support and understanding and overcomes her fear. On the Ocean Planet Mera is heckled by the villagers of Thuron, their mood inflamed by the rebel Commandos. Mera realises the people’s fear of the Red Virus is fuelling the rebellion. Unable to turn the tide she is routed by the villagers and flees from Thuron. Malakat and Shersheba are encouraged by the growing rebellion and start to plan a complete overthrow of the government. HELEN is given new advanced technology by Winston and Cass, which results in her assuming a personality – a somewhat wayward and humorous one.

Episode 16

On the Ocean Planet Mera is chased by Rebel Commandoes and must seek sanctuary in the Central Pyramid. Her predicament is sensed by Neri. Malakat prevents Shersheba from entering his secret vault on the Ocean Planet. When Neri is attacked by swimming underwater Commandoes, she is saved by the arrival of Charley and Jason and Brett in the minifin. Neri and the boys realise they are no longer safe from the reaches of Ocean Planet people who have arrived on Earth. As the Ocean Planet Pyramid is stormed by Commandoes, Mera flees, taking with her the only remaining Ankh. Neri senses that the Underwater Pyramid has returned in the Mako Abyss. Louis gives Ilona, a new young girl on ORCA, a guided tour. Jason, Brett and Neri must back away from the Underwater Pyramid when they see Commandoes occupying it. Mera, landing in the ocean near Neri’s island, is attacked by Commandoes, but she is saved by Jason, Brett and Neri. Furious at her forces failure, Shersheba orders Malakat to prepare for their journey to Earth. Neri hides the Ankh at Paul’s farm. The return of Mera and recent UFO activity is monitored by Jake and Richter at PRAXIS. Neri sees Shersheba and Malakat arrive at the Underwater Pyramid. She tells Jason and Brett of their return as leader of the Commandoes.

Episode 17

Neri confirms the Underwater Pyramid has returned to the Mako Abyss. Mera, landing in the ocean near Neri’s island, is attacked by Commandoes but is saved by Jason, Brett and Neri. Mera’s return by spaceship is monitored by Jake and Richter at PRAXIS. Neri sees Shersheba and Malakat arrive at the Underwater Pyramid and tells the boys of their return as leaders of the Commandoes. Neri hides the Ankh at Paul’s farm.

Episode 18

Richter reopens Operation Sphinx at PRAXIS. He reassigns Jake and Elly to the investigation. When Louis challenges Ilona to a race on ORCA he is strangely beaten by the newcomer, who seems to have an extraordinary knowledge of the facility’s layout. Searching the islands nearby, Shersheba attempts to surprise Neri and Mera but stumbles onto innocent campers instead. Louis overhears Winston, Cass and HELEN discussing Pyramids and he later informs Elly and Jake. When the PRAXIS agents access HELEN the existence of the Underwater Pyramid is revealed to them. Brett and Cass race to Neri’s island to warn Neri and Mera but they are followed by Shersheba and her Commandoes.

Episode 19

Jason is ordered to pilot Jake in the minifin and take him to the Underwater Pyramid. En route the submarine is fired on by underwater Commandoes. Shersheba and her Commandoes search Neri’s island. Neri and Mera are almost discovered but successfully hide as Shersheba is frightened off by fruit bats. Malakat dismisses the island as simply the location of the ORCA satellite dish. Ilona is discovered by Elly in an ORCA storeroom but is able to explain her presence – for the moment. The attack of the minifin by Commandoes has proven the presence of hostile aliens on Earth. Richter seeks permission of Madame President of the Global Union for an attack on the Underwater Pyramid.

Episode 20

Nuclear weapons are brought onto ORCA by newly arrived PRAXIS Operatives. Neri risks discovery when she visits ORCA to plead for PRAXIS to be stopped. Garron presses Shersheba and Malakat for progress with the invasion as the red virus on the Ocean Planet grows worse. Jason and Brett visit the occupied Underwater Pyramid to plead peace before Shersheba and Malakat. At an arranged meeting Shersheba is watched by Brett and Mera as Neri and Jason meet with Malakat. Neri is shocked at Malakat’s admission he killed her mother. The children are double-crossed when Commandoes seize Mera and taker her prisoner. Richter arrives on ORCA and takes over command from Dianne. Neri realises she must choose between possession of the Ankh and the safety of her sister, knowing that to surrender the Ankh is to condemn Earth.

Episode 21

Brett and Paul plead with Madame President to avoid conflict and resist the use of nuclear torpedoes. Mera is held in a cell in the Underwater Pyramid. Malakat boasts to her that it is he who let loose the virus on the Ocean Planet. Ilona is revealed as an alient spy by Elly. She warns of impending war. Neri rertreieves the Ankh from the river at Paul’s farm and hides it in her bush hut on the island. Angry at the delay, Shersheba lets loose a sample of the red virus in the nearby ocean, poisoning Charley who swims into it. A horrified Neri must watch powerlessly from the beach.

Episode 22

Neri and Jason discover dead fish swept ashore from the infected seas. Malakat is furious at Shersheba’s actions. Becoming aware of the red virus on the earth’s oceans Madame President lifts the hold on hostilities. Discovering a secret chamber in the underwater pyramid Mera “talks” via a kind of telepathy with her sister Neri. Shersheba meets with Neri, informing her she must surrender the Ankh as a cure for the virus can only be obtained with the Pyramids help. Visiting ORCA, HELEN narrowly saves Neri from PRAXIS by erasing her image from security records. Jason and Brett arrive at the Underwater Pyramid and advise Shersheba and Malakat that if they will vacate their troops from the Pyramid Neri will deliver up the ankh.

Episode 23

Evacuation of all non-essential personnel begins on ORCA as the PRAXIS attack on the Pyramid draws near. Ilona is arrested by PRAXIS. Seeing Commandoes withdrawing, Jason and Neri enter the Pyramid. But they realise they have been fooled by hologramatic images when athey are attacked in the Pyramid by Malakat, Shersheba and the Commandoes. Losing the Ankh to Shersheba, Jason, Mera and Neri flee as PRAXIS fire their nuclear torpedo at the Pyramid. But PRAXIS are amazed when it falls harmlessly to the sea bed. Dianne, with HELEN’s help, has deactivated it. Neri is thrilled when Charley suddenly re-appears, happily singing to her.

Episode 24

Shersheba, now in possession of the Ankh, starts the Pyramid and Malakat sets in motion the destruction of the polar ice caps to flood the world. Neri is pleased that Charley has recovered, but fears for the imminent war. Brett and Cass comfort Ilona, now a prisoner of PRAXIS on ORCA. Shersheba disperses a “cure” for the virus in the nearby oceans. However it fails, and Richter presses for permission to attack the Pyramid. Mera awakes to find Neri missing. Neri arrives in the Underwater Pyramid Pool Chamber, but is fired upon by Malakat and must flee.

Episode 25

As PRAXIS prepare to fire the torpedoes, HELEN proves of little assistance giggling in an irrational manner. As the order to fire is about to be given, Commandoes suddenly board ORCA, taking all personnel, both PRAXIS and ORCA, hostage. Brett and Cass, having hidden from the earlier evacuation remain at large, whilst Dianne, Paul, Elly and Jake are locked in the Commanders quarters. Neri tells Jason she believes Charley’s immunity to the virus holds the secret of an anti-virus. When Jason returns to ORCA with a sample of Charley’s blood he too is taken prisoner by Shersheba.Acting under instructions from marine biologist Dianne, Brett and Cass effect a cure but are seized by Shersheba. When Shersheba and Ilona return to Malakat with the cure he ignores Shersheba’s commands and takes control of the Pyramid. Shersheba flees in a spacecraft whilst Ilona is rescured from pursuers by Neri and Mera.

Episode 26

Mera and Ilona say an emotional final goodbye to Neri. As Malakat continues to wreak global destruction Neri tells all on ORCA she must destroy Pyramid from within. When HELEN, now “romantically” involved with the central intelligence professor of the Pyramid, discovers a way inside, a plan is conceived to sneak Neri and Jason off ORCA. Louis, redeeming himself as a brave assistant, calls in alarm summoning the Commandoes as the minifin takes off. The Commandoes give chase and are ordered by Malakat to fire, destroying it and possibly Brett and Cass inside. But Brett and Cass are safely on ORCA, and the diversion enables Jason and Neri to escape via a chopper on the Pontoon. Arriving at the Crystal Cavern they are greeted by Jakamarra and they enter the watergate discovered with the help of love-sick HELEN. Shersheba arrives on the Ocean Planet with the viral cure. Ordering Garron to assist her she is taken to Malakat’s secret vault, where she discovers a strange figure in a sleep capsule. On Neri’s island Mera and Ilona are binded by a bright light from a space craft descending from the sky. Jason and Neri confront Malakat in the Underwater Pyramid. Just as Neri is about to activate a self destruct button a voice commands her to stop – it is her mother Shalamorn, who has been liberated by Shersheba. Mera and Neri embrace their mother in a warm reunion. Malakat is exiled, and the oceans of two worlds cured using the natural immunity found in Charley. Neri is crowned Princess of her people. As Shalamorn predicts that one day both peoples will live together in pease and harmony, Neri is congratulated with a kiss from Jason.