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Author:Tom Brouwers

Interview with Jeffrey

Finally the long expected interview with Jeffrey Walker!

Jeffrey Walker, not just an Australian actor. Jeffrey is a well-known Australian actor, and not only in his own country. His face is known worldwide in a lot of countries, mostly through Ocean Girl and Thunderstone. Right now he’s working as an assistant producer at Jonathan M. Shiff Productions, the company who produced above mentioned series. I spoke to him about his life and acting carreer.

Tom Brouwers:You’ve been in the film and television industry for more than a decade now. Which series was your favourite, and why?
Jeffrey:My fave series to shoot would have to have been Ocean Girl. It was fun, I got to film in Far North Queensland and the people were great! What more could a guy ask for?
Tom Brouwers:You’ve acted in ‘Ocean Girl’ and ‘Thunderstone’, which were both produced by Jonathan M. Shiff. What is Jonathan like?
Jeffrey:Jonathan has effectively been my boss since 1993 and will continue to be for at least another years or so. You don’t work with someone in this industry for that long if you don’t have a true respect and admiration for them both professionally and as a friend.
Tom Brouwers:You are a familiar face in Australia and in other countries around the world. How has that influenced your life? Can you still walk on the streets somewhere without being recognized?
Jeffrey:In Australia, I have kept my amenity and very rarely get recognized on the streets. In the UK I get spotted a fair bit but never to the point it’s a problem.
Tom Brouwers:You’ve worked together with a lot of actors from Australia and New Zealand. Do you still have contact with the actors you’ve worked together with in the past?
Jeffrey:I keep in contact with some but because actors are flown in from all round Australia for each job, it’s hard to keep in touch with all of them. I see a few of the special ones whenever I get the chance.
Tom Brouwers:Is it a coincidence that we see your appearance in a lot of science-fiction series? (Halfway across, Ocean Girl, Mirror Mirror, Thunderstone) Do you like science-fiction so much yourself?
Jeffrey:I do like sci-fi. But when you put it like you have above, I must appear a fanatic! I’m not an obsessed fan of sci-fi, it just happens to be the genre I have worked in, in the past. I love the adventure aspects of the series I’ve done.
Tom Brouwers:Right now you’ve got a youth acting carreer behind you and you’re working as producer assistant. What can we expect from you in the future?
Jeffrey:I would hopefully like to direct films and television over the coming years… maybe do a bit writing… who knows? It could be anything. I went to dinner with P.J. Hogan last night (director My Best Friends Wedding & Muriel’s Wedding) and that was enough inspiration to become a director. We’ll see!