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Author:Martin Requart

The Great Barrier Reef Aquarium in Townsville

The GBR Aquarium in Townsville was used to simulate the underwater walkways of ORCA. Just imagine the railings and the people aren’t there, and I guess it will look familiar to you!

Aquarium picture

Text to the upper left

A window on the reef

Just imagine, you can travel to the bottom of the sea to experience the wonderful sights of the Great Barrier Reef, not by boat or submarine but as the fish see it! At the aquarium in Townsville’s Great Barrier Reef Wonderland you can observe the colorful coral and sea creatures just as if you were a deep sea diver or predator shark but without even getting wet.

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The aquarium gives you the feeling of being underwater while allowing you to share your experiences with others.

Top inset:Young and old discover unusual Reef creatures in the touch pool. Sea stars are particular favourites.
Bottom inset:Close to the heart of Townsville and to other tourist attractions, the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium brings the Reef within everyone’s reach.