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Episode guide for Ocean Girl

Episode 1

Jason and Brett arrives with their mother Dianne at ORCA, an underwater research station. Dianne has gotten a job there studying whales. They arrive in a helicopter, and when they fly over a presumed deserted island, Jason sees Neri. He tells the others but no one believes him. Jason doesn’t like living at ORCA because it’s away from his friends and the city. Brett soon make friends with Zoe and Froggy, they’re troublemakes like him. They all go out with a boat to put a tag on a humpback whale. When Jason is about to shoot the arrow with the tag on it after the whale, a girl comes out of the water. She begs him not to do it, she thinks he is going to hurt the whale. He doesn’t do it, and the girl disappears back into the water. Dianne tags the whale herself, and gets mad at Jason because he didn’t do it. She thinks it was only to mess up her work so they could go home. Jason tells Brett he should keep his mouth shut, but you know how brothers can be. The other kids at ORCA starts making fun of Jasons “mermaid”.

Episode 2

A new kid comes to ORCA. She’s called Vanessa and is a real bitch. In school she is put on the same team as Jason since they are on the same level of education. Brett, Zoe and Froggy pulls some tricks on Vanessa, some of them quite brilliant. To get even Vanessa makes Brett drift out to sea in a broken boat. When the ORCA crew finds out he is missing they start a rescue operation. They doesn’t find him and a storm prevents them from continuing. The boat strands on Neri’s Island, and Brett walks ashore. He meets Neri, but accidently eats some poisonus berries. This makes him loose conciousness and Neri puts him on the boat again. When the ORCA-crew starts the search again Neri sees the boats. She pushes the boat with Brett in it out to sea, where he is found by ORCA. He doesn’t tell anybody about what happened at the island except Jason.

Episode 3

Jason takes a license for boats so he can have something to do at ORCA. He is send out to cut up an illegal fishing-net. Charlie the whale gets stuck in the net, and so does Neri when she tries to save him. Jaason cuts her loose and in return she shows him her island. He promise not to tell anybody about the island.

Episode 4

Jason and Vanessa is send out ona mission in a boat. Neri tells Jason an earthquake is on the way, and that they should return. Back at ORCA Jason gets in trouble because he can’t explain why he thought there would be an earthquake. When it happens Damien and Lee (the Commander’s daughter) gets stuck in a storage room. Water starts coming into the room, and HELEN 3000, the main computer, wont open the door so they can get out. It could endanger the rest of the crew, but Froggy overrides it’s security parameters.

Episode 5

Brett is having a birthday party. Dianne and Commmander Lucas tries to be friendly to each other to make things easier. Brett misunderstands this and think there is something going on between them. He tries to prevent it by telling Lucas bad things about Dianne. Jason visits Neri again and she tells him about her life.

Episode 6

Two men from a company called Xploit(!) wants to build a recreation center on Neri’s island. Neri scares them away with some quite neat tricks. Jodie steals some money to buy a cream that can make her tanned. Vanessa finds out and blackmails her into spying on Brett and Jason. Jodie later tells Vanessa that she will no longer spy on them and that she can tell about the money if she want to. Jodie uses too much of the tanning-cream and ends up looking like a lobster.

Episode 7

Charlie becomes ill and Neri asks for Jasons help. They find some barrels with toxic waste that has been dumped in the ocean. The company that has dumped the barrels is one of the biggest sponsors of ORCA. Jason comes up with an antidote for Charly and Neri who is also affected. Neri tells Jason she wants to visit ORCA, which troubles Jason.

Episode 8

Neri comes to visit ORCA. Jason steals a uniform from Vanessa and Froggy fakes an I.D. (Neri likes their turbo-elevator) The other kids at ORCA wonders who she is, especially Damien who gets a bit of a crush on her. Neri looks pretty nice in an ORCA-uniform :) Dianne and Winston monitors Charley, and wonder why sometimes another small creature (Neri) swims with him.

Episode 9

Jason and Brett and the others are going on landpermission and Neri shows up and joins them. Damien invites her to the movies and Jason invites Lee and tags along. Neri gets scared and runs away and gets lost in town. Finally they all get back to ORCA and Jason and Lee gets a moment for themselves. Unfortunately Lee’s father (Commander Lucas) shows up in the wrong moment. Neri wonders what kissing is like and tries it on Damien. Lucky bastard.

Episode 10

The transmitter Jason put on Charley breaks down, and Dianne goes out to put on a new one. She attracts Charlie using the recordings of whale-song. Dianne runs out of oxygen but gets rescued by Neri. That way she is introduced to Winston and Dianne. Neri also helps Dianne put on the new transmitter.

Episode 11

Neri again comes to visit ORCA. She agrees to undergo some tests for Dianne. Jason thinks Dianne treats Neri like a science project, not a human. (but she isn’t human so…) Jason and Brett also manages to get Commander Lucas to give Neri an ID. Someone also breaks into Dianne’s lab and steal some of her tapes with whale-song recordings.

Episode 12

Using HELEN they find out who stole the tapes. It’s a guy working for UBRI, the competitive company. It is led by Dr. Hellegren who also wants to be able to talk to whales. His men manages to trap Charley in a bay using an electric fence. (how come the electricity doesn’t just go out in the water?). The stolen whale-recordings was used to lure him into the bay. Dianne also does some more experiments on Neri (and Jason still doesn’t like it, probably because she spends more time with his mother than him) and finds out she has ESP-capabilities. She is able to see things blindfolded. There is also a dance on ORCA which Neri goes to. (wow, she’s great looking in that dress) During the evening she hears Charley call for her and sees with her ESP that he is trapped. She leaves the dance to go find him.

Episode 13

Jason and Brett tells the other kids at ORCA about who Neri really is. This is so they can help with rescueing Charley from the clutches of UBRI. They suceed and Neri and Charley leave to go on migration like whales does every year. Neri kisses Jason in the end :) Neri say they will go to the South Pole, incredible that she can survive at those temperatures.