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Author:Marzena Godecki?

Hello and good morning to all whom may be reading!

I thought that the idea of keeping an online journal would be so cute, and perhaps such a more convenient way to keep in touch with long distance friends and acquaintances. Admittedly, I’ve not much time on my hands to even be doing this, but I am. Being that this is my first entry, I’ll not go into much detail as to recent events, thoughts, and so forth – though, that will be to come.

Since I know many others may stumble upon this journal by accident, or even maybe through searching for me – I thought it might be best simply to introduce myself. As one might have guessed, I’m Marzena. I just recently turned 24 – almost two weeks ago – on September 28. I very much enjoy the performing arts, and have actually had the wonderful opportunity to come upon several roles and guest appearances on television. At the moment, I am focusing more on education and possible vocational opportunities, which are very much set apart from my acting career. It’s important, I think, to have something to fall back on, instead of depending solely on acting as a career. At least for me.

I’ve been asked so many times about my acting career, and how it has effected me. Supposedly, I am supposed to get a big head and have, like, this huge ego? I always laugh a bit, confused. “Sorry to disappoint”. Yes, I am recognised, even still, years after my (only) lead role. I still recieve an overwhelming amount of “fan mail”, which I simply do not have the time to individually respond to each and send my regards and gratitude – though I wish I did. In a sense, I suppose that I am a little bit “famous”. But I am certainly not enough to even consider myself, a “star”. I doubt that it would ever matter, anyway… isn’t it a bit difficult to imagine oneself as being one?

Let’s see, the small tidbits of information that I’ve yet to mention: I am a Libra. My favourite colours are pale blue and lilac. My favourite food is Japanese, and particularly, sushi. I enjoy many bands, of various genres and nationalities – but I’ve long adored the music of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Stone Temple Pilots. I enjoy watching The Simpsons, Neighbours, X-files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a few other programs – though, honestly, I do not watch much television. Is that all? It is for now. I’ll write again soon!

Regards, Marzena

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot! A very sweet and thoughtful girl made and sent these picture icons to me! They are so lovely (because you made them, of course, not because they’re of me)… thank you so much!