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Ocean Girl chat transcript

This is the transcript of the first Ocean Girl IRC chat of the Ocean-Girl-Mailing-List-members.

It took place 22.00 - 23.00 (GMT = Greenwich Main Time) on 29 Nov 1997 on the server on the channel #OceanGirl.

The chat was organized by Niels Massink (he has a OG page on

There were also some guests like Philip Watts (he worked on Ocean Girl productions season 2, 3 and 4) and Merijn van der Meer (Merijn runs the Official Lauren Hewett Homepage).

There were many people from the Ocean Girl mailing list like Nam (=Niels Massink), Erin, Jali, Aztec, Jonothan (he maintains the OG Multimedia page), Tom (who must be and many others. And at last, Baker02, that’ll be me.


Welcome to OceanGirl!

Erin:hi baker
Baker02:Good evening!
Erin:hmmm brb
Nam:The name ssss says administrator. Of what?
Rubicant-Kary:heads for the beach
Erin:la la la
Erin:ssss… cleveland ohio
Baker02:Hi Jali!
Erin:hi alex
jali:Uh, what’s up?
Rubicant-Kary:ops :)
Tom:hello there
jali:Hi Tom!
Tom:has the chat already started?
jali:Noone talking, so I guess not. :)
Nam::-), up only works when Security accepts you. It gives you an ops.
Tom:this is the first time I ever use IRC..
jali:Hi Phil!
Baker02:Tom, me too!
PhilW:Hi Jali, Hi everyone else!
Mera:hi all
Mera:hi Jeda
Tom:Baker, cool.. not alone..
Mera:hi nam
Nam:Hi, standbye.
Mera:hi Phil
PhilW:This is only about my third time on IRC, so if I do anything stupid, please let me know!
Mera:no worries
Mera:she’s apples
jali:Don’t worrie ’bou that, I don’t think anyone will kick you :)
PhilW:Hi Mera (are you on the mailing list?!)
Tom:Hi Phil, hi Mera, hi everyone! Phil: It’s my first time on IRC..
Mera:no Phils, not anymore. I was a year ago
PhilW:Mera: thought I remembered a ’Mera’ - apart from the other one, that it!
Rubicant-Kary:crosses his arms, and Dissappears in a puff of smoke!
Mera:Phil, a question
Mera:I think I have emailed it to you about a year ago as well
Mera:did you get to meet any of the crew this year?
PhilW:Yes, I get to meet most of the crew, but don’t work with them that closely, apart from the directors.
Mera:I was wondering, did you meet Lauren in person?
PhilW:Believe it or not, but no!
Tom:I’ve a question too.. Phil, don’t you think JMS made enough money with the distribution of OG 1-4 so they can do OG 5 without Disney?
Mera:oh really? me neither
Mera:phil, I hope to meet her soon one day
PhilW:Tom - I’m afraid I couldn’t really answer that!
Mera:hmm, I think they did :-)
Mera:lots of countries bought the first three series
Tom:that’s ok..
Mera:hi aztec
Aztec:hi :)
Aztec:ShhadowAnjel is coming too
PhilW:Hi Aztec
Aztec:hi :)
jali:I don’t think it’ll be wortI don’t know. Disney made OG run in mny countries of the world. i don’t know if it’s economical if you only show it in Australia…
Tom:Hi Aztec
Nam:The phone company hasn’t fisit you yet?
jali:Hi Aztec
Aztec:greetz all the ppl :)
PhilW:Niels - is that you doing “Security”?
Aztec:heh phonecompany hasn’t got me yet
Tom:Hi Tad!
Tom:Hi Sven!
Aztec:hugs ShadowAnjel :)
Aztec:hiya :)
Nam:I’m Nam and Security.
ShadowAnjel:I came but like only fer a few secs
ShadowAnjel:coz I gotta work on something for the family
ShadowAnjel:(christmas tree)
Aztec:ah k
jali:Hi ShadowAnjel!
ShadowAnjel:but I’ll be back in like 30 min :)
ShadowAnjel:hi jali dude :)
Sven:Hi Tom!
ShadowAnjel:but I’ll cya then k? bye bye :)
Tom:Hi Sven
Aztec:she’ll be back
Mera:aztec, do you know him/her?
Aztec:She’s Christine
Tom:Phil, do you know anything about coming projects of the OG cast?
Aztec:Christine = shadows
Mera:Tom, I know from one person
Tom:Mera, who is it?
Mera:about Lauren (of course)
Aztec:good… No nerdboy allowed
PhilW:Tom - not much. “RAW FM” has just started here, which Lena’s in I believe, but I haven’t seen her yet. Benny was in it too, playing a love-sick teenager. As for main cast, I’m not sure.
Mera:oh wait,, Jeffrey got a leadriole too
Tom:Ok, thanks a lot
Jonathan:Hi all
Aztec:hiya Jonathan
Mera:what was the series,I can loook it up if you like
jali:Hi Jonathan
Tom:Hi Jonathan
PhilW:Hi Jonathan
Jonathan:looks like a pretty good turn out compared to the last time we tried this
Mera:Tom, Jeffrey Walker will be in Thunderstone
Mera:it might be produced by the same company, I’m not sure
Mera:yep new series
jali:What it about?
Tom:Is it also produced by JMS?
Aztec:hi Charley
Mera:I think it is
jali:Hi charley
PhilW:Oh, Jeffery is in Thunderstone? Where did you here this?
Tom:Hi Charlie t
Tom:Phil, what do you know about it?
Mera:haha, not gonna tell you Phil. You’re doing the graphics for it??
Aztec:hi Mel :)
Mera:anyway, that’s all I know
Atlantica:woah, woah, woah, who’s this???
jali:Hiya Mel!
Atlantica:I’m all confused!!!
charleyt:hi. I’m only dropping in for a few minutes to check out what’s happening.
Atlantica:ok, that nick I get
Mera:hi charly, are you the same as from the newslist?
jali:Atlantica: what confuses you?
Atlantica:all the names… Alex???
PhilW:Mera - ah, just figured out who you are! (Sorry, I’m a bit slow here!
charleyt:yes mera, I’m the same as from the ocean girl list
Tom:Is Atlantica = Melody?
Mera:okay (to charly and Phil)
Atlantica:Mera, who are you?
PhilW:Yes, I’m working on Thunderstone, editing for sure, possibly doing the computer graphics too, but we will see.
Mera:Mera = merijn
Atlantica:ohhhhh, okay.
Aztec:is Richard
Atlantica:got that one! ;)
jali:Can you tell me what Thunderstone is about?
Mera:hey Phil, would they want new employees? I’m a graduated Physicist looking for a jobn :-)
PhilW:Hi Charlie T!
charleyt:hi philw
Mera:hey thanks secur
Mera:thanks TK :-)
Jedadiah:your welcome
Aztec:k mailed Nate to come here
PhilW:I can’t tell you anymore about Thunderstone other than what’s been said - lilke, in that article about JMS Productions. But I’ve read most of the scripts and I think you guys will really like it.
Nam:He might have some problems connecting.
Mera:Phil, what’s in the article I didn’t read it
Atlantica:Hi everybody! ~ Sidney (I’m visiting Mel)
Mera:is it a sci fi series?
Aztec:hiya Sid :)
jali:Hiya Sidney!
Atlantica:hi Aztec
Aztec:Glad to hear yer going back to school!
PhilW:Hmmmm, what could a physicist do in the tv industry? Tell us where the stories don’t make sense, science wise?!
Atlantica:I start monday
charleyt:thunderstone does sound like a good show. I also liked the wayne manifesto once I actually saw it
Tom:Phil, can you tell us if OG 4 has an ending sequence that says ’this was for sure the final episode’ or something or has it an open end?
Mera:sci fi is based on science, look at star trek
jali:Star Trek is a poor example, there a too much mistakes
Mera:we scientists can think logically, plan ahead. that sort of things
charleyt:science wise here’s my opinion, but i’m not a physcisist nor a rocket scientist
Mera:jali, I know, just an example
PhilW:The article was about the end of Ocean Girl, JMS Productions and what was coming up next. There’s a copy of it at my home page, but someone has a better HTML version of it somewhere… My page is
Mera:a lot of things are crab if you know th ereal science behind it. I can tell you that!! :-)
Mera:thanks, I’ll visit on Monday
jali:I’m a scientist too, I know.
charleyt:Neri goes to her tree nest during a thunderstorm for safety, but everything I have read says that a tree is one of the most dangerous places to be during a thunderstorm
Nam:Does anyone know how I can change the size of my font? I can’t read it this way.
jali:Nam: What program?
PhilW:Tom: I wouldn’t want to give that away! (Couldn’t either!!!)
charleyt:I was wondering about philw’s or anyone’s comments on thatt
Nam:I figer it out.
Mera:jali, really??
Mera:what year? what uni? what country?
Tom:Ok, I understand, but I would love to know it nevertheless..
Mera:don’t tell! I will see OG only in January of 1998
PhilW:Good point, Charleyt!
Mera:I don’t give a .. about the first 14 eps , but don’t tell about 14-26
jali:Hehe, I didn’t finish, but I studied 7 semesters of geology at the university in Bremen.
Mera:geology is not physics.
Mera:it is a science, I agreaa
jali:Of course not, but it’snatural sciences. besides I had to take three semesters of physics.
charleyt:well, I’m a little late for supper, so I have to go now, but before I do, I just want to say that…
PhilW:Okay - I’ll ask a question: which was your favourite season?
Mera:that’s good!
Mera:second, definetly!!!
jali:Okay, errm, second.
PhilW:Has anyone here seen any of season 4 yet?
Mera:nop, not yet
Nam:first and second I think. Maybe the second.
Mera:I haven’t seen spellbinder two in complete yet. Only 1-9
PhilW:Mera - I wonder why? ;-)
Tom:No, Phil, not me
Mera:I iwll see OG 4 in Janaury after I arrived in Sydney
PhilW:No aussies here, then.
jali:I just heard that Spellbinder II might not be shown here in Germany… :(
Mera:so Phil, waht city are you living in?
PhilW:I live in Melbourne
Mera:spellb 2 will NOT be shown in the Netherlands either
Mera:I already get an aussie version
Jedadiah:is in Sydney
Atlantica:nope, hey, I’ve been trying to keep up w/ the whole Disney thing, but is there any work yet on what they’re gonna do?
charleyt:before I logged in here, I noticed that this ocean girl chat room currently has more people in it than any of the other chat rooms currently on so I would call this here ocean girl chat a successful one
Mera:Phil, cool! I visited it last year
charleyt:what is going on with disney, anyways?
Mera:I already have the spellbinder books, they are great!!
Mera:Phil, what suburb? (I have a map If I need to look it up :-) )
Atlantica:anybody know?
Security:4Scaning For IRCops
jali:Just reading the second one Paul’ world. really cool…
Mera:Phi, I liked Melbournew after Sydney
Mera:jali, I only have th etwo of the second season. :-)
PhilW:Mera: East Hawthorn, Burke Road.
Mera:I might be in Melbourne this year as well
Tom:Phil, what is your favorite season of OG? (maybe hard to answer ’cause you’ve worked on the show..)
jali:The first season books are availabe here, in the UK edition.
Atlantica:hmmm, I feel a bit left out since I just live in borring ol’ USA…
Mera:jali, I see. get the second season via online “Dymocks bookstore”
PhilW:My favourite season was the first. More ’new age’.
Aztec:I wanna move to the US.. USA is NOT boring
Mera:no I wanna move to Oz!
jali:Atlantica: What’s boring’bout USA?
Mera:except that it is hot up there now
Atlantica:I meant cuz everbody else’s talking about au.
Mera:hey Phil, how are you managing. must be hot in Melb
jali:Hehe, I’m not there either…
Aztec:hi Er :)
PhilW:It was 40C on Wednesday! Very hot!
Mera:atlantica,we’re from the Netherlands (except me and a few others!)
Erin:phew! finally made it back!
jali:Hey Erin!
Atlantica:hmmm, oh yeah, it’s summer in the southern hemisphere…
Mera:Phil, that will be my biggest problem , besides getting a job
PhilW:Hi Erin
Erin:hi guys
Erin:how’s it going?
jali:Here in germany, it’s cold…
Mera:how about the bushfires Phil?
Aztec:hi Andrew
Erin:hi Andrew
Erin:you made it
Cheetah:I’m heeerrree!!
jali:Hiya Andrew!
Cheetah:yea, film on BBC1…
Atlantica:what film?
Cheetah:abbbout a prince…
PhilW:There’s bushfires around Sydney at the moment… Move to Tasmania if you don’t like the heat!
Cheetah:“A studant Prince”
Mera:nah, I like Sydney
Erin:feels like a definite minority… being from the USA and all
Mera:only around Syndey? in the Blue Mountains?
Nam:And the phone is mutch cheaper there.
Atlantica:hehe, me too
PhilW:Yep, Sydney’s beautiful.
Cheetah:am I the only one in England?
Tom:Yeah! I can’t decide if it’s the first or the second, but for sure one of them
Tom:Hi Erin, Hi Andrew,
Erin:that I notice
Erin:hi tom
Jedadiah:the bush fires are to the west and north of sydney, not all that close
jali:Hope thy’ll be under control soon…
Mera:Jeda, where abouts exactly?
Mera:me too, waste of green
Cheetah:gosh… is it hot in here?
Erin:wb gerald
Nam:Az, read mail.
Tom:Phil, do you know any TV programs/movies where Cmdr. Lucas from the first series was on?
Aztec:I read mail
Jedadiah:not sure where in the mountains but they are in the upper and lower hunter valley
Gerald:Hi Everyone, I’, from Tasmania
Mera:waste of good wine ! Oh NO!
Atlantica:well, is it cooler there than in sydney?
Mera:I like wine
Tom:Willian McInnes if I remember correctly..
PhilW:Tom: He appears fulltime in a long running Police Drama here, called Blue Heelers.
Cheetah:there are a lot of people here…
Mera:cheetah, how many now?
Tad:Hi Gerald
jali:PhilW: Blue Heelers?
Atlantica:not that many when you think that there are 90-something on our list…
Cheetah:in th echannel
Cheetah:perhaps they can’t all use IRC?
Gerald:Hi Tad
Cheetah:oh, I had a thought…
Atlantica:oh, maybe
Erin:too bad David couldn’t come… :)
Atlantica:what’s that?
Cheetah:but that’s only a little thought :)
Gerald:Tassie’s a lot colder than Sydney
Mera:hi Gerald, you’re from tassie?
PhilW:I don’t know if Blue Heelers is on anywhere overseas…
Cheetah:yea… I could have asked him what Vanessa is like ;)
Atlantica:I wish it were cold enough for snow…
Mera:Phil, I haven’t heard of it anyway
Gerald:Yep Mera , Launceston to be exact
Jedadiah:sydney is cool ATM (with an airconditioner)
jali:Seemingly not but I keep eyes open. i love aussie show.
Mera:haha, hey TK> do you have a pool?
Mera::-( hell
Gerald:I was in Sydney a couple of years back
Mera:i’m going to dry up
Jedadiah:I don’t even have an A/C
Mera:to evaporate
Erin:oooh, Andrew I got some more Vanessa pictures
Mera:oh no?
Erin:do you want them?
Jedadiah:well, you can always spend hours in the bath Mera
Cheetah:Erin: more?!? where from???
Erin:hang on… lemme find em
Mera:hmm, I might reserve some money for it then
Aztec:hi tom
Gerald:Hi tom
Tom:Hi there again, my Winsock kicked me out..
Mera:jeda, do you go to the beach sometime?
jali:Hehe, Greetings from Mr. Gates. :)
Cheetah:Tom: You on Win95?
Aztec:hides from Mr. Gates
Mera:jda, we just bought an A/C because this was the hottest summer since quite a number of years
Erin:can you unzip stuff, Andrew?
Tom:Yeah, I’m forced to use this stupid software..
Cheetah:Erin: Can I unzip stuff??
Cheetah:oops… forgot closing
Mera:Tom, it can always be worse! I’m on a unix text only term
Erin:yeah.. you know… *.zip files
Cheetah:Erin: Can I unzip stuff?? :)
Mera:I have to type every command and have only one command line
Erin:you can… ok
Cheetah:Mera: you don’t mean like “privmsg #OceanGirl :Message” do you?
Jedadiah:Mera, nup, I don’t go to the beach, I want to start going agaian
jali:Mera: Do you use ircII ?
Mera:jali, no sirc
Tom:Yeah, I’m on Win95 and I hate it. But a lot of programs I need only run on Win95/NT..
Mera:I hate w95 too! (I’m MacFan) Tom
Mera:hey jeda, we should go then !
Erin:hi greggy
Cheetah:Tom: did you get the blue screen of death and have to reboot before the socks worked again?
Atlantica:personally, I find macs difficult
Mera:I like to swim at Bondi beach someday
Mera:I was there inb Winter last year. just only a little bit too cold
Gerald:Tom - i couldn’t agree more!
Jedadiah:hates all computers
Mera:atlantic> they are easy, stable!
Jedadiah:well, it aint’ cold now mera
Mera:I’m on one now!
Tom:What do you mean Gerald?
Aztec:loves computers but hates multitasking
Mera:jeda, I know. that’s why I ask. I can’t stand that much heat
Gerald:Win 95 seems to be so slow
Jedadiah:computers should never have been invented
jali:Aztec: Use a Multithreading system… :)
Mera:it’s now 8 degrees Celsius and it was just okay (must not get colder)
Jedadiah:win95 isn’t slow when you have got 64meg
Cheetah:is using NT :)
Mera:jeda, still complaining about any comp at all?? why not try Mac, have you tried it?
Gerald:Yep I need a new computer
Tom:It is slow..
Cheetah:macs only have one mouse button… anoying…
jali:Let’s not start a discussion on operating system, ok?
Mera:cheetah, not annoying. two doesn’t make sense. three does
Mera:jali, okay
Mera:let’s stick to the subject
Tad:Jali, I agree with you
Mera:I don’t mind
Jedadiah:I have tried a mac, found it to hard, that was years ago and haven’t had a chance since, you can even right click on something
Al:# Appears as ARMANDO.
Erin:# Appears as NERI.
Tom:I saw operating systems on the same hardware I use.. They’re much faster then Win95..
Cheetah:Al: please turn off sending gfx, pleeease…
Erin:erin - neri… same letters
Mera:hey erin, that’s a good one
Tom:I think about to get a Power Mac.. I also like them very much, Mera
Mera:Tom, I have one ! they’re great
Mera:I can boot unix and all that.
Tom:I saw them in action.. impressive..
Jedadiah:well can we get back to subject now
Mera:I know
jali:The only real thing is a SUN!
Mera:jali, that’s agood one too!!!
Tom:’The Net is the computer’..
jali:Fasted computer I know, but expensive…
Aztec:dreams… “SUN…”
Mera:hey “Sun” is the name of the Dragon Lord in Spellbinder 2
Mera:anyone questions about that series ?
Mera:haha, I should change my nick then :-)
Erin:is dying to get her grubby paws on a Ocean Girl CD
jali:Not too much, I’d like to explore it by myself
Tom:Is the Dragon Lord a good or evil guy?
Mera:Tom he’s a good guy. But a little arrogant at first
Jedadiah:I am about the only one here to have seen OG4
Erin:pops in a christmas cd
Jonathan:For those in OZ is the opening sound track to OG still the same or has it been modified?
Erin:yeah, probably
Mera:yep jeda. But in about 5 weeks I hope
jali:Hehe, reminds me of Correon: “Banish them, so I can go back to my studies!”
Erin:I love COrreon
PhilW:Jonathan - opening music is the same, pictures are different.
Mera:interesting question Jonb
Erin:and Gryvon, even though he turns out to be a slimy little toad at the end
PhilW:Jeda - what do you think of series 4 so far?
jali:Hehe, that’s what makes it interesting.
jali:Just that Gryvon is a bit dumb
Mera:jeda, wait till thursday then it gets better!
Jedadiah:I loved it
Jonathan:it seems for season 3 they made drastic changes to the instrumentation , which made it much better than previous seasons
Erin:no spoilers!!!
Jedadiah:Mera: I know, I am dying for someone to start in it
Mera:haha, I know
jali:Johnathan: It sounds lot more darker, so it fit’s to the new design of ORCA
Mera:I tghink when I get the tapes I start with episode 14 right away
Jonathan:four season four or three
Aztec:wb :) *hugs*
Cheetah:loves Vanessa (just reminding you)
Mera:atlantic, I’m in thge Netherlands remember
Erin:I am getting og4 taped for me…
Erin:hi Chris
Atlantica:any chance I can get those???
ShadowAnjel:heheh thanks!!
jali:Erin: Do you know someone who coies it to NTSC?
Aztec:hehe wb again
Jedadiah:hey Mera, has the spellbinder2 tapes arrived yet?
ShadowAnjel:having techinical difficulties ;)
Erin:I don’t know… I’ll have to find it
Nam:That remineds me, isn’t it time to contact hour tv station?
Mera:atlantic, I ’m afraid the European and Australian system is different than to USa and Canadian
Erin:yeah, when I get them, we’ll set up a giant videotape raquet
jali:I could. i know someone who has access to the equipment.
Mera:jeda, no not yet :-(
ShadowAnjel:zac got dumped…poor little invisible criter..
Erin:well, you can convert them though
Mera:I’m waiting for the asnwer when they were send
ShadowAnjel:critter even
Mera:Erin, I can’t :-(
ShadowAnjel:flies thru the magical world of og
Aztec:Hey Chris I saw some cool fairy statues today…
ShadowAnjel:ok..alrighty then…alright…ok…shure…uh-huh..I’ll shaddup now
Tom:I know a person who do masters for German Laserdisc Releases. He could convert in any format. Unfortunately I havn’t any sourches of OG4..
ShadowAnjel:I love fairy stuff hehe
jali:I might be able to convert it. Maybe we can oranize a copy tree?
Erin:I didn’t mean you YOU, Merjin… I meant you in the blanket sense of the word
Cheetah:Tom: do you have any pics of Vanessa? I’m starting a collection ;)
Aztec::) I’ll buy you one on your birthday :)
Mera:jeda, someone deleted my files scanned. Now I can redo about two hours of scanning :-(
Atlantica:Jali, yes! good idea!!!
Erin:smiles… christmas songs.. la la la
Erin:hangs a string of xmas lights out for ShadowAnjel 3.43.**.73.**.83.**.153.**.43.**.113.**.123.**.83.**.73.**.43.**
Tom:Andrew, I’m currently scanning Vanessa pics..
Erin:I could turn on those holiday lights on my computer…
jali:If you all agree I will oranize it. But someone has to send me the tapes of OG4.
Jedadiah:christmas should be banned
ShadowAnjel:erin, at least you’re not singing bob dylan…then you’d have to die…my mum has been listening to him..heh..@ DAYS STRAIGHT GOODY hhe..j/k I wouldn’t kill you yer awesome, and have a kool voice too
Aztec:Xmass is good
Erin:I can get them sent to you, alex probably
Mera:jeda, did you get to see any Mission top Secret yet?
ShadowAnjel:christmas lights
Mera:why jeda? (No Christmas?)
Erin:I love christmas
ShadowAnjel:the primitive being stares in awe
Erin:it makes me happy
Mera:anyway, we have Saint Nicolas overhere
Cheetah:wibbles even wibblier than Redvers has ever wibbled in his whole life
Erin:like.. the only thing that makes me happy anymore
PhilW:Jeda - I agree - Christmas should be banned, at least up until Christmas!
PhilW:It’s still November!
Jedadiah:Mera: I have only watch a few of the ep’s been to busy
Erin:less than 30 shopping days till Christmas
ShadowAnjel:erin, ya got a lot going for you as far as I can tell, I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it :)
jali:I agree tooo. You can’t take a step before your front door without being hit by consume terror.
Erin:no Bob Dylan, Chris
ShadowAnjel:laughs at gillies HAHAAAHAAA GILLIES!!!
ShadowAnjel:yay yay no bob dylan :)
Erin:listening to a CD which I bought at Disney World
Cheetah:Phil: Did you ever have the pleasure of meeting Vanessa?
Erin:I wanna go back
Aztec:I hope my sis won’t play Hanson on Xmass hehe
Mera:hey Aztec, I hope no Spice girls
Aztec:mickey :)
ShadowAnjel:hahahahaha gillies you dork..HAHA…gillies is sooo funny
Atlantica:must say, donald’s my fave
ShadowAnjel:MICKEY :)
Aztec:spice girls evil
ShadowAnjel:lives in ca and has been to disnet land only like 3 times hhee
Tom:My favorite Diney movie ever was the Lion King..
Erin:I wonder how much it costs to post a package to Holland
ShadowAnjel:don’t mention spice girls…
Erin:hey, I like the Spice Girls
Jonathan:well, I’ve got to go. It was good chatting with you.
Mera:Erin, where are you?
Erin:bye Jonathan
ShadowAnjel:my sister may not buy the new cd then..hhee
Aztec:cya Jonathan
Mera:it’s not too expensive I usually send packages to USA
Cheetah:prefers Geri out of all of them… wonder why…
Tom:c u Jonathan
Erin:there’s more to the world than USA? Hmmmmm
ShadowAnjel:I like the fact that they’re going thru life having fun, I admire spice girls for that
PhilW:Cheetah - no. Mostly I met the actors when they come into the sound studios for recording extra dialogue, but Vanessa lived in Cairns, so she recorded stuff up there, not Melbourne. That’s why I never met Lauren either - she did her recording in Sydney.
Aztec:4 red har andrew hehe
ShadowAnjel:but I perfer alternative music..hehe
Mera:phil, taht’s right
Mera:erin, their concert was sold out in about 16 minutes. terrible
jali:is listening to Maria McKee (“Life is sweet…bittersweet”)
Erin:really… hah
Cheetah:Phil: Shame… Cairns… let me write that down…
Cheetah:Erin: no, no, no
Cheetah:4< 2o o 4>
Aztec:thinks about which CD to play
ShadowAnjel:<(*)> <(*)>
jali:It was nice talking to you, but Ihave to leave. (Going out for dance).
Cheetah:sais “that one”
ShadowAnjel:the eyes are watching
Erin:bye alex
ShadowAnjel:Byyye jali!!!!
Cheetah:staring at the sun…
PhilW:Bye Jali
Mera:i’m listening to John Fogerty now. he’s cool!
Tom:Aztec, I’m listening to Gamma Ray..
Aztec:cya Alex
Cheetah:goodbye jali
ShadowAnjel:hehe cute erin
Erin:let it snow
Erin:let it snow
ShadowAnjel:is listening to jewel hehe
Cheetah:I almost said goodnight :)
Mera:I hope he performs a tour in oz in February
Aztec:turns on Counting Crows
Erin:oh the weather outside is frightful
jali:Bye to all of you!
Erin:but the fire is so delightful
Erin:and since we’ve no place to go
jali:waves for goodbye
Erin:let it snow
Erin:let it snow
Erin:let it snow
Cheetah:either snow or sun
Tad:Phil: Have you met Marzena?
Mera:bye jali
Erin:I lost my voice ish
Cheetah:nothing inbetweeen
ShadowAnjel:syou sing it girl!!! hehehe
Erin:is she nice?
Tom:Counting Crows!!! cool!! I will change the CD right know…
Cheetah:anyone fancy a short netmeeting with me?
PhilW:Of course!
Erin:how old is she?
ShadowAnjel:is learning a new word
Erin:hi capper
ShadowAnjel:use it in a sentence today..
Aztec:sings “Round here we always stand up straight…”
Capper-Deluxe:hi all just lurking
PhilW:Um, 18 or 19… not sure
ShadowAnjel:aww ok
Aztec:hi Cap
Tad:And have a conbersation?
Erin:I should write a fan letter to Phil Watts ;)
Erin:maybe he’ll send me an autograph
Mera:hey Phil, did youy meet Jeffrey’s sister??
ShadowAnjel:aww fawkin all..ah just whiteeyed auhll over ya flauh
Nam:As I understand there was an winner in the US. that had the change to meet Marzena, is that correct?
Tom:round here something radiates..
ShadowAnjel:aztec, I’m learning to use the word “Bugger” a lot
Erin:I say bloody
PhilW:No, I’ve never met Jeffery’s sister…
ShadowAnjel:it’s taken a nice place in my vocabulary
Aztec:cool :)
Mera:Phil, do you know the show: Halfway across the galaxy and turn left??
Erin:I have to send off those cds
Cheetah:closes his dads mailbox and opens his own… “how many mails will there be from the list I wonder?”
ShadowAnjel:maybe like..
Jedadiah:hey Mera, a mate of mine has halfway on tape, I just got to borrow it
Mera:I have a Dutch version (complete) it’s kind acool.
PhilW:Yes, a competition winner got to meet Marzena and visit the OG set.
Mera:produced a little cheap here and there
Aztec:sings:“She looks up at the building she says she’s thinkin of jumpin, she says she’s tired of life… she must be tired of something…” Love this song…
Cheetah:hehe… has anyone here got the OG CD and an MP3 creator?
PhilW:Yes, I’ve seen all of Halfway - long time ago though… (Good show.)
Cheetah:shouts “It’s like I’m down on the floor and I don’t know what I’m in for”
Tom:Does anyone know if David/Jason a brother/sister?
Mera:I liked it, although some scenes were a bit annoying
Mera:did you do some work on galxay, Phil?
Baker02:cheetah: love that mg3-idea - let’s do that
Tom:round here she’s always on my mind.. round here I got lots of time..
Cheetah:Baker: do you have either the CD or an MP3 creator?
ShadowAnjel:now that your rose is in bloom a light hits the gloom on the grave
PhilW:No, I didn’t work on Galaxy. Did you see the episode that had both Jeffery _and_ David in it? They looked almost the same age!
Mera:yeap I did!
Mera:I have it on tape
Cheetah:oh, I think I might have a creator… I couldn’t get ’em to work…
Mera:they do
Erin:I have a little dreidel…
Mera:David was in it only for that episode
Tom:I have an MPEG3 encoder but no sourche..
Erin:hey, Aztec, have you seen South Park?
Baker02:I have an MG3 creator (from wav to mg3) but not the CD :-( but perhaps someone else does
Aztec:I hear it’s good tho
Baker02:just want to say that we should keep this idea in mind and perhaps ask at the list
Erin:there’s a 5 minute mpg out on the net…
Cheetah:5Ok, hands up if you have the OG CD and you wanna try a little something
Tom:Baker, good point
Erin:you should download it
ShadowAnjel:eene meenie minee mo
Erin:hey Mel
Aztec:wb :)
Atlantica:nope, Sidney.
ShadowAnjel:HIiIIya mellerCAKES
Baker02:erin: Where is the mg3-file?
Atlantica:(I’ve taken over her computer)
Erin:not of Og… it’s somehting else, Baker
Atlantica:alright, how many ppl didn’t know that was me?
ShadowAnjel:that’s my new nickname you better like it too mel or you’ll be living in agony for the rest of your life..mellercakes…j/k
Mera:hey Phil, do you know a show called “Breakers” if you do, can you tell me about it?
Tom:Put it on the net would extremely violate copyrights…
Mera:it’s an Aussie show. I think still in production. I’m not sure
Atlantica:um, ’cuse me???
Atlantica:Christine, this is Sidney
Erin:that’s never been a problem before, Tom
ShadowAnjel:melody, nevermind
ShadowAnjel:I KNEW THAT
Atlantica::) sure ya did
ShadowAnjel:smacks her head against her jewel cd
Atlantica:carfel now
ShadowAnjel:I think I broek it
Atlantica:oops, careful, that is
Aztec:hands Chrissy an Ice pack :)
ShadowAnjel:blushes and sweeps it up sand throws it away
PhilW:Mera: Breakers - is that the Baywatch on Bondi Beach?
ShadowAnjel:thank youuu hehe
Erin:is reading mysocalled life fan fic
Mera:Phil, I don’t know I only heard of it and that some girl had a guestrole in it
Mera:so I want to find out
ShadowAnjel:puts on powder so she doesn’t look like she just had a few million gallons of wine
Nam:Phil, did my msg a 20 min. ago came trough?
ShadowAnjel:I’m not drunk
Atlantica:here I am, confused about everybody’s ages again…
Mera:would be nice, if it would be
Cheetah:does anyone here have the OG CD?
Erin:where… it’s on my computer
Aztec:cranks up Fear Factory
ShadowAnjel:I’m a 78 year old transvestite…
Erin:I don’t remember where I got it from
Atlantica:“I’m as jober as a sudge!”
Erin:I knew that Chris
Mera:hey, I can copy cds. So if it’s not avialble anymore I can reproduce
Atlantica:you do that mer.
Cheetah:Mera: but do you actually have it?
Mera:but I don’t have a copy. I don’t care about it. (rude isn’t it?)
Atlantica:oh no!
Cheetah:does anyone here have it?
PhilW:Nam - I’m new to this - do you mean an email message?
Tom:I can’t disagree Erin, but the whole CD in MPEG3..?
Nam:I’ll send you one
ShadowAnjel:no more…bob dylan…
Atlantica:I know CPR…
Tad:I’ve got to go. Thanks everyone.
ShadowAnjel:mercy mercy..
Nam:Have you seen it?
Atlantica:oh okay
ShadowAnjel:hehe :)
Erin:*chuckles* Just break it up and post it on a bunch of different sites
Mera:anyone in Europe with a copy of the cd?
Cheetah:Tom: each track seperatly…
Aztec:hands Chrissy a Tori Amos CD
ShadowAnjel:THANK YOU
PhilW:Yes Nam, got that one
Erin:the Clarissa CD is being posted on the net, seeing as how difficult it is to get a hand on
ShadowAnjel:hears bob dylan die..VERRRRy slowly…j/k
Atlantica:ummm, who’s tori amos?
Cheetah:thinks about Tori Amos’s hair for a minuit… then goes back to staring at Vanessa
Mera:clarissa cd??
ShadowAnjel:tori amos…well she’s like coo hehe
Erin:TOri Amos… Silent all These Years
Nam:well I’l also send on a 25 min. ago (I think).
ShadowAnjel:lol cheetah
Erin:Yeah… Clarissa Explains It All
ShadowAnjel:clarissa’s cooo
Aztec:Mellissa Joan Hart…
ShadowAnjel:I like her clothes!!!
Erin:me too
PhilW:Cheetah - you’ve got it bad!
Atlantica:on my radio, whenever the wallflowers comes on, they say “and now the wallflowers, with Jakob Dylan, son of a Bob.”
Cheetah:Phil: No, I WANT it bad!!
ShadowAnjel:I like when she wears pleather ehhehe
Mera:what cheetah? who?
Erin:I just bought a pleather jacket
Erin:he wants Vanessa
ShadowAnjel:talulaa talulaaaa…
Cheetah:is collecting old CDs… and sticking them on the wall
Mera:Vaness? yugh (sorry no offensive)
Cheetah:kicks Mera
Atlantica:no offense, you mean?
Erin:newsflash: Andrew is obessed with Vanessa
Mera:hey cheetah don’t take it personal
Aztec:what gave it away hehe
Cheetah:I thought the NEW in news meant something…
Erin:nam, chill out
Mera:me too is obsessed. :-)
Atlantica:bout wh?o
Nam:what does chill means?
Erin:calm down
Mera:atlantic, yeah that’s what I meant
Johnny:Hey, everyone!
ShadowAnjel:calm harhar…
ShadowAnjel:I AM FINE
Mera:I was typing it quickly, that’s why
ShadowAnjel:shh christine..
Erin:is her guidance counselor
ShadowAnjel:pats herself on the head
ShadowAnjel:now stay
Aztec:Be affraid Chris hehe
Erin:rub your tummy
Tom:Copyrights: If I could buy a legal copy of the CD, I would do. But what should I do? I’m a fan and getting the CD this way is the only possible way at the moment..
ShadowAnjel:SHADDUP DOG…*whimper*
Cheetah:woo, I got an e-mail entitled “Red Hair”
ShadowAnjel:isn’t talking to herself
Erin:is all for pirating the og cd
Cheetah:oh, it’s from my necraphile friend…
Aztec:is for pirating anyway
ShadowAnjel:is talking to her primitive self..
Mera:aztec, yeah? haha
ShadowAnjel:doesn’t know what pirating IS!!
Erin:she is also talkin in the third person
Mera:I don’t mind either
Atlantica::::sidney smiles, nods, and backs, away slowly:::
Mera:saves a hell lot of money sometimes
Cheetah:oh me gawd…
Aztec:Pirating is illigal copying
Mera:two cds easily fit on one
ShadowAnjel:Atlantica, what’s your FAVORITE scary movie??????!!!
Erin:perhaps the CD will be rereleased because the series is still on…
Cheetah:“Next Friday, BBC1 is celebrating RED HAIR with loads of programmes with
Cheetah:people avec rouge hair.
Mera:80 guilders or 3. makes a differnce to me
Cheetah:I all your favourite red babes; Sandy Togsvig, Jane
Cheetah:Asher and others!
Erin:fear, was silly
ShadowAnjel:Lol lol
ShadowAnjel:mine is…
Atlantica:it’s got this walking dummy named Morty it’s really silly
Atlantica:oh yeah
Mera:well, I’m off to bed soon
Tom:’When there’s no more space in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.’
Cheetah:Mera: what’s the time your end?
Erin:night then mera
Mera:Phil, do you know anything about breakers?
Erin:heheh Chris
ShadowAnjel:I tohught it was scary
ShadowAnjel:chomp chomp
ShadowAnjel:run little foot
ShadowAnjel:to the bat cave
Mera:I got a lot to do before going to Australia. hehe
Atlantica:(I get it tho) hmm, trying to recall what they made her say during the voice-overs in VMA
Erin:santa claus is comin to town
Aztec:I was scared by Halloween part 1 when I first saw it butnot anymore hehe
ShadowAnjel:is he??
ShadowAnjel:santy :)
Jedadiah:takes aim at santa cluas’s sled with an anti aircraft gun
ShadowAnjel:I think winston looks like santa clause
Mera:“santa Claus is back in town, in a big black cadiallac”
Atlantica:the Exorcist gave me night mares for… the last three nights
PhilW:Mera - no.
Nam:Ah my parents get home.
Cheetah:SOUND santa.mid
Atlantica:I saw it on tuesday
Mera:too bad. guess I’ll have to try to find out in sydney
Nam:So I think the dog will go to full alert.l
Erin:Hey… didn’t the guy who plays Winston also work as a dialogue coach on the first few seasons of OG?
Nam:He’s moving.
ShadowAnjel:I saw jaws thanksgiving day
Cheetah:turkey day?
Nam:Hmm, he regonized them.
Cheetah:I heard someone call it that…
ShadowAnjel:runs around with a styrafoam jaws hat on
ShadowAnjel:be afraid
ShadowAnjel:be vERY afraid
Cheetah:hehe… can anyone see Third Rock from the Sun?
ShadowAnjel:neri I’m coming to GET YOU
Erin:I love that show
Aztec:#rd Rock Rocks
Mera:isn’t it on BBC ?
Aztec:3rd even
Cheetah:BBC 2
PhilW:Erin - I’m not sure, but Alex Pinder does run acting classes in Melbourne, so maybe he did.
Mera:right, we have it
Jedadiah:I hate 3rd rock
Mera:never watched it
Aztec:Harry is cool hehe
Erin:I remember seeing the name in the credits twice
Erin:Harry kicks!
Erin:he’s so crazy
Cheetah:Harry… hehe “I could dooo that with my eyes closed”
Erin:AHHH!!! They’re here, they’re here… Albino brain chiggers! COver your ears!
ShadowAnjel:covers her ears
Cheetah:“You do EVERYTHING with your eyes closed!”
Tom:Phil, do you know if SallyAnn from Season 3 has played any other roles?
ShadowAnjel:covers her eyes
Mera:okay, goodnight everyone. and goodmorning to everyone down under
ShadowAnjel:walks out the window
Erin:I’m a big angry virgin, and I’m happy about it
Erin:SallyAnne is beautiful
ShadowAnjel:i LIKE SALLLY
Tom:Yes, she is.
PhilW:Tom - I haven’t been aware of her in anything else - but i don’t watch a lot of TV!
PhilW:Goodnight Mera
Tom:She’s a good actress I think.
Erin:I seem to have lost my voice mostly
Mera:wasn’t Sally, the one that was nearly Jason’s grilfriend?
Erin:night Merjin
Cheetah:Aztec: you played Hexen II?
ShadowAnjel:aww :(
Erin:yeah, she like loved him
Mera:who was that then?
Aztec:I played LBA2 today… it kicks ass
Erin:yes it was
Cheetah:you’d like the setting…
Cheetah:one of them..
Erin:she has long dark hair
Mera:oh okay, thanx
Erin:and a round face
Cheetah:dark hair… second best?
Mera:yes she was kinda cute in a way
ShadowAnjel:cheetah, wav done!
Cheetah:ooh, yeaa
Mera:anyway, I liked Mera better! :-)
ShadowAnjel:erin, wav done!
ShadowAnjel:az, wav done!
Aztec:play it
ShadowAnjel:this is your wake up call mr bean
Erin:hehe I have that one
ShadowAnjel:mr bean
Tom:She was never really close to be Jason girlfriend i think. I think Jason only wants to be together with Neri..
Erin:I think she was Tom
Cheetah:Mr. Bean!!!
Cheetah:I have his diary…
ShadowAnjel:erin, ooooops
ShadowAnjel:MR BEAN!!
ShadowAnjel:SAVE THE BEAN!!
Erin:Hey, Chris.. have you ever seen Newsies?
ShadowAnjel:I love mr bean
ShadowAnjel:sighs dreamily
Erin:I love that movie
Aztec:hiya :)
Erin:hi gal
Gal:hey erin
ShadowAnjel:That was like the best thing
Erin:Christian Bale can do anything he wants to ever
ShadowAnjel:I made my barbie dolls newsies lmao :)
Erin:to me
Nam:Tom, about me forgetting the e-mail. I ment that I’ve got a very bad memorie not that it wasn’t important.
Cheetah:has Barbie Girl MP3
ShadowAnjel:erin, you GO girl ;)
Erin:send it to me
Erin:I want to stalk him, but he lives in europe
Cheetah:it’s huge…
Erin:how huge?
Erin:hi bee
Tom:hehe.. I send you the file some time tomorrow..
Killer`Bee:Hello All
Erin:wb charley
ShadowAnjel:wants to stalk…daniel johns..
charleyt:hi erin.
Erin:who’s that?
Aztec:Singer from Silverchair
ShadowAnjel:erin, the singer/screamer of silverchair
ShadowAnjel:I wanna stalk..RADISH
Erin:Radish! I love them
Baker02:So, finally, I have to go now. It was a nice time having a OG chat! c u
Cheetah:2,725,668 bytes
ShadowAnjel:ben cucumber hehe..kweller…cucumber whatever..I call him a cucumber
Aztec:feels hyper… Fear Factory a lil fast…
Gal:that was…redish…
Erin:2 megs
PhilW:Nam - I’ll hang around for a while…
ShadowAnjel:aztec, woo hooo!!
Cheetah:almost 3
Erin:2.7 megs
ShadowAnjel:I LOVE
ShadowAnjel:My guitar
ShadowAnjel:and she loves MEeeEEE
Aztec:heheh I’ll put some songs on the tape hehe
ShadowAnjel:I loooove my guitar coz she wont Break up wif meee
Gal:what about meeeee?
ShadowAnjel:that was radish ;)
Aztec:Hyper music and loud
Cheetah:Baker: goodnight/morning/evening
ShadowAnjel:I don’t need any more hypo music..
Tom:Bye Baker
Nam:Baker, goodnight.
Aztec:heheh Fear Factory good hehe… Makes you hyper tho hehe
ShadowAnjel:byyyyey :(
Aztec:cya Baker
Baker02:it’s good night :-)
ShadowAnjel:headbangs to radish
ShadowAnjel:YOU saaay
ShadowAnjel:you knooow
charleyt:sorry I left so suenly earlier. I was disonnected because my sister picked up the extensiion phone which disconnected me. she didn’t know Ithat I was on the phone. but those things happen. that’s life. I had to leave for supper, anyways
ShadowAnjel:it’s gunna be beter when you’re deaaad…I beleive youuu.
ShadowAnjel:radish is making me feel depressed
ShadowAnjel:they’re not spossed to do that
Aztec:hmmm not good Chris
charleyt:at least I was able to be on for a few minutes
ShadowAnjel:gal, LMAO
Aztec:hands Chris a Weezer CD hehehe they’re happy
Tom:All your life is such a shame.. All your love is just a dream.. Open up your eyes..
Tom:You can see the flames, flames, flames..
Gal:picks it up and gives it back to Anjel
ShadowAnjel:*bongos stop*
Erin:wooo ragtime
ShadowAnjel:thankers gal lol
charleyt:did any of you ever see the “lost in space” episode titled “the gret vegetable rebellion”?
ShadowAnjel:I’m listening to..
ShadowAnjel:eretha franklin
Tom:sorry, Charlie
Cheetah:urg… I leave you lot for 2 seconds…