Ocean Girl

Date: 2012-07-14

Here I want to share some stuff related to the TV series “Ocean Girl”. Have a look at oceangirl.org for more information about the series.



“Oceanic Research Centre Australia” (ORCA) logo, SVG


Front of ORCA id card, SVG


Peter’s version of the ORCA logo, SVG


UBRI’s logo (season one, two and three), SVG


PRAXIS logo (season four), SVG


All seasons have been released on DVD. You can buy them at australian shops like EzyDVD (1 2 3 4).

Below are scans of the front and back cover of all four DVD sets and the DVD’s itself.

DVD-Cover der 1. Staffel DVD-Cover der 2. Staffel DVD-Cover der 3. Staffel DVD-Cover der 4. Staffel

1. DVD 1. Staffel 2. DVD 1. Staffel 1. DVD 2. Staffel 2. DVD 2. Staffel 1. DVD 3. Staffel 2. DVD 3. Staffel 3. DVD 3. Staffel 1. DVD 4. Staffel 2. DVD 4. Staffel 3. DVD 4. Staffel

The fourth’s season cover as seen on several DVD store sites originally looked like the picture below. Unfortunately it has been replaced by the ugly photoshopped picture above. I haven’t been able to get my hands on a larger version yet.

DVD cover 4th season, unreleased

The screencap below is from the first DVD of the first season. Marzena Godecki and David Hoflin (who is misspelled “Holfin“ on the DVD’s back) briefly introduce themselves in the video. It has been created around 2005.

Marzena Godecki and David Hoflin 2005


The DVD releases don’t contain subtitles, but you can create them on your own using the episode scripts by “Savant”. But be warned: This eats up a whole working day for one episode. So I only made subtitles for the the first episode of the first series. All other subtitles created with a script don’t have timestamps yet, but you can help me by adding them. Note: I do not own any copyrights.

Download: Good subtitles (1.1 – 1.13), subtitles without timestamps (everything else)

Credits to: Sabi (1.2 + 1.3), hana.bean (1.4 – 1.13).


Lena’s College

In the third season Dr. Hellegren visits his daughter several times at the college. These scenes were filmed at the Toorak College (Google, Live, Yahoo).

Neri’s Island

High Island (part of the Frankland Group National Park)
-17°09′46,56″S 146°00′39,15″E (Google, Live, Yahoo)


In episode 13 of the 3rd season Cass is sent to a shrink because of her nightmares. If you look out of the window of the shrink’s room you will see a bridge which could be same same as this one in Melbourne. The house must be somewhere in the adjoining Lorimer Street.

Underwater walkway

reefHQ (former Great Barrier Reef Aquarium)
-19°15′28,15″S 146°49′23,4″E (Google, Live, Yahoo)


I decided to upload my private “Ocean Girl” archive which contains many old fanpages and lots of information about “Ocean Girl”.