crocoite comes with plug-ins that modify loaded sites’ or interact with them.


The following sites are currently supported. Note this is an ongoing battle against layout changes and thus older software versions will stop working very soon.
  • Show comments and replies/nested comments on user pages.

  • Initially show comments below a single post/video, i.e. /user/post/123.

  • Close the “register now” nag screen. For screenshots.
  • Expand threads.

  • Show hidden profiles.

  • Show hidden/sensitive media. For screen-/snapshots.

  • Load more comments.
  • Show more comments.
  • Show more comments.
  • Expand single comment.

  • Show more comment thread replies.
  • Load more comments.
  • Load more posts.
  • Show hidden issue items.
  • Load more comments.
  • Load more content.
  • Load more images of an album.

  • Expand all comments. For snapshots.

  • Show bad replies. for snapshots.
  • Load more videos on profile page.