Acer n35 buildroot ================== This directory contains patches and config files to get a modern Linux kernel running on the Acer n35 handheld. Most stuff is based on work by Christer Weinigel[1] and Jiri Pinkava[2]. Getting started --------------- buildroot +++++++++ Go to the directory that contains this README: cd n35 export REPO_DIR=$(pwd) Download a copy of buildroot[3] and extract it: tar -xf buildroot-XXXX.XX.tar.bz2 cd buildroot-XXXX.XX export BUILDROOT_DIR=$(pwd) Copy the buildroot and busybox config file: cp ${REPO_DIR}/buildroot/config-2012.02 ${BUILDROOT_DIR}/.config cp ${REPO_DIR}/buildroot/busybox-1.19.x.config ${BUILDROOT_DIR}/busybox.config Symlink the skeleton root fs: ln -sv ${REPO_DIR}/buildroot/skeleton ${BUILDROOT_DIR}/fs/n35-skeleton And compile your toolchain: make Now you can copy the contents of output/images/rootfs.tar to an SD card or NFS share. Kernel ++++++ Download the Linux kernel[4] and extract it tar -xf linux-X.X.X.tar.bz2 cd linux-X.X.X Set cross-compiling environment variables export INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/usr/armv4tl-softfloat-linux-uclibcgnueabi export ARCH=arm export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-unknown-linux-uclibcgnueabi- export PATH=$PATH:$BUILDROOT_DIR/output/host/usr/bin/ Copy linux/X.X.X/config-nfs to .config and compile: cp ${REPO_DIR}/linux/X.X.X/config-nfs .config make Copy the compressed kernel image and Christer’s WinCE boot.exe[5] to a FAT partition on the SD card cp arch/arm/boot/zImage /mnt/mmc cp /path/to/boot.exe /mnt/mmc Create a file called “default.txt” on the same partition with the following content: # Acer N35 set MTYPE 927 set KERNEL "zImage" set RAMADDR 0x30000000 set CMDLINE "console=tty verbose root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=,v3 ip= nfsrootdebug rw rootdelay=5" bootlinux This will start the kernel, set an IP address and boot the system from a NFS share. Note that you have to set up the network device usb0 correctly on the host system, otherwise mounting the root partition will result in a kernel panic. To boot from the second partition on the SD card use set CMDLINE "console=tty verbose root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 ro rootdelay=5" [1] http://zoo.weinigel.se/trac/public/wiki/AcerN30 [2] http://web.vscht.cz/pinkavaj/linux_on_acer_n35.html [3] http://buildroot.uclibc.org/ [4] http://www.kernel.org/ [5] http://zoo.weinigel.se/n30/downloads/n30-20060107-1454-wince-boot.zip