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+Browser configuration
+Generally crocoite provides reasonable defaults for Google Chrome via its
+`devtools module`_. When debugging this software it might be necessary to open
+a non-headless instance of the browser by running
+.. code:: bash
+ google-chrome-stable --remote-debugging-port=9222 --auto-open-devtools-for-tabs
+and then passing the option ``--browser=http://localhost:9222`` to
+``crocoite-grab``. This allows human intervention through the browser’s builtin
+Another issue that might arise is related to fonts. Headless servers usually
+don’t have them installed by default and thus rendered screenshots may contain
+replacement characters (□) instead of the actual text. This affects mostly
+non-latin character sets. It is therefore recommended to install at least
+Micrsoft’s Corefonts_ as well as DejaVu_, Liberation_ or a similar font family
+covering a wide range of character sets.
+.. _devtools module: crocoite/
+.. _Corefonts:
+.. _DejaVu:
+.. _Liberation:
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