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2015-02-27Add licenseLars-Dominik Braun1-0/+23
2015-02-10Reduce CPU frequencyLars-Dominik Braun1-11/+17
Also reduces PWM frequency. The speakers resonance frequency is 2kHz, with 1MHz clock speed and prescaler 256 we get pretty close.
2015-01-20timer: Fix one-shot modeLars-Dominik Braun1-3/+4
2015-01-13Add generic flash ui state, fix timer race conditionLars-Dominik Braun1-15/+22
2014-09-30Fix timer return valueLars-Dominik Braun1-1/+1
2014-09-30Add wakeup source mechanismLars-Dominik Braun1-1/+5
Should reduce amount of cpu wakeups with expensive computations.
2014-09-16timer: Support timeouts > 8sLars-Dominik Braun1-13/+35
2014-08-19timer: Support arbitrary timer valuesLars-Dominik Braun1-13/+29
FIXME: large values do not work yet.
2014-07-22Speaker and LED pwmLars-Dominik Braun1-1/+2
Something is not correct here, stack overflow?
2014-05-20timer: Switch to 16 bit timer (timer1)Lars-Dominik Braun1-34/+21
2014-02-26Add gyroscope abstraction layerLars-Dominik Braun1-0/+2
2014-02-24Add simple timer that counts one secondLars-Dominik Braun1-0/+56