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README: Add a few lines about Hot plug for 2.4.x
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+2002-09-21 Yuji Touya <salmoon@users.sourceforge.net>
+ * README: Add a few lines about Hot plug for 2.4.x
2002-09-20 Markus Germeier <mager@tzi.de>
* libmpio/mpio.c (mpio_init):
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You should create device file for MPIO. Be root and type following:
- mkmpiodev
+ /usr/local/sbin/mkmpiodev
Once you create it, you do not need to run this script again.
Next, the driver module has to be loaded before playing.
- depmod -a
- modprobe mpio
+ /sbin/depmod -a
+ /sbin/modprobe mpio
Connect your MPIO to PC by USB cable. You can run mpiosh shell now.
When you want to stop playing, disconnect MPIO and type:
- modprobe -r mpio
+ /sbin/modprobe -r mpio
+*Hotplug for kernel 2.4.x
+ If the Hot plugging tool (like Murasaki) is installed on your
+system, the driver module will be loaded/unloaded automatically
+when MPIO player is connected/disconnected to your PC. And you
+do not need to run modprobe anymore.
- Is there any risk to use this software with my MPIO mp3 player?