AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2003-03-08small fixesRelease_0-6-0germeier3-12/+12
2003-03-08fixed packaging problemsgermeier3-5/+12
2003-03-06deactivated channel and config command for upcoming 0.6.0 releasegermeier1-1/+4
2003-02-26checking for kernel headers at a better place ;-) and tried to fix a bug in m...crunchy2-7/+22
2003-02-21add patch of Sebastian; tried to fix problems with etc stuffcrunchy7-62/+231
2003-01-16initalize newly allocated mpio_t structure with zero to be sure (notedgermeier1-1/+6
2002-12-09update for kernel 2.4.20 or latercrunchy1-1/+1
2002-12-09update for kernel 2.4.20 or latercrunchy3-2/+9
2002-11-18checking for readline headerscrunchy4-5/+12
2002-11-15Oops, forgot somethingcrunchy3-9/+25
2002-11-14spec file updates; renamed logotool to mpiologocrunchy2-2/+2
2002-11-14fixed problem with CONFIG.DATgermeier2-3/+7
2002-11-13changed default charset from ASCII to ISO-8859-15germeier10-19/+126
2002-11-04saving command historycrunchy6-14/+55
2002-11-02add logotool to tweak animation in config.dat.salmoon7-2/+697
2002-10-31add usbdevfs filesystem supportsalmoon2-10/+28
2002-10-29a special crunchy checkin: no testing;-)crunchy18-60/+1448
2002-10-27implemented the switch commandgermeier6-56/+231
2002-10-27added code to read/write and display config files (CONFIG.DAT and FMCONFIG.DAT)germeier9-30/+238
2002-10-26make libmpio header files C++ compliantgermeier11-19/+98
2002-10-23fixed init progress counter for models with two internal chipsgermeier2-2/+9
2002-10-18fixed ChangeLogcrunchy1-3/+0
2002-10-18add command config; no functionality at the momentcrunchy6-7/+45
2002-10-17another fix for the 8.3 handlinggermeier2-5/+16
2002-10-14reactivated switch command without any functionalitycrunchy1-4/+4
2002-10-13fixed mpiosh_cmd_dumpgermeier2-4/+8
2002-10-13fixed crash + clean upcrunchy3-37/+52
2002-10-13update status from libmpiogermeier1-7/+6
2002-10-13ECC code can now correct one bit errorsgermeier2-9/+53
2002-10-13finished support for external memory!germeier5-52/+82
2002-10-13finished formatting support for external memorygermeier6-64/+329
2002-10-12new check for kernel headers + some updatescrunchy5-12/+31
2002-10-12fixed Changelogcrunchy1-3/+4
2002-10-12add alias support for commands and extended argument completioncrunchy9-134/+238
2002-10-12add completion for files on the mpio memory cardscrunchy10-332/+532
2002-10-06major changes to write support,germeier9-140/+519
2002-09-30improved model identification.germeier2-5/+26
2002-09-28added target distclean to kernel/Makefile.amgermeier1-0/+4
2002-09-28added target distcleangermeier1-0/+3
2002-09-28reading support on external memory should now be correct.germeier7-163/+267
2002-09-24fixed issues with 8.3 names in directory.cgermeier8-55/+87
2002-09-23stupid typogermeier1-2/+2
2002-09-23read spare area from external memory toogermeier11-64/+185
2002-09-21changed install-strip -> installgermeier1-1/+1
2002-09-21fixed bug in abort code of mputgermeier5-17/+43
2002-09-21calling depmod after install of rpm packagecrunchy2-0/+4
2002-09-21Makefile.am fixedcrunchy2-9/+9
2002-09-21README: Add a few lines about Hot plug for 2.4.xsalmoon2-4/+15
2002-09-20small fixes to mpiosh/callback.cgermeier5-8/+33