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Support binding to a specific network interface
Closes #597.
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@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
# Proxy (for those who are not living in the USA)
#control_proxy =
+#bind_to = if!tun0
# Keybindings
#act_help = ?
diff --git a/contrib/pianobar.1 b/contrib/pianobar.1
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--- a/contrib/pianobar.1
+++ b/contrib/pianobar.1
@@ -208,6 +208,17 @@ Non-american users need a proxy to use Only the xmlrpc interface
will use this proxy. The music is streamed directly.
+.B bind_to = {if!tunX,host!x.x.x.x,..}
+This sets the interface name to use as outgoing network interface. The name can
+be an interface name, an IP address, or a host name. (from CURLOPT_INTERFACE)
+It can be used as a replacement for
+.B control_proxy
+in conjunction with OpenVPN's
+.B route-nopull.
.B decrypt_password = R=U!LH$O2B#