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+ FLAM3 - cosmic recursive fractal flames
+ Copyright (C) 1992-2009 Spotworks LLC
+ This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
+ it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
+ the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
+ (at your option) any later version.
+ This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
+ but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
+ GNU General Public License for more details.
+ You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
+ along with this program. If not, see <>.
+#ifndef variations_included
+#define variations_included
+#include "private.h"
+/* Variation functions */
+void var0_linear(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var1_sinusoidal(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var2_spherical(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var3_swirl(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var4_horseshoe(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var5_polar(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var6_handkerchief(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var7_heart(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var8_disc(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var9_spiral(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var10_hyperbolic(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var11_diamond(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var12_ex(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var13_julia(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var14_bent(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var15_waves(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var16_fisheye(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var17_popcorn(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var18_exponential(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var19_power(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var20_cosine(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var21_rings(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var22_fan(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var23_blob(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var24_pdj(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var25_fan2(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var26_rings2(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var27_eyefish(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var28_bubble(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var29_cylinder(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var30_perspective(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var31_noise(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var32_juliaN_generic(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var33_juliaScope_generic(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var34_blur(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var35_gaussian(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var36_radial_blur(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var37_pie(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var38_ngon(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var39_curl(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var40_rectangles(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var41_arch(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var42_tangent(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var43_square(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var44_rays(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var45_blade(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var46_secant2(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var47_twintrian(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var48_cross(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var49_disc2(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var50_supershape(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var51_flower(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var52_conic(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var53_parabola(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var54_bent2(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var55_bipolar(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var56_boarders(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var57_butterfly(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var58_cell(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var59_cpow(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var60_curve(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var61_edisc(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var62_elliptic(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var63_escher(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var64_foci(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var65_lazysusan(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var66_loonie(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var67_pre_blur(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var68_modulus(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var69_oscope(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var70_polar2(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var71_popcorn2(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var72_scry(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var73_separation(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var74_split(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var75_splits(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var76_stripes(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var77_wedge(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var78_wedge_julia(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var79_wedge_sph(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var80_whorl(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var81_waves2(flam3_iter_helper *, double);
+void var82_exp (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var83_log (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var84_sin (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var85_cos (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var86_tan (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var87_sec (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var88_csc (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var89_cot (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var90_sinh (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var91_cosh (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var92_tanh (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var93_sech (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var94_csch (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var95_coth (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var96_auger (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var97_flux (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+void var98_mobius (flam3_iter_helper *f, double weight);
+/* Precalculation functions */
+void perspective_precalc(flam3_xform *xf);
+void juliaN_precalc(flam3_xform *xf);
+void juliaScope_precalc(flam3_xform *xf);
+void radial_blur_precalc(flam3_xform *xf);
+void waves_precalc(flam3_xform *xf);
+void disc2_precalc(flam3_xform *xf);
+void supershape_precalc(flam3_xform *xf);
+void wedgeJulia_precalc(flam3_xform *xf);
+void xform_precalc(flam3_genome *cp, int xi);
+int prepare_precalc_flags(flam3_genome *);
+int apply_xform(flam3_genome *cp, int fn, double *p, double *q, randctx *rc);
+void initialize_xforms(flam3_genome *thiscp, int start_here);