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+pianobar for Windows - portable binaries
+pianobar is a console client for the personalized web radio pandora
+( Source code of the original project can be found at
+at or
+This project contains binaries for Windows build using Microsoft
+Visual Studio 2008.
+axTLD, libao, libmad and pthreads-win32 were used to prepare this distributtion.
+Source code of this binary can be found at:
+Pianobar use configuration file. Under Windows this file is named pianobar.cfg
+and should be placed next to pianobar.exe.
+On reporitory there is an example configuration file, you may copy or rename it.
+Then edit it and fill marked fields relevant to you and remove remaining.
+Note that non-US users have to have configuration file with control proxy
+details set.
+If you're behind proxy please look into pianobar.cfg.example and copy necessary
+settings to your own configuration file. This are necessary, because does not support server used in by pianobar.